OLTL Update Thursday 1/8/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/8/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Proofread by Melanie

Viki finds Téa Delgado at the Palace. Téa greets her and tells Viki she is happy to see her. Viki tells Téa she wishes she could say the same.

At Nora’s empty house, Cole appears depressed and is staying home from school. John asks him, what is up. He replies that he cannot accept the fact that his mother is off somewhere and refusing to tell him or anybody anything. John tells Cole that he cannot grill her. She will open up to him and tell him what is appropriate at the right time.

At that moment, Todd is sleeping and having a dream where he relives meeting Marty with his hopes up, only to hear her say that she wants to make him pay for what he did to her and wants him to die.

Viki asks Téa why she is representing Todd. Téa reminds her that she is his lawyer. Although, Viki realizes that Todd did not even ask Téa to represent him. She chose to proactively convince Todd to do so. Viki needs to know why.

Marty awakens after staying in a motel room with a stranger. She looks as though she has regretted what she did and does not remember it from having drank too much.

Starr returns to school and tells Langston she is worried about Cole. She knows that Cole is missing from school because of what her dad did to his mom.

Blair goes to Todd’s home and asks him, what is up. He demands to know what she wants. He tells her that he did not drown last night. He “survived”, no thanks to her.

Roxy talks to Charlie at the Buenos Dias, still believing that he is going to propose to Viki. Natalie enters to interrupt them with baby Chloe. She informs Charlie that her dad rehired Jared to work at B.E. He remarks that he is glad that his son has redeemed himself in his future father-in-law’s eyes. Roxy tells Natalie that Jared needs to provide for her daughter. She wants them to have a baby so that she can have another grandchild.

Viki asks Téa what her ulterior motive was for representing Todd. It wasn’t just for the money. Téa replies that she saw that she and Todd had a connection. They were both abandoned by their mothers. They both care about Starr. She sees that Todd is not the same man as the one who did terrible things. Viki tells Téa that she needs to wake up and see that Todd is beyond redemption.

John tells Cole that he does not believe that they have to worry about Cole’s mom’s involvement with Todd Manning. He happens to know that she is “done” with Todd.

As it turns out, Marty awakens in a room that looks like Angel Square, but she has no recollection of what just happened or whom she spent the night with. We only see a person without a face enter.

At Todd’s home, Blair indicates that she is still concerned about him. She has muffins and coffee. He sets her straight that he is not grateful to her for saving his poor, pathetic life when all he and Marty both wanted was to end it.

Cole asks John why he thinks that Todd would not hurt his mom. John replies that he does not want to get into that right now, but he needs for Cole to get to school. He tells Cole that by the time he gets home, Marty will be back and ready to tell him everything that happened. He tells Cole that his mom loves him, and that will never change.

The strange man who Marty “found” the previous night and who is staying at Angel Square informs her that she jumped on his bike last night and told him she needed to “get away.” We see them intoxicated the previous night before. She was uninhibited. He tells her that there is no liquor, nor parties where he is staying.

Blair asks Todd if he actually wanted to jump off the ledge into the river and kill himself. She tells him she happens to know that he would not actually go through with that. He would not want to commit suicide. He asks her if she believes he would not do it because he is too much of a coward. She tells him she believes he would not have intended to kill himself because he was wearing a tuxedo. He would not have chosen to dress up in order to end his own life. He dressed up in order to be with Marty. She was the reason he wanted to take his life. Blair reminds him that Marty has more power over him than his own children, and she wonders why.

At the palace, Téa reminds Viki that she has always been there for her brother and forgiven him for his shortcomings. Viki reminds Téa that that may have been the case up until now, but Todd knew that her daughter (his niece) was a danger to herself and to Viki’s other daughter. Yet, he did nothing. He also held a woman with amnesia in his home, lied to her, and endangered her. He did not tell her about her son. He was ready to kidnap his daughter’s baby. Now, she has concluded that forgiveness may not be the right thing to do for her brother. Téa protests that Viki must know that Todd has always loved Starr. Viki must understand that. Viki makes it clear to Téa that she has washed her hands of her brother and his sick life. She thinks Téa is insane to not do the same.

Blair tells Todd that she thinks his whole obsession with Marty is sick and delusional. He protests that Marty loved him for who he is. He is in love with her. Hearing that, she tells Todd he must not make her puke. She tells him she knows he is not in love with Marty. He never was and never will be. She could not possibly be in love with him.

Cole runs into Starr at school. She asks him how his mom is. He informs her that John found her, but he won’t tell him what happened. Langston tells them she will let them talk alone, but Cole does not want to talk. He asks Starr how her first day back in school is. She tells him it I okay so far. Nobody has said anything yet. At that moment, a girl greets them. She appears courteous but makes it impossible for them by congratulating them and asking if it is “a boy" or "a girl.”

Marty’s “acquaintance” tells her what she had told him the previous night. She had shared with him that she had a “fun” New Years. She laughed when she told him, the “best part” was when her “date” jumped off the roof. At that point, the guy knew that she was not “okay.” She admitted to him that she was very disappointed that her date did not die. He asked her why it was that the “guy” jumped. She replied that she told him to. When they discuss it, sober, in the morning, she replies that this guy deserved to die.

