OLTL Update Friday 12/26/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/26/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Todd awakens alone in his bed, after returning from his trial. And he is startled to see what appears to be Marty by his bed. She looks at him with a smirk and tells him Merry Christmas

Rex and Gigi are celebrating Christmas and happy to be together. But Shane is not so comfortable having Rex with him and his mother instead of Brody.

At Dorian’s, all of the kids and adults open their Christmas gifts. The doorbell rings. Dorian is startled to see her “conscience,” the woman named Mel at the door with a package She announces that she has a package for Dr. Lord. Dorian asks her what she “did” this time for which she needs “enlightenment”.

Jared announces to Viki, Charlie and Roxy that he is ready to pop the question to Natalie with a wedding ring. They are all very excited and happy. She enters and asks what they are all talking about. She overhears them talk about a wedding and asks what wedding.

Todd finds out that he was only dreaming about Marty when he awakens to hear Téa’s voice when she appears at his door with a Christmas present. He turns to see her standing by his bed. She says Merry Christmas.

Not far away, out in the snow, we see a faceless person walking with a cane.

After Todd sounds very unappreciative and nonresponsive to Téa when she brings him a Christmas gift, she asks if that is any way to talk to the person who saved his sorry ass from going to prison. He tells her that he just woke from a dream. Hearing that, she tells him she knows that his “dream” was about Marty. He asks her how she’d know that. She replies that it’s not hard to figure out since he is sleeping in what used to be Marty’s bed.

At Nora’s house, Marty comes to visit her son, Nora, Bo and Matthew. Nora sees the awkwardness that Marty does not remember Bo or Matthew. Bo and Matthew leave together to visit their family. With Marty and Cole, Nora tells them why don’t we open some Christmas gifts. Marty smiles and tells Nora she would like to give Cole his gift first..

Dorian demands to know what “Nel’s secret” is for her. Mel replies that she is merely there to deliver a package to Dorian’s family. There is no “hidden meaning’

Shane enters to see Rex and his mother together but no Brody. Rex tells his son he wants to go to church with him for mass. But, he admits to Gigi, maybe he can get a call from somebody who might have some work for him so he can make some money. She assures him that being able to buy an expensive gift for Shane is not what is important. What her son needs is a father. He tells her that he believes it is not good enough. He shares with Gigi that Noelle informed him what it’s been like for the two of them (Gigi and Shane) to have to make due with the limited funds they’ve had throughout his life every Christmas. And he wants to make up for lost time since he has not been there for his son ever before.

After Natalie enters the living room to ask her mother, her father, Jared, Charlie and Roxy why they are all talking about a “wedding”, Roxy informs her that Viki and Charlie are getting married. She asks them to see the ring. But they are awkwardly trying to explain to her that they don’t have it yet. Viki takes Roxy aside. Charlie talks to Jared alone about how he knows that Jared can “do it right” if he really believes he loves Natalie. Jared enters to see Natalie. She asks him if he believes that his dad and her mom are getting married. She asks him if that is not a real Christmas present. He replies yes but is still awkward not knowing how to pretend to her that that is what really happened.

Mel comes to stand beside Dorian to observe her family all happily together for Christmas. She tells Dorian she is very lucky to be able to afford all of the material gifts that all the kids in her family want and need. Dorian replies that she had a very difficult year and maybe went a little overboard. But she wants to make Christmas right for her family. Mel informs Dorian that there was another kid who wanted just one z box. His father hustled to afford to buy him one but could not. And maybe Dorian should see that being able to afford several of them for the kids in her family when this boy cannot even have one is not ok. Hearing that, Dorian knows exactly whom Mel is talking about remembering her recent “interaction” wit Rex.

Bo and Matthew come to visit Rex, Gigi and Shane with presents. Shane admits that he is not entirely ok with his new “family”.

Marty and Cole talk alone about all that has happened recently. She tells him that she knows all that he has been though believing she was dead. And she wants to give him something special for Christmas. HE tells her she owes him no apology for anything she has done. She has been through hell for what Todd did to her. He then opens his gift to see that it’s a music box. He hugs her and tells her that Todd Manning can never take away who she is.

Todd tells Téa he does not want “company”. She asks him even at Christmas. He tells her especially during Christmas. She only made things worse for him. He doesn’t want to be there without Marty. And what she did to Marty in court was not ok. She asks if there is anything she can do to help him. He tells her that maybe she can help him by seeing if he can persuade Marty to forgive him.

Jared and Natalie exchange gifts. She still has no clue that he intends to propose to her. He has a funny tee shirt and socks for her. They laugh about how humorous exchanging gifts is. But at that point, he tells her that they have been through war together. And that is why he has never stopped believing in her nor that they could have the life together that they have both always wanted. He presents the ring in the box inside a stocking. She laughs. But when she sees the ring, she is in awe. He then gets down on one knee to declare that she is his soul mate, his best friend and the love of his life. And he asks her if she will marry him

Dorian and Blair open the “secret package” that appears on their doorstep. They discover that it’s Christmas gifts to Starr, Jack and Sam from Todd. Starr enters with Langston to show them gifts that Adriana gave to them. Starr asks her mother where the gifts that she and Dorian are opening came from. Blair replies they are form her (Starr's) father. Starr replies that she does not want them. But the boys may open their gifts. Addie observes her grandchildren and tells Blair that all children learn from examples.

