OLTL Update Tuesday 1/13/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/13/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie
Proofread by Melanie

At St. Anne’s, Jessica is attempting to communicate with Brody realizing that they have a lot in common regarding how they both got in there.

Bo and Nora confront Matthew about their suspicion that he is smoking marijuana.

Starr goes to her dead baby’s grave. She notices her father talking to his deceased grandchild. Assuming that he is alone and not being overheard, Todd tells baby Hope that it’s his fault she died. He wanted to hold her and had a chance to, but he wasn’t going to ruin her life the way he did to his own kids. He tells her that he wishes there was some way he could redeem himself. He wishes he could bring her back to his daughter. Starr is in awe overhearing her father’s confession.

Gigi is busy working at Rodi’s, although, she knows that she and Rex have some things to communicate to Shane.

Back at the house, Rex attempts to tell his son about the “engagement” a man and a woman have together. Hearing that, Shane tells Rex he realizes that it’s called sex. He knows all about it. He tells Rex that he’d prefer that they talk about something “more interesting” such as drugs.

Nora and Bo hold the joint up for Matthew to see. He informs them that he has never seen it, and he assumes that it’s Cole’s. As soon as they hear that, Bo tells his son that he has no right to be implicating Cole. Cole has been nothing but supportive to him. He knows that Matthew had this joint in his possession.

Rex tells Shane that he would like to know what he knows about sex. Shane asks if they have to talk about it. Rex then admits to his son that he didn’t want to talk about it either when he was Shane’s age. Hearing that, Shane asks his “father” if “Grandma Roxy” wanted to talk to him about sex. Rex tells his son absolutely not. He got sent away so that his mother did not raise him, and many adults in his life failed to communicate many things to him. Shane asks him if, in that case, that is the reason why he got Shane’s mom pregnant.

Matthew tells his parents that he does not appreciate their going through his personal belongings and invading his privacy. They tell him that they have the right to know if he is smoking marijuana since he is a minor and they provide for him. He tells them that if they do not trust him, he doesn’t feel he has to explain himself to them. He informs them that a friend of his is “in trouble” and wanted Matthew to keep a secret for him. Bo tells his son he does not believe that for a minute.

Meanwhile, Wes leaves Marty alone in his apartment. Cole goes to talk to his mom. She seems to only want to talk to Wes since he seems to understand her, not remember her past, nor expect her to “change” anything.

Wes goes to find Gigi at Rodi’s and tells her he needs a job. She tells him she knows that he is Brody’s friend and asks how Brody is doing. He replies that he is concerned about Brody and needs to stay in town in order to be there for his friend.

Jessica tells Brody that she really wants to talk to him and see if she can help him since she believes that he wants to help her.

At baby Hope’s gravesite, Starr observes Todd confess that he believes that there is no reason for him to go on living if he has lost everything he has.

Michael and Marcie go to Rodi’s and greet Gigi. Marcie remarks to Gigi that she cannot believe that John has bought this place out. John enters and “introduces himself to the “new guy" as the new owner. When Wes sees John, he remembers that he knows him. He is clearly not comfortable “working for” the guy who just confronted him for being with Marty.

Cole urges his mom to, maybe, go and live somewhere with him away from Nora’s home. She tells her son that she cannot do this. Right now, she needs to be alone.

At baby Hope’s gravesite, Todd tells his deceased granddaughter that it’s his fault that she died. He was ready to steal her and have Starr believing that she died. He understood the error of his ways and was ready to clean up his act, but it was too late. He wishes more than anything that his daughter would forgive him, but she won’t. He wishes that he could die instead of her, but God won’t let him die. He does not want to live like this. What does he do now? Starr listens to her father speechlessly.

Jessica admits to Brody that she wonders many things, not only about Tess but about Bess whom she has not actually had a chance to meet or talk to. He then tells her that maybe she is asking too much. She then asks him to tell her his big unsolved issue. She tells him that they might have better luck with that.

Shane asks Rex how it is that he was conceived. Was he a mistake? Rex replies that his son was in no way a mistake. His birth and life was a miracle. He admits that when he had sex with Gigi many years ago, he was young and irresponsible. He didn’t understand what love was. He had no clue that she got pregnant and was all alone, on her own, and with a kid. He admits to his son that he really screwed up. Shane then asks him just what he is telling him. Rex replies to his son that he is telling him he does not want him to turn out like his old man.

