OLTL Update Tuesday 1/6/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/6/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Bo and Nora are at the Buenos Dias when he informs her that Clint informed him that David Vickers is back in town. She tells him she knows all about that. Also, she knows that Asa’s Will has legally declared David the soul heir of everything. But now, she reminds him, David is apparently a “Buddhist” and has no interest in material wealth.

Right then, we see David dressed in his gown making it very clear that he wants everybody to believe that he’s “changed”,

Cristian and Vanessa are together in his apartment. They realize that immigration will not “buy” their marriage if they observe that they are sleeping in separate beds.

Sarah and Layla are in their apartment when the immigration official comes to interview Sarah. And she knows the reason why. Layla assumes that her roommate wants immigration to leave her alone and she wants to wash her hands to Vanessa’s problems. But she indicates that she has some “information” to share with the immigration official.

Ray Montez calls Téa. She indicates to him that she is thinking about Todd and putting his case on the back burner. He tells her that he cannot spend any more time rotting in this prison. He demands that Téa does the job he pays her to do. She needs to get him out there so that he can make Vanessa pay.

Cristian declares to Vanessa that regardless of what it will “look like” if immigration officials see them in separate beds, he cannot go through with this. He cannot do this to Sarah.

Right then, Sarah makes it clear that she wants to report Vanessa for fraud. She tells the official who comes to her apartment that this is a marriage of convenience. HE asks her if Cristian Vega did willingly go through with it. She admits that he did. He asks her if Cristian is an adult male of sound mind. Sarah admits yes. But Vanessa kind of “forced” it upon him. None of this was Cristian’s fault or his doing, she protests. The immigration official asks Sarah if Cristian did not have free will. Did he know that he was helping Vanessa perpetrate a fraud? Sarah admits that Cristian knew what he was getting into. But she wants him to know that Cristian “is a man”. And Vanessa is a very attractive woman. Cristian wanted to “help” her and she managed to manipulate him. Yet it looks like she may have a tough time implicating only Vanessa without getting them both in trouble.

Meanwhile, Vanessa tells Cristian that they can figure things out for why they must explain the reason why they sleep separately. But at that point, he tells her that Lola can sleep in the spare bed. They can sleep together just this night.

Téa Delgado talks to Ray Montez on the phone. She tells him she can get Vanessa charged with murder without having to drag his daughter through this.

At St. Anne’s, Brody Lovett’s friend, Wes comes to talk to Brody’s shrink. Wes tells the doctor that maybe it would not help Brody if he relives the whole event in Iraq that sent him over the edge. But the shrink urges Wes to go in and talk to Brody and help him remember and feel all of his feelings about the situation. And he urges Brody to know that it’s the only way for Brody to recover. Wes, then goes in to greet Brody. Brody is happy to see him but admits that things are not going good.

Meanwhile, Jessica talks to Viki about how she has heard from Tess and realizes that her alter is “obsessed” about the baby. Tess has something going on and apparently cannot accept the fact that Bree and Chloe are hers' (Jessica's). and not Tess’s. Jessica believes that that may be all there is to it. But, hearing that, Viki tells her daughter that she talked to the shrink who informed her that there might be something more going on that only her other alter, Bess knows about.

Meanwhile, Natalie, Jared and Clint are at the palace with baby Chloe. And Clint tells his “granddaughter” that she looks more and more like his daughter, Jessica.

At the Buenos Dias, David appears and tells Carlotta that he realizes he is responsible for her diner burning down. He then goes up to Bo and Nora and asks Bo to arrest him. But Bo hesitates.

At, St, Anne’s, Wes tells Brody that he realizes that he is experiencing tough times. But he knows that Brody will get through this. Brody reminds Wes that he killed a kid and will have that on his mind for the rest of his life. But Wes protests to Brody that the kid had a gun and it was war time. And he is going to be there for his friend. He also informs Brody that he has moved into Llanview. He has a place to live, a job and a girlfriend. But Brody knows that the shrink might have very well talked Wes into that. And he indicates that a “female friend” of Brody’s might have had something to do with it. But Brody informs Wes that this “female friend may not have been herself”.

