OLTL Update Friday 1/9/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/9/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Proofread by Melanie

Blair tells Todd that she has to go home and tell their kids about their future with their father. He asks her just what she plans to tell them. She replies that is up to him. She tells him that she could tell them that they will never see him again, and they may remember him for the man he used to be. He adds, she must be implying that means the loser he used to be before Marty fell in love with him.

Meanwhile, it looks like somebody is video taping them without their knowing.

Starr, Langston, and Markko start school. There is a new young teacher whom the girls seem to like. Meanwhile, Cole is in the hallway. A “classmate” offers him a joint to smoke to take away the “stress” of his life.

Meanwhile, Nora meets with Antonio and Talia and asks them to give her all the information they have about when they found Marty at Todd’s. She tells them that she has to prosecute him. Even if the case against him, for what he did to Marty, is dismissed, he must be prosecuted for his intent to kidnap Starr’s baby.

John goes to find Marty and asks her what is up and why she spent the night with this stranger. She does not seem to want to answer his question.

Blair asks Todd just which direction he wants to go in. He tells her that “those days are over.”

John greets Marty’s “new friend.” The guy tells John that he needs to stay out of his home, and take a hike. John tells him not until he knows that Marty is all right.

Nora tells Antonio and Talia that she needs to prove that Todd intended to kidnap Starr’s baby. She happens to know that Téa is on the warpath to represent Todd. They all wonder what Téa’s ulterior motive is for that. They ask her if there is any proof that Todd intended to kidnap Starr’s baby. She replies that she is working on that. They all are very baffled as to why it is that Téa just came out of nowhere in order to “save” Todd from the charges.

While Blair and Todd are being video taped without their knowing, she tells him whenever she sees Jack and Starr, she sees him. Maybe that is why she saved him without thinking. Maybe she is crazy, but she thinks there is a good man there. There must be and she only hopes she is right. He faces her and tells her he does not know. She tells him that he will have a long time to think about that. Maybe, when he is in that cell all by his lonesome. She tells him that wanting to kidnap his own daughter’s baby is really sick. He protests that he did not do it and realized that he could not go through with it. She tells him that she and Starr knows that he intended to do it.

The new teacher talks to the high school class. He tells them that he has an approach that is different than the previous teacher. He is a bit more “informal.” He tells them he is called Mr. "J." Langston reveals to Markko that she likes this class and this teacher.

Outside, in the hallway, the guy tells Cole that he knows how to “take the edge off.” He wants Cole to smoke marijuana with him. Cole sounds like he wants to join him.

Todd tells Bair that now that she has spoken her piece, she can go. Before she goes, she shows him a picture of him with his family She tells him she wants him to take a good look at the man in this photo because he is certainly not the man standing before her now. Right when she goes out the door, she sees Téa enter. Téa asks her what she is doing there.

The new teacher tells the high school class that he realizes the previous teacher focused on animal biology. He wants to focus on human biology. When he overhears Starr and Langston talking privately, he asks Starr if she can tell him what she knows about human biology, babies, and birth. Starr is obviously not comfortable being asked about that subject.

When Cole is ready to go smoke the joint, Matthew notices him and asks him what is up. Matthew seems to know what is going on.

Nora brainstorms with Antonio and Talia about how she can get proof that Todd intended to kidnap Starr’s baby. She knows that the only witness is Tess. Antonio protests to her that she cannot subpoena Tess. It could ruin Jessica. Talia then tells him that, very possibly, Jessica could allow Tess to come out in order to help them. He tells them that he knows that Jessica would be more than willing to help. They cannot risk what could happen if they bring Tess out. They realize that Dr. Joplin’s untimely death also, kind of, ruins their case against Todd. She might have been a witness. She committed suicide. They can only guess the reason why. Nora then tells them that she knows of one other witness who might be able to enlighten them.

After John finds Marty with her “new friend,” Marty tells John that she wants him to leave her alone, and stay out of her business.

At Todd’s, Blair tells Téa that she is despicable if she puts Starr on the witness stand and ask her to testify against her own father. So Blair urges Todd to admit that Starr was telling the truth that he admitted to her that he intended to kidnap her baby. Neither Téa nor Todd listens to her. She goes out the door.

