OLTL Update Thursday 1/15/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/15/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

David appears at Buenos Dias. Noelle is waitressing and startled to see him. She also remarks that he must be terribly cold wearing his “Skiimpy gown” in the winter weather. He tells her that his “Spirit” will not allow him to be cold. She invites him in to have some coffee, assuming that he could not have possibly changed.

Dorian invites Madam Delphina to her home and asks her if she can “read the future” for her. Madam Delphina seems to know all about Dorian drugging Charlie Banks. But Dorian wants to know, specifically, if Viki is ready to get her into terrible trouble. Madam Delphina indicates that Viki may have other things going on in her life.

Meanwhile, Viki, Clint and Nora talk about whether or not Jessica should be subpoenaed so that Tess can testify to what she knows about Todd intending to kidnap Starr’s baby.

At St. Anne’s, Brody knocks on Jessica’s door. She tells him that she knows that there is something going on which nobody is telling her about regarding whether her baby really is ok.

Starr talks to her new teacher (Dr. Joplin’s son) in his empty classroom before class starts. She informs him that the reason she did not have time to finish her homework the previous night is because she went to her dead baby’s grave. She cannot think about anything else. She knows that he probably has similar difficulty in stopping thinking about his mom. But he tells her that he does not obsess about his mother because she chose to take her own life.

Right when Natalie and Jared enter the Buenos Dias with baby Chloe, David Vickers enters and seems to have some “premonition” about the baby.

Madam Delphina informs Dorian that she happens to know that David Vickers is Asa's son and Asa has left his entire estate to David. Hearing that, Dorian admits she is in shock. Madam Delphina tells Doran she realizes that Dorian wanted to make certain that David never finds out that he inherits everything. The reason is so that David will be dependent on her. And Madam Delphina also knows that Dorian wants to have the “last laugh” upon Clint Buchanan. SO at some point, she wants for David to find out and take everything from Clint’s family.

Brody and Jessica are together talking alone about how she is going to have a meeting with her family and her shrink and they are going to get to the bottom of her “secret” and find out from Tess what is going on with the birth of her baby.

Marty is staying with Brody’s friend, Wes at the Angel Square hotel and having no contact with Cole or any of her friends and family.

Cole returns home and informs Nora that he found his mother. She is choosing to stay at the angel square hotel with some strange guy. Hearing that, Nora is shocked that Marty would abandon her son and tell him that he is complicating her life. She is his mother. At that point, Cole remembers swallowing the pill right outside the door. And he admits to Nora that his senior year is not going too well either. But he won’t tell her specifically what is going on with him.

Starr and Dr. Joplin’s son talk alone about his mother’s death. She asks him why it is that it clearly appears he was not close to his mother and might have blamed himself for her death. He then admits to Starr that he was not always very together. He did have a time when he was “all messed up” And he admits to Starr that he used to have a drug problem.

When David observes Natalie and Jared with baby Chloe, he asks if he can hold her. He would like to “chant” to the child. Hearing that, they haven’t a clue what to say or do.

Madam Delphina informs Dorian that David Vickers is “far away” and also “very close by”. Hearing that, Dorian appears to not have a clue what she is talking about.

Jessica informs Brody that Dr. Levin has a security guard ready just in case Tess comes out when she talks to him about the baby. He asks her just how long Tess could be out. She tells him she hasn’t a clue. She was out for months in Viki’s home and almost killed Natalie and Jared. Brody faces her and tells her that she must prevent Tess from dominating her. She tells him she will do her best but appears to be lacking confidence that she can accomplish that.

Marty and Wes go to Buenos Dias. She asks him about his “friend” whom he has moved to Llanview in order to help.. Right then, he gets a call from Brody asking if he could stop by St. Ann’s today. He needs to talk to Wes about some stuff. He then departs but encourages Marty to call him any time.

