OLTL Update Monday 1/5/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/5/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

When Dorian runs into David’s ex-wife, Alex, Alex informs her that there is something “new” going on with David. Dorian demands to know just what she is talking about. Dorian tells Alex that she will sue her for mowing her down. She (Dorian) will own everything that is now Alex’s. At that point, Alex informs Dorian that David Vickers is really a Buchanan. He is Asa’s illegitimate son.

When David enters The Palace, wearing his Buddhist gown, Nora and Clint observe him and are puzzled. He tells them that his name is no longer David Vickers. He is David Vickeroshi. They ask him what is really going on. They do not buy, for a moment, that he has “transformed” and is no longer interested in material wealth and mooching off of other people.

After Jared has proposed to Natalie and she has said, "Yes," he tells her that if they are going to spend the rest of their lives together, he needs to know what she thinks about many things regarding him.

John goes to find Marty in her empty room. He calls to her but she is not there. He then calls the front desk and demands to know what is going on.

At that moment, Marty and Todd are up on the roof. She confirms that the one way that he can make her happy is to jump into the river. At that point, he does just that.

Not far away, Téa and Blair both hear the loud splash. Téa demands to know what that was. Blair tells Téa that she (Téa) is about to get an “earful” from her (Blair).

After Marty observes Todd jump into the river (to his death) she sighs with relief that it is finally over.

Dorian tells Alex that she does not believe for a moment that David Vickers is a Buchanan. Alex informs her that she ran into Max Holden who informed her that he really is. She overheard the whole conversation and tracked David down at this “rehab spa” where he was supposedly working. She pretended she was a client, found him, and seduced him. She told him she was a sex addict. That is how she got David to marry her. She then relives when she found David and told him that she has an insatiable desire for sex. She also informed him that she married a rich man and took all his money after they split. That motivated David to marry her. At that point, Dorian listens. Alex confirms that they all know that the only thing that David Vickers loves more than himself is money. At that point, Dorian no longer argues.

After David attempts to get Nora and Clint to believe that he has “changed,” he tells them he does not blame them for having difficulty believing it. Although, he sought them out for another reason. He wants to discuss with Clint the Buchanan family fortune.

Nigel and Renee watch Asa, from the DVD, declaring that he wills everything he owns to David. She tells him that she always knew that Asa had an affair with David’s mother, but she had no clue that David is Asa’s son. She so hoped that Jared was Asa’s son. She knows she has no control over the fact that, that loser and con man, David Vickers, just happens to be a Buchanan heir. Yet, she tells Nigel, she cannot help but wonder what might have happened and how David might have turned out if everybody had known that he was Asa’s son.

By the docks, after Todd has jumped into the river, Blair and Téa watch and wonder what happened, having no clue what happened. Blair tells Téa that if she grills Starr the way she grilled Marty Saybrooke in her attempt to get Todd acquitted, she will go after her. She tells Téa that she must know that Todd was going to steal their daughter’s baby, and he will not get away with that. Hearing that, Téa asks Blair what happened to her. She reminds Blair that Todd was the love of Blair’s life. Blair tells Téa that she regrets that but has finally gotten wise. She wonders what “happened” to Téa. She knows that Todd has only made her as well as everybody else’s life miserable.

At that point, Marty struggles to stand up and get back to her room after Todd has jumped. She notices John and asks him what he is doing there. He informs her that he looked at her journal and happens to know that she went to meet Todd. He asks her just where Todd is. She replies that Todd is gone.

Jared informs Natalie that her father has offered him his job back at B.E. Hearing that, she tells him that he must know that means that Clint has forgiven him and wants him to be “part of the family.” He tells her that he wonders if Clint has only offered him the job because he is marrying Clint’s daughter. She tells him that her father would never offer anybody a high profile position with his company out of charity. Everybody knows that Jared was amazing at B.E.

Nigel and Renee talk about Asa’s “fling” with David Vickers' mother. She thought that they could have a real relationship, but Asa did not care about her. She got the mistaken idea that she got pregnant by a man named Ned, but all along it was Asa who got her pregnant. Now she realizes that she held baby David Vickers all those years ago, without a clue whom he really was. Even as an infant she recalls David pulling at her jewels and wanting to snatch them off her neck.

At the Palace, David tells Clint that the two of them are brothers. He, kind of, talks in circles and tells them that he no longer has to take what is not rightfully his. He no longer “needs” it. Nora and Clint are still baffled in figuring out just what his “purpose” is for appearing back in Llanview under these circumstances.

Alex explains to Dorian that Nigel was the only person who knew the big secret about David Vickers. Nigel was so desperate to get both her and David to keep their mouths shut that he gave away his inheritance to them. Dorian tells her she cannot believe that Nigel would go to such desperate measures. Alex confirms that he did.

When Marty runs into John at her room, he asks her if Todd came by and if she saw him. She confirms, "Yes." He asks her what Todd said. She replies that Todd told her that he wanted to get her back. John asks if Todd hurt her. She tells him, no. She is happy now that Todd “jumped.” At that point, John rushes out the door.