Nora shows Antonio a picture of Todd’s bodyguard. They both know that it was he whom John “persuaded” to reveal that Marty was alive and staying at Todd’s home. She asks Antonio if he knows the bodyguard. Talia replies that she pulled his sheet and has found out that he is very “comfortable with lying.” Nora informs them that she grilled him and found out that he knew nothing about Todd wanting to kidnap Starr’s baby. Talia asks if she believed him. Nora replies that she thinks this guy has had enough brushes with the law and doubts he wants any more.

Again we see the video being made of them, also without their knowing, from outside the restaurant. Nora shows them the next witness, Janet the nurse. They know that she used to work for Ramsey and has many different aliases, and Llanview is her old stomping ground. She has a lot of friends there. Nora remarks that Janet used to work for Renee as a prostituted before she decided to come clean and get a respectable job as a nurse. Hearing that, Antonio concludes that type of job would be useful if one plans to run away with a newborn. Nora concludes, exactly.

At Todd’s, Téa tells him that she can tell he is very depressed. She remembers his staying with her when she was in the hospital badly injured. She asks him what his conversation with Blair was all about. She reminds him that he needs to talk to her. She tells him that even if he lied to Marty about Starr wanting them to raise her baby together, that still does not prove, intent to kidnap. Todd informs Téa that it does when he was about to have Starr believing that her baby died.

In the high school biology class, the new teacher asks Starr about human reproduction, and she does not answer. He assumes that she is not “knowledgeable” on the subject. Langston comes to her defense. Starr then speaks up and tells the teacher that she knows all about reproduction. She had a baby and lost her.

After Matthew catches Cole with the drug pusher, he tells him that he knows that guy is really popular. Mathew doesn’t seem to know that he wants to encourage Cole to do drugs. Matthew remarks that he can see that Cole is isolating himself because of his “issues." He reminds Cole that he remembered his own mother losing her memory. He couldn’t do much to help her since he was just a little kid. What is Cole’s excuse for refusing to be there for his mother?

At the place where Marty has spent the night with her new acquaintance, she protests to John that he needs to stay out of her business. This guy does not know her, nor judge her, she tells John.  She felt comfortable spending the night talking with him. John gets into a conflict with the guy. The guy tells John he does not respond to threats and asks John if he is a cop. Marty answers that John used to be. She adds, he was her “lover.” John protests that it was not "like that.” She tells him that regardless of their previous relationship, John is not her keeper. John tells her that he is there because Cole did not know where she was and was worried. Hearing that, the guy asks who Cole is. Marty answers, he is her son, and she does not remember him. She has no memory of her son’s first day of kindergarten, when he lost his first tooth, or anything about him. So there really is no point in having him or anybody knowing that she is still alive.

In the high school hallway, Matthew tells Cole he knows about the WAVE parties that high school kids engage in. Cole asks Matthew why he wants to hang out with people three years his senior. Matthew replies because they are “cooler” than he is. All of a sudden, some other boys enter and encourage Matthew to join them to meet “the girls” in ten minutes. It looks like they are older and, maybe, into things that parents do not approve of. Matthew joins them. Cole takes Matthew aside before he leaves and tells him that it is not whom you hang out with, nor if you are popular that make you cool. It is who you are.

In the class with the new biology teacher, Starr notices a picture of an unborn baby and appears engrossed and depressed.

At Todd’s home, Téa tells Todd that he needs to tell her all the information about when he planned to “adopt” Starr’s baby, raise her with Marty, and have Starr believing the baby died when, actually, she did not. Todd explains to Téa that Starr wanted Marcie McBain to raise her baby. He did not want Marcie to raise his grandchild. So he wanted to raise the baby with Marty. She asks just how he was going to have everybody involved believing that the baby died. He answers that he “pulled strings” with doctors and nurses to have Starr, Blair, and Marcie believing that the baby died. Téa asks Todd how he planned on “riding off into the sunset” with Marty and the baby with nobody suspecting anything. Todd answers that he was going to get some “help” from certain parties.

Nora tells Antonio and Talia that she is determined to get to the bottom of the case where Todd was working with Janet, the nurse, to help him kidnap Starr’s baby. She leaves.