Blair tells Todd that she knows that he is not going to change who he really is. Marty only loved him because she believed a lie, which was, Todd Manning, was her "knight in shining armor" who would save her from John. He asks her why she thinks it is a lie. He tells Blair that he and Marty lived in the “present tense,” and not in the past. Blair tells Todd that Marty only believed what he told her because she had no memory of anybody’s past. She then asks Todd about the people who remember all about his past but love him anyway; like herself, his kids, Viki, and even Téa. She tells Todd that regardless of her opinion of Téa, she knows that Téa has overlooked Todd’s problems and proven her loyalty to him. Yet, Todd does not want to face anybody who knows whom he really is.

Téa tells Viki that she must know that if Todd was willing to leave his own children and go away, then something must be horribly wrong. Viki tells Téa that there is obviously something horribly wrong with her brother to do what he has done. Téa tells Viki that Todd needs his sister to forgive him. Viki is ready to walk away when Téa informs her that Todd attempted to kill himself the previous night.

Marty has informed her “companion” that she wanted to “cancel” the guy she was with the previous night. Realizing that she had no memory of anybody, she asks the guy if they know one another or if he is a frat boy. He admits to her that they have never met.

Blair asks Todd what the kids will think and do when they find out about their father’s “little swan dive.” She reminds him that Jack needed his support when he tried out for soccer practice. He has an infant son. Starr needs her father when she goes back to school after losing her baby. Starr asks her mom (Blair) if things will ever be the same. Blair has to be there for all of her kids all by herself. She knows that they can never count on him. She will always be there for her kids. They need to know that. Just like their father needs to know that she “would have” always been there for him.

John goes to ask people at the Palace if they know just whom Marty spent the night with. Nobody can tell him anything. He runs into Natalie, Roxy, Charlie, and baby Chloe. They ask him what is going on. He replies that he is trying to track down Marty Saybrooke. Roxy then replies that Marty must have had “some night” the previous night. He asks her just what she is talking about. She tells him she knows that Marty slept with somebody at her hotel. She just is not certain whom the guy is or what the circumstances are.

Again, we see Marty talking to the guy she was with the previous night. He told her that he knows she does not want sex. He knows that what she wants is a distraction. He knows that she has something going on. He knows all too well about how he, too, finds too many ways to distract himself from things and more specifically from people who are too painful for him to think about.

After Téa informs Viki that Todd tried to kill himself the previous night, Viki admits that she is concerned, and wants to know the details. Téa replies that Todd jumped off the roof of this place. Viki asks how he could have survived. Téa replies that he jumped into the river. John saved him. All she knows is that Marty was with Todd the previous night. Viki asks if Téa thinks that Marty might have pushed Todd. Téa replies, she is not really certain but believes that Marty asked him to jump. She knows that Todd needs help. She tells Viki that she “cannot do this alone.”

Blair asks Todd if he remembers about this time, a year ago, how happy they were. He replies that he does not want to remember that. She reminds him that they remarried and were ready to put the past behind them and be a family to their kids. Then, Starr had sex with Cole. He did not see the two of them. He saw himself and Marty. He could not put his past aside. He went out of control. We then relive when Todd tried to murder Cole for sleeping with his daughter and tried to get him charged with rape. Blair tells her ex-husband that it is time for him to get over his past and deal with what is really going on in his life.

John asks Roxy if he saw Marty with a guy in a motel room. She replies, "Yes." She did not know whom the guy was or how they met, but they sure looked like they were having a “real good time." John thanks her and leaves. Roxy then asks Natalie if she and Jared plan to give her another grandchild. A "little bambino.” Natalie does not want to talk about babies, nor does Charlie.

The girl at school who attempts to be “friendly’ to Cole and Starr tells them that she has family members who have babies. If they or Mrs. McBain need baby clothes, she can help with that. She leaves and Starr and Cole have not a clue what they are going to say and do in response to questions of that nature.

The guy who Marty was with reveals that he was in the Navy in Iraq and Afghanistan. After his first tour, everybody thought he was the same guy. He did not want anybody to know that he changed. So he had to “get away" and hide.

At the Palace, Viki tells Téa that she has to go. Téa asks her if she is okay. Viki admits that she was ready to be “done” with Todd, but she is very worried about what is going on with her brother. She asks Téa how on earth she could forgive Todd. Téa replies that she really cannot answer that question. She knows how sick and abusive Todd was. She knows that the reason she married Todd was not because of the money, nor wanting to be a stepmother to Starr. It was because she loved Todd. She faces Viki and admits to her that she really does love Todd. Again, Viki tells Téa that she has to go.

Blair tells Todd that no matter what he wants to believe or have anybody else believe, he needs to realize that he will always be the man who raped Marty Saybrooke. He asks her what she expects of him. She replies that she wants him to accept his past, get over it, and be the Todd Manning who she knows he can be. She knows he can be a loving father to his kids and the man she loves and cares for. She asks him if that man is really there or if he is really gone.

At school, Langston asks Starr how Cole is. Starr replies, as good as can be expected. He is only trying to make it through the day.

Cole runs into a boy who seems to know exactly what happened to his baby. He offers his condolences and tells him it really sucks what happened. He does not know what he would do if it happened to him. He thinks he has an idea for Cole. He pulls out what appears to be marijuana or another type of drug and talks about going to the park and getting “all lit up.”

Téa sits alone in the Palace not knowing what to do.

Blair tells Todd that what he could do is try to reunite with his family, and let them see the man that he used to be before this big mess started involving Starr and Cole or whatever it was. She asks him if he is ready to live in reality, and get his life back.

The guy who Marty spent the night with lets her fall asleep and did not want to have sex with her. The morning after, they are ready to part company but agree to talk again. She tells him she has to go. He appears courteous and tells her that he would offer her a ride, but as he opens the door, John is there. 

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