OLTL Update Friday 1/2/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/2/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

David Vickers goes to Dorian’s to look for her, but Dorian is gone. He runs into Addie and some people dancing. Addie greets him and introduces the others to her ex-husband. He clarifies to her that he is not there to dance and party. He is there to “cleanse his soul.” At that point, she wonders why he would be dressed the way he is.

After Marty has invited Todd to be with her and they are on the rooftop together, he attempts to win her over. He tells her that throughout his life nobody loved, nor appreciated him. He did not think that he could ever “do good” around anybody until he developed his relationship with her. He tells her that he wants to be able to be a better person if she can give him the chance. She turns away from him while he talks, but in response to what he says, she turns to face him, smiles, and says, "Yes."

Dorian wastes no time to get out of town after being found out by Viki and Charlie. It looks like she is somewhere south at a New Year’s party. She runs into Alex, the woman who David was briefly married to her.

Starr follows Cole in order for her to find his mom after he has told her he is concerned about what secrets she might be keeping from everybody. They go to her empty room. She has, obviously, left to go somewhere that she wants nobody to know about. Cole is stunned to find many entries that she has written in her diary about being in love with Todd that she has kept in her bed. They can clearly see that Marty is “obsessed” about her previous involvement with Todd.

At that moment, Todd attempts to kiss Marty, but she turns away and tells him, "I don’t think so."

Viki and Charlie meet with Nora and Clint. They all assess that Dorian has ruined their lives. They would have never lost B.E. Nash would have never died. Jessica would have never broken down and gotten institutionalized were it not for her. Now Viki and Charlie have found out that Dorian drugged Charlie and nearly killed him with alcohol poisoning right before she took over B.E. Viki admits to the others, that they went to confront her, but now Dorian has disappeared. She is nowhere to be found.

Dorian has already booked a flight to a warmer climate and runs into Alex who was briefly married to David Vickers. She finds out that Alex has acquired some very expensive property. Dorian asks her how on earth she could ever afford anything so pricey. Alex replies that she inherited it from Asa Buchanan.

At Dorian’s home, Addie asks David if he wants a drink, assuming that he won’t argue. He tells her that he no longer drinks, nor does anything that he used to do. He tells her that he was “lead” to Dorian’s home in order to free himself of the burden of guilt for the things he has done to her and to many other people. Hearing that, she does not know what to say or do.

Blair and John are alone at Rodi’s when they go at it on the pool table.

After Cole and Starr are alone in Marty’s room, not knowing where she is, and only discovering that she has kept tons of written material about being in love with Todd, they attempt to contact her. Cole calls but only gets her voicemail on her cell phone.

On the rooftop, Todd moves toward Marty and tells her that he does not understand many things. He loves her and knows she loves him. That is all that matters. At that point, she lashes out at him and tells him she does not love him. He is a sick pathetic bastard. She admits that she merely set him up and he fell for it.

Cole informs Starr that both Nora and Nigel informed him that they did not see Marty and she has been gone for a long time without telling anybody where she went. He tells her that after she found out the hideous thing that Starr’s dad did to her and then seeing him get away with it, she may have lost it. He tells her that Todd made a complete fool of his mom, and she may be too ashamed to tell anybody what has gone on. They are both very concerned about where Mary has gone or what she is doing.

On the rooftop, Marty then confirms to Todd that everything she believed about him was a lie. Now he has just found out that the “invitation” that she just gave to him was for him to believe a lie and for her to make a fool out of him as he has done to her.

When John is going at it with Blair, he is interrupted by a call on his cell. It is Cole. Cole informs John that he is really worried about his mom. Marty has gone off somewhere, and he knows that she has something going on involving Todd Manning. He tells John he needs his help. John has to interrupt his “steamy scene” with Blair.

Marty clarifies to Todd that she is not going to let him get away with what he did to her.

John gets up and tells Blair that he is really worried. It was Cole that called him and is worried about Marty. He has to do something. She tells him she understands and realizes that maybe she should go home and not expect to have any “plans” with her. John tells Blair that, possibly, Marty will show up by the time he gets back, and they can “resume” what they were doing.

