OLTL Update Monday 1/19/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/19/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

At the high school, after Starr has snatched the pills out of Cole’s hand, a teacher confronts her and notices they are in her hand. It looks to the teacher as though Starr has the drug habit.

Wes goes to talk to Brody at St. Anne’s. Brody somehow knows that Wes is keeping a secret from him and doesn’t want him to know something.

John finds Marty at Rodi’s. He asks her if she is enjoying herself and if she really wants to make the choices that she has made to abandon her son, all of her friends, and live with a stranger. She tells John that he must remember “Marty the party girl.”

At the hospital, Jared and Natalie take baby Chloe in for a checkup and they run into Marcie and Michael. Little do any of them know exactly who this baby really is.

Jessica is beginning to remember that she did not give birth to a live baby, but she knows she cannot know the hideous truth. Viki, Clint, and her doctor are with her.

At the same time, Tess pleads and demands that Bess tell her what happened to her baby. Bess finally informs Tess that she (Tess) killed the baby, and she (Bess) saved Jessica from a hideous secret that she could not live with. Tess demands to know how it is that she hurt the baby . How is it that she died because of Tess? Bess answers it’s because Tess does not know how to “multi-task.” She got too caught up in wanting revenge and got too distracted attempting to blow up Natalie and Jared to realize that she was going into labor. Tess protests that Natalie and Jared had to pay. She realized she was ready to go into labor. In response to that, Bess asks Tess just where she went when she knew she was going to give birth; somewhere sensible like a hospital? Tess protests that she went to the cottage that Nash built. Bess tells her that she needs to know, that is not the place to give birth to a baby. Tess emotionally asks Bess if she went to a hospital, would the baby be alive? Bess replies, they will never know, with no emotion in her tone.

At the cottage, Jessica reveals to her parents and doctor that there is something that she (or Tess) did that nobody could ever forgive her for. They assure her that she can tell them anything, and nobody will judge or believe that it’s unforgivable. Jessica then asks Viki where Natalie is. Viki replies that Natalie and Jared are taking Chloe to the pediatrician. Hearing that, Jessica tells them that they need to get Natalie and Jared to come to the cottage so that she can talk to them .

At the hospital, Natalie lets Marcie hold Chloe. It seems as though, subconsciously, Marcie and Chloe both know that she is really Starr’s baby. Chloe takes to Marcie almost as if she knows that Marcie should have adopted her. Natalie and Jared remark about how old Chloe is. After hearing that, Marcie remembers that is the exact same age as “Hope.”

After the teacher catches Starr holding Cole’s pills in her hands, Starr explains that the doctor prescribes antidepressants for her. She protests that she hopes that she is justified after losing her baby. She reflects that both Cole and she have suffered a tragic loss and are coping any way they can.

At St. Anne’s, Brody knows that Wes is holding out on him with a secret involving whether the boy whom Brody shot really had a gun. Brody demands that Wes tell him the truth.

At Rodi’s, Marty tells John that she knows that he just wants to sleep with her, and she kisses him. At that point, Blair walks in and sees them.

While Bess guards Tess behind the gate, Tess demands she tell her just how the baby died. Bess coldly replies that she was not crying. Tess tells Bess she already knows that and she demands to know what it was that caused her to die. Bess answers, why after months of neglect, Tess is suddenly concerned about the baby’s welfare? She knows that if Jessica ever knew that, it would devastate her. She reminds Tess that she manages and oversees everything so that there is order. She further explains to Tess that they overheard their Uncle Todd on the phone with his daughter, Starr, when she was ready to give birth. Tess disappeared so that Bess could “handle” things. She took the dead baby to the hospital and switched it with Starr’s healthy baby. So now everybody believes that Starr’s baby is really Jessica’s and that Starr’s baby died. Tess then demands to know how much of this Jessica knows. Bess informs her that Jessica knows none of this, and that’s the way it will be. Jessica will never know. With “Hope," Jessica can survive anything, Bess tells Tess, except knowing her baby is dead. Hearing that, Tess knows she cannot argue and is speechless.

Viki calls Natalie at the hospital and informs her daughter that Jessica has had some sort of “breakthrough” at the cottage right now. Hearing that, Natalie asks her mother if that is good or bad. Viki admits she doesn’t really know. She asks Natalie if she and Jared can get to the cottage ASAP. Jessica just told them that it might enable her to break through something.

After Brody demands that Wes tells him what really happened when he shot the boy, Wes tells Brody that Brody took him out, not knowing that he was just a kid. Brody freaked and had a breakdown knowing that he killed a child. Wes was with him and attempted to calm him down but could not. Hearing that, Brody now knows that Wes is not telling him everything.