After Cole reveals to Nora that his mother is better off without him and so he may need to live his life without her, she asks him if he is serious. He asks her where Matthew is. She admits that she and Bo are having some issues with their son. He asks her specifically what happened. She replies that they found a joint in Matthew’s backpack.

After Dr. Joplin’s son admits to Starr that he had some problems which his mother had to help him with including his drug addiction, she tells him she apologizes for getting into his business. But he reveals that it’s entirely possible that his mother got “distracted” or had something on her mind, involving him. And that could have been how she could have been responsible for Starr’s baby dying.

Right then, at Buenos Dias, David speaks his “chant’ to baby Chloe. Noelle is amused. But Natalie and Jared both admit that they are utterly baffled about why David is doing. And they know they better not breathe a word about the “secret”. And they agree that they have get him out of town before he finds out that he is the sole heir to Asa’s estate.

Madam Delphina evades the question Dorian demands she answers about exactly “where” David is. But the fortune teller “clarifies” that David is close by yet “on another plane”. Dorian seems baffled to know exactly what she is talking about.

After Nora informs Cole that she discovered that Matthew had a joint, he asks her if she is absolutely certain of that. She tells him that she does not want him to worry too much about that. But he seems surprised and tells her that he believes that Matthew is a good kid and it doesn’t make sense that he would remotely consider marijuana. She then tells him that she just wants him to get to school. But as soon as he goes out the door, Marty is at the door. He appears very uncomfortable to see his mother and not know what to say or do.

Dr. Joplin’s son admits to Starr that his mother made many excuses for him and took the rap for his many misdeeds. When his father’s money was messing or stolen because he needed it to support his habit, she’d tell his father that she needed it for her purposes. She lied about what she needed money for or what she was doing when she bailed her son out of jail and kept his secret for him. But right then, he tells her that he should not be telling her any of that. He is the teacher. She is the student. But she seems very interested in finding out about his background.

Cole goes out the door when Marty appears. Nora urges Marty to get her son “back”. Marty tells her that she cannot be there for her son. He deserves a mother who remembers all about him. He does not deserve to have his hopes destroyed when she remembers nothing. Nora asks Marty if she believes that Cole should have a mother who goes and shacks up with strangers and shuts him out of her life.

At St. Anne’s, Brody asks Wes if he knows some things that Brody did that he is not telling anybody about.

Right then, Jessica is ready to talk to her doctor and get to the bottom of the secret that Tess and Bess have. Viki and Clint are with her.

Madam Delphina talks in riddles to Dorian about where David is. And she knows about a lawyer named Beaver Calhoun. Dorian has never heard of this before.

At Buenos Dias, Natalie and Jared admit they are aware that Beaver Calhoun could find David before they do. And they have had it if that happens.

After Madam Delphina tells Dorian the information she has about David Vickers, Dorian smugly tells her she knows how to handle David. She will just have to get him in bed and then get him to the alter so that she can get all of the money that David has inherited after he finds out he has it. But Madam Delphina tells her she does not know the “whole story” about David. Dorian argues that nobody on this planet knows David Vickers the way she does. But right at that point, David appears wearing his Buddhist gown. And he informs her that his name is David Vickeroshi. She is shocked when she sees him. She then asks him just what “happened to his clothes”. He replies that he is wearing clothes. He tells her that he has taken a vow to give up all of his worldly possessions. Hearing that, she laughs uproariously. He then tells her that he has fed his cravings by giving up all need for material wealth and is fed by his soul

Jared tells Natalie if the lawyer gets to David before they get David out of town, they are obviously screwed.

After David tells Dorian about the “change” he has made, she tells him he cannot possibly be serious. Madam Delphina tells her that he is serious. But at that point, she calls Moe into the room and asks him to serve them the caviar. She will be able to “break David down”. But Madam Delphina tells her that David really has changed. David has no more need for money or wealth. But Madam Delphina tells her that he no longer cares about money and neither should Dorian. And right then, she tells Dorian that she needs $1000 for this reading. And she departs. Alone with David, Dorian smirks and tells him that this is beneath even him. He tells her that he is there to atone for marrying her sister. He wanted to take her wealth. But he no longer has the “needs” he previously had. Right then, Moe brings the expensive champagne and caviar. Dorian tells David that she knows how to tempt him.