Meanwhile, Viki explains to Jessica just what Bess is all about. She is all about logic and order. But she may be just as “evil”, if not more so than Tess. She explains that these “gatekeepers” will stop at nothing to protect the host form whatever it is that they need protection from. And Bess, is in many ways more dangerous than Tess. She must have done something specific which even Tess is incapable of doing. Hearing that, Jessica reminds her mother that Tess set a ticking time bomb that almost killed Natalie and Jared. What could Bess possibly do that could “top” that?

At the palace, when Clint meets with Natalie, Jared and baby Chloe, he informs them that Jessica still has a long road to recovery. She may not be able to care for her child for a while still. There is now a second alter named Bess who has come out of Jessica. Hearing that, they are not certain what to make of that since they have never heard of Bess nor know anything about her purpose. But they share some “lighter” information about Jared’s marriage proposal to Natalie and his new job with B.E.

At Buenos Dias, David tells Carlotta that he happens to know that it was his carelessness of leaving a match lit in an attempt to burn a check that set her diner on fire. And he owes her restitution for that. But she confidently tells him she happens to know that the fire had nothing to do with his lighting the match. The insurance company checked and confirmed that there was faulty wiring. It had nothing to do with him. SO he is off the hook. And his conscience can be clear. But when he hears that, he is surprisingly not “relieved” to hear that. And, at that point, Bo approaches David and asks him if he has really let go of his need for worldly possessions and changed his entire identity.

Sarah attempts to explain to the immigration officer that Vanessa appeared out of nowhere very “coincidentally” after Cristian got kidnapped, thrown in prison, tortured and assumed the identity of Vanessa’s ex husband. She saved his life. Or so she had him believing that. So he felt “indebted” to her. Then she cried on his shoulder about how her ex husband was trying to kill her and his daughter and killed his daughter’s mother. And there was no proof that that even happened. And then there was this mysterious “death threat” somebody supposedly wrote to Vanessa that just appeared out of nowhere and put under Cristian's door. That “compelled” Cristian to do the noble thing and marry Vanessa. And she bets that the death threat didn’t even have validity. She bets Vanessa wrote it herself. Vanessa is conning and scamming Cristian and is no victim. And the agent must understand what Vanessa is doing.

Right then, when Cristian and Vanessa are “setting up” their new home to “look real”, Téa takes Lola to the palace so that the “couple” can be alone when the immigration officer arrives.. And she warns the two of them that they really have to rehearse and make it look real before he comes. Alone with Cristian, Vanessa “coaches” him on how he can answer the question about when and how he first knew that he was “in love with her”. Cristian looks at her and realizes he hasn’t a clue what to say or do.

At St. Anne’s, after Brody tells Wes about this “girl” he just met, Wes asks his friend if he might be “moving on” and encourages him to consider finding a new woman. But Brody sets him straight that he met a nice young woman named Jessica who is a patient. She is a sweet and innocent person and a recent widow. They are not “having a thing”. But there is another “person” living in Jessica who is not so sweet and innocent. And the significance in meeting her is that he knows that he and Jessica are not that different.

Viki tells Jessica that there must be a very good and relevant reason why it is that Bess appeared. There must be something that she needs to protect both Jessica and Tess from. Hearing that, Jessica walks away admitting that she does not consciously want to listen to her mother’s theory. But right at that point, she brings Bess out. Bess tells Jessica that she had a “bad dream” that cannot be allowed. And Bess faces Viki.

At the palace, after Natalie and Jared assume that they could have a job at B.E., Clint informs them that there may not be a B.E. for anybody to return to. A lawyer just came to the house and found a “codicil” that says that Asa willed everything to David Vickers. Hearing that, they are both shocked.

