OLTL Update Monday 12/29/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/29/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Todd gets done showering and is startled to see Marty standing beside him in his bathroom. When he sees her, he assumes that he is dreaming again and she is not really there. But she looks to face him as though she is really there and not in the fantasy he’d like to see her in. She asks him why he thinks that he’d be dreaming and that she’s not really there. He tells her that the only reason she would really want to appear at his home would be in order to kill him.

Dorian finds Langston and tells her that she has a new present for her. Langston tells her foster mother that she has already given her so much. Langston opens the box and is in awe.

At Nora’s home, Asa’s lawyer appears and tells the family that there is some important unfinished business he has regarding Asa’s “long lost son”.

Right then, at Buenos Dias, we see David Vickers dressed like a biblical character standing and greeting Viki and Charlie. At that point, they are distracted by hearing Mo clarify that he said he would stay and would cook for the homeless. But he did not promise to wash dishes. He tells Noelle that she must know that he cannot cook for Dorian Lord with dishpan hands. At that point, they walk out of the kitchen and are startled when they see David dressed so oddly. He tells them that he now goes by the name of David Vickeroshi. He tells them that he has changed far more than his name. He has transformed his life and is about to change the way of this humble diner.

Gigi and Rex go to a fundraiser. He asks her what is needed in order to get more customers at Ultra Violet. She tells him that Puddle of Mudd is coming to do a concert. Outside the establishment, Markko encourages Cole to see the concert and get over the negative things that have been going on in his life throughout the last year.

John then goes to find Blair and kisses her passionately.

When Todd sees Marty in his home, he reveals that he really wants her to come and visit him and for things to be the way things used to be. She coldly tells him that she is not going anywhere until she gets what she came there for.

After the lawyer enters to show the family something that Asa needs to reveal to them, Clint asks why it would happen right now. At that point, the lawyer plays a DVD of Asa addressing them. Asa tells them that they all had one job to do and they all failed at that. He gave them a deadline to bring up B.E’s stock prices. And they all failed and made it sink just like the Titanic. And that means they all lose everything they got.

At Buenos Dias, Viki tells David that the last time she saw him, he was out on the street after Addie threw him out of Dorian’s home. He clarifies that he had nowhere to go. So he got on a plane in order to find something else in his life. Hearing that, Charlie asks him just how it is that that “enlightened” him. David replies that when he got on his plane flight, they suddenly “hit a storm”.

Dorian tells Langston that she can see that Langston is not wearing her diamond earrings. Langston tells her she thought that they were only for special occasions. Dorian reminds Langston that she is a Cramer woman. Yet, the finality of the adoption is not completely official. Not until one more thing is done.

In the kitchen, John and Blair kiss. She gives him a present. He appears like he is not comfortable with receiving Christmas gifts. She urges him to open it. And it’s a colorful Hawaiian shirt that she knows is not his style. And she also has a rare recording on an old LP for him. At that point, he tells her that he has a little something for her. It’s plane tickets for the two of them to go to a beach resort. He tells her that he is afraid of water and of snorkeling. But “somebody” told him he needs to try new things. She tells him that she does encourage him to do new things. But she cannot accept this offer to go away with him.

Todd asks Marty just what it is that she is doing at his home. She replies that she came to “retrieve something” that she lost.

After David tells the people at Buenos Dias about the plane crash, Noelle asks him if he was scared. He replies he was terrified. But the man sitting beside him was cool as a cucumber. At that point we see David on the plane beside a man dressed the way David is now dressed. And David tells them that the man inspired him and enlightened him with a spiritual awakening.

After Bo, Clint, Nora, Renee, Nigel and the lawyer watch Asa telling them that they all failed at what he expected them to do, they argue and protest that how could they know that Dorian would take over the company. Asa tells Nora it’s time to pack her bags and get out of his home. Bo needs to get the cheap mayor to increase his pitiful salary working for the city because that’s all he will have to live on. And Clint needs to see if Viki might take him back since he assumes that Viki is still loaded. He tells them that they are all flat ass broke.

Blair goes to Rodi’s to meet John. He is wearing that Hawaiian shirt she gave him. She is wearing and evening gown. He has candles and wine and they are going to spend New Year's together.