Bo and Rex talk about how they can get Shane interested in attending ball games with them. Bo encourages Rex that spending time with them and having family around him is more important than gifts. Rex then concludes that Shane will obviously get over the fact that his father could not afford to buy him what he really wanted. Shane has had to do that throughout his life. At that point, Bo gives Rex a gift. Rex tells Bo he thought that they agreed that Bo would not spend any money on him for Christmas since he cannot afford to spend money for Christmas. But Bo shows Rex that his present to Rex is a shirt that he had when he was in the Viet Nam war. It makes him think of Rex. Right then, Roxy enters with Christmas gifts.

Cole tells Marty about their Christmas rituals when they and his deceased father were a family. He gives her a picture of the three of them. She admits she has no memory of their family but tells her son she will put it right by her bed. Cole then tells his mother that he wants to stop by and see Starr. He won’t be long. But she tells her son that it’s ok with her if he wants to spend time with Starr and to tell her Merry Christmas. Cole leaves. Nora then approaches Marty and tells her that it’s “just them”. She tells Marty she wishes that this could be a better Christmas. Marty tells Nora that it was not her fault. Todd was ready to plead guilty. Nora was on top of the case. And how did Nora know that Téa Delgado would just come out of nowhere and ruin their case?

Téa tells Todd that she knows nothing about Marty Saybrooke. All she knows is that Marty was going to prepare and very incriminating case against him. He then asks her if she believes that he is asking for the impossible. She replies that she understands all too well what it’s like to throw away all of your hopes and dreams away ne a person even though it seems there is no hope. She then asks him just what he is willing to do in order to win Marty’s forgiveness. Todd replies he is willing to do anything for that to happen.

After Jared notices that Natalie is a bit “startled” by his sudden proposal, he asks her if maybe she is having second thoughts. But she tells him yes. She happily jumps into his arms and tells him she will marry him. But she realizes that this now means that their respective parents are not really engaged.

Viki and Charlie go to Buenos Dias together. He asks her what it feels like to “pretend to be engaged”. She tells him that it feels great. And she smiles at him.

Roxy appears at Rex and Gigi’s home to bring them all of the presents. But she realizes that Rex, Gigi and Shane need to be alone. She leaves and Bo and Matthew leave with her.

Téa tells Todd that she can see that he really did love Marty. And at that time, when she believed in him. Marty loves him. She asks him to open the Christmas gift she has for him. But he hesitates. He opens it and sees a big sea shell. She tells him it’s not just a sea shell. She picked it up herself from a certain desert island. She tells him that they faced an impossible situation on that island. She saw him risk his life to get into a small canoe in the middle of the sea to get back to the people that mattered to him. She tells him that the Todd she knew was willing to face any odds to accomplish whatever he believed in. He always believed in himself. He hears what she says but tells her without Marty, no effort he makes in his life is worth it.

Nora and Marty talk about her future with her family and friends. And she gives Marty a diary. But at that point, Marty remembers writing in a diary all the thoughts and feelings she had about Todd. She remembers reflecting on how she believed Todd, like all people could leave his past behind and how all people can change. She does not know what to tell Nora. Nora then tells her she will go and talk to Nigel about dinner and see if she can get a hold of Clint on the phone.

Shane opens the gifts that Rex gave him. But he seems dissatisfied. He indicates that he expects a z box. Gigi and Rex tell him that Rex was not able to find him one. Rex apologizes. But Shane tells his father it’s ok. He realizes that Rex tried. But Rex can sense his son’s disappointment. Gigi tells Rex that Shane got to spend Christmas with his father, Bo and his nutty grandma. Who needs a “stupid game”? she says to him. But right at that moment, Rex gets an unexpected visit from Dorian. She presents him with the z box for Shane after being “enlightened” by Mel. But she tells Rex this will not change anything between them. She leaves

Téa tells Todd she understands all too well what it’s like to have your heart broken. But he must know that he has three great kids. He asks her if she did not hear Starr testify in court that she has disowned him and never wants to see him again. He tells her that this is Christmas and he should be able to celebrate. He needs to go and shower and get ready for dinner. And he needs to take his sea shell and listen so that he may hear something. Maybe there’s a clue. But he tells her he does not know what to do. It’s Christmas and he cannot call his children. He cannot tell them he loves them. He cannot give them a present. He cries. But she tells him that the kids know that he loves them. And since she has power of attorney over him. she took his money to buy his kids some fabulous presents. He says thank you. She tells Todd he must take care of himself and enjoy his Christmas somehow. And she leaves.

At Dorian’s, Starr answers the doorbell and sees Cole. She hugs him. Dorian enters and informs them that she went out to “run an errand”.

After Rex brings in the present from Dorian, Shane notices it and asks him what that is. Rex informs his son that miracles really can happen.

Right then, not far away, we see a person with bare legs and sandals walking into Llanview on a cane.

Natalie and Jared are happily together.

Viki and Charlie are at Buenos Dias. She asks if he thinks that their children are as happy as they are. He tells her he is wondering what to expect in the future. She replies by telling him with all that has happened recently, nothing would surprise her. And right at that moment, we see the person dressed like a biblical character with the sandals and the cane. And it’s David Vickers.

When Bo returns home, he gets a surprise visit from a man who tells him that he has a “gift” form Bo’s father”

Rex and Shane are interacting with the Z-box.

Todd showers and is again haunted to see Marty standing right by his bathroom mirror.

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