Nora tells Marty she is concerned about her. Marty tells Nora she had heard enough form both Nora and from John. Nora tells her that she must know hat she cannot be out drinking, carousing and sleeping with strange men when she has lupus. But Marty tells Nora that she knows all about the “reputation” she used to have. She walks away. And Nora urges her not to do this to herself and to all the people who care about her.

Cole goes to school and finds the guy who is supplying drugs. He pushes him up against the locker and tells him he better not be pushing drugs on Matthew. The guy asks Matthew why he is so protective of Matthew. Is he his brother? And he reminds Cole that he (Cole) has his own issues to deal with.

Dr. Joplin’s son reveals to Starr that he got a call from a lawyer who is investigating his mother’s death. She asks if that lawyer’s name might be Téa Delgado. He replies yes. Starr then tells him that she knows what Téa wants to talk to him about. It’s in regard to Starr’s baby.

Jessica goes with her doctor and parents to hers’ and Nash’s old house right where she was when she gave birth to Chloe and she was Tess. She cries and struggles to remember what happened when Tess gave birth all alone.

After Dorian tempts David with caviar, Dom Perignon and champagne, he chants nam yoho renge kyo. She asks Moe to take the day off so that she can be alone with David. She then attempts to seduce David. He says that spirit is strong and so is the flesh. He tells her that he and Addie never had sex.. She asks him if that is really true. What about all the whispering, moaning and shrieking? He replies that they only pretended in order to drive her crazy. Hearing that, she realizes that it may have been a “really long time” for David and she might be able to wear down his resistance. He asks her to stop and chants nam yoho renge kyo. But she might be able to tempt him yet.

Wes goes and talks to Brody about the time when he shot the kid in Iraq. He urges Brody to realize that he must get on with his life. He must get well and get out of this place. And that is an order. He hugs his friend and goes out the door. But Brody does not appear complete.

At Jessica and Nash’s old house, Jessica breaks down when she has a flashback of what happened when she was Tess and gave birth. She knows that something happened that is beyond what either she or Tess could accept knowing or living with.

Meanwhile, in the high school classroom, Starr and Dr. Joplin’s son talk privately. She informs him that Téa is representing her dad as his lawyer and wants to find out what he or his mother might know about Todd’s intent to kidnap her baby. He admits that he has never heard of that happening. His mother told him nothing. But He wishes more than anything that he could help her. He really wants to get to the bottom of this.

Outside, in the hallway, the drug pusher keeps urging Cole to just chill and use drugs with him. Cole obviously needs to “relax” and has more on his plate than he can deal with right now, he tells him.

After Starr gets done talking to Dr. Joplin’s son and admits that she knows that he is a good person whom she can trust, she hugs him. And right then, Cole walks in on them and snaps that he better get his hands off of Starr.

Right when Jessica is with her parents and doctor and reliving giving birth, she reveals that she is Tess again.

David continues to chant when Dorian tempts him and seduces him. And it looks like his will has worn down.

Wes goes to pick up Marty knowing she is at Nora’s. Nora asks him just whom he is and why he knew he would find Marty there. He informs her that Marty just called him. Marty goes off with Wes and indicates to Nora that she’d rather be with him than with anybody else.

Cole enters the classroom and tells Dr. Joplin’s son he knows who he is. His mother is the reason their baby died.

When Tess comes out, Viki asks her if she can tell them what the secret is about the baby. Tess then remembers giving birth and knowing why the baby was not crying.

Brody is at St. Ann’s alone remembering seeing the boy in a coffin right before it shuts and goes into the ground.

Tess faces Viki and knows that she needs “her help” (does she really mean Niki Smith?) in finding out what happened to her baby..

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