OLTL Update Monday 12/22/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/22/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the Angel Square Christmas festivity, Starr finds Cole and tells him she is just as angry as he is at Téa for letting her dad get away with raping his mom. But he walks off. She asks him where he is going. He replies that he is going to get a gun.

In the courtroom, Téa is not done yet. After getting the judge to drop the rape charge against Todd, she tells him that she wants to file charges against detective John McBain for illegal entry into her client’s home, assault and filing false charges against Todd. The judge tells her he will allow it. But she is on “a very short leash”.

Right then, Tess is in St. Anne’s sedated and sleeping. And Bess comes out to prevent Tess from finding out the truth about her baby.

Brody talks alone to the shrink about how Tess taunted him and caused him to have a breakdown. And they also both know that she has some of her own secrets.

Rex comes to visit Gigi with a bag of Christmas gifts. He looks happy and like he’s successfully accomplished his mission with the z box.

In the courtroom, Téa addresses John as Mr. McBain and points out that he is no longer a police detective or Lieutenant as he’s been fired from the Llanview police department. She asks him if prior to getting fired, had he not been prevented by the police department and by the city from pursuing the case to find Marty Saybrooke and assuming that she was living in Todd Manning’s home. He admits that may be true. Is it not true that he tried but failed to get a search warrant to search Todd’s home? He replies that’s true. She asks if the mayor through him in jail for trantrumming and demanding he be allowed to search Todd’s home for Marty Saybrooke. And she asks John if he and Ms. Saybrooke were once lovers. At that point, Nora calls objection that it is irrelevant and that John is not on trial. But the judge allows it. She asks John if he was not a bit personally involved in his situation and perhaps jealous that Ms. Saybrooke was choosing to be with MR. Manning whom he hates. She also asks John if he is not currently sleeping with Mr. Manning’s ex wife. He tells her that is irrelevant. She asks if John did not stage a hanging in order to get illegally sprung from jail in order to break into her client’s home. John admits that is true. But at that point, Marty stands up and demands that she stop. She tells her it does not matter what John had to do. He saved her from Todd.

Bess tells Tess that she knows how to handle and take control of everything. Tess demands to know what has happened to her baby. But Bess knows that neither Tess nor Jessica can know that the baby died.

Meanwhile, Viki and Clint are taking care of baby Chloe. And she tells him that she knows that there is some secret going on involving Jessica and the baby. And the reason why not only Tess, but a new alter, Bess came out has to have some relevance.

In Angel square, Cole tells Starr that he is not going to trust the system. Her dad has gotten away with what he did. But she tells him that he cannot take matters into his own hands.

After Marty stands up and demands that Téa leaves John alone, Nora and Blair urge her to sit down and assure her that Téa will not make the charge stick against John. Téa goes on to ask John more questions about the night when he “rescued” Marty from Todd. She asks him Marty was happy to see him. He admits no. Téa asks him if she rushed to him to get him to rescue her and take her away from Todd. John admits no. She asks if Marty was not afraid of him and if she did not believe that he was there to hurt her and that Todd was the man she loved and trusted. John admits that that is what Marty told him when he smashed through the window of her bedroom. And he confirms that Marty did not believe that John was her hero nor that Todd raped her until Todd told her that was what happened. Nora argues that Marty knew nothing about the situation. She had amnesia and was fed a bunch of lies by Todd. Téa asks John if he did not threaten and coerce Todd’s body guard to tell him where to find Marty. She asks John if he found that Marty had been hurt by Todd nor that she wanted him to save her from Todd. John admits no.

Cole tells Starr that if the law cannot make Todd Manning pay for what he did to Cole’s mom, then he has no choice but to take Todd out of this world. The world will be a lot better place with him.

Téa then asks John exactly what Marty did when she found out that he was there to “save her from Todd”. John admits that she pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. She asks if he did not pull a gun on Todd and assault him in his home. John admits yes. She asks if her client is not the only person who was unarmed. And she tells the court that if anybody should be brought up on charges, it should be the ex cop, John McBain for breaking into Todd Manning’s home and almost beating him to death.

Starr asks Cole if they did not make a promise never to let their parents keep them apart. And even if they are only just friends and with all that has happened, if he kills her dad, then, Todd’s life will be over. Cole’s life will be over. And her life will be over.