After Blair walks in and sees Marty and John kissing at Rodi’s, she makes her presence known and asks them what is going on. Marty answers by boldly and sarcastically telling Blair that she should know that John has to play the hero and “save” everybody. He was stupid enough to save Todd. Marty tells Blair that she (Blair) need not be concerned about her (Marty) kissing John. She reminds Blair that she knows that Blair is not over Todd.

After Starr informs the teacher that she is taking prescription drugs, the teacher tells her that all prescribed drugs must be registered before they are taken on school property. Starr is able to get the teacher to buy her story. The teacher leaves. When Cole is alone with her, he asks her why she had to “do this.” She reminds him that there is nothing wrong with somebody taking antidepressants. She can’t get in trouble for that, whereas, he could for what he is doing. She informs Cole that Dr. Joplin wrote her a prescription before their baby died. So she can take antidepressants if she chooses. But the drug that Cole is taking for the reason he is taking it is not the answer to his problems.

At the hospital, Marcie and Michael talk about what it would be like if she had actually been able to adopt Starr’s baby. He admits to her that he was very encouraged to welcome Starr’s baby into their family even though he told her he could not go through with, it and it almost ended their marriage. She is amazed to learn that Michael wanted the baby as much as she did.

After Bess informs Tess that they had Starr falsely believing her baby died, Tess asks how anybody could do something so despicable to Starr. Bess replies that Tess must know that Starr is not fragile the way Jessica is. She reminds Tess of what happened to Jessica after Nash died. Bess further explains that if Jessica knew her baby died, she’d blame herself and she would never recover. So Bess had no choice. Tess asks Bess if she has informed anybody else that Jessica is “fragile?”

After Jessica breaks down and does not want to face what really happened to her baby, the doctor talks to Viki and Clint about how it is that she had to let Tess and Bess both come out. Viki realizes that Tess is similar to Niki Smith for her. She remembers that Niki Smith “held the knowledge” about Viki’s father. The doctor tells them that they can clearly see that Jessica cannot accept something. It would devastat her. Clint then tells them that he wishes that Natalie and Jared would get there so that he can find out what that “secret” is. The doctor concludes that the fact that Jessica wants to face everything is a very good sign. At that moment, Natalie and Jared arrive and ask Jessica if she is okay. Jessica then informs her sister that she did something terrible and she needs to tell her.

Tess asks Bess if she told Jessica that Chloe died, and that Bess switched her for somebody else’s baby. Bess replies, "No." Tess asks Bess what she told her. Bess replies that she told Jessica “the truth.” The only truth that Jessica can ever know.

At the cottage, Natalie encourages Jessica to tell her “the secret.” Jessica then faces her sister and admits that she (not Tess) wanted Natalie and Jared to die.

Wes and Brody relive Brody’s breakdown while in combat in Iraq when Brody shot the kid. They discovered that Brody mistakenly thought that the kid had a gun. He apparently had a flashlight. Wes tells Brody that since it was dark, there was no way he could have known. Wes then informs Brody that he “made a decision.” He took one of the insurgents’ guns. He put it in the kid’s hand so that nobody would know the truth.

At Rodi’s, Blair tells Marty that she wants to be “civil.” She knows that Marty has been through a lot, but Marty just talked the father of Blair’s kids to jump off a roof. Now she is kissing a man in Blair’s life. Blair admits to Marty, she is getting a little “pissed.” In response to that, Marty asks Blair if she wants to talk about anger? Maybe she can talk about how she feels about Todd. Blair tells Marty she thinks that Marty made it pretty clear how she felt about Todd. She happens to know that Marty convinced Todd to commit suicide. Marty admits she did, in fact, get Todd to realize what a despicable human being he is and that he deserves to die. Why is Blair concerned about it anyway? Does she still have feelings for her ex-husband? Blair tells Marty that Todd is the father of her children. Just because Marty wants him dead does not mean that Blair is going to let Marty kill him.

Brody and Wes relive the ordeal in Iraq. Brody was in shock after knowing that he killed a kid. So Wes took him over to see that the kid supposedly had a gun and intended to kill them all. Brody had no choice except to save his men. At that point, Wes admits to Brody that he thought that it would be the best thing to tell him that. Now, he suspects that he was wrong.

At the cottage, after Jessica admits to Natalie that she wanted to kill Natalie and Jared. Natalie tells Jessica that it doesn’t matter, but Jessica demands that she listens. She tells Natalie that she felt so much pain over losing Nash, and having her children’s father taken from them. She had to “blame” somebody. She cries and tells them all that she could have stopped Tess. Viki protests that she, maybe, could not have. Jessica tells them that she has been integrated long enough so that she cannot blame Tess for everything. She admits that she consciously wanted Tess to come out so that she could kill Natalie and Jared.

