OLTL Update Friday 12/19/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/19/08


Written By Jennifer S.

In the courtroom, after Téa has proven to the judge that she has the right to present her case against the prosecution so that she can attempt to defend Todd, she calls Marty to the stand and asks her a very relevant question. She reminds Marty that she has just taken an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And so she would like Marty to tell the truthful answer of whether she is in love with Todd. Hearing that, Nora calls objection and asks for relevance. Téa replies that that question is of absolute relevance. The witness’s state of mind during the alleged rape has everything to do with whether her charges are credible or not.

Right when Rex is ready to find the last z box that is available in any of the local stores before Christmas, he notices that Dorian has already purchased it. And he tells her that there has got to be a way to get her to get that “z box off her hands”.

Langston and Markko are dressed in their formal wear and ready to attend Vanessa and Cristian’s wedding. Markko asks her if she really thinks this is going to work, as everybody knows it’s a fake marriage. She tells him that she believes that it will enable her cousin to stay in the US among friends and family.

Vanessa and Cristian are both getting ready but not as certain. Sarah is staying away from Cristian out of obligation and clearly not ok with what has happened. But she finds a way to meet him at Buenos Dias before the wedding.

In the courtroom, Nora argues that asking whether Marty was in love with Todd is irrelevant and similar to spousal and date rape. But Téa argues that if she finds out the answer to that question, she can establish whether Marty is telling the truth about the rape or merely attempting to railroad her client. The judge says he will allow it. Téa asks Marty again if she is in love with Todd Manning. Marty replies to that question with a no. She tells her she is not in love with Todd Manning. Not anymore.

After Rex tells Dorian that he has to find a way to get a hold of a z box, she asks him if he does not have better things to do than to play with video games. He protests that it is for Shane. He cheeked out every electronics store in the town. She tells him there is always next year. He tells Dorian that he gave Shane his word. In response to that, Dorian tells Rex as if his word means anything.

After Marty replies, under oath that she is “no longer” in love with Todd, Téa asks her if she ever was in love with Todd. Marty then realizes that she cannot truthfully answer that question without diminishing credibility in charging Todd with rape.

Sarah goes to meet Christian at Buenos Dias before his wedding to Vanessa. He tells her she must know that he loves her. She tells him even so this whole situation is crap. She knows that he is the hero. She gets that. But she is not going to be “that girl who waits by the phone”. He tells her that he does not expect that of her. But he has to “do this”. She tells him that he always has a choice. And he is choosing to throw away their relationship for Vanessa and Lola. He protests that they were threatened. She saw the death threat. But she asks how they would be any safer if he married Vanessa. And she tells him that she cannot accept what he did.

In the courtroom, Marty replies to Téa’s question by admitting that she “once had feelings” for Todd. Téa asks her just when her “feelings” for Todd started. Did it start when she first met him in college? Marty admits that she had no memories of anything that happened before the accident. Téa asks her if these “recent feelings” for him developed when she was staying at his home after the accident. And she would like a yes or no answer. Marty admits that was true when she believed false information about Todd. Téa then asks Marty if, during these times when she had these “feelings” for Todd if they had sex. Marty admits yes. Nora replies that they have already established that Dr. Saybrooke had sex with Todd. We also know that she was in his home brainwashed with no memory under false pretenses. Téa argues that she can prove that nothing that her client did in regard to Ms. Saybrooke fits the legal definition of rape.

Langston and Markko go to visit Vanessa and Lola before the wedding. Langston tells her cousin that she is very surprised. But Vanessa tells her step daughter and Langston that maybe they should not get their hopes up. It’s entirely possible that Cristian will change his mind. And she asks her step daughter to realize how generous Cristian is being to them.

Sarah demands to know how long she will have to “wait” for Cristian. And she is tired of being the “bad guy” because she wants him back. But he tells her that they can make this work. She tells him she does not think they can. He then asks her if that means that this is it. She replies that he does not want to keep “his bride waiting”. He then goes out the door.