Marty tells Todd that she wants him to “feel” what she felt. She wants him to feel as though he was loved by somebody and then find out it was all a lie. He needs to find out that he was merely played for an idiot. Hearing that, he is speechless and startled, but she demands that he looks at her. She tells him that this is what he made her. This is what he turned her into. He protests to her that he never meant to hurt her. She, then, hauls off and smacks him really hard. She asks, if he did not mean to hurt her why did he want to keep from her that she had a son. He lied to her about his daughter’s baby and wanted to kidnap it with her. He did not tell her that he was her rapist. She had wanted to have his baby, but after finding out that he raped her, she had to go to the emergency room and be violated again to live in fear and had to take the morning after pill. She now knows what she has to do.

John takes off to meet Cole and Starr at Nora’s empty home. They all go looking for Marty, not having a clue where they would find her.

At the South Sea Resort where Dorian has flown, Dorian tells Alex that she does not believe for one minute that Asa Buchanan would give a gold digging loser like Alex any of his money. Alex, apparently, knows something that Dorian does not. She tells Dorian that she knows Clint dumped her (Dorian) for Nora, just as David dumped her for Alex. This “motivated” Dorian to do something that she is going to regret.

Viki, Charlie, Clint, and Nora talk about how they are all going to be closer. They reflect that they have to make Dorian pay for what she did.

David tells Addie that he owes her an apology. He had no right to see her as a helpless mentally ill invalid. He should have known what a wise and beautiful woman she is. He knows that Dorian has belittled and manipulated her like she belittled and manipulated him. She smiles and tells David that she is not angry at him, nor feels “used” by him.

Clint and Nora ask Viki and Charlie just how it is that they found out that Dorian drugged Charlie before taking over B.E. Viki replies that it was David Vickers who told them what Dorian did. Hearing that, they wonder how it is that David Vickers would have told them. Nobody has seen nor heard from him in a long time. Viki tells them that he just appeared out of nowhere. He confessed that he failed to report Dorian.

David talks to Addie about how he has done some major soul searching and had a spiritual awakening. He knows that she can help him corroborate what Dorian did to Charlie.

After Alex gloats to Dorian that David dumped Dorian for her, Dorian tells Alex that David only wants her. If he married Alex, it was only for her money. Hearing that, Alex smirks. Dorian then asks her what is so funny. Alex explains that the joke was on David for falsely believing that she had money so that he would marry her. Dorian asked her why she did that.

John looks around Marty’s room and finds a diary under her bed.

Up on the rooftop, after Marty has expressed her rage toward Todd, he tells her that she should have killed him when she had a chance. She tells him that she had wanted to, but he was not worth going to prison over. She tells him he does not deserve to live. He then turns to her and tells her that he cannot live without her and does not want to live without her. He wishes she would just take a gun and pull the trigger on him. Hearing that, she tells him if that is how he really feels, then he may go ahead and jump. He then turns to her and looks at her speechlessly.

Dorian asks Alex why in the world she’d want David to marry her. Alex turns her back and replies that David is hot. Dorian tells her, there must be some other reason. Alex replies that sex can be a very motivating factor. She tells Dorian that even her crazy nut job sister, Addie, knows that. In response to the comment Alex just made about Addie, Dorian tells her she had better take that back, or she will drown Alex in the pool.

Addie notices David chanting and sitting with his legs crossed wearing his spiritual gown. He tells her he does not need anything of material value. He is fully enlightened. His only currency is spiritual wealth.

Viki and Charlie inform Nora and Clint that they saw David totally transformed. David tells them that he has given up all of his needs for worldly possessions. As she sees Clint and Nora’s silence, Viki asks them just what it is that they might know about David that they are not telling.

John is alone in Marty’s room. He is looking at the entries in her diary  she has made about being in love with Todd. He still cannot find her.