After Viki tells David that she finds it hard to believe that he has “transformed”, he tells her he realizes that she is skeptical. But he had a major transformation. Mo asks him exactly what happened. He replies that when the plane landed, his seat mate gave him a place to stay. And we see David lying on the floor of a place that looks like a Zen temple. Then the guy dressed like a Buddhist gives him some “Zen” food. The guy also gives David similar clothes to wear. David drinks Téa and eats the food that they give him. He admits that at first it was difficult. He was not the “Best student’. But he noticed that all of the people around him were happy. Noelle asks him why and how it was that he discovered that he was “happy” with this way of life. He replies that he realized that he had his soul. That was all that mattered. And he discovered that he had everything he needed. Viki then tells David, somewhat sarcastically, that she is happy that he “Found himself on the mountain top”. But why doesn’t he tell them what his real reason is for coming back to Llanview.

After Blair sees the plane tickets that John gave her, she tells him that now is not the time. She has too much on her plate in regard to her kids. But he tells her that he needs to leave. And without her, he ha nothing else to keep him in town. She asks him what about Marty.

Right then, Marty is at Todd’s. He tells her he wanted to apologize for the way that Téa treated her in court. She tells him that she knows that he has the constitutional right to an attorney.. And she was under oath and had to tell the truth. She then goes to find the diary that she kept under her bed where she wrote all of her thought and feelings about Todd when she believed that he was the love of her life.

From the video, Asa tells the family that he has always believed that you give money to your family. And your family should be able to make money for you.. But since they have all failed with that, it’s time to give it to somebody else. They get nothing. Neither does Nigel. And he now declares that he will give everything he owns to his son, David Vickers.

David tells Viki, Charlie, Noelle and Mo that Llanview will always hold a special place in his heart just like he knows that Viki will always hold a special place in Charlie’s heart. But he has a more important reason to be there. He needs to atone for the sins that he has committed. And the first two people he needs to apologize to is the two of them. (Viki and Charlie). Hearing that, they look at each other and seem at a loss knowing what he is talking about.

Dorian tells Langston that she wants to take her to New York City for New Years. They can go shopping at all of the finest stores. And they can go to Time Square and watch the ball drop. She asks Langston if that would not be fun. Langston replies yes. But she knows that Markko just told her that he wants to make plans with her for New Years..

Gigi and Rex talk about how it is that he can make money by having a fund raiser with Puddle of Mudd performing no cover charge.

Cole and Markko talk about how to make their relationships work with their respective girlfriends. And they know that the Puddle of Mudd concert is just the thing.

After Blair asks John if Marty is still important in his life, he tells her that he can clearly see that Marty has some unfinished business with Todd now that he has been acquitted. But, maybe, at the very least, they can make the kidnapping charges stick since the judge is agreeing to listen to the evidence about Todd’s intent to kidnap Starr’s baby. Blair informs John that if Starr has anything to say about it, her father will pay and be put behind bars. She then tells him that when and if they do get away, he knows how to “distract” him. And they kiss.

Marty reads the extensive things that she wrote in regard to Todd. She remembers that she wrote that she wanted to spend the New Year and the rest of her life with Todd, not long ago.

Markko calls Langston and tells her that she will have to call him the best boyfriend in the world. She asks if he found her Trig notes. He tells her no. Better. He got them both tickets to see Puddle of Mudd. But she tells him she cannot go. He asks her why. She looks at Dorian and informs him that she will tell him later. He then hangs up and reveals to Cole that his plan failed Langston has other plans and she won’t tell him what they are. Langston notices Dorian standing beside her when she talks to Markko and assumes that Dorian will not accept her canceling their plans in order to see the concert. But Dorian surprises her foster daughter by telling her she doesn’t want her to miss being with Markko and her friends. She tells her she must call Markko back and tell him she will join them for the concert. Langston asks Dorian if she is not disappointed. Dorian tells her of course not. They can always go to New York at another time. And she hugs Langston.

At Buenos Dias, David tells Viki and Charlie that he owes them an apology for failing to warn them that Dorian had the date rape drug in her possession. He knows that she drugged Charlie with it but he did not report it. Hearing that, Noelle turns to Mo and demands to know how he could work for a woman who would do that. Hearing that, Charlie realizes that the mystery has finally been solved and he can now prove that Dorian drugged him and got him drunk. And that is how he wound up in the back alley that night and almost died. At that point, Charlie and Viki rush out the door.