Rex tells Dorian that he gets it that she is angry at him for breaking up with Adriana. But why take it out on Shane? She tells him that she is not responsible for making his family happy after what he did to her daughter. He tells her he knows that he hurt Adriana. He broke her heart. She tells Rex thank God she is a Cramer and is getting her life together. And she is launching a new line as they speak. Rex tells Dorian that he did love Adriana. But he and Gigi fell in love long ago and had a kid. Why can’t she accept that? She tells him the reason is because she will never forgive anybody who hurts one of her children. And now that he is a parent, maybe he will understand that.

In the courtroom, Nora argues that she has established the legal definition of rape by the fact that Marty Saybrooke was suffering from amnesia. At that point, Cole stands up and announces that Todd kept his mother from him. He and everybody who knew and loved her believed that she was dead. And she didn’t even know that he existed. She lost her entire memory about everything. And Todd exploited that. Nora then tells the judge that that was Dr. Saybrooke's son who just stood up and spoke. And although out of order, he has made her point for her. She asks how it would be possible for Dr. Saybrooke to give her consent when vital facts were kept from her. She had no clue that Todd Manning raped and endangered her years ago. And the reason she did was because Todd kept her in his home with an armed guard and lied to her. He committed fraud. He would not even truthfully admit to her that she had a son. But Téa argues that proving rape in regard to amnesia is ambiguous at best. People lie to other and have sex with people all the time. And that does not give grounds to the people to whom they’ve lied and has sex with to charge them with rape. But right when it looks as though Téa is proving her case against Marty’s credibility, Todd stands up and tells the judge that he cannot let Téa do this to Marty. At that point, Téa calls to the judge to tell him that she wants to talk to her client alone. She then whispers to Todd that if he does not want to suffer some serious consequences, he better shut up and let her do her job. At that point, the judge asks her if she is “done speaking to her client”. She replies yes.

Not far away, Vanessa, Lola, Langston and Markko are getting ready for Vanessa’s wedding to Cristian.

ON the witness stand, Téa then asks Marty if she had a chance to access a computer in Todd’s home when she was staying with him. She replies yes. Téa asks her exactly what she sought and found. Marty then answers that she sought and found an article about the rape. Téa asks her exactly when she saw that article in question. Marty admits that it was before John discovered her in Todd’s home and during the time when she chose to stay with Todd. Téa asks her why it is that if she was completely aware that Todd had raped her, then why did she willfully stay with him? Marty answers that she had no clue that Todd was one of her attackers.

Not far away in the courtroom, Sarah goes to find Vanessa and coldly congratulates Vanessa for taking her boyfriend.

Téa concludes to the court that Marty allegedly spent months trying to find out about her past. And when she finally found out the information she needed, she chose to stay living in the dark. At that point, Marty has the flashback of when she was with Todd confirming that she wanted to leave the past behind. Téa asks Marty if the reason she did not want to find out more about her previous association with Todd or the rape was because she was in love with him. Nora calls objection and tells the judge that the counsel is leading the witness. But Téa protests that this establishes credibility (or more accurately lack of it) in the rape case.

Rex tells Dorian that she is “so right” in wanting to make him pay for what he did to her daughter. If he had a similar situation of some “hoochie mama” hurting his son, he might behave the same way she is doing toward him. SO he will pay her whatever she wants for the z box to give to Shane.

In the courtroom, Téa asks Marty just exactly what she did when she had sex with Todd and declared that she loved him. Marty then remembers wearing a black dress and high shoes that Todd bought for her. But she does not want to admit what she did. Téa tells the judge he must instruct the witness to answer the question. Marty then remembers Todd telling her that he was thinking that this woman deserves everything good in life. He thinks he knows from looking in her eyes how she feels about him. And he tells her that she has to “stop” it. Marty admits that Todd told her that she had to let him go. She