OLTL Update Tuesday 12/30/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/30/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Téa is dressed in formalwear and banging on Todd’s door. She tells him he is going to do some celebrating whether he likes it or not. He, then gets the door. And she’s surprised to see that he is dressed up and does not look like he plans to spend the night alone.

Cole goes to see his mother and informs her that Markko and Langston are inviting him to spend New Year's with them and are “forcing” him to have fun. He asks her if she wants to join them. She tells him thank you but no. She has plans. She is wearing her robe and looks like her only plans are to be confined to her room.

Sarah is with Talia and Layla. Talia and Layla are dressed in formal clothes. But Sarah is wearing her sweats and not in the mood. She tells them she has no reason to celebrate or be happy. And whom would she kiss? At that point, Cristian appears at the door.

Starr meets Langston, Markko and Cole at Ultra Violet. Langston asks Starr if she does not want to see Puddle of Mudd and if she does not believe the lead singer is hot. But they are still waiting for Cole to arrive.

Cole tells his mom if she changes her mind, she must call him, But it looks like she plans to spend the night alone confined to her room. Actually, she has other plans. As soon as her son is gone, she removes her robe to reveal her glittery clothes and her “secret plans”.

When Téa notices Todd at his door dressed up, she asks him what is up. But he does not want to tell her why he is dressed up. At that point, he immediately gets his phone to hear Marty ask him if they are still “on” for New Year's. He replies that he would not miss it. He asks her if she thought he might have stood her up. She tells him that she really wants to see him. He turns his back on Téa and talks to Marty without a thought for Téa. When he hangs up, Téa know what he is doing and demands to know what the hell he is thinking.

Wes Scanlon, the lead singer for Puddle of Mudd comes to greet Rex and Gigi. He tells them he has to go and get warmed up to do some singing. Rex and Gigi are happily together and kissing.

At Rodi’s, Blair asks John if he rented this place out for the night just for them. He replies something like that. And he informs her that he just bought the place.

Téa tells Todd that he cannot go through with seeing Marty. He must call her back and cancel his plans with her. He tells her he will do as he chooses. But she reminds him that she is his lawyer and must “advise” him. He’s not going anywhere without her. Does he believe that this is a ‘date”? He needs to realize that this is a trap. She bets that Marty is right now wearing a wire and ready to get Todd to incriminate himself. He tells her that he does not believe that Marty would be wearing a wire. And even if she was, the charges against him have been dropped. But she reminds him that his own daughter is about to file kidnapping charges against him. And she knows that Marty has a trick up her sleeve. He is fooling himself if he thinks for a minute that he has something to “fight” for. Doesn’t he not know that Marty is using his feelings for her against him in order to manipulate and set him up? How can he be so stupid? He ignores her and goes out the door. She rushes after him and tells him he cannot do this. She reminds him that she is not bailing him out this time. Right then, she gets a call from Ray Montez. He wishes her a happy New Year and has something important to discuss with her.

After Cristian appears at Sarah’s door, she tells him that he could get in a lot of trouble being there instead of spending the evening with his “wife”.

Blair asks John if he really thought it through before buying Rodi’s. He tells her that he remembers being in a bar like this in Atlantic City. And he remembers the songs that she gave him on the collector’s LP. He tells her that he is going to change jobs. She asks him if after he gets busy with work, if he will have time for the “other things” in his life. She kisses him.

At Ultra Violet, Starr tells Langston that she believes that Langston is merely obligating herself to spend time with her. She won’t be any fun. Langston tells her friend she knows she is sad. But at that point, Cole appears to tell them that Starr will not be sad.

Todd goes to visit Marty. She is all dressed up and has candles and flowers and a romantic dinner. And she even has a recording of the piano duet they played together when they fell in love. He remarks that she went all out. She tells him it looks like he wanted to spend the evening with her. She tells him that New Year's is a new start.

Téa is in Todd’s home talking to Ray on the phone. He tells her that he really needs her to use her brilliant legal expertise and get him out of prison by proving that Vanessa set him up. She tells him that she has enabled Vanessa to get US citizenship by getting Cristian Vega to marry her. And so Vanessa will not be going anywhere.

Cristian tells Sarah that he will bring Vanessa along to the place where they go and hang with her for about 5 minutes. And then he will spend the rest of the evening with Sarah. She asks if people will not notice him cuddling with his girlfriend and if he does not know that immigration will nail him for scamming a marriage. She cries and indicates to the others that she is very depressed and wants to be alone. Talia, Layla and Cristian all go out the door. And Talia indicates that she remembers that Cristian switched identities with Ray Montez.

At Ultra Violet, Langston has invited Lola but it looks like Lola is isolated from the other teenagers whom she does not know.

Blair and John are alone at Rodi’s wondering what it would be like if he owns the bar. He asks her if she could get used to him bartending. She tells him that she knows what it’s like to own a bar. That is why she hired a manager to help her run Capricorn. He then shows her a 10 dollar bill as a wager that he can run the bar all by himself. She tells him that if she sees him still working at the bar in another 6 months, she will come and sing for him. And they have a bet.