Todd discusses with Téa how he was going to get Janet, the nurse, and Dr. Joplin to get Starr, Blair, and Marcie to believe that the baby died. He could not go through with it when he got a call from Starr right before she gave birth. He realized that he loved his daughter and could not go through with hurting her. So he realized that she had the right to let Marcie adopt his baby. He recalls that it was Marty who “motivated” him to be a better person. He wanted to have his own baby with Marty. Téa then asks him to go through all of the people who were going to help him with his “plan.” At that point, Todd reflects that Dr. Joplin killed herself. He realizes that he cannot understand how it is that she or somebody failed to see that Starr’s baby really was ready to die so shortly after birth. Realizing it is too late to get any “information” from Dr. Joplin since she is dead, Téa asks Todd just where this other witness, Janet, the nurse, might be.

Matthew returns home and Renee greets him and asks if he wants hot chocolate. Knowing his mom will not be home soon, he knows that he has some “time” to be alone. He gets a call on his cell phone. The mysterious person who calls does not speak and hangs up.

After the biology class is over, the teacher asks Starr if she can talk to him privately. He tells her that reproduction is part of his curriculum. He has no control over that, but he should have been more sensitive. He then admits to her that they did not even give him an attendance sheet, and so he knows nothing about her. He doesn’t even know her last name. In response to that, she tells him it’s Manning. Hearing that, he admits to her that if he knew that, he would not have even agreed to teach this class.

After Nora leaves Talia and Antonio alone, Talia calls Blair and asks if she has any information about Janet. She tells her it might be a good way to corroborate Starr’s case and “nail Manning’s coffin.” At that point, it seems as though Blair is not receptive and hangs up on Talia. Talia then asks Antonio why Blair would do that. Does she still have feelings for Todd after all he has done? Antonio admits that Blair just might. Just like he does not want to get Jessica to testify. He still has feelings for his ex-wife.

Téa asks Todd if Janet is the only person who is a witness that knows that Todd intended to take Starr’s baby. He replies that his niece, Jessica, also knows about it.

At the guy’s apartment where Marty is staying, John concludes that he is happy that they are having such a “good time.” He informs the guy that he lives in this building (Angel Square) also. Then he departs. He returns home and informs Blair that he just saw Marty. She informs him that she saw Todd.

Téa asks Todd how it is that a respected obstetrician like Dr. Joplin would have agreed to go through with “helping” him falsify that Starr’s baby died and help him kidnap it. What would she have to gain with doing that? Todd replies that he was able to dig up dirt on Dr. Joplin and find out that her son was in trouble with drugs and that she used illegal means to get him out of trouble. So he “motivated” her by threatening to expose her and her son if she did not help him with his plan. Hearing that, Téa concludes that this story gets “better and better.”

At the high school, the new biology teacher drops a bombshell on Starr after finding out who she is. He informs her that he is Dr. Joplin’s son.

In the hallway, Markko asks Langston if she still thinks that Mr. "J” is so awesome after what he just said to Starr. He jokes with her by telling her if she is interested in Mr. "J," then maybe he can give her cousin Lola a call. Cole then approaches them and asks if they have seen Starr. They tell her that she is talking privately to the new teacher. They ask Cole if he is “okay” while noticing the “strange guy" (the drug pusher) not far away.

Nora returns home. Matthew hears her outside in the hallway and looks like he wants some “privacy.” He gets a call from a girl named Becca, tells his mother nothing, and takes the call in his room. When he leaves, he drops a joint out of his pocket on the floor. Nora picks it up and looks horrified.

The guy who Marty spent the night with gets ready to go to work and asks Marty if she is okay. He tells her that he hopes she will be there when he gets back, but if she is not there, that is okay. When he is gone, she goes into his bathroom and takes out the picture of herself and John that is in her wallet. She remembers John urging her not to “do this” again. He tells her she cannot turn her back on the people who care about her. It is dangerous and it is not her.

Todd concludes to Téa that both he and Dr. Joplin had a need to “protect their child.” At that point, Téa tells Todd that she has to find Janet, the nurse, before Nora Hanen does.

Out of nowhere, Janet finds Renee. Renee remembers her as another alias. Janet tells Renee that her name is now Janet Ketring and she needs Renee’s help.

Téa tells Todd that if this Janet Ketring comes back, he is screwed. 

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