OLTL Update Monday 1/12/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/12/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie

Gigi is rushing to get ready to for work after sleeping with Rex. She reminds him that she has to get there right away. The new owner is coming in today. But he wants her to stay and mess around with him.

After Nora discovers a joint that has just fallen out of Matthew’s pocket, she calls Bo and informs him that they have a ‘big problem”.

At the station, Antonio and Talia are searching to find Janet the nurse.

Right then, Janet appears out of nowhere to find Renee. Renee knows her as having another alias. But when Renee sees her, she hugs her and expresses she is very emotionally attached to Janet and has missed her. Janet then urges Renee to “help” her, tells her she is in terrible trouble and needs to “hide” in Renee’s home.

Meanwhile, Téa warns Todd that if Nora or anybody finds Janet before they do, they are in serious trouble. And even though Dr. Joplin is dead, there would have to be files that have evidence that could incriminate him.

At the high school, the new teacher drops the bombshell upon Starr that he is Dr. Joplin’s son. When she hears that, she tells him that she feels as though she is responsible for his mother’s death.

Out in the hallway, the drug pusher wants Cole to smoke marijuana with him.

Blair declares to John that maybe they should not be having a “relationship”. He is still in love with Marty. And she is still in love with Todd.

Todd tells Téa that since Dr. Joplin is dead, he seriously doubts there is any evidence that she was going to help him steal Starr’s baby. But she reminds him that even a dead person could leave a paper trail. Plus she knows that Dr. Joplin has a conscience. She took her own life after finding out that Starr’s baby died. SO there might be evidence. But Todd tells her no. He knows that Dr. Joplin was going to do the shame thing that he would have done, in order to protect her son.

In the high school class room, Dr. Joplin’s son tells Starr that he absolutely does not blame her for his mother’s death. He believes that his mother made a mistake. And he indicates that he might know many secrets about his deceased mother.

In the hallway, the drug pusher tells Cole that he can tell that Cole needs “something” With what has happened to his mom and to his baby, he might have good reason to use. At that point, Cole asks him how much he is charging.

After Nora calls Bo, he is busy. But he tells her he will make time for her so that they can discuss whatever she wants to discuss. She then goes out the door and sees Renee. Renee can tell that she is not entirely ok. But Nora won’t tell Renee specifically what is on her mind yet she knows that Renee has something “up” that she is not revealing. Renee tells Nora that she is “anxious” about Asa’s will. As soon as Nora leaves, Janet comes out of hiding.. Renee tells Janet she must tell her what happened. Janet then informs Renee that she was going to help Dr. Joplin kidnap Starr Manning’s baby for Todd and have her believing that the baby died. And she has just found out that the doctor who she was working with died.

After Téa investigates Dr. Joplin’s son, Todd tells her that he is not worried about the “consequences” from this Schuyler Joplin who is Dr. Joplin’s son. He has enough dirt on his record with what Todd knows about him.

Blair tells John that she would like to know whether if she had actually gone on the flight with him, would he not have had to “disappoint” her and completely interrupt their plans when Marty needed him? She knows that it is completely unrealistic for the two of them to pretend that they want each other and are “complete” with their respective former partners.

Rex convinces Gigi to stay with him and be late for work. And they go at it together.

John tells Blair that he would not have planned the trip if he did not want to be with her. She then asks him if he really wanted to be with her or if he just wanted to “run away form his feelings for Marty”. He tells her that he thought that they were going to have a relationship without strings attached. She then tells him that she just doesn’t want to be with another man who has an obsession over Marty Saybrooke. He then tells her that the reason she is grilling him about this is because she cannot get that bastard, Todd, out of her system.

Viki goes to see Todd. He does not greet his sister warmly, assuming she is only there to lecture him. But she tells her brother that she heard that he was going to commit suicide. He then asks her why she wouldn’t want him dead.

Janet confesses to Renee that she was working for Todd Manning and expresses that she is shocked to find that out. Janet then attempts to explain to her that, at first she was working for Lee Ramsey and didn’t plan on “working” for Todd. But, at that point, Renee tells Janet that they both know that, for a long time, Janet has been in trouble with the law. And she asks her if she is again. Janet then replies that at this time she is not in any legal trouble. And at that point, Renee gets on the phone. Janet asks her whom she is calling. Renee replies she is calling her stepson, Bo Buchanan who is the chief of police.

At the station, Bo asks Antonio and Talia if they are getting any evidence on Janet. Nora then rushes in and shows him a joint. Seeing that, he assumes that it’s from Cole and tells her he is disappointed. He thought Cole had “more sense than that”. But she clarifies that she did not find it on Cole. She found it in Matthew’s possession.

After noticing Renee calling Bo, Janet urges her not to call the police. She tells her she is afraid that if she talks to the cops or the DA, then Todd could have her killed. Renee then tells Janet that she cannot keep her there. It would be breaking the law. And she cannot find one good reason to do that. Janet then tells Renee that she can find a “good reason”.

After Nora informs Bo that she believes that Matthew is smoking marijuana, he asks her how she is certain. She asks just what they are going to do about this. He tells her he knows what they are going to do about this. They will ground him for life. No video games nor cell phones nor any privileges. But she tells him that they just know that Mathew is a teenager and might not listen to a word they say nor heed any punishments. She reminds him that when she last saw their son, he was having cocoa and not appearing like anything remotely like a criminal. And what they need to do is talk to him and find out what is going on.