On the rooftop, Marty tells Todd that if he wants to die, then he may jump. She tells him that all of those months, in which, she believed that he was her man, she was deceived. She knows him and his weakness and that he would do anything for her. He nods. She tells him that she finally knows who he is, and now she will watch him die. She tells him that she knows that without her, there is no reason for him to go on. He will love her for the rest of his life, and he will never have her. She then pushes him to the ground and asks him if he can live with that. Is this the only way out for him?

John goes through all of the papers and articles that Marty has by her bed regarding Todd including their past and present situation. He then gets a call from Blair. He informs her that this has taken a little longer than he thought. Cole had to take Starr home. She may want to head home herself. He tells her he is sorry that they had to “cut this short.”

In response to Alex reflecting that Addie married David, Dorian tells Alex that she is not concerned with the fact that David got over her and married her sister. She informs Alex that she put David Vickers behind her when she took over B.E. Hearing that, Alex asks Dorian just when she took over Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian admits that she no longer owns it. Alex smirks when she remembers that she only married David assuming that he had the money. She was in Texas with him months ago. She was so desperate to get rid of David that she drove away and hit a coyote. In response to that, Dorian remembers that time when she was run down. She exclaims to Alex, that was not a coyote. That was herself.

Viki and Charlie bid goodbye and Happy New Year to Nora and Clint, and they leave together. Nora and Clint reflect that they had to lie and omit to Viki and Charlie that David Vickers is Clint’s brother. He tells her that nobody can ever know that David is part of his family. If anybody ever finds that out, then they end up with nothing.

Back at Dorian’s home, David is alone with Addie and the bodyguard, Shawn. Shawn tells David he thinks that it is very odd that David had a “spiritual awakening.” He does not buy it. David reminds him that Tina Turner is a Buddhist. Addie tells David that she is not certain that she trusts what he is telling her.

Meanwhile, John goes through Marty’s written materials and notices a number she has written, and he gets a clue. Perhaps it is the address of where she went to meet Todd.

On the rooftop, Marty observes Todd staring out from the ledge. She then tells him that this is his one chance to be selfless. She asks him to let her be free from him. She might be able to put all the pain behind her. She might be able to have a life. She asks him to, please, do it for both of them. Please, do it for her.

Clint tells Nora that it is very odd that Viki and Charlie would have seen David Vickers right in Llanview. Last time he checked, his contact told him that David was halfway across the world. He needs to find out what is up.

After Dorian informs Alex that she did not run over a coyote, Alex tells her that she is sorry if she did that. Dorian tells her that she is now in the driver’s seat. She is going to sue Alex for hit and run. When she is done, Alex won’t have two coconut shells to rub together. Alex then tells Dorian that she will give Dorian her money without having to be sued. Dorian asks Alex just what she would have to do in order for Alex to hand over her wealth to her. Alex replies that she can give Dorian money in exchange for information.

After David has left Addie and Shawn alone in the house, Shawn tells her that he does not buy what David is saying, no matter what anybody wants to believe about him. He has not changed.

Nora tells Clint that they she remembers Viki telling them that David changed. Perhaps, his family will not have to play dirty pool with him in order not to be swindled. He tells her he does not buy that for a moment. She realizes that she does not either.

Alex tells Dorian that the information she will pay her for is in regards to David Vickers. Dorian asks her just what information about David Vickers.

David enters the room after overhearing Addie and Shawn talking about him. He clarifies to them that he is not David Vickers. He is David Vickeroshi.

Alex replies to Dorian that David Vickers is no longer David Vickers.

Starr and Cole realize that they are both alone and without any of their parents or guardians. She suggests that he stay there with her. If and when his mom comes back, they can be there for her.

Blair is getting frustrated sitting alone in the bar after John has rushed out to take care of Marty, so she storms out the door.

David goes to the place where Marty has met Todd. He walks in the door and notices the candlelit dinner. Todd and Marty are not there.

Up on the rooftop, Todd stands on the ledge. He asks Marty if it will finally bring her peace if he falls. He asks her if it will make her happy if he does this. She affirms, "Yes, it will." At that point, he stands and falls off the ledge. 

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