While Tess sleeps and dreams, she demands that Bess tells her what is going on. Bess tells her that she lost it when Lieutenant Lovett admitted what happened in Iraq in the therapy session and she could have gotten herself into lots of trouble by asking him to help her escape. Tess argues that Bess is full of crap. She knows that something happened to her baby. And she could have successfully gotten Brody to help her see her baby. Bess tells Tess that she always trust the wrong people. And she knows that Tess is barking up the wrong tree.

Brody talks to the shrink about the vision he keeps seeing of the boy he shot in Iraq. The shrink tells him that he has to face what is going on involving Gigi and Shane. Or else he will never stop being haunted by the vision of the boy in Iraq.

After Rex finds a way to buy the z box for Shane, he admits to Gigi that it put him in serious financial debt. He tells her that he is not making too much money with his PI job nor at Ultra Violet. He wanted to “do right” by Shane. But he realizes he was kidding himself. And he apologizes to her.

Brody admits to the shrink that he and Shane had a great relationship. They played many games together. He taught him many things. When Gigi was away, he took care of him and they were a father and son together. The shrink tells Brody that he knows that it has something to do with the boy in Iraq. And he asks if Tess told him that he would never be “free” of what happened to the boy.

In Jessica’s room, Bess tells Tess that she (Tess) does not need to worry about the baby nor knows what is best for her. Tess yells that even though she is in a straight jacket, she will stop at nothing in order to be with her baby. Right then, she has the memory of Bess holding the baby and assuring everybody that she will make certain that Tess remembers nothing and Jessica knows nothing about what really happened that night. Bess confirmed no more chaos and that everything is as it should be. She then tells Tess that “the baby is fine”. But she turns her head away from Tess as Tess demands to know what she means by what she keeps saying. What is really going on?

Clint asks Viki why it is that Jessica would want to be prevented from seeing Chloe when nobody is preventing her from doing so. Viki rationalizes that she can only imagine what happened when their daughter went into labor all by herself. Jessie could have bled to death. Chloe could have died. And so Tess may just be having a hard time believing that the baby is ok.

Cole tells Starr that he has nothing to lose from killing Todd. But she tells him that he will go to prison. She asks if he knows what it’s like to live in prison. She has gone to visit people in prison. It’s not the place where he wants to live. And she cannot lose the best friend she ever had in her entire life. That baby belonged to both of them. And if he is not there then she is all alone.

In the courtroom, Téa asks John if when he “swung” into Marty’s room, did he have an arrest warrant or anything. John admits that the mayor prevented him from going near Todd’s home. She asks if he acted illegally. And she affirms that he must have been with the police force long enough to know the law. He tells her that it was the only way to prevent her client from doing what he intended to do. And if he had it to do over again, he’d have done the same thing. John sits down. Téa then tells the judge that even if all of the people believe that they want to charge Todd, they need to know that this case could be appealed and very possibly overturned. Nora tells the judge that if Mr. Manning hadn’t been prevented from what he was going to do, nobody knows what he could have done to Ms. Saybrooke. She would have never been able to see her family again nor know the truth. Téa is then ready to argue. But Todd tells the judge that even if he allows Téa to prove more evidence, he won’t let her do so. The judge then reminds Todd that this is his courtroom and he will make the decisions. Téa then tells Todd that he needs to know that he was good to Marty, had no intention of ever hurting her. And he can’t let these people convince him or convince the judge otherwise. Téa then calls Marty to the witness stand again. She asks her when John arrived at Todd’s home, what did she do? Marty admits that she hid because Todd told her it was necessary and that John caused her accident. After Marty answers that question by explaining that Todd lied to her about John, Téa asks Marty if anybody else heard Todd tell her that. Marty admits no. Téa asks Marty if she was prevented from leaving his house, making calls or getting police protection from him. Nora objects. But Marty then remembers Todd pulling out his cell phone and letting her use it to “call” anybody she wanted and leaving it with her by her beside table just in case she changed her mind. Téa asks Marty if Todd ever prevented her from walking out the door. And she remembers Todd once urging her to leave “before it’s too late”. Marty replies that Todd brainwashed and programmed her into believing she could not leave. But Téa tells Marty that she had ample opportunity to get away from Todd. But she chose not to because she was in love with him.

Cole asks Starr what he is supposed to do. She tells him that he can go to the hearing and sit with all of the people who want her dad to pay. And they will do this together. She won’t leave him nor prevent him from getting the justice he wants and needs. She promises.