Bess tells Tess that maybe she (Tess) can handle the truth about the baby. They both know that Jessica cannot. Bess tells Tess that she was reckless and careless and needs to accept responsibility for her actions. Jessica cannot bear knowing that. Tess, then, cries and tells Bess that she cannot live without her beautiful baby girl. What can they do? Bess replies that they can give Jessica her life back. Tess asks Bess how they do that. Bess replies that they integrate.

At Rodi’s, Blair asks Marty if she has concluded that Todd is bad and does not deserve to live? Marty asks Blair that if she wants to “save” Todd because of his children, then why did she get a restraining order to keep him from them? Blair replies that her relationship with Todd is none of Marty’s business. Marty, then, replies that she now thinks she’s getting it. That’s why Blair is so interested in what Marty does with John. Blair just wants to hide the fact that she still loves Todd.

At the high school, Starr tells Cole she realizes that he is hurting, but he cannot turn to drugs. She tells him that she has a family. Yet, her little brother is freaking without his dad. Her mom has a restraining order against Todd. She may be the one to put her father in prison. Todd tells her, at least, all of her family members know who they are and who she is. He tells her on the very same day their baby died, he found out for the first time that his mother was alive. He believed that God sent her back to him when he saw her at the hospital. He thought that everything will go back to the way it was. Starr tells Cole he must know that his mom will get her memory back. He asks her how she could know that. Starr replies that Marty is still his mother. He tells her, "No. She is a completely different person. Somebody who doesn’t even want to live in the same house as her son."

Blair and Marty argue about Todd and their history with each other. Blair tells John that it’s “classic Marty” to make trouble for everybody in order to get attention. Marty may not remember it, Blair tells her, but everybody else does. Marty tells Blair that she knows that Blair cannot stand that Todd wants Marty and not her. Blair then tells John she would like him to throw Marty out. John tells Blair that he cannot do that.

At the hospital, Marcie and Michael both hold “Chloe.” She tells him that she would have never gotten through all of this without him. He holds the baby and then tells her that they were all a family, he, she, and Tommy. She tells him that she would like them all to be a family. She reflects that in a perfect world, “this little one” (Chloe, who is really Hope) would be theirs.

Bess explains to Tess that they can integrate and let Jessica come back, but they both must keep this one secret from her. Tess, however, admits that she does not get it. Bess tells Tess that they must both go away and let Jessica “handle this” without them. Jessica has her two little girls. Chloe may not really be hers’, but she needs a mother, and Jessica needs her. Tess cries and tells Bess that she just wanted to make things right with her baby. Bess tells Tess that now she can. Now Tess can do all of Jessica’s “grieving” for her. Bess lets Tess out of the cage. She tells Tess that her work is now done. So Tess must let Jessica have her breakthrough.

Natalie and Jared ask Jessica if she really wanted Tess to hurt them. She nods that that is true, but Viki and Clint rationalize that Jessica was overwhelmed with grief. Natalie protests that she knows that Jessica wanted to save them from Tess. Jessica knows that Tess is a part of her. She did not do it on her own. She knows she wanted Tess to do it, and she does not know how they can forgive her.

Wes concludes to Brody that what happened to the kid could have happened to anybody. He apologizes to Brody for not letting him know what really happened. Brody must know that he is still a good man and a good soldier. Wes gets up to leave. Brody then thanks his friend. As soon as Brody is alone in his room, he shuts the door and sees the kid with blood on him.

Starr admits that she does not know what she would do or how she would deal with her family members losing their memory. She asks him how he felt when he wanted to use the drugs. He replies that he felt like he had no power. She replies, that is how she felt. She realized she could not stop him from using. She tells him that she realizes that if he uses, she has to accept his decision. She walks away. When Cole is alone, he pulls out the pills from his pocket. He takes one out and puts it in his mouth.

At Rodi’s, Blair asks John if he’s going to let Marty stay. He replies, "Yes." She asks, "What if Marty is harassing his customers." He tells her that Marty is not doing that. If he were to throw Marty out of the bar, it wouldn’t be the “answer” to Blair’s problems. Blair concludes that neither is it for her (herself) to stay there, and she walks out. Marty admits that she is not trusting of John. Wes then returns. She is receptive to him. He admits that he is very worried about his friend, Brody.

Brody is alone in his room envisioning holding the dead boy in his arms, and he cries.

Marcie and Michael hold the baby and remember how close they came to having their own baby.

Tess cries and admits to Bess that she will never be able to have Nash or her child. But she agrees with Bess that they both must go away. At that point, Jessica admits that she is in control but is tired.

Tess tells Bess that she is tired. Bess gives her a blanket and nurtures Tess the way Viki, Clint, and the doctor are nurturing Jessica. Viki and Clint don’t know what to conclude from what is going on. They realize that nobody knows the truth about what happened when “Tess” gave birth to the baby. They realize that, maybe, they never will.

Bess tells a sleeping Tess that their secret is safe and they may all rest. 

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