OLTL Update Wednesday 1/21/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/21/09


Written By Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Todd shows up and tells Blair that he wants to see the kids.

Bo and Nora wait for the principal and disagree on why she isn’t there.

Téa goes to Mr. Joplin’s office and asks him if his mother ever said anything to her about Todd Manning or Starr’s baby.

Langston and Starr talk. Starr says that she ran into Todd at Hope’s grave and he wants her to forgive him.

Gigi says that all she wants to do is go home, have a glass of wine and soak her feet. Rex says that they will have a toast to her for having the brilliant idea of getting Puddle of Mudd to play there, which brought in enough money for them to have her favorite band there.

Todd asks Blair to be able to see the kids and says that he isn’t there to cause any trouble. Blair says that he hasn’t cared about the kids for months. Todd says that he ran into Starr at Hope’s grave and it made him realize how much he misses her and needs his kids.

Matthew calls Bo and asks if he can go to Ultraviolet for the Plain White T’s concert.

Vanessa tells Cristian that Lola is going out again and they will have the place to themselves. Markko shows up to pick up Lola. Vanessa asks where Langston is.

Starr tells Langston that Todd was at Hope’s grave and was saying how sorry he was that he wanted to take her away from Starr. Starr says that it made her feel bad for Todd. Langston asks if it was bad enough to forgive Todd.

Téa asks Schuyler if his mother ever mentioned anything about Todd or Starr. Antonio walks in and says that Schuyler answers to him first.

Blair asks why Todd is really there. Todd says that it has to do with his kids and his family and that it is mostly about Blair.

Markko says that Langston asked him to stop by and pick Lola up because it was on his way. Vanessa tells Markko to take Lola straight to the club and not to make any side trips. Lola comes down and says that she is moving her stuff downstairs so that Vanessa and Cristian can have the bedroom. Markko and Lola leave. Vanessa says that there is definitely something bothering Lola and suggests that maybe it was their talk about whether or not to trust Téa Delgado.

Antonio tells Téa that he is to question Schuyler first because he was sent by the D.A.’s office. Téa leaves and Antonio tells Schuyler that he is only there to get a few questions answered.

Bo says that he doesn’t care if the band is playing in the squad room, Matthew isn’t going. Bo says that there are consequences to buying pot and Matthew has to face them. Cole asks Matthew who sold him the pot.

Bo and Nora talk about his approach with Matthew. Principal Dickinson comes in and apologizes for being late. Bo tells the principal that they found a joint in Matthew’s backpack and he bought it at the school. Bo says that he wants to know what the principal is going to do about someone dealing drugs in the school.

Matthew tells Cole that he has never even tried pot and that he only bought the joint so that Becca and her friends wouldn’t think he was a loser. Becca calls Matthew and asks when he is going to get there, but he says that he is grounded. Becca asks if Matthew always does what his parents tell him to do.

Antonio and Schuyler discuss the connection between Dr. Joplin and Todd. Schuyler insists that his mother would never help Todd steal Starr’s baby.

Starr says that Todd trying to steal her baby is a little unforgivable, but she doesn’t want him to hate her. Langston says that Todd could be working Starr. Starr says that she can’t hate Todd and that she can’t even talk to Cole about it. Langston asks if something happened between Starr and Cole and Starr says that Langston won’t believe it.

Blair tells Todd that she got the restraining order because she thought it was in the best interest for their children and she still thinks that. Todd says that Blair saved him because she wanted him to be able to live for his kids and asks how he is going to do that if he can’t see them.

Markko and Lola get to the club and go to get drinks. Starr tells Langston that Cole was high at school. Markko asks Lola if she has talked to Vanessa about the letter she got from her dad. Lola says that she can’t because her father insists that he didn’t kill her mother and Vanessa says that he did.

Cristian says that he is going to take a shower. Vanessa finds the letter that Ray sent Lola.

Principal Dickinson assures Bo that they will find out if someone is dealing drugs and he will be the first to know about it. Bo and Nora thank the principal.

Matthew asks Cole if he can hitch a ride to the concert. Cole reminds Matthew that he is grounded and Matthew says that his parents gave him a pass for the night.

