OLTL Update Tuesday 12/23/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/23/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

After the judge rules that Todd did not break the law for what he did to Marty, Starr stands up and informs him that her dad was going to kidnap her baby. At that point, Téa tells the judge that there is no proof to substantiate this charge. Miss Manning is displeased with the decision he made and angry at her father. But she has no grounds for her charges. Starr then stands up and tells them that she is 16 years old an had a baby. Her father admitted to her that he intended to steal hers’ and Cole’s baby and raise it. She tells the judge that even if Ms. Delgado proved that Todd did not break the law with what he did to Dr. Saybrooke, he was going to lie and tell her, her mother and Marcie McBain that Starr’s baby died so that he could steal the baby.

Viki and Natalie are ready to have a Christmas celebration. Natalie is happily talking to her mother about Jared. But neither have a clue about his intent to propose to her.

Meanwhile, Jared goes to see Clint to show him the engagement ring he plans to surprise Natalie with and ask for Clint’s blessing.

At Buenos Dias, Carlotta tells Antonio and Talia that she did not intend to be a part of Cristian’s wedding.. She is not going to observe her son’s “marriage” before God when it is not a real marriage. Right then, Talia admits to Antonio that this is not ok. Sarah has good reason to be furious having to watch her boyfriend marry another woman. Right then, Cristian and Vanessa come through the door. Antonio hugs his brother but can clearly tell that he is not ok.

In the courtroom, Starr protests that the only reason Todd did not go through with kidnapping her baby is because she is dead and John found him before he had a chance to take Marty and the baby away. Téa argue with Starr that Mr. Manning considered but did not go through with it when everybody believed the baby was alive and well. Nora tells the judge that she, Marty and Cole also know that Todd was going to kidnap the baby. Téa tells the judge that he cannot let Starr make these accusations. But the judge announces that he would like to hear what the young lady has to say. Blair asks the judge not to do this to her daughter. She admits that she has found this out for the first time and would like to talk privately to her daughter first. Starr admits to her mother that she was not going to tell her the big secret because it was between her and he father.

At Buenos Dias, Carlotta makes it very clear that he does not recognize Vanessa as her daughter in law. Cristian asks Antonio what their mother said about it. Antonio admits that he heard about the death threat and that is a police matter. Marrying Vanessa is not going to protect anybody from Ray Montez. And, not far away, there is a mysterious person looking at them through the window.

Jared tells Clint that he knows there was a time when Clint did not think too highly of him. But he hopes that it has passed. He wants to marry Clint’s daughter and would like Clint’s blessing.

Natalie tells her mother that when she was at the ranch, she talked to Jared and felt like she had everything she really wanted. Hearing that, Viki tells her daughter that she is not ok with the fact that she was not there. Tess could have killed both Natalie and Jared and endangered herself. She blames herself for how she treated Natalie not long ago. But Natalie tells her mother that she has the right to be human. Viki has a man who loves her, a beautiful granddaughter. And she has her daughter, Natalie reminds her.

At Buenos Dias, Antonio and Talia find the suspicious looking guy who is viewing them through the window and frisk him He tells them that he is a photographer. They search his belongings. But he protests that he does wedding and bar mitzvahs. Cristian comes outside and confirms to them that he called and hired him. He wanted to make it look real with some wedding pictures. Antonio asks his brother if this is really the way he wants to live his life. Vanessa comes out and asks them what is going on. Cristian tells her nothing. The photographer is there. And he goes inside with his “new wife”.

After Blair finds out that Todd admitted to Starr that he was going to take her baby from her, she tells her daughter that she cannot get involved in this case. She must know all the pain that her father caused her and Cole. And he sits there with no remorse as long as his lawyer can protect him. Starr tells her mother that is why she has to testify so that he pays.

In the courtroom, Cole tells Starr that he doesn’t want her to think that she has to “help” him because of how upset she saw him when she ran into him at Angel Square. She tells him that she is doing it because she has to. It’s for Hope. He then tells her that he did not intend to shoot her dad. He is her father and he is not a murderer. He knows that in spite of everything, Starr loves her father. She tells him that Todd does not love her. He intended to steal their baby because he could not stand the thought of Marcie raising her. He deserves to pay. Cole tells her that he does not want to go off the deep end because of his personal vendetta toward Todd Manning. She tells him that Todd deserves the consequences for what he did.

Blair shares with John that she is worried about her Starr having to go after her father after all that has happened to her. Why should she have to do all of this because the judge and Todd’s lawyer want to let him get away with his crime.

Natalie and Viki talk about Jared. Viki is ok with the fact that her daughter is seeing Jared. And Natalie admits to her mother that she and Jared haven’t even considered getting engaged, much less married, much less having kids.

Meanwhile, Clint and Jared talk about the engagement. Clint tells Jared that even thought he has had his differences with him, he knows that Jared has protected his daughter when they were locked in the basement together and nobody knew where they were. So Jared has his blessing.

In the courtroom, the judge calls Starr Manning to the stand. Nora asks Starr to tell the court with as much detail as she can about what her father intended to do in regard to the kidnapping. Starr asks Nora if she wants her to go through the whole history of Todd’s problem with her relationship with Cole and with everything. Nora tells her it would be very tempting to hear all of that. But she wants Starr to merely tell the court about the kidnapping. Again, Téa argues. Starr then testifies that she just recently heard from Dr. Saybrooke that Todd told her that she (Starr) agreed to let the two of them raise her baby together. Starr would never agree to anything like that. She intended to let Marcie McBain adopt her baby. Because her father hates Marcie and disapproves of his daughter’s relationship with Cole, he did this. She did not tell anybody what Marty confided in her until now because she did not want to smear her father. She tells the court that she “did” honor her father in the past tense. Todd stands up and tells her he is still her father. But she tells him and the entire court that he is not any more.

