OLTL Update Monday 1/26/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/26/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Proofread by Melanie

When Janet gets wired and goes to see if she can get a confession from Todd, he seems to know what she is doing. He knows that it is not “natural” for her to be so “open” and ask him so many questions. He tells her that he knows that she is turning on him, and he finds the wire in her bra.

Antonio and Talia are listening in on their conversation and can tell that something has happened.

At the high school, Langston makes it clear to Markko that she has a crush on their new teacher, Mr. J. The principal enters and informs them that she has found out that drugs are being sold on school property.

Cole, then, looks to find his “secret” stash in his locker, but he notices it’s gone.

Matthew runs into some classmates who assume that he is only “acting” cool so that he can nark on them for his parents.

At Buenos Dias, Noelle tells Carlotta that she is worried that Madam Delphina's predictions might come true. She is worried that fame and fortune will cause big trouble for her and Moe.

At that moment, Dorian is desperate to stop at nothing in order to get into David’s good graces. She has to prove to him that she is not in need of worldly goods or material possessions. So she declares to Moe, while he is serving their meal, that she is going to give him her home and all of its contents. Hearing that, Moe cannot believe she is serious and assumes that somebody spiked her Téa.

Todd grabs a hold of Janet and prevents her from leaving his house. Antonio and Talia are in the van nearby and rush in an attempt to help her. He asks her if she knows what they do to rats. He asks her if he was not good to her. He paid her a fortune to go away and keep quiet, and this is how she repaid him. She tells him he does not understand. She was on the run. She did not intend to rat him out. It, kind of, happened by accident. She reveals to him that the cops are not far away. At that moment, Antonio and Talia enter and pull their guns on Todd and demand that he freezes.

At the high school, the vice principal reminds the students in Mr. J’s class that anybody who has drugs in their possession on school property is in trouble. Anybody who sells or pushes drugs is in worse trouble. She reminds them if anybody in that class is 18, then they are no longer a juvenile and are subject to the same legal consequences as any other adult if they possess or sell drugs.

At Buenos Dias, Lola is hesitant to share her new revelation with Téa. Téa assures her that anything she says stays between them. It’s attorney client privilege. Lola then tells her that she remembers the night her father died. She was sleeping in her bed and heard them arguing. Her father told her to go back to bed and promised her that everything will be okay. He put her back to bed, told her he loved her, kissed her good-night, and she went back to sleep. Later that night she saw her father on his knees. Téa listens and encourages her to keep going.

After Moe discovers Dorian telling him that she will give him her entire estate and he observes her dressed in the spiritual gown with David, he asks her if “this guy” has gotten to her. Has she been brainwashed by a cult? She protests, "No." She has become enlightened and has chosen a path to walk with the good and pure without wanting or needing anything of material wealth. She has chosen to let Moe be the recipient of her fortune. He laughs and does not believe what she is saying. She asks him if he does not want or desire the finer things in life. He tells her that it would be great, but he cannot accept her offer.

David tells Moe he is a man of clarity and wisdom. He sounds like he does not believe a word of what Dorian has just declared. He reminds her that they have both heard Moe say, "No." He goes on to tell her if she wants to take a vow of poverty and abstinence, she must get rid of her wealth in a different manner. She makes it very clear that she has “reasons” for wanting to give it to Moe. David knows that by giving it to somebody she knows, she might believe she has a way to retrieve it. If she is really pure of intent, then she must give away her fortune to charity, perfect strangers where she can never get them back. He can call and get homeless people to come right away.

Antonio tells Todd that he is going down for assault and attempted rape of Lee Halpern (Janet). He makes Todd stand against the wall and pulls a gun on him.

Lola emotionally reveals to Téa that she knows that somebody other than her father killed her mother. Yet, she did nothing to prevent her father from getting thrown in prison for a crime that he did not commit. Hearing that, Téa tells her she is very sorry. She asks her just how it is that she has suddenly discovered that her father is not guilty. Is it because of what she remembered about the night in question, or what is something revealed by Vanessa? Before she can get an answer to that question, she gets a call from Todd. She tells him she is in the middle of something very important. He tells her so is he. The cops have just come to his home and arrested him after sending Janet to question him, wired. Right then, Téa knows she has to leave and help Todd.

