OLTL Update Friday 1/16/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/16/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Dorian looks to be seducing David. He says no. He tells her that he no longer has lustful desires of temptations. He tells her that he can abstain and asks for help from the “all great one”.

After Cole walks in and sees Starr hugging the new teacher, Schuyler Joplin, son of Dr. Joplin, he confronts them. She protests that this guy is their friend and they must know that he has been affected by what has happened and his mother taking her own life. But Cole tells Schuyler that his mother murdered his (Cole’s) daughter.

John is working at Rodi’s when he sees Marty and Wes walk in. He stares coldly at them. And they remember that he is the new owner. But Marty does not seem concerned.

Brody is alone in his room reliving shooting the kid in Iraq. He gets a knock on his door. It’s Gigi. He tells her that he can get her some coffee. But she tells him that she is there about the kid.

When Jessica goes with her parents and doctor to hers’ and Nash’s house, the very place where she gave birth to her baby, Tess comes out. She urges them to let her find out what happened to her baby.

Right then, Jessica appears to be in a cage. Bess appears and warns Jessica that she needs to know that Tess is out. Jessica is worried. But Bess asks her if that is her fault. It’s Jessica who brought her out.

When Tess tells Viki, Clint and her doctor that she is afraid that something happened to “Jessica’s” baby, Viki tells Tess that Jessica has two little girls. Her new baby is ok. Tess asks Viki if she is really sure about that.

After Cole confronts Schuyler Joplin about his mother being responsible for the death of Cole and Starr’s baby, Schuyler tells him that he does not blame him for wanting to blame somebody for what happened. He realizes that his mother was negligent. He knows that if he were in Cole’s shoes, he would be furious. But he assures Cole that his mother was a dedicated doctor. She felt so bad about what happened that she took her own life. Cole replies that she got off easy. He is very angry and intense. Starr urges Cole not to do this. He reminds her that their child will never be able to cry or grow or live. Starr protests that Mr. Joplin realizes all of that. She asks Cole if he does not realize how he felt when he thought that his mother was dead. And that is how this whole thing started. She reminds Cole that everybody makes mistakes and nobody’s pain is any more special than anybody else’. She tells him that they are all hurting. Everybody.

When Marty and Wes enter the bar, she makes herself at home and does not seem to be intimidated by the fact that John is there and has bought out the bar. She tells him she would like to have some scotch.

David chants. But Dorian tells him that he needs to know that he has desires. He tells her that she is a woman. He is aware of her. He is aware of all creatures. But she pretests that the “holy one” gave her and him and everybody a purpose. And David must know what his purpose really is. He then tells her that there is a “sect” that believes in the “path” of the flesh. But he is not part of that sect. She then tells him she does not believe him. He is a meat eating, money grubbing horny man. He has but one talent. So she tells him they need to take that “one talent” and go upstairs and use it.

Gigi comes to visit Brody at St. Anne’s. She tells him that Wes has contacted her and she knows about Brody’s post traumatic stress. And she shares with Brody Shane’s report card. He notices that Shane is doing well with grades and social development. She tells him that he will always be a part of her son’s life. Shane loves him. She wanted to bring Shane. But she wasn’t certain if Brody was healthy enough. She did conclude, however, that she thinks that Shane would be ok seeing him if he was ok. He tells her he would like more than anything to see Shane. But that may not be a great idea.

Right then, we see Jessica standing inside a cage protesting to Bess that she is the baby’s mother. And Bess has no right to keep from her where he baby is. Bess responds to Jessica that her job is to protect Jessica. Right then, Jessica sees Viki’s face. She tells Bess she needs to know the truth. That is why she went back to hers’ and Nash’s cottage and dare to bring Tess out. She has to know what happened to her baby. Bess responds that Jessica made a serious mistake. She (Bess) was ready to take care of everything so that she did not have to worry about anything. But now Tess is out. And Jessica is risking something that she may not be able to handle.