Right then, Cole gives the drug pusher money for the joint and takes it.

Inside the classroom, Dr. Joplin’s son tells Starr that he happens to know that his mother has had a lot of secrets. She has been an excellent doctor. But recently, she was forgetting a lot of things and has not been herself. But Starr believes that she does not think that Dr. Joplin was capable of dirty business nor neglect.

Téa is on her cell asking her contact to find every bit of information they can find on Dr. Leah Joplin; where she went to church, where she shopped, where she got her hair done.

Nora tells Bo that they must do something about their son and his marijuana habit.

Téa walks into the station and tells Antonio and Talia that she knows that they are building their case against Todd. She has the right to know about their “discovery”. And she asks them why they are hiding information if they are confident and not getting “nervous” that they don’t have a case against her client.

Todd asks Viki why, if she has written him off and believes he is so terrible, is she there. She tells him that he has to take responsibility for his actions and redeem himself. He tells her that he already did that with Marty. She tells him that is absurd. He lied to a woman with amnesia. He did not tell her she had a son. He almost got her to help him kidnap his own daughter’s baby. She tells her brother she believes that that could have been the reason he was going to kill himself. She tell him that maybe he has hit rock bottom. He knows what he has done. And maybe there is hope for him after all.

Blair tells John that in response to his assumption that she is not “over” Todd, she was merely concerned when she saw him ready to end his life since he is the father of her children. John tells her that she is not over him (John). She replies that she may not be. But she is ready to smarten up and see reality for what it really is.

Todd tells Viki she must know that most people want him dead. He has an ex wife and children that don’t want him near his family. The prosecution wants to nail him. His own daughter wants him in prison. So she needs to remind him just why he should want to live or assume he can redeem himself. She then replies to him that she remembers a time, not long ago, when there was hope in his life.

While John is with Blair, he gets a call on his phone. She tells him that it could be Marty in which case, he must yet again “jump”. But he puts the call aside to be with her not knowing who has called him.

Right then, while Cole is hesitating to smoke the joint, he calls and leaves a message for his mom.

In response to John telling Blair that she is not “over” Todd, she tells him that she may always have ties with Todd. He is her children’s father. She has a long history with him. But she is not in love with him. Can John say the same thing about Marty? She tells John that she may not know exactly what she is going to do with either him or with Todd. But she is not going to spend any more of her time being with any man who has to leave her for somebody else.

Nora tells Bo that they must realize that their son is the same honest an innocent boy they have always known. They have suspected him of crooked behavior before. But, he reminds her, that in the past his only interest was baseball cards. Now, it’s marijuana. She then tells Bo that they need to talk to their son, communicate and get to the bottom of what is really going on or not going on with him.

While Rex and Gigi are under the table going at it, Shane enters and interrupts them. Noticing that he is noticing them, they are at a loss for what to tell their son. He appears like he is not as shocked as they are from seeing them doing what they were doing.

After Renee tells Janet that she will not harbor her in her house since she’s broken the law, Janet pleads with Renee not to turn her away. She tells her all she needs is a small room for a short time. She did not intend to break the law nor help Todd Manning. She just wanted to help Marty. Renee then decides she will help Janet and let her stay at the house and hide her from all the other people who live there. Nora then returns and Renee continues to hide Janet from sight.

Antonio and Talia are investigating. He has an envelope with Todd’s phone records.

Viki tells Todd that she saw that he was getting his act together and renewing his hope when he remarried Blair and got custody of baby Sam. Then Starr got pregnant and he went off the wall. He reminds her that Blair dumped him and Starr disowned him. But then, she tells him that she remembers that he was ready to do the right thing with Starr’s baby. She can see that he is ready to start to turn his life in the right direction.

After Starr and Dr. Joplin’s son have had their discussion, she concludes to him that in spite of everything, he is a pretty cool teacher. And they both agree to keep their “conversation” and all that they know about each other a secret from everybody else.

After Blair tells John that she knows that he is not over Marty, he tells her that he is merely concerned about her wandering off, sleeping with a strange guy and nobody knowing where she is or what she’s doing. He cares about her and her son and does not want to abandon them. At that point, it looks like they are reconciling their differences. They hold each other and then they kiss.

After Gigi and Rex have gotten “found out” by Shane, they wonder just how they are going to communicate to their son. He tells her that Shane does not know nor trust him. His mom needs to talk to him. He trusts her. But she tells him that maybe a father should talk to his son about sex instead of a mother. And she tells Rex she has to get to work and goes out the door. Alone in the house with his son, Rex asks Shane to come down so that they can have a talk, man to man.

Bo, Nora and Matthew assemble in the living room for their “discussion”. Renee greets them and tells them she didn’t hear them come in. She announces she will go and check on dinner. She obviously has something on her mind. And so do they. When Nora and Bo are alone with their son, they ask him if he would like to “explain this”. And they pull out the joint.

Starr tells Dr. Joplin’s son that she believes that his mother was a good person. She even got a lock of Starr’s baby’s hair and gave it to her to put in a locket. She goes out the door And right then, he gets a call form Téa. She tells him that she has tracked him down and would like to know what he might know about his mother’s death.

Viki gets ready to leave Todd’s home. She tells her brother that she still loves and cares for him and if he died, it would devastate her. Right then, he calls Starr and gets her voice message. He does not leave a message. And he pulls out a picture of himself and his family in happier times.

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