After Dorian declares that she wants to will all of her fortune to Moe, she asks him if he did not come to Llanview in order to pursue his culinary talent and to be able to provide a good home for himself and his fiancé? He tells her, "Sure." Though, he doesn’t want to take everything from his boss and live in her home. David tells Moe that he will be “assisting” Dorian in achieving inner peace. He tells Moe that until Dorian sheds all of her material wealth, she cannot be believed. At that point, Dorian pleads for Moe to take all of her stuff so that she can attain spiritual enlightenment.

In Mr. Joplin’s class, after the vice principal gives her “lecture” about drugs, he asks the class if they heard and understood. He urges them all to speak up if anybody they know is using drugs. Starr hears his conversation and arguments along with her classmates, realizing what Cole is doing what her teacher has just told her and says nothing. He then tells the class that he wants them all to write a 1000 word essay about the ramifications about drug abuse. He does not just want cut and paste from the internet. He wants sources and quotes from local doctors and hospitals, and they must cite credible and verifiable sources. When the class is adjourned, Starr asks her teacher if they can talk. She then admits to him that she knows somebody who is using. Outside the class, Langston observes Cole in an unsettled state of mind and asks him what is wrong.

Cole then enters a room where Matthew is talking to his peers about whether he is ratting them out or willing to join them and be trusted. He takes Matthew aside and tells him he knows that he stole his drugs. He seems very intense.

After Starr informs Mr. J. about her knowledge of “somebody” using on school property, he tells her that they may go and report this person to the principal. She, obviously, doesn’t want to. She tells him that she needs his “advice” about something. She asks him how you help somebody who doesn’t want to be helped. He asks her if this is regarding a “friend”. She replies it is somebody she cares about and she cannot do anything to help them. He then replies to her that she must know that you cannot help somebody unless they want to get help.

Cole tells Matthew that he will not “bust” him, but he wants to know if Matthew took the drugs out of his locker. Matthew asks him what if he told him he did. Cole firmly tells Matthew that he could be getting himself into a lot of trouble. The vice principal has revealed to them that there is a nark who is letting her know about drugs on school property. She must know the consequences with his two parents. Matthew then tells Cole that he happens to know that he (Cole) is taking pills. He overheard him arguing with Starr when she found the pills in his possession. He’s a real hypocrite to be lecturing Matthew about drugs. Just at that moment, the vice principal enters and overhears their conversation. She asks them if they are having any “problems” which they might need help with.

Right when Antonio and Talia are ready to put Todd in handcuffs and charge him with assaulting Janet, Téa enters and asks them if they want to get charged with police brutality and illegal entry into Todd’s home.

Noelle goes to Dorian’s to pick up Moe and he is startled to find out that her fiancé is suddenly rich. She asks him how that could be. Dorian and David confirm that Dorian has given her home and all of her material wealth to them. She asks him if it’s really true or if he might be ingesting his father’s magic brownies. He assures his fiancé that it’s true. It’s the real deal. Dorian has given them everything, and they will be rich.

The vice principal informs Matthew that she had a meeting with his parents. They informed her that he was found to have a joint in his possession and assumed that he got it from somebody on school property. Hearing that, Matthew denies smoking pot. She turns to Cole and tells him that she happens to know that he had a steroid habit a while back, and she’s very proud of how he has turned his life around and gotten his act together. She departs. Alone, Cole and Matthew argue about who is fit to judge whom about using drugs when they are both under suspicion.

Mr. J. tells Starr that when somebody has a drug habit, you can urge them to get help, get counseling, and seek family and friends all you want, but in the end, it’s entirely up to them and them alone to get clean. It’s out of your control. She then asks him if Téa has ever questioned him. He replies, "No." If she had, he would have told her the same thing that he told Antonio, that there’s no way that his mom would have enabled her dad to kidnap her baby.