At the cottage (Jessica and Nash’s home) the doctor asks Tess what she remembers about giving birth. Tess replies that the contractions were really strong. But she indicates that “somebody” was there to help her deliver the baby. She turns to Viki and tells her that she was. Viki tells her daughter that there’s no way. She knows she was not there. But Tess informs her that Nikki Smith sure was there. Hearing that, Viki stares at Tess not knowing what to say.

John faces Marty and Wes. Wes appears uncomfortable knowing that his new boss has an “issue” with the two of them together. But Marty acts like she could care less and asks Wes if he wants to play pool with her.

Tess emotionally tells her parents and doctor that she happens to know that Nikki was there. Nikki warned her to clean up her act as not to endanger the baby. Hearing that, Clint remarks that that does not sound like the Nikki Smith he knows. But Tess protests that Nikki told her she knew what she did to Natalie and Jared. Nikki knew that Tess set off that bomb and urged her to let them out. And Tess turns to face Viki and realizes that it was Nikki whom she was angry at. It was Nikki whom she wanted to lock up and whom she believed deserved to die and not Jared or Natalie. Tess cries and protests that she listened to Nikki and realized she was right. She tried to get back to the house to let Jared and Natalie out. But it was too late. She could not move. The contractions were too strong. She couldn’t get out of the cottage. And Nikki helped deliver the baby. And Nikki gave her the baby. But the baby did not cry nor make a sound.

Jessica is in a cage, protesting to Bess that she needs to know what happened. She needs the answers. She protests that she cannot integrate if Bess does not tell her what happened when she gave birth. Bess tells Jessica that she is protecting Jessica and Jessica needs to accept what she has done and not demand any answers. But Jessica tells Bess she is ready for any cold hard reality that Bess can tell her. She needs to get well. Her two children need her. So Bess has to tell her. Jessica demands that Bess tells her everything. Then Bess needs to go away and leave her the hell alone, Jessica tells her.

At St. Anne’s, Brody tells Gigi that he cannot let Shane see him in there like that. It’s bad enough that he had to drag Shane to the mountain and have him see all that happened. But Gigi tells Brody that Shane really does understand. He then tells her that maybe if she brought Shane, it would be ok. She then asks him what happens when he has his group therapy. DO many people share with the shrink the things in their lives, she asks him? He tells her that he cannot stop remembering what happened. She tells him that it must be hard. He tells her that he has two different memories. And they both seem real.

At Rodi’s, Wes shares with Marty that the reason he is living in Llanview is because that buddy of his is not doing too well. And Wes is starting to believe that it’s all his (Wes’s) fault. She asks why. He tells her it’s because he wants to protect his friend but is afraid that he only keeps getting in his way Hearing that, Marty admits that she can really relate to a situation like that.

In the high school classroom, Cole apologizes to Mr. Joplin for going off on him. But it just kind of freaked him out to see him talking alone with Starr and then to walk in on the two of them hugging. Mr. Joplin tells Cole he gets it. And he appreciates his honesty. They shake hands. Starr then concludes that they should go. And she thanks her teacher. Cole then walks away from Starr. But she demands to that tells her what is going on. He tells her that he walked into a classroom and noticed her “grinding” on a teacher. She angrily tells him that she was not doing any such thing. She just gave her teacher a hug because she really felt for him with what happened to his mother and all that he shared with her. Cole then smugly concludes she may do “whatever turns her on”. Starr then asks Cole if he is “high”.

Dorian asks David if he has “taken vows”. He replies yes. She then asks him to come inside and tell her all about it. He asks him to make himself comfortable. But he tells her that he cannot sit on any of these luxurious chairs. It is a violation of his new agreement. They must stand. She then concludes to him that she must tell him that she envies him. Hearing that, he tells her that envy is a negative emotion. She tells him that what she envies is his “tranquility”. She realizes that she must get David to trust her on some level if he is going to marry her before finding out that he has inherited Asa’s estate. So she tells him that she has always “admired” him and seen him as her “teacher”. He must help her. She begs of him. If he ever loved her. He must be hear teacher. He must be her guide and save her. He replies that she must then give up everything. She tells him that is done. He lists the expensive house and everything in it. Her personal trainer, manicurist, hair dresser and all of the people she pays for luxuries. She tells him that the things she spends money on are less important than “inner peace”. She tells him that she needs what he has. She needs tranquility. And she begs David not to deny her what she “wants” from him. She pleads with him to show her the way. He then walks around and looks at an expensive vase. She admits that she got it recently and how much it cost. He then drops and breaks it. And she freaks.