Bo and Nora “brainstorm” together at the diner about how they can stall David from finding out that Asa left him everything before it’s too late.. But at that point, she realizes she has to go as she knows that she has to get back to work in prosecuting Todd.

Bess talks to Viki and indicates how “composed” and pragmatic she is. Viki explains to her that she realizes that Tess came out when Viki’s alter, Nikki, neglected Jessica and let her fall into the hands of a pervert. And for that she will never forgive herself but knows that Jessica has. Hearing that, Bess informs Viki that she happens to know that Jessica will never forgive her no matter what Jessica wants anybody to believe.

Téa takes Lola to the palace. Lola asks her stepmother’s “lawyer” why she is being so nice to her. Lola can tell that Téa might have some trick up her sleeve.

Right then, Agent Troy from Immigration and Customs Enforcement comes to visit “Mr. and Mrs. Vega”. He asks Cristian and Vanessa if he can come in.

After Clint informs Natalie and Jared that Asa declared David Vickers the sole heir of B.E. and his entire fortune, they ask him how Asa could possibly do something like that. Why would he throw away his fortune to a low life like David Vickers, son or not. Clint informs them that David wants everybody to believe that he is embracing Buddhism and has no more need for worldly possessions. Hearing that, Natalie and Jared tell Clint that nobody in their right mind could buy that. Clint tells them he agrees. And what they must all make effort to do now is get David Vickers out of town ASAP. Otherwise, they’ve all lost everything.

Layla returns to the apartment with Tina’s dog after Sarah has gotten done talking to the Immigration Agent. She asks Sarah how it went. Sarah informs her that she is hopefully going to get Vanessa Montez out of town, out of her life and away from her man.

When the Immigration Agent visits Cristian and Vanessa, they tell him they realize that he must have many questions for them. But he informs them that he has no questions whatsoever. His job has now been made very easy.

At St. Anne’s., Brody attempts to explain to Wes that Jessica has this “Bad girl” ego named Tess. And nobody wants to mess with a person like Tess. But she also has another “ego” who is very much like a prissy and highly disciplined school teacher. Her name is Bess.

Right then, Bess talks to Viki. Viki grills her to tell her what the secret is and informs her that Jessica is much stronger than Bess realizes she is. But at that point, Bess terminates the conversation, and Jessica comes back. Having no memory what Bess just did, Jessica asks her mother what happened. Viki tells her daughter that she has to go now. The doctor wanted her to limit her visitation. And Jessica needs to get some rest. Viki leaves and appears very puzzled and frustrated at the fact that no progress is being made in her daughter’s recovery.

At the palace, Téa talks to Lola about how she realizes that it may be very unclear to her what happened the night when her mother died. Hearing that, Lola tells Téa it’s very obvious what happened. Her father murdered her mother in cold blood. But Téa makes it clear that she does not believe that. Hearing that, Lola asks her why she is asking her so many personal questions and what gall she has to question her about this.

The immigration agent tells Cristian and Vanessa that they needn’t explain nor prove anything to him. He happens to know that Vanessa has perpetrated fraud. Hearing that, Cristian attempts to defend his “wife”. But the agent tells him he mustn’t bother. He knows what Vanessa has done.

After Sarah reveals to Layla what she told the immigration officer in order to get Vanessa charged with fraud, sent back to Columbia and away from Cristian, Layla concludes that Sarah is her mother’s daughter. That is just like something Tina would have done.

Brody and Wes talk about “this girl”, Tess. And out of nowhere, Tess appears to face them.

Nora meets with Viki and Clint. She tells them that she happens to know that it might be difficult to get Todd charged with intent to kidnap Starr’s baby. The only witness that might be able to help corroborate the kidnapping charge against Todd is Jessica. What she needs to do, specifically, is talk to Tess. But as soon as Viki hears that, she tells Nora absolutely not.

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