OLTL Update Thursday 1/22/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/22/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Proofread by Melanie

Gigi comes down the stairs and sees that Rex has planned a romantic evening with candles and wine. He tells her that this is what happens when they are alone in the house.

Téa enters Todd’s bedroom and sees him lying facedown on his bed in the dark. He does not face her nor care that she is there. She tells him that she wishes he would have answered his door when she rang the bell, and that she had to enter with her key. He asks her what she wants. She tells him that after she has attempted to save him from Nora’s charges, all he can do is sit alone in his home in the dark, pining over Marty and drowning in self-pity. She sees that he has a picture of Blair in his hands. He still has Blair on the brain.

John comes to see Blair after the “incident” at Rodi’s where she had indicated to him that she can clearly see that he still has feelings for Marty. She knows that he will prioritize looking out for Marty before anything else. She is not happy with John for that.

Marty returns to Wes’s home. She seems to want to be with Wes and does not have any concerns about John. She indicates to him that she knows that John has this “psychological” thing going on where he has to rescue people. He asks her if she has to figure everything out. She tells him that she does have to begin to understand some things. She realizes she has a son whom she has to start remembering. She can see that Wes is lost in thought drinking. He is very quiet and not talking. She asks him to talk to her. He obviously has things going on involving Brody.

At that point, Brody is in St. Anne’s after Wes revealed to him that the kid he shot did not have a gun and, also, after Jessica just came to realize that she consciously wanted Tess to come out and kill Natalie and Jared.

Viki and Clint return to Llanfair to see that Natalie is angry at her mother for always making excuses for Jessica. She knows that Jessica consciously let Tess out because she (as well as Tess) wanted to kill Natalie.

Meanwhile, Jessica admits to Brody that she did consciously want to kill her own sister. He tells her he knows the person she is. She is not a murderer.

Viki attempts to explain to Natalie that she did not mean for any harm to come to her or to Jared. Jared reminds Viki that she knew what was going to happen to Jessica. She and Clint and the entire family use the excuse that she is “sick” and that Tessa came out.

Jessica admits to Brody that she cannot expect anybody to “know” her when she doesn’t even know herself.

Natalie tells Viki that she and Clint did not hesitate to crucify them because Jared committed fraud. They blamed both Natalie and Jared for what happened to Nash, but Jessica has no responsibility for her actions. Natalie reminds her mother that Jessica, herself, not Tess, admitted that she tried to kill them. Tess drugged her, tortured her and had her locked in a basement awaiting a bomb to go off, but Viki’s beloved Jessica can do no wrong.

Rex gives Gigi a foot massage. She asks where he learned how to do that. He informs her that his mother taught him since she gives free foot massages at her salon. He, also, has some frozen crab cakes for her. He indicates that he has prepared some food for her and some desert after dinner.

Blair coldly agrees to let John in. She tells him that he just stood there while Marty treated her like crap. He asks her why she would care if Marty has a false idea that she is still in love with Todd. John asks her if it is not true, then what is she so afraid of?

Jessica confesses to Brody that she remembers how she felt when Nash died. She held Natalie and Jared responsible and she wanted them dead. Brody then informs her that his friend confessed to him for the first time that the kid whom he shot was not holding a gun. Wes assumed that Brody could not handle hearing the truth so he told Brody what he “thought” that Brody needed to hear and believe in order to survive.

Wes comes out of the shower and admits to Marty that even though the war is “over”, it’s never over. She asks him if something happened when he went and saw his friend. He replies that he told Brody, for the first time, that the kid whom Brody shot was unarmed. Brody saw a flashlight. It was dark and he mistakenly thought it was a gun. And Wes put a gun in the kid’s hand when they buried him so that Brody would mistakenly believe that he was armed when he was not. Marty asks what Brody said and did when Wes informed him of that. Wes replies that Brody “thanked” him. She asks Wes why that is a problem.

In Todd’s home, Téa tells Todd that he is crazy to go anywhere near Blair or the kids when he has a restraining order, and there is a trial awaiting him for attempting to kidnap his daughter’s baby.

After John asks Blair if she still has feelings for Todd, she reminds John that she keeps telling him and telling Marty that Todd is the father of her children. She does have concerns about him, solely for the kids. She, also, informs John that Todd was just there, at the house, asking to talk to the kids. He asks her if she threw Todd out. Blair admits that she did let Todd see his two sons.

Téa tells Todd that he did a very stupid thing that could get him in serious trouble going to Blair’s home. Doesn’t he realize that Starr wants to nail him for planning to kidnap her baby. Nora is ready to get all the information from Starr and from all other witnesses about that and put Todd away. Todd does not want to tell Téa what she needs to do in order to defend his case. He does inform her that he ran into Starr at her baby’s grave. Hearing that, Téa is shocked to find out that Todd went to Hope's gravesite, ran into Starr, made Starr aware that he was talking to her dead baby, but didn’t tell his lawyer anything about it. Todd admits to Téa that he really wishes he could reconcile his relationship with is daughter and is not as concerned about the legal consequences that could be happening to him.