After Starr asks Cole if he is high, he asks her what kind of a question that is. She tells him she can see that he is definitely not himself. He asks her just who she expects him to be. Her new teacher is Dr. Joplin’s son. His mom is shacked up with some guy she doesn’t even know. Starr used to be his girlfriend. In response to that, Starr tells him that she can see that he is on something. He asks her how she would be able to tell that. She tells him that because she knows that he would never treat her like this nor behave like this. He is acting like he might be on steroids again. He tells her he is certainly not on steroids. She then looks at him and demands that he tells her what is going on with him.

At. St. Anne’s, Gigi tells Brody that maybe he should talk to Wes about what happened in Iraq. But he tells her that he already has. And Wes keeps telling him the same thing; that he should put it behind him and realize that he did what he had to do and had no choice. And Wes believes it was not Brody’s fault since the kid had a gun. She tells him that she agrees that it was not Brody’s fault since the kid had a gun. And she tells him that if she killed a kid, she would not care what he was doing. She would never be able to justify it nor be the same. She’d believe that gun or no gun, he is just a kid. SO she thinks it’s pretty normal that he feels bad and his memory or guilt or whatever made him see the kid as an innocent little boy. But, she tells Brody that he did not do this. The war did it. He then faces her and tells her that after what he did to her and to Shane and to Rex, she still cares. She tells him that in a week or two he is invited to visit her and Shane. She has to get going, now. Before she leaves, she reminds Brody that he is not alone. He has her and Shane.

At Rodi’s, Wes tells Marty that the truth is it was not his friend’s fault what happened. She asks if he told him that. Wes tells her yes. But Brody still blames himself. Wes does, however, reveal to Marty that there are things that he knows that Brody did that Brody is not aware of. And he is not about to tell Brody anything about this because he’s afraid that it would mess Brody up worse. Hearing that, Marty tells Wes that from her own experience she has learned that if people know things about a person that that person does not know and the people cover it up for the person, they are not doing them any favors. Wes then leaves to go and see how his friend is doing. Marty shoots pool. John approaches her and reminds her that she used to play darts. She informs him that Wes had to go and visit his friend. He asks her what is going on. He asks her if the two of them are together now. She tells him it does not matter. He asks her if this is for “his” benefit or for John’s. He asks her if she and Wes came in there for an audience. Marty looks at John indicating she wants him to stay out of her business.

At Jessica and Nash’s cottage, Tess huddles on the floor, freaks and tells her parents that she happens to know that the baby never cried. But, knowing the “Chloe” is alive and well, they tell her that they can attest that she has certainly made up for it now. They inform Tess that the can clearly see that Chloe has very strong lungs. Viki suggest to Tess that maybe she did not hear Chloe cry because she was in shock. Hearing that, Tess cries and tells them that she now knows what happened.

Meanwhile, Bess tells Jessica that she cannot leave her. Jessica is fragile and needs to be protected. Jessica tells Bess she is not protecting her. She is only making things worse. And we see Viki in both of their view. Jessica then urges Bess to tell her the “secret’ no matter how terrible and scary it is. But Bess tells Jessica she knows she cannot. It would be too much for Jessica to take. Jessica tells her that whatever it is cannot be worse that what is happening right now. They are all locked up and can never be free until Bess enlightens her as to what happened. She urges Bess to please tell her what the big secret is. Jessica tells Bess that she knows that Bess does not want to carry around this secret alone. So she needs to tell Jessica. Hearing that, Bess approaches Jessica and moves up close to her. But she has not yet uttered the answer.