After Téa goes to rescue Todd from the cops, she asks Janet which name she is using and just what type of con or scam she is attempting to pull off now. She asks Antonio if he persuaded Janet to get wired in order to entrap her client? She reminds Antonio that this would not be the first time for him to get charged with misconduct by the police department. Talia reminds Téa that Todd ripped Janet’s shirt. Téa reminds them that if the police department and DA’s office wants to charge her client with attempted kidnapping, they have no evidence. Hearing that, Janet informs her that they have her and they have Todd’s daughter. She is going to prove what Todd was doing even if she didn’t succeed this time.

Noelle asks Moe if he is out of his cotton picking mind to let Dorian give him everything. Didn’t they both agree that they have everything they need without being rich? He replies that he simply said that when he was broke, but now that he has the opportunity to be rich, he is not going to argue with Dorian’s offer. She reminds him that he cannot assume that he will be able to be the king of Dorian’s house. He is a cook. She is a waitress. He asks her why she has a problem with the two of them having all the wealth they could ever want. She replies that the problem she has is that Delphina warned her that she and Moe will be in serious trouble if they accept an offer of wealth.

In the other room, David asks Dorian if she feels spiritual peace in her inner sanctum. He asks her if she does not believe that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Hearing that, he can sense that she is not ready to part with her diamonds. He asks her if she should not give her diamonds to Noelle. He asks if while they walk barefoot on the ground together in their path to spiritual enlightenment, will those diamonds keep Dorian warm?

Cole tells Matthew that he realizes that he cannot prevent him from doing drugs. He realizes that he made a mistake himself and maybe shouldn’t be lecturing Matthew. He needed something to make him feel differently but he realizes it was a really, really bad move. He tells Matthew that he promises to toss the pills, but he needs Mathew to promise not to buckle under peer pressure and risk consequences that nobody wants. He tells Matthew that he is cool without doing what the crowd wants. He’s smart, attractive, and fun, and it’s not because he’s high. If his peers do not see that, then that is their problem. Cole leaves. Matthew then notices some kids and wants to engage with them, but they seem to ignore and distrust him.

Langston finds Cole and informs him that she and Starr are both concerned about him. Hearing that, he angrily tells her that he cannot believe that Starr has ratted him out. Starr, at that moment, has finished talking to Mr. J., and Cole demands to know just how many people she has ratted him out to.

After Lola is alone at Buenos Dias, when Téa has left, she is upset and crying. Markko sees her, asks what is wrong, and hugs her.

At Todd’s, Téa tells Antonio, Talia, and Janet that they have no evidence against her client, and they are free to go. They leave. Alone with Todd, she tells him she really hopes that they really do have nothing on him. She tells him that Starr has the burden of proof in the kidnapping case, but Todd must realize that Nora Hanen will not stop. If there is anybody anywhere who knows anything about his little plot, he’s finished.

Mr. J. opens a drawer in his private, locked desk, and sees what looks like an unopened envelope with his name on it.

Moe tells Dorian and David that Noelle cannot accept their offer, but they both believe that it is very generous. David tells them that they can both relinquish their need for material wealth. Dorian forces herself to tell Moe he may put her diamond necklace around the neck of his beautiful fiancé. He then puts it around Noelle’s neck. They are in awe. Noelle and Dorian look in the mirror. Moe is very pleased and not afraid. David stands beside him.

In the school hallway, Starr expresses to Langston that she is furious at Cole for what he is doing, and there is nothing she can do to help him.

Markko hugs Lola at Buenos Dias when Langston is not there.

Téa and Todd brainstorm about how they can keep him from getting into trouble.

Outside Todd’s home, Antonio and Talia remind Janet that she still “owes” them a few things to build their case against Todd if they are to grant her immunity for her part in his crime. She expresses to them that she is afraid of Todd. Talia then tells her she realizes that Todd is a jerk. Their sympathies are limited knowing that Janet was going to help Todd scam his amnesia rape victim. Antonio reminds her that she was going to help Todd kidnap his daughter’s baby. Janet protests, she realizes that and would do anything in order to make up for that tragic mistake she made.

Alone in his classroom, Mr. J. opens up the envelope addressed to him that he found in his locked drawer. It was a letter sent to him from his mother before she died. She writes to her son that she deeply regrets getting into a shameful arrangement with a man named Todd Manning. He is stunned at what he has just read. 

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