OLTL Update Wednesday 1/14/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/14/09


Written By Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Gigi congratulates Rex on his first father/son sex talk and says that the parenting thing doesn’t end.

Wes tells Marty to stay as long as she wants.

Cristian and Antonio talk about Sarah reporting Vanessa to immigration. Cristian says that he didn’t have a choice but to tell the immigration agent that Sarah is a jealous, vindictive bitch.

Vanessa tells Lola that Sarah was offered a job with Puddle of Mudd and has no plans to come back anytime soon.

Téa talks to Ray on the phone. Langston comes in with the letter from Ray and asks if she should open it. Markko tells her to torch it and Téa tells Ray that they might have a problem.

Roxy and Blair talk about John. Roxy says that Blair has won with John.

John and Talia talk about Marty leaving Nora’s house to live with a stranger.

Jessica tries to help Brody figure out what his visions mean. Jessica suggests that they go over everything he remembers again.

Gigi asks Wes about his visit with Brody and Wes says that Brody’s guilt is eating him alive. Wes says that Brody sees the boy he killed in Iraq. Gigi asks Wes if Brody will ever get past this.

Blair and Roxy talk about John. Blair says that she is not giving up information about John’s love life to Roxy. Blair says that she wishes she had Roxy’s confidence. Roxy says that John doesn’t just hit the sheets with anyone and that John wants Blair and not Marty.

Antonio and Cristian talk about Vanessa shooting Ray to protect Lola.

Vanessa says that Cristian sacrificed everything so that they could stay in the country to keep them safe. Lola says that Vanessa isn’t sorry that Sarah left because it means that her marriage to Cristian is real now. Vanessa says that Sarah leaving makes it easier to convince immigration that her marriage to Cristian is genuine. Vanessa says that she will do anything to keep them from being deported because if they get sent back to Colombia, Ray will kill them. Lola suggests that she wants to remember what happened. Vanessa asks what Lola told Téa at brunch.

Langston says that Ray and Lola are the only blood relatives that she has left. Markko tells Langston to open the letter. Téa tells Ray that Langston is opening the letter.

Bo orders a drink and tells Rex that Nora found a joint in Matthew’s backpack. Rex and Bo talk about why Matthew would be into drugs.

Téa tells Ray that Langston is reading the letter. Markko asks Langston to read it out loud and translate it because his Spanish is kind of rusty. Langston reads the letter. Ray asks Langston to forgive him and take care of Lola. Téa says that she hopes the letter that Ray enclosed for Lola will get her to open up. Téa says that she will find a way to prove that Vanessa framed him.

Lola says that she told Téa that she hates talking about her mother’s murder and testifying against her father. Lola says that Téa was just trying to help her. Lola says that she has to go because she is sleeping over at Langston’s.

Cristian and Antonio talk about Vanessa and Lola. Cristian says that he is doing what he wants.

Brody says that there was movement in the shadows and he heard a noise and fired.

Wes and Gigi talk about what Brody was doing when he shot the kid. Wes says that over there the number one goal is to stay alive.

Lola shows up at Langston’s. Markko says that his parents would shoot him if he thought about sleeping at a girl’s house. Langston says that it will be just her, Lola and Starr. Lola says that she burned a CD of the music they were dancing to on New Year’s Eve for them. Langston tells Lola that she got a letter from Ray.

Cristian gets home and Vanessa is making dinner. Cristian says that he doesn’t want to talk about Sarah, but Vanessa says that she thinks they should.

Jessica tells Brody to let the memory come back to him. Brody says that he doesn’t understand because the boy doesn’t have a gun this time. Brody says that there was a gun and they turned it in. Brody wonders why he is remembering it in a way that it couldn’t have gone down. Jessica remembers Tess asking why the baby isn’t crying. Brody asks Jessica what is wrong.

Gigi asks Wes if he thinks that Brody will ever get past what happened. Wes and Gigi talk about Brody signing on to being Shane’s dad. Gigi says that she has to believe that the “real” Brody is still in there because he has a good heart. Wes says that Brody never let him down in Iraq and he isn’t going to let him down here.

Vanessa says that she is very sorry about what happened and Cristian says that it isn’t her fault. Cristian says that there is something between them and Sarah saw it before he did. Cristian and Vanessa agree that they can’t keep denying it anymore. Vanessa tells Cristian that Lola is staying at Langston’s.

John apologizes to Blair for fighting with her earlier at his apartment. Blair says that she doesn’t remember them fighting.

Bo and Rex talk about Matthew. Rex says that high school probably threw Matthew for a loop. Bo says that Matthew knows better than to have pot. Bo says that he doesn’t know who he is angrier at, Matthew or himself.

Talia and Antonio talk about Cristian. Antonio says that Cristian hates that he hurt Sarah, but she asked him not to go after her. Talia says that girls never mean it when they say things like that.

Lola reads her letter from Ray and Langston translates it for Markko. Téa tells Ray that it seemed like Lola believed his letter. Ray says that Lola has to know that he is telling the truth. Téa says that she is going to have another heart-to-heart with Lola and will get back to Ray.

Rex says that Bo is the best father a kid could ever ask for and reminds Bo that alcohol is a drug. Bo says that Matthew reminded him that he got wasted at Asa’s funeral. Bo says that when Matthew is old enough for a couple of beers and can handle it, then he will buy. Bo says that maybe if he had been around more the previous summer, Matthew wouldn’t be as lost as he is right now. Rex says that he thinks that Matthew is just trying to find his way. Rex says that one joint doesn’t make Matthew a pothead and it doesn’t make Bo a bad father either. Bo asks when Rex became the voice of reason and Rex says that he just had “the” talk with Shane.

Brody says that it looked like Jessica went somewhere and asks where she went. Jessica says that she wants to get back to what he was remembering. Brody says that he thinks his mind is playing tricks on him. Jessica says that maybe there is more to it and it might be something that could make sense of it all. A nun comes in and says that it is time for Brody’s medications. Brody says that he will be back.

Téa apologizes for asking Lola so many questions at brunch. Téa gives Lola her card in case she has any questions or needs anything. Lola tells Téa that Ray sent her a letter and swears that he didn’t kill her mother. Téa tells Lola to call her and leaves.

Rex says that it would be a bad move to pressure Matthew to nark on his friends and it could cause Matthew to never forgive Bo. Rex says that he believes there is a way to handle it without ruining Matthew’s life. Bo says that maybe there is a better way.

John tells Wes that he can leave. Blair says that she is going to say hi to Antonio and Talia. Antonio asks what is going on with John and Talia says that one of John’s waiters is shacked up with Marty.

Brody asks Jessica what happened. Jessica says that she was thinking about what Brody remembered and the way it couldn’t have happened and that she saw Tess holding her baby. Jessica tells Brody that Tess said it was a lie. Brody says that maybe if Jessica went back to the place that she had the baby, she would find a missing piece. Jessica says that Brody is right and she needs to get back to the cottage and figure out what happened that night.

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