At the cottage, after Tess breaks down crying, Viki tells Tess she must know that she is not alone. They are all there for her. So she can tell them what happened.

After David breaks Dorian’s expensive vase, she picks up the pieces from the floor and holds them in her hands. She reflects how precious it was as an antique and all of it’s history. But, she realizes that he can only accuse her of obsessing about material wealth. SO she faces him and tells him that it’s not as important as spiritual wealth. And he affirms to her that he only wants to continue in his “current path”. She attempts to pretend that she is doing what he wants. But as soon as she believes he is out of an ear’s shot, she reveals that she cannot give up any of her wealth. She will find a way to get David to marry her. And when she is Mrs. David Vickers Vickeroshi Buchanan, she will find a way to run Clint and Nora out of that mansion and she will take back B.E. And it looks like she is praying to her “higher power” for her “desire”.

Gigi returns to Rodi’s and talks to Wes about her meeting with Brody. He asks her how his friend is doing. She replies she does not know. Maybe in some ways he is better. She tells him that Shane wants to see Brody. She wants to take Shane to see him. .But Brody is still a little nervous about it. Wes asks Gigi why. She replies that Wes was right that Brody is still seeing that kid. And, she tells Wes that it sounds like it’s getting worse. IT appears that at first it just seemed like a memory. But then it seemed as thought Brody was not certain about whether the kid really had a gun or not. She concludes that Brody appears very confused and she is not certain if he will work it out or not.

Inside the bar, Marty is holding a pool cue and asks John if he wants to join her. But he answers that he really doesn’t play pool anymore. He wishes she would get back to what he remembers her as playing darts.. But she replies that she is not into darts.

Cole asks Starr why she is grilling him. She replies that she still cares about him and wishes he would talk to her. He responds by telling her that he lost his child. He lost his mom. And his life blew up. She tells him she wishes he would let her in and not keep secrets from her. She admits to him that she would understand if he wanted to “take something” because of all that has happened to him. But knowing that that is what he is doing, she tells him that he needs to know that it will only make things worse. He tells her that he does not need the lecture. But she asks him if she does not lecture him, then who will? She tells him that she lost their baby also. She knows that he lost his mom. But she lost her dad. He tells her that maybe she is stronger than he is. She tells him she is not. She just has her mom and her family to be there for her. And she asks him just what he has taken and where he got it. He replies that he did not take anything. And right then, she pulls a plastic bag out of his pocket with pills in it. He then asks her what she wants him to say. And right then, we see Mr. Joplin inside his classroom, in private, locking a desk drawer.

It appears that Bess may have told Jessica the devastating secret.

Tess then attempts to tell her parents and doctor what happened to the baby. She almost tells them that the baby died. But she cannot get it out. And right then, Jessica comes back and asks them just what Tess said and did.

Right then, Tess faces Bess and asks her if it’s true that her baby is dead.

Starr tells Cole that she knows there is something “not right” about him. She asks just how long this has been going on. He tells her that he has a lot going on. And he needs to take the “pinch” off. She asks him just why it is that he did not come to her and tell her what is going on. He replies because she was too busy hugging Mr. J. She protests that taking pills is just going to make it worse. At that point, a teacher approaches them and asks Starr to hold our her hand. And she notices that Starr has the pills that she has found in Cole’s pocket in her hands and it looks like Starr is the one using.

At Rodi’s, Marty attempts to throw darts but doesn’t seem to have the technique or enthusiasm that only John remembers. Wes then tells them that he has to take off and go talk to Brody. Marty reveals to John that she cannot throw darts. He wants to “old” Marty back. He admits to her that he does not approve of her abandoning Cole nor seeing this guy she barely knows.

After Jessica comes back, Tess is now in the cage demanding that Bess tells her the answer. Bess urges her not to “do this”. But Tess demands that Bess answers the question of whether he baby was born dead.

Jessica comes back. She admits to her parents and doctor that Bess told her the truth.

Tess then demands that Bess tells her if her baby died. Bess then relies yes. And, at that point, Tess breaks down.

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