Matthew tells his parents that if they do not trust him then he is not going to justify himself to them. He has spent his entire life trying to be the “role model child” for the commissioner. If they want him to tell them that the joint is his, then he will tell them that. He asks if they are happy. After there is silence, Nora asks her son if he has “done this” before. He replies, "No way." He’s never considered marijuana before. She asks why, then, he acquired this joint in his pocket. He replies that he got invited to a party. The kids who invited him wanted him to “be like them”. Were it not for that, he’d have had no reason to want to smoke marijuana. In response to that, Bo tells his son that he can forget about any party. He is grounded. He must know that he cannot be doing what the popular crowd wants him to do just because they want him to. He needs to know that he must “just say no” to drugs. In response to that, Matthew asks his father if he(Bo) “just said no”.

Rex tells Shane that many people have kids when they are not ready to be parents. They are not responsible enough to accept the responsibility or consequences of having sex. In response to that, Shane admits to his father that he realizes he is only ten, but he got an “offer” to make out with a girl. He knew that it was not the right time and that he was not ready. Hearing that, Rex breathes a sigh of relief to know that his son realizes he is not ready for sex.

At Rodi’s, Gigi talks to Marcie and Michael about how she and Rex are having an awkward situation explaining to Shane that they are having sex and what sex is all about. Hearing that, Marcie and Michael joke about how it must have been when Shane walked in on Rex and Gigi having sex.

By the bar, John notices Wes. He remembers that he spent the night with Marty. Wes tells John that he is there to work. He knows that John is concerned about Marty, but she was staying with him (Wes). They talked. No harm was done. He’d (Wes) prefer not to be interrogated.

Marty tells Cole that she is trying very hard to remember her son and her life, but she does not remember anything. She feels like a fraud to be pretending to know things that she does not know. She knows that it’s just not working, so she needs to try something different.

Todd talks to the spirit of baby Hope. He admits that he had a chance to hold her but did not because he was afraid he’d hold her wrong. As soon as the nurse handed her to him, he knew that he had better change. He realized for the first time that he could love somebody fully without any conditions. He made a promise to her that he would never hurt her or any child ever again, but he did. He broke that promise many times. Starr watches. He tells baby Hope that her mom (Starr) doesn’t want to be his little girl anymore. He lost his daughter and he lost her. He then turns to see that Starr has been watching and listening to him without his knowing.

At St. Anne’s, Brody talks to Jessica about how he and his troop were watching people die all around them, and then they heard about that house where those bastards were hiding. They thought that they could secure the area, and then he suddenly heard a noise behind him. So he fired. Then he found out that it was not one of the insurgents. It was a kid. A little kid about ten at the most; like Shane. He then looks like he is ready to break down. Jessica asks him if he is okay. He sees the kid once again. She asks him just what exactly happens when he sees the boy. She asks him if he has ever tried, actually, talking to the boy when he sees him and if he has wanted to. This seems to be a question Brody had never been asked. She tells him that maybe if he asked the boy a question, the boy might answer.

After Todd discovers that Starr has been hearing him talking to her “deceased baby”, he asks his daughter just how much she has heard. She tells him that after all he has done, it should be easy for her to hate him. He makes it hard because he mistakenly believes that all that she has lost is Hope, but she lost her father also. She, Jack, and Sam have all lost their father. She tells him that he has mistakenly always thought that he would have her just like she has mistakenly thought that Hope would have a happy, healthy and long life. Todd then asks his daughter if she thinks if he were to stop taking what she means to him for granted that they could get back to the relationship they used to have.

After Marty tells Cole that trying to remember things is not working for her, she attempts to explain to him how that is. She almost reveals to her son about spending the night with Wes, but she realizes that she may not want to share that with him.

At Rodi’s, John asks Wes some questions about his spending the night with Marty. Wes tells John that he has some personal things going on. John does not know him and doesn’t have the right to know his business. He asks John if he can get back to work.