Nora protests to the judge that Todd told her that she had no kids. She had no knowledge of her son. He also told her that John tried to kill her. And since Marty was stuck and crippled and had no memory of anything, what else could she have believed? Téa tells the judge that even if her client lied to her and withheld important information about Ms. Saybrooke's life, his actions may be unethical. But they are not illegal. Mr. Manning has been tortured by what has happened to Ms. Saybrooke. She knows that Ms. Saybrooke knows that. And she moves for all charges to be dropped against her client. Nora argues. The judge tells them both that he has to call a recess and court will be reconvened. Nora then tells Marty that she (Marty) was really great. And she does not know how Téa sleeps at night. Todd and Téa are pretty satisfied that they may have won their case. John privately tells Blair he is very worried that the judge might rule in favor of Todd. And she asks him just what he will do if that happens.

Cole goes to court to see his mom. She tells him she is so sorry for being angry at him for pushing her to get her memory back. He tells her he will be there for her. The judge then reenters, orders everybody to sit and announces that he has made his decision.

Gigi asks Rex why he went to such drastic measures hocking everything he owned in order to finance the z box. He tells her that he checked all over town and there were no more z boxes available before Christmas until Layla “tipped him off” as to where to find them. And he stumbled across Dorian Lord of all people walking through Angel Square boasting and taunting him that she could afford several of them to give to all the children in her family. SO he was out of luck. And then, low and behold, when he was in the diner, he noticed a woman and a child with a z box. The woman went to the bathroom and left it unattended. She then asks him if he stole the z box.

Brody talks more to his shrink about losing his son to Rex.

Tess demands to know what Bess did to her baby. Bess tells her that she cannot tell her that because once she finds out, it’s too late to undo what will happen. She tells Tess if she finds out, she will regret it for the rest of her life.

In the courtroom, the judge tells everybody that he understands that Mr. Manning “took advantage” of Ms. Saybrooke's circumstances. He understands Detective McBain’s frustration with the legal system and his need to help Ms. Saybrooke. But Ms. Delgado has proven that Ms. Saybrooke had means and opportunity to leave Mr. Manning’s home. She was not held prisoner. He realizes that Mr. Manning lied. But lying is not an actionable offense. From what he has heard, Ms. Saybrooke was staying in Mr. Manning’s home of her own free will. So he is dismissing all rape and kidnapping charges against the defendant. He tells Todd it is with deep regret that he has to tell him that he is free to go. He tells Todd that he is clearly a very sick and troubled individual and he urges Todd to seek help. But right at that point, Starr stands up and tells him that he does not know everything that her father has done. Neither does Téa. And neither do most of the people in this courtroom. She announces that Todd was going to steal her baby. And she looks straight at her father. Everybody is stunned.

After Gigi asks Rex if he stole the unattended box form the woman and her child at the Buenos Dias, he tells her that there was a time when he might have done something like that. But he could not bring himself to do this. He was desperate and the truth hurts that he tried and failed to give Shane the material item that he wanted. But, he tells her, that maybe a new skateboard would suffice. He then pulls out some colored pens for Shane’s comic books. And some other items. But she reminds him that he forgot a soccer ball. At that point Rex is ready to rush out the door. But she urges him to know that he is kidding. He tells her that that bitch Dorian had to taunt him. She tells him that Dorian has to live with being Dorian. And they don’t need any stinking z box. She and Shane have more than they have ever had before. They have him.

Brody tells the shrink that his life is ruined now that he took the life of a child. Tess was right. He is going to hell. But the shrink urges him not to think that. He tells her that Tess is ruthless and desperate to get his help so that she can see her children and she knows how to manipulate him. He tells the shrink he understands that. Sometimes he feels that way and Shane is not even his.

While Tess is on the bed confined in her straight jacket after Bess had warned her that if she finds out the truth about her baby, she will regret it for the rest of her life, Bess reminds her that she looks scared. She then urges Tess to let Jessica out and realize that these two little girls need their mother. At that point, Tess does not argue.

Viki, Clint and Chloe are together in the house with the gifts they have given their infant granddaughter. They hang the ornament that Clint gave her. And Viki welcomes her to the family.

At that point, Jessica awakens and demands to know that happened and what Tess did.

After Starr bursts into the courtroom to charge her father with intent to kidnap her baby, Téa tells the judge that there is no evidence of that. But Starr argues that yes, there is. He confessed to her that he was going to do that. At that point, everybody is silent in the courtroom.

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