OLTL Update Friday 1/23/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/23/09


Written By Jennifer S.

At Dorian’s, Starr and Langston talk about whether she should talk to Cole at school when they are interrupted by a “strange sound”. They ask Addie what is going on. She replies that if she told them, they would not believe her. At that point, they go and notice Dorian dressed in the same gown that David was wearing chanting and attempting to do what he wants in order to get into his good graces. And we wonder why. Moe is nearby preparing the special types of meals Dorian now wants.

At Buenos Dias, Carlotta observes David and asks him if he is really “serious” with his new lifestyle. Is he not just doing it in order to put Dorian in her place and piss her off? He replies that he is enlightened and doesn’t really answer that question. Noelle asks David if he believes that her soul is pure. He tells her he thinks so. But he can tell that she might be “burdened”’ by financial concerns. Hearing that, she remembers that a psychic told her that very thing. In response to that, David tells her that she mustn’t listen to a nasty psychic. In response to overhearing that, Madam Delphina appears and tells David he better keep his mouth shut or she will hurt him.

Janet goes to the station to confess to No and Nora that she was in on helping Todd to kidnap Starr’s baby. They take her statement and put it on tape along with Antonio and Talia. And they inform her that she will be in a lot of trouble along with Todd unless she turns him in

Téa has spent the night with Todd and it looks like they might be considering getting back together

Dorian tells Addie, Langston and Starr that they must join her in the day of observance and Moe is going to prepare them a special meal for the occasion. They notice that the “meal” is not like anything they’ve seen before. And Addie remarks that she is used to having Dorian serve muffins and cappuccino for breakfast. She remarks that she is on a path of enlightenment and she hopes the three of them will join her. They ask her what has caused the sudden “change”. She replies that it started right when David Vickers came back into her life. Hearing that, all three of them are startled.

When David runs into the psychic Madam Delphina, he tells her she is evil. But why is it that he assumes that about her? Is he afraid of what she might know? Noelle is ready to talk to her. She tells David he is annoying and she knows that he’d be happier indulging in wealth.

Dorian explains to Addie, Starr and Langston that David has inspired her to change her ways and see that wealth is a source of spiritual corruption. And she is going to invite some guests over. At that point, the doorbell rings and it’s a group of people who dress and observe the way David does. Addie asks if they are monks. In response to that, Starr and Langston remark that Dorian has completely lost and appears to be living on another planet.

At school, Matthew runs into Cole and can see that he may not be alright and he may be “using”. He asks him about “that stuff”. And Cole does not have an answer for him.

Téa tells Todd that she might be able to get him acquitted. It appears there are no witnesses that he intended to kidnap Starr’s baby except for Starr.

But right at that moment, Janet is at the station talking to Bo, Nora, Antonio and Talia. Nora asks her if she can “give” them Todd Manning, She realizes that it may be her only choice if she doesn’t want to go to prison. At first, she tells them she wont’ do anything until they guarantee her immunity. And Nora realizes that even with the proof that she could present in court about how she got false credentials in order to help Todd, it would only be her word against his. They decide that they can throw her in jail. She will stay there until she makes bail. And after she is out on bail, it’s obvious that Todd could come after her after he finds out that she double-crossed him. They know that Téa will certainly be able to argue that she has no credibility in what she says unless she can come up with better evidence than simply her word against Todd’s. And she realizes that she might have no choice except to do what they want.

Téa is ready to help Todd. But she realizes she has “another case” which she cannot reveal to him. Finding out that she has another client, Todd is curious to find out who and what it involves. She does not tell him but reveals that he is not the only father who has been wrongfully accused by his child.

Addie, Starr and Langston are still very curious to find out what on earth would have possess Dorian to do what she is doing. And why would she listen to a word David Vickers says about anything? She doesn’t reveal to them the reason why.

At Cristian’s home, Lola has gotten a letter from her father. She’s read it and hasn’t told a soul. And she is beginning to wonder if she really needs protection from him after all. Vanessa catches her with the letter and asks her why she didn’t say anything about it. Lola shows Vanessa the letter. And Vanessa knows that she must make certain that it never gets into the hands of anybody else or that Lola ever finds out a “secret”.

At the high school, after Matthew has discovered Cole’s pills and asks about them, Cole explains that it’s merely aspirin for injuring his hand at lacrosse practice. Yet, Matthew seems to know better. Cole changes the subject by asking Cole what happened when his dad caught him at UV and took him home. Matthew does not seem worried, admits to Cole that he lied to him that he was no longer grounded in order to get him to take him there. He’s grounded for longer. But he had a good time. And he expresses to Cole that he is interested in a girl named Becca who invited him there.

After Addie inquires to Dorian how “weird” her new lifestyle is, Dorian reminds her sister that she is a fine one to notice weirdness with all of the new and strange things that Addie has been doing recently including marrying David Vickers. And it seems Dorian is adamant to keep doing this “new” thing in order to appease David Vickers. Moe then remarks that he is not comfortable serving these very weird people this very weird food. She reminds him that he used to sling slop for low life in Paris, TX. And she tells him if he helps her with this, she can give him an enormous bonus that will be worth his while.