While Gigi talks to Marcie and Michael about hers’ and Rex’s attempt to explain what was going on when Shane walked in on them having sex together, Rex and Shane appear and tell them they want to join them.

Matthew tells Bo that he is a hypocrite to be judging his son for smoking marijuana. He happens to know that when his grandfather died, Bo disappeared and went on a drinking binge. He also knows that Nora drinks, so they have no business judging him. Bo then tells his son that that is completely different. They are adults. It’s legal for them to drink. Matthew then asks his father if, during Viet Nam, when everybody was smoking marijuana, did he ever try any? Bo tells his son that he may have a few times, but he knew when he was young, if he had smoked marijuana in his father’s home, his father would have killed him. He tells Matthew that neither he nor Matthew’s mother would ever let their lives get ruined by drugs.

Nora admits to her son that she will never try to tell him that she has not made her share of mistakes, but she did not smoke marijuana as a high school freshman. She waited until she was in college before trying drugs. She knew that her parents would have killed her if she had used when she was his age. Matthew then protests that he is not about to mess up his life and become a drug addict. All he is doing is smoking one joint. At that point, Bo lays down the law to his son and tells him that they are going to school the next morning, and he is going to find out who is supplying the drugs for him. They are going to get to the bottom of this. Hearing that, Matthew tells his father like hell he is.

Brody then talks to the kid for the first time. He tells him that he understands how he has reason to hate him, but the kid needs to understand what really happened. At that point, he hears a response for the first time. Jessica observes and asks Brody if the kid said something. Brody replies that he said he knows what Brody is attempting to tell him.

Michael stands behind the bar with John. Wes tells him that the bar is stocked, so he can go home soon. He assumed that John intended to fire him. He asks John if he wants him “around” just so that he can keep an eye on Marty. John asks him if he wants the job or not. Wes then replies that he does want the job. John tells him, in that case, he needs to get back to work.

After Rex and Shane enter Rodi’s and sit by Marcie and Michael, Shane admits to him that Rex was “informing” him about sex. Rex explains that since he realized that some of these questions were “out of his league”, he thought that it might be better to come there and talk to his mom instead. Shane then asks Michael that since he is a doctor, maybe, he can “explain” some things about sex. Michael replies, "Yes." He is a doctor and Shane may ask him questions. At that point, Shane asks Michael what a clitoris is. At that point, Marcie freaks..

Marty tells Cole that she knows that it is only hurting him for her to be around him getting his hopes up that she will remember everything. She has no clue when or if she will remember anything. she dismisses her son out the door. At that point, he stands outside the door and puts pills in his hand that the drug pusher gave him. Inside the room, Marty beats the pillow admitting she is very upset and frustrated.

Starr tells her father that she really does not know if they will ever be the same as they were before. He looks like the dad who raised her and who she loved, but he is not him anymore. Todd then replies to Starr that he will  be that dad again. He is going to do whatever he needs to do to get him back if it’s the last thing he does. He tells her that he realizes that she will never forget all the things he did. She may never forgive him. He tells her he wishes that she knew that he cannot take anything he’s already done back. All he can do now, is see if he can make it up to the people he loves. Starr listens to him silently and reveals that she may still love her father and be willing to forgive him.

At Rodi’s, Rex arranges for Michael and Marcie to take Shane to the movies. Maybe he’ll see a PG or something. She asks him if he is any more comfortable talking to their son about the facts of life. He admits that he may have screwed the whole things up. Right then, Wes gets a call from Marty. She asks him if it would be okay for her to stay at his home just a little longer, maybe until she can figure things out. He tells her of course. As soon as he hangs up, John is right behind him watching his every move.

When Cole returns home, he overhears Bo and Nora “busy” with Matthew, confronting him, and telling him that he needs to go to his room right now. He can see that they are completely distracted. He takes a pill. Bo lays down the law to his son that he is going to go to school the next morning and do the right thing. Matthew then tells his father that he did not even want to smoke it, but he does now, after the way Bo has behaved. He goes out the door. Nora then tells Bo that maybe he did not handle this as well as he could have.

After Brody talks to the “boy”, Jessica asks him what the boy said. He replies that the boy told him that the boy does not believe what he said. 

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