By the docks right outside the building, Blair urges Téa not to grill Starr on the witness stand. She must know of the hell that her daughter has gone through. If she cares about Starr, she won’t do what she is sworn by legal obligation to do in order to defend Todd. Right at that moment, they observe John rushing, taking off his shoes, and getting ready to “jump in.” Blair demands to know what he is doing. At that point, Téa and Blair panic and seem to realize that “somebody” needs their help. Blair is worried that John could die from the cold water. It seems as if they are both subconsciously aware of what happened to Todd. At that point, Marty appears and observes them speechlessly.

Jared tells Natalie that he does not want to have to take a job just because he is marrying the boss’s daughter. She then tells him that she does not want him to merely take the job because of her. She tells him she only wants him to do what he wants. If he really does want to take the job, as she believes that he does, then he needs to do it. He tells her that he knows he almost lost her because of his trickery to be part of B.E. They both confirm that they want him to be part of B.E. She tells him that their stock is not where it used to be when he was part of the company. They both know that he will bring the profits back up.

At the Palace, David finds an old woman who has trouble walking and rushes to help her. Alone, Clint and Nora brainstorm about what they are going to do with the secret that David is Asa’s son and the sole Buchanan heir.

Dorian tells Alex that she bets that Jared Banks knows the truth about David. He would have had no trouble getting a hold of the DNA to falsify the test. Alex admits she believes, also, that he probably would, but she knew how to get rid of David.

After John dives into the river Blair scrounges to find him, afraid that he could be drowning. At that moment, John appears and pulls Todd out of the water. Téa and Blair both reveal that they are concerned about Todd’s well being. Marty observes them all and says nothing. They fight each other in order to attempt to save Todd and are worried that he cannot breathe. Blair tells Todd that she does not want to have to explain to his kids what happened, so he better start breathing.

Dorian tells Alex, she can see that Alex no longer has any information of any interest to her. Neither does Nigel. Neither of them have any money.

At The Palace, Clint and Nora wonder what might have happened if David really knew that he is a Buchanan. She asks him if they really know that David has no clue that he is Asa’s son. He tells her that she must know that if David knew that he inherited everything from Asa, he would not be walking around in that gown, nor acting like he is “changed.” That old woman would be picking herself up off the ground. There is no way that David would not grub everything he can get from Asa’s wealth. At that point, David appears. Clint acts gracious. So does Nora. They both know that they better make certain that David never finds out that Asa wills everything to him. She tells David that she knows that money has corrupted him and that he is a much better person now. She tells him, now that he has gotten what he has come for, she assumes that he will be leaving Llanview and going back on his spiritual path to Tibet. Clint asks David just when he will be leaving.

Blair and Téa both struggle to save Todd and demand to know what he was doing in the water. He does not pay any attention to either of them and only sees Marty. He replies that he “tried.” John goes to face Marty. She demands to know why he saved Todd. She was finally rid of him. Why didn’t he just let Todd die? She makes it clear that she wants Todd dead and out of her life. Téa and Blair indicate that they do not. Todd gets to his feet and walks away. Téa goes after him. Alone with John, Blair tells him, she can tell that he knows more than he is saying. He tells her it doesn’t matter. It is “all over now.”

Natalie and Jared talk about their future together, how they want to have Bree and Chloe in their lives, and have their own children, together.

After Nora and Clint ask David if he plans to go back to Tibet, he tells them that he is going to stay in Llanview. He has a “mission” here. He has committed many sins for which he must atone. He owes Viki for not telling her what happened to Charlie. He also owes Addie for using her. Clint tells David they all forgive him and he need not stay and “atone” for anything. It seems, however, as though David has some “business” to attend to for which he must stay in Llanview. Yet, nobody can figure out what.

Alex tells Dorian that she has an island to run, and if Dorian will excuse her. Dorian asks Alex if the champagne is on her. Alex tells her, "Of course." Dorian can consume all the drinks she wants. When Dorian is alone, she hears a familiar voice. It sounds like Max Holden looking for David Vickers. She asks him to sit down with her to have a nice drink and some good conversation.

David meets with his “mentor” in the Buddhist temple. David informs him that he learned a lot today after coming back to Llanview.

Clint and Nora return home and talk to Renee and Nigel about David Vickers coming out of nowhere. They haven’t a clue what he is up to. They all affirm that they cannot ever let him know that he is Asa’s son, nor that Asa willed everything to him. At that point, Nora admits that she has an “idea.”

In the temple, David tells his mentor that he understands how it is that somebody saved his soul. Maybe, he can save the soul of another person who needs his help.

At that point, Dorian talks to the man who is looking for David. He tells her that his “employers” (Asa’s company) are paying him to keep a secret.

David tells his mentor that “some souls” are troubled and have to be entwined because of their emptiness and need for certain things.

Blair and John talk on the docks about how it is that John risked his life in order to save Todd. She tells him that she is impressed that he did not care that it was Todd. He knew that “somebody” needed saving. He confirms, yes. He knows that he runs into situations where “somebody needs saving.”

At the temple, David talks about certain people who need saving. He talks about how some people are filled with anger.

Marty then wanders off alone. She runs into a guy on a motorcycle who asks her if she wants a ride. She gets on the motorcycle with him and they go away.

David tells his mentor that people sometimes need to die in order to be saved.

We see Todd appearing to be completely empty after his life has been saved when Marty is not a part of his life. He walks away. Téa walks after him. Blair and John seem puzzled as to what to do with all that has happened. 

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