From Asa’s DVD, he tells the family that he believes that David Vickers is a gold digging piece of trash. And that, right there, is their “incentive”. David is the carrot on the stick to waive under their noses. They must all do something to stop David from sucking up all of his money. Hearing that, they all rush to demand just how it is that he expects them to do that. He replies that they must all figure it out.

After Marty reads to Todd all that she believed about him and how special he was to her, he tells her that he knows it was real. She did love him. There was something there. And it’s still there. But she protests that it was all lies. At that point, he concludes that maybe she should forget about him and leave and go be with her son. It’s Christmas. She should be with her family. It’s the season. But she tells him she cannot. It’s “real”. At that point, it sounds like he has “taken the bait”. He wants nothing more than to believe that she wants him. And he asks her what she is saying. Does she really believe that there is a chance for them? Hearing that, she angrily demands to know if he really thinks that they could “be together’ Does he think for a moment that she could “be” with the man who raped her? At that point, he protests that she wrote what she wrote and needs to know that he is the same man. And if she gives him a chance, he can prove to her that he is. At that point, she tells him no and rushes out the door. But he protests to her to just give him one chance. Just give him one night. But she’s gone. It looks like Todd has “accepted reality” that she never wants to see him again. Then she “gives him hope” and indicates that there might be a chance. Then she leaves after “teasing him with a drug”.

After Bo, Nora, Nigel and Clint all hear Asa’s DVD, Clint encourages the others to believe that there has got to be a way to do what Asa is asking them to do. They must all know how to outsmart David Vickers.. And it’s not as if anybody on this planet besides the 4 of them even know that David Vickers is a Buchanan. But at that point, Nigel takes Clint aside and warns him that there are two others who know it.

Rex declares his love for Gigi and kisses her.

Langston appears unexpectedly and surprises Markko by telling him that she is not going to miss out on seeing the concert with him. But he tells her it’s too late. He already sold his ticket. For a moment she believes him and appears deeply disappointed. But he tells her that he is going to see the concert with the world’s hottest girl. They smile and hug and kiss. She tells him that she almost cancelled plans with him because Dorian is ready to make her adoption final. He tells her he hopes that it goes well. She tells him she knows it will. And if he does not treat her right, he will have to answer to her “new mama."

When Dorian is alone in her home, she gets a surprise visit from Viki and Charlie. They tell her that they now know that she drugged Charlie and set him up. In response to that, Dorian tells them that Charlie is a grown man. She didn’t make him drink. But Viki tells her that the reason he had no control over what he did is because she gave him the date rape drug. She tells them that they don’t know what they are talking about. But Charlie tells her that he happens to remember that when he woke up in the alley not remembering what had happened, the last memory he had was being around her and then passing out. And right on the very night that it happened, he happens to know she very conveniently went to take over B.E and expose his son as a fraud. Viki tells Dorian that she must know that Charlie is a recovering alcoholic and demands to know how Dorian could do something so spiteful and malicious. She tells Dorian that she (Dorian) is never happy until she ruins the lives of everybody around her because her own life is so miserable and she’s never content until everybody’s life is as miserable as hers’ is. Dorian then smirks and waves bye bye to Viki and Charlie. But Viki tells her they will be back and they will contact Bo Buchanan.

Right then, Dorian rushes into the kitchen. Blair notices her aunt is upset about something and asks her what is up. Dorian tells her niece that she is not going to let Viki Davidson and Charlie Balsam ruin her life. And she indicates that she might need Blair’s “help”. But Blair tells Dorian that she (Dorian) is a grown woman. And she (herself) is not going to get sucked up into Dorian’s problems. Blair leaves. Alone, Dorian gets on her cell phone to book a flight to get out of Llanview ASAP.

At Nora’s home after hearing Asa’s verdict that he wills his fortune to David Vickers, Bo tells Clint and Nigel that he is going to go to the police station and see if he can track down David Vickers. Last time he heard, David was at some Turkish prison. Alone with Nigel, Clint asks what he might know about David. Nigel admits that he is not entirely certain.

Dorian gets ready to flee to the south sea island.

When Todd is alone in his home, sleeping and ready to “give up” on Marty, he gets a call from her. She tells him that she wants to spend New Year's Eve with him. At that point, he has “taken the bait”.

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