Starr says that she caught Cole with painkillers and told him to get rid of them. Starr says that Cole completely freaked out when he saw her hugging Mr. J. Langston asks Starr about hugging their science teacher. Starr says that she was only hugging him because he is Dr. Joplin’s son.

Antonio assures Schuyler that he isn’t there to place blame on his mother, but Todd has a way of persuading people to do his bidding. Antonio asks Schuyler if there was something in Dr. Joplin’s life that Todd could hold over her and Schuyler asks if Antonio is trying to tell him that Todd could have been blackmailing his mother. Antonio says that is what he is asking. Bo shows up and Téa tells him that Antonio is questioning Dr. Joplin’s son. Bo tells Nora that he is going to check on Matthew. Nora tells Téa that they will find Janet Ketring.

Renee and Janet talk about Todd’s plans for Starr’s baby. Renee asks how much Janet knew and what kind of role she played in the plans.

Blair says that she didn’t want the children to live with the fact that their father committed suicide. Blair says that as long as she feels that Todd could hurt, manipulate or kidnap one of his children, she isn’t going to let him see them. Todd says that the children are all he has left. Todd says that he just needs to see the boys and Blair says that she will go get them.

Janet says that she doesn’t want Renee more involved than she already is. Renee suggests going to the police, but Janet says that they will arrest her and then Todd will know where she is and kill her. Bo comes in looking for Matthew. Renee says that Matthew said that Bo and Nora gave him permission to go out. Bo says that Matthew is in so much trouble.

Becca invites Cole and Matthew to get the party started with them, but Cole declines. Matthew tells Cole that he will catch up later.

Lola’s phone rings and she says that she doesn’t want to talk to Vanessa. Markko tells Lola to talk to him instead.

Vanessa leaves a message for Lola saying that they should go see the Plain White T’s concert together. Cristian comes out and reminds her that they have the place to themselves.

Téa calls Todd and says that if Schuyler knows anything about Dr. Joplin’s role, Todd will need all the help he can get.

Antonio says that blackmail is a breeze for Todd and asks if there is anything in Dr. Joplin’s life that he could have used against her.

Téa asks Todd if Dr. Joplin ever indicated that her son knew what was going on. Todd says no and Téa says that if Schuyler figured out that Todd was blackmailing his mother, then they are screwed.

Schuyler says that there is nothing from his mother’s past that could be used against her and she would never compromise her work. Antonio says that he will still need access to Dr. Joplin’s personal files, but Schuyler says that he isn’t going to let them drag his mother’s name through the mud.

Todd says that Dr. Joplin would have never left a paper trail because it would hurt her son. Jack and Sam come out to visit with Todd.

Rex introduces Gigi to the Plain White T’s band. The band thanks Gigi and she wishes them luck. Rex says that Gigi should do their introduction.

Lola and Markko talk about Ray. Lola thanks Markko for listening to her and says that the band is starting soon.

Cole apologizes to Starr for the pills. Starr says that it is going to be hard to testify against Todd. Starr says that she had to say something about Todd for Cole because someone has to make sure that Todd pays for what he did to Marty.

Todd tells Jack that he needed to see him.

Bo shows up at Ultraviolet looking for Matthew. Rex says that he hasn’t seen Matthew and tells Bo to give Matthew some room to screw up a little. Rex and Gigi introduce the Plain White T’s. The band plays a song that Rex dedicated to Gigi.

Cole asks Starr why she walked away from him and Starr says that he is messed up. Starr asks Cole to talk to her when he is straight.

Blair tells Todd that he has to go and Todd asks if he has to.

Renee tells Janet that whatever she knows could put Todd away and give Marty the peace she deserves.

Matthew tells Bo that he will hate him until the day he dies.

Gigi says that she will never forget tonight.

Principal Dickinson tells Téa that she has to leave immediately.

Lola calls Téa and says that she needs to talk about the night her mother was killed.

Todd apologizes to Blair and she tells him to go home. Todd says that he looks at their children and thinks maybe he actually does have a future.

Nora tells Renee that all she has against Todd is Starr’s testimony. Janet comes out and says that she will tell Nora exactly how Todd planned to kidnap Starr’s baby.

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