At Buenos Dias, Madam Delphina informs Noelle that she is well advised to go back to Paris, TX. There is great danger if she stays in Llanview. Noelle asks just what type of danger. Madam Delphina doesn’t tell her exactly what will happen. But she says that it’s not herself that will be in danger. And the psychic has no more information for Noelle.

Knowing she has no choice, Janet gets wired and goes to Todd’s home to get a confession from him. She enters unexpected. He wants her to leave him alone. But when she sees he’s all alone in the house, she knows that she better help the prosecution or they can nail her along with Todd. She informs him that she knows that he got off on the rape charge. But the DA is going after him for attempting to kidnap his daughter’s baby. And he better do what she wants or else she can report him.

Meanwhile, Bo and Nora are listening to their conversation from where Janet is wired. But they are also talking about their concerns regarding Matthew.

At school, Cole observes Matthew under the influence of peer pressure in order to impress Becca. She asks him if he got in trouble with his parents. He replies that they are all talk and no action and he has nothing to be afraid of. At that point, Starr and Langston enters. Starr expresses her concerns that Cole might be using again.

David comes by to see Dorian serving her “guests” at her house. And he tells her she is going about it the wrong way. But she is bound and determined to do whatever he says.

Téa meets with Lola at Buenos Dias and informs her that she has some “good news”. She has gotten all of her school records and arranged for Lola to attend high school in Llanview. But it appears that Lola is not ok and has questions about some things. Téa asks Lola of there is something wrong and why she is not excited that she will be able to go to Llanview high with her new friends. But Lola makes it clear that something is “not right”.

Right then, at Cristian’s apartment, Vanessa privately burns a letter that she does not want anybody to see. She obviously has a secret. Cristian observes her and demands to know what she is doing.

At the station, Bo tells Nora that he told Matthew to stay home But Matthew deliberately disobeyed, snuck out and went to a club behind his back. He reflects what his father would have done to him if he’d dared to do something like that at Matthew’s age. Bo realizes, however, that he made Matthew very angry at him when he went and found him and dragged him out of the club right in front of his friends. And they both wonder what it is that has suddenly transformed in their son. So recently, they had a happy, healthy kid who never disrespected them nor behaved this way.

At the high school, Matthew’s friend, Becca wonders what happened to him when his police commissioner father and DA mother found out what he did. Didn’t they ground him? He doesn’t seem to want to talk to anybody about his parents.

Starr attempts to talk to Cole. But he assumes that she is only going to interrogate him about his recent “interest” in drugs.

Lola talks to Téa at Buenos Dias making it clear that she knows something is not right.

Vanessa “warms up” to Cristian at his home. He asks her why she burned the letter. And he can see that she has a secret. He tells her that she must trust him and not keep secrets.

Dorian asks David what she needs to do to get into his good graces. He tells her that she must relinquish her need for material possessions. He tells her she needs to unshackle herself from the burden of earthly desires and live the good life. She asks if he means like the people who surround them. He keeps talking in riddles but does not tell her what she needs to do.

While Janet talks to Todd, wired,. Antonio and Talia listen to their conversation. She attempts to get Todd to admit that he wanted her to kidnap Starr’s baby for him. But he can clearly see that something is “not right”. He does not admit to what they want him to admit to. He informs her that he is noticing her saying more to him in the last 5 minutes than she has said throughout the entire time she worked for him at his home with Marty. He asks her why she is suddenly “so chummy” at this time.

Bo tells Nora that he cannot help wonder what they could have done differently. Haven’t they made it very clear to Matthew that drugs are bad for him? She replies that Matthew is a teenager and doesn’t listen to parents’ lectures. But he tells her that he cannot accept the fact that he found a joint in Matthew’s possession. And he won’t let anything like this happen again.

It seems as though Matthew’s friends no longer want to spend time with him assuming that he will get into terrible trouble by doing what they do.

Again, Cole walks away from Starr when she tries to talk to him. And as soon as they are gone, Matthew notices that Cole left a bag of “something” in his locker. And he goes and takes it out of Cole’s locker.

Lola admits to Téa that she got a letter from her father. And it was very surprising that it was nice. Ray seemed nice. It seemed as though he had genuine concern about her. And she admits that she is not certain that her father killed her mother after all.

After Cristian catches Vanessa burning a letter, she tells him she is sorry. She should have told him about Ray’s letter right away. He tells her that he wants to protect her and just wishes she would be straight with him.

At the Buenos Dias, Madam Delphina tells Noelle she can see that she (Noelle) will be getting money very soon. But she will find out that money corrupts. Hearing that, Noelle asks how it is that if she and Moe do not win the lottery, how can they get the money? But Madam Delphina does not answer that question and only charges her for the reading. And Noelle seems to remember that “David Vickeroshi” said that having money is corrupt.

Not far away, Moe is serving Dorian, David and their “enlightened guests”

David again tells Dorian that she must rid herself of material possessions. And she must announce to the world that she gives up her need for monetary wealth. And at that time, Dorian declares that she will give up all her money to Moe Stubbs.

Todd seems to know that Janet is wearing a wire. And he finds it attached to her bra.

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