Marty pours Todd some champagne. He tells her that Téa had no idea what she was talking about. Marty asks him what Téa was talking to him about. He replies that she was concerned about him meeting Marty. Marty asks him if he listened to his lawyer. He tells her that he is paying Téa and she works for him and must accept his decisions. He admits to Marty that Téa thought that Marty was inviting Todd to be with her as a trap. Hearing that, Marty asks him if he really trusts her after she intended to nail him for rape. He tells her he trusts her. She then asks him if he wants to “search” her to see if she is wearing a wire. Todd declines to frisk her.

Téa tells Ray Montez that now that Vanessa has her guard down and is not going anywhere, she can get the goods on her and get her nailed for illegally setting Ray up. And she knows what she is doing.

Vanessa meets Cristian at Ultra Violet and asks him where Sarah is. He tells her that she did not come and wanted him to go alone. Vanessa acts all friendly and sincere telling him she is so sorry that he cannot enjoy the evening with his girlfriend. But he smiles and tells her that he is happy to be with her. Talia and Layla are together. Layla is on a blind date and tells Talia she needs her to stick around for a moment, just in case her new friend is a total loser. Right then, Antonio appears and joins Talia. And Officer Fish from Cherryville also joins them.

Starr tells Cole that the cider isn’t too bad. He indicates to her that he has something on his mind. He is worried that his mother told him she wanted to spend the night alone. But Nigel noticed that she was dressed in formal wear and went out somewhere. He wonders what kind of secret his mother has.

Todd asks Marty if it is really true that she still has feelings for him. She turns her back when he asks her if it might be very difficult for her to admit. He tells her that she is a very strong woman. Hearing that, she tells him she is not strong enough. He asks her what she means that she is not strong enough for.

Blair and John are together.

Todd asks Marty if her New Year's Resolution is to have courage and admit to her feelings for him. He admits to her that he has been torn apart with what he did to her. He tells her that he always had her on his mind even when he believed that she was dead. And having her in his mind prevented him from doing a lot of bad stuff. He realizes that he has a lot to make up for. She asks him if he wants her to tell him what she wants him to do. She then admits that she wants him to make her hate him and remember all of the terrible things that he did to her. He needs to get her to remember when he raped her. She wants him to stop her from loving him and get him out of her mind. And she appears angry and intense when she faces him.

On the phone, Ray tells Téa that he appreciates all that she is doing for him. But he does not want Lola to get hurt. She tells him that Lola will not get hurt. He asks her to be honest with him. It appears that Téa has this and many other tricks up her sleeve that she is not telling anybody.

Marty tells Todd that she wanted to hurt him for what he did to her. He tells her that he certainly understands and thought that she might get on the stand and lie and say that he really did rape her again and held her there against her will. She tells him that she considered doing just that on the witness stand in order to put him away it but could not go through with it. She was under oath. She then admits to Todd that when they dropped the charges, she was relieved. Because as much as she hates him she loves him more. She tells him that she loves him and does not know what to do about it. He sits beside her and tells her that they were able to prove that it worked before. What was wrong with the way things were when she loved him and knew nothing about her past?

Blair and John are playing pool and listening to the juke box alone at Rodi’s.

Rex gets up to announce Puddle of Mudd when they start their concert at Ultra Violet. The lead singer gets up and sings "We Don't Have To Look Back Now."

Marty asks Todd if he wants to forget everything and go back to the way things were when they were planning on ruining away together. She reminds him that he was lying to her about everything. He tells her that he got a new scar on his face right where he had it before. She then takes off his bandage and notices that there is no scar. The old one he had all those years ago is no longer there even after John beat him up. He takes her hand and tells her they can do this. They have everything they want. He touches he hair and asks her to say yes. She then turns away and says no. She gets up and runs away. He runs after her.

Rex announces to the crowd at Ultra Violet of his new plans. He takes Gigi up to stand beside him and it looks like he wants to declare his love for her and their plans for their future.

Marty runs up to the roof top. Todd asks her what she is doing there. She tells him that she just wanted to get some air.

Rex and the crowd at Ultra Violet are counting down the seconds until midnight.

Cole tells Starr he has to get back to his mother’s home and make certain she is ok. She asks him why he would believe anything could have happened when his mother is alone in her room. But Cole knows there is something up. They rush back to Nora’s together.

On the rooftop, Todd tells Marty she must love him. That must be the reason she called him there tonight.

Right then, they all ring in the new year and cheer at Ultra Violet.

But Sarah only watches from the television alone and depressed in her apartment. At that point, she gets on the computer and searches a site about the ICE for information on immigration.

John kisses Blair.

Cole enters his mom’s room at Nora’s and notices that she has left. Starr suggests that maybe she went downstairs. Cole then notices that his mom has kept the article about what Todd did to her. He pulls the blankets from her bed and notices she has tons of papers where she‘s written in her diary all the thoughts and feeling she had about being in love with Todd.

On the rooftop, Todd tells Marty that they have both beat extraordinary odds. He has escaped death. She has also escaped the explosion. He thought it was impossible for anybody to love him. Especially her. But she fell in love with him. And he knows that they can have it together if they just try. At that point, she smiles and faces him and takes his hand and says yes.

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