Talia tells Cristian that Sarah is ready to give up on him because of this “drastic measure” he went to in order to protect Vanessa and Lola. And she would not blame Sarah for dumping him.

Clint asks Jared just when he plans to “pop the question”. Jared admits he is not entirely certain. They part on gracious terms. And at that point, Matthew appears and admits that he overheard that Clint talking about an engagement ring.

In the courtroom, Nora asks Starr if she confronted her father after finding out that he intended to kidnap her baby, tell her that the baby died and raise it with Marty and lied to Marty about the whole thing. She admits that she asked him. He looked her right in the eye and admitted that he was going to steal her baby. Nora thanks Starr for her testimony and tells her there will be nothing further. Téa then tells the judge that as compelling as Miss Manning’s testimony is, it’s heresy. She tells them that Starr is a teenage girl who is furious at her father and wiling to stop at nothing. Nora asks if she is implying that Starr is lying. Téa asks Nora where there is proof that Starr is telling the truth. Nora tells her that Todd confessed himself that he was going to do that. But Téa tells the judge that there is no proof that Todd was really going to go through with the kidnapping. Nora tells him she will have no difficulty building a case with all the witnesses she has. The judge then rules that he will accept hearing the kidnapping case of Starr’s baby and will give Nora time to prepare her case.

Matthew reveals to Clint that when he heard the conversation and saw the engagement ring, he assumed that Clint is going to propose to his mom. Hearing that, Clint is not certain what to tell him.

Jared comes by Viki’s home. He finds a way to get Natalie to leave the room so that he can talk to Viki alone. She asks him what the big secret is.

In the courtroom, Téa tells the judge that there is no proof of kidnapping a baby when the baby no longer exists. Nora tells him that is so sensitive to put it like this. Téa says that this is not about political correctness. This is about the law. There is no legal evidence that her client intended to kidnap anybody. She protests that she must let Todd have a bail amount since she can personally guarantee he is not a flight risk. If there is a trial for kidnapping, she can guarantee that Todd will not skip town in the meantime. The judge then agrees to a bail amount. She then looks at Todd who is not happy. She tells him you’re welcome. She tells him he better not do anything stupid while she is gone and tells the guards if Todd does anything stupid while she is gone, they may shoot him. Todd then turns to see Blair, Nora, Starr, Cole and Marty all looking coldly at him and realizes he is not among friends. Marty tells Nora and John that the whole reason Starr thought she had to go through with this was because she (herself) had to be completely gullible. She did not question Todd nor ask to talk to Starr when he told her that Starr would let them raise her baby. She should have called when Todd let her use the phone. She should have more carefully researched the article about the rape. But she chose to live in the dark. They tell her that she and Starr both gave great testimonies and Todd will get what he deserves. Téa tells Todd she will go home with him and make certain he is ok.

At Buenos Dias, Vanessa tells Cristian she can see that his family is not ok with their fake marriage. He tells her they will come around. And he reminds her that they have to make this marriage look real as Téa advised them. They need to find out everything about each other. She then confides in him that she was born left handed. And she had to change and that is why her penmanship is so bad. She was born and raised in the mountains and always sleeps on the right side of the bed. He tells her so does he. She reminds him that now that they are married, he will have to share. He laughs.

Jared talks to Viki alone and informs her that this may sound a bit “sexist” But he went to talk to Clint alone before telling anybody else of his plans. He wanted to get his “blessing”. Hearing that, she asks if he means for Natalie’s hand in marriage. Jared replies yes. Hearing that, Viki smiles an hugs her future son in law.

After Matthew reveals to Clint that he got the idea that Clint is proposing to his mom, Clint “uses” that to ask Matthew how he would feel if Clint was his step father. Matthew replies that compared to his “last stepfather” Clint is “cake”.

Cole asks Starr about her conversation where Todd confessed that he and Cole’s mother were going to raise the baby together.

Téa takes Todd to his house.. She tells him that maybe he should not be alone. But he is very cold and ungrateful and tells her he wants to be alone. She then tells him that when people say he has not changed, they are wrong. He is worse. He tells her that he will call her in a couple days and give her the money he owes her. But he has no gratitude nor social courtesy. He walks up the stares of his dark and empty home.

Téa goes to Buenos Dias and congratulates the “happy couple’. She seems to be the only person happy about their wedding knowing she masterminded it. Antonio asks her if she has been “happy” with the outcome of her “other case”. She tells him of course. Todd got off on a technicality. He is home for the holidays and couldn’t be happier.

Right then, Todd returns to the bedroom that used to be Marty’s and observes the piano keyboard he gave her where she taught him to play the piano.

At Buenos Dias, Antonio tells Téa he needs to see the death threat. She shows it to him.

Matthew, Nora and Clint light a menorah

Natalie is wrapping and putting presents under the tree and looks like she wants to be unseen.

Cole observes the locket that Marcie gave to Starr and where Langston got some locks of baby Hope’s hair. Blair takes her daughter home. Cole finds John. John walks out the door with him.

Marty is alone in Nora’s home looking at the article about all the trouble Todd has gotten into.

Todd is alone in the empty bedroom with Marty’s old nightgown and presses his face against it.

Outside the Buenos Dias, Téa secretly calls Ray Montez and confirms that she got Cristian and Vanessa to marry so that Vanessa won’t be able to go anywhere. And she will be able to prove that Vanessa set Ray up. From prison, Ray tells Téa well done.

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