OLTL Update Wednesday 1/7/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/7/09


Written By Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rex asks if he has properly thanked Gigi for getting Puddle of Mudd to play at Ultra Violet. Gigi tells him that they have hours before Shane gets home from school.

Jessica says that the girl Brody said was mean as a snake was her. Brody asks if she is Jessica or Tess.

Viki and Clint refuse to let Nora subpoena Jessica to testify against Todd. Nora says that Tess is her only shot at bringing Todd to justice.

Téa questions Lola and says that she wants to help.

Cristian asks who reported them. Agent Troy says that it is clear that the marriage was undertaken so that Ms. Montez wouldn’t be deported.

Natalie shows up to see Rex and Gigi and says that she has really good news.

Jared tells David that they need to talk. David says that he was thanking the divine universe for bringing Jared to him. Jared says that David will be even more happy when he sees what is in the briefcase.

Dorian says good morning to Beaver. Dorian reveals that they slept together all night. Dorian says that Beaver is looking for David Vickers.

David says that whatever Jared has in the case means nothing to him. David says that he is seeking absolution from Jared.

Natalie realizes that she was interrupting and says that she will go. Rex and Gigi assure her that she is okay.

Jessica says that they wouldn’t have let her out of the straightjacket if she was still Tess. Jessica meets Wes, a friend of Brody’s.

David says that he shouldn’t have taken advantage of Jared when he was weak. David says that Jared is no more Asa’s son than he was and asks Jared what is going on.

Dorian and Beaver talk about how much they drank. Beaver says that he doesn’t remember anything about what happened and asks her if they actually did the deed. Dorian says that Beaver was exhausted from doing Asa’s bidding and they never did close the deal. Beaver asks what he told her about Asa. Dorian says that Beaver told her everything. Beaver says that if he wasn’t bound by law to deliver the news to David, he would walk away.

Cristian and Vanessa try to figure out who said they were married for any other reason than love. Sarah says that she told the agent that the marriage was a fake.

Lola tells Téa that she hates remembering what her father did to her mother.

Clint and Nora talk about other possible people who might have known about Todd’s plans for Starr’s baby. Viki says that Nora can’t put Jessica on the stand because she is extremely fragile.

Jessica says that she has no idea what her other personalities do. Wes leaves and Jessica asks Brody how bad it was.

David tells Jared to make amends by reuniting a divided family and finding the true heir to the Buchanan family fortune. Jared says that David has convinced him that he is a new man. Jared tells David that he is marrying Natalie. Jared says that Clint isn’t happy about David being back and suggests that David go back to Tibet. David says that he only intends to stay as long as it takes to make amends to those he has harmed. David asks why Clint hates him.

Viki says that she doesn’t believe Todd would be so desperate to try to steal a baby. Clint says that they should count their blessings because Todd didn’t think to steal Jessica’s baby after Hope died, since they were born on the same night.

Natalie tells Rex and Gigi that she and Jared are engaged.

Brody and Jessica talk about Tess. Brody says that he told Tess that he would help her escape if she would sleep with him first and Tess went for it, but he hit the call button before anything could happen. Jessica apologizes and says that she can’t even talk to him anymore.

Sarah says that she reported Vanessa to immigration. Cristian tells Agent Troy that Sarah is a vindictive bitch who would do anything to hurt him because he dumped her.

Jared and David talk about how Clint is becoming more and more like Asa every day. Jared tells David about some of the things he has done. Jared says that he thinks Clint might actually try to kill David for allegedly flirting with Nora the other night.

Dorian and Beaver talk about Asa. Beaver says that maybe he got drunk because he has to strip away every red cent from the Buchanan family and give it all to David Vickers.

Cristian tells Agent Troy to put Sarah’s revenge in the report. Agent Troy says that he is opening an investigation because there are clear irregularities. Agent Troy leaves and Cristian says that he needs to talk to Sarah alone. Cristian asks Sarah how she could rat them out and swears that there is nothing going on between him and Vanessa. Sarah says that she saw Cristian kiss Vanessa on New Year’s Eve and knows that he has feelings for her.

Brody says that he would like for them to keep talking because Jessica is the only friend he has there. Jessica says that she doesn’t want to expose him to what Tess does.

Jared asks David to let him underwrite the trip back to Tibet and tells David to think of all the good he can do.

Dorian and Beaver talk about the rest of the Buchanan family getting nothing. Dorian sees Mel and asks what he is doing there. Mel say that he could ask her the same thing.

Jared asks if they have a deal and David rambles.

Téa asks Lola what happened the night her mother was murdered. Lola says that Téa knows what she said happened. Vanessa comes in and asks what Lola is telling Téa. Téa says that Vanessa is supposed to be getting to know Cristian better in case immigration shows up. Vanessa says that Sarah reported them.

Sarah says that she loved Cristian and he threw her away.

David says that the paper means nothing to him.

Dorian and Mel talk about the information she got out of Beaver about Asa’s secrets. Beaver asks who Dorian is talking to and Dorian says that it is no one.

David refuses Jared’s money.

Rex and Gigi tell Natalie that they all need to go out and celebrate. Gigi and Rex talk about Shane when he was a baby. Gigi says that if Rex plays his cards right, she might be willing to give the baby thing another shot.

Sarah tells Cristian that she flies out of Llanview and to L.A. in 2 hours because she is going to be Puddle of Mudd’s manager for their tour.

Vanessa says that they have to go home and tells Lola to wait in the lobby. Vanessa tells Téa that Lola doesn’t need her.

Cristian says that he won’t let Sarah leave. Sarah asks how he is going to stop her and says that Cristian can’t have her and Vanessa. Sarah says goodbye to Cristian.

Viki thanks Nora for being so understanding. Viki says that Bess has admitted that there is a secret that only she knows because Jessica can’t handle it.

Brody says that the only time he isn’t miserable is when he is with Jessica. Jessica says that she is there to protect the people she cares about from what she has become and she cares about him. Brody says that he needs a friend. Brody and Jessica agree to try to help each other.

Jared tells Natalie that David isn’t on his way back to Tibet.

Beaver asks Dorian not to tell anyone that David is Asa’s son and Dorian says that his secret is safe with her.

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