Natalie tells Viki that Tess and Tina drugged and dragged her down into the basement. Tess almost blew her and Jared up. Were it not for a call about “concern” for Jessica, Viki would still be in Africa. It’s only by coincidence that Viki found out that Natalie and Jared were locked in the basement with a bomb ready to go off and blow them up. They could have been killed were it not for Viki’s “concerns” about Jessica.

Brody and Jessica reflect how they are both responsible for death’s which they cannot forgive themselves.

After Natalie expresses her anger toward her mother for what she let Jessica get away with, Viki tells Natalie that she is grateful that her daughter is strong and lucid and knows what is going on and can yell at her mother for the situation. At least she is in control of her life, her situation, and who she is. Natalie then cries and tells her mother that she realizes that it is not Viki’s fault that she has DID nor is it Jessica’s. She (herself) is so tired of having to be the “strong” one who has to suck everything up.

Rex and Gigi are together kissing and talking about their future together.

Viki concludes to Natalie that life is not fair. It was not fair that Jessie was raped as a child when Nikki Smith neglected her and that she is mentally ill. It’s not fair that Natalie had to grow up taking care of herself, was neglected by Roxie, and has had the unfortunate fate of having to bare the burden of so many of life’s problems. She tells her daughter she so wishes there was something she could do to change it. She hugs Natalie, and Natalie appears to no longer be angry at her mother.

Rex and Gigi talk about where, in the grocery store he got the crab cakes and the robe that he is wearing. She expresses to him that she would rather sit on the floor by the fire with him without the robe on him, and she kisses him.

After Wes admits to Marty that he feels responsible for what happened to Brody and the fact that he covered for him, he tells her that maybe he did a stupid thing by getting into her business. She tells him that he does not need to feel bad. He was there for her. He was there for Brody. He is a good person. He tells her that there is nothing “good” about him or Brody being responsible for a child’s death. Marty tells Wes that there is obviously nothing anybody can do to bring the kid back, but he was able to help Wes and to help her. That means something.

Blair tells John that he is letting Marty manipulate him with her pity trips and her drama. Marty has always done that with so many men, and John is falling right into it. He tells her that, maybe, she has the same situation going on with Todd where his sob stories work on her.

Téa tells Todd that even if he “considered” kidnapping Starr’s baby, he realized he could not go through with it. She tells him that she is merely trying to save him from himself. If he wants to wallow in self pity, that’s his choice, but she does not want him to ruin all the hard work she has done to save him in court. He jokes about it. She tells him that it may be a joke to him, but spending many years in a state prison won’t be funny to him. He agrees and listens to her at that point. She then asks Todd exactly what was said between him and Starr and what was his daughter’s reaction to his being by Hope’s grave. Todd replies that Starr told him that he makes it hard for her to hate him. Hearing that, Téa tells Todd that she knows all too well what Starr meant by that. She feels the same thing about Todd. She then tells Todd that she has to go home. Todd urges her not to go. She then tells Todd that maybe she could stay for a short while longer. She asks him just what he would like to do. They could watch TV or play poker. She remembers winning at a game of poker. She asks him if he still has the game. He admits that it’s downstairs. It looks like the two of them might be happy to be together.

Blair tells John that she is not being fooled by Todd. That is the reason why she got a restraining order. He reminds her that it’s only good if she enforces it. She then asks John just what she is supposed to do when Todd pleads to see his sons and they want to see him. That’s different than the way that John is allowing Marty to manipulate him. They argue about which is “worse”. She asks John just why he came there. When she last ran into him, he was kissing Marty. He admits to her that he wants to kiss her and not Marty. She tells John that she admits that she is a jealous person. She cannot stand the fact that John let Marty kiss him. She cannot stand the fact that John has feelings for Marty and is concerned about her. He then tells Blair that he has “concerns” about Blair getting thrown in jail for letting Todd into her house. He kisses her. She cannot resist his advances, and they go upstairs.

Charlie comes to see Viki and runs into Jared in the hallway. Jared tells his father that Natalie is furious at her mother. He realizes that he and Charlie both scammed that Jared was Asa's son. He hopes that Viki's family is over it by now. Charlie assures his son that he believes that Jared has done many things for Viki’s family and he need not feel guilty or unwelcome.

Charlie enters the room with firewood and goes to see Viki. Natalie leaves and goes upstairs with Jared. Alone with Viki, Charlie asks Viki if she wants to go with him to see Jessica. Viki tells Charlie that she knows that Natalie has good reason to be angry. She is very concerned that things will never be the same between her two daughters. She is worried. Charlie knows how to cheer her up.

Todd and Téa play poker and eat popcorn. They talk about his obsession over Marty and Blair. He asks her, “what about her?” She tells him that she is his attorney and his friend. They joke about their dysfunctional, previous relationship. They play a board game and music plays.

John and Blair sleep together. Jessica is alone in her room on her bed looking at pictures of her two children, her sister, and her family. Brody is alone in his room looking at a picture of him and his best friend when they were in Iraq. Jared snuggles with Natalie, while she is awake and appears unsettled. Viki is lost in thought when Charlie offers her a toasted marshmallow from the fire place. She kisses him. Rex and Gigi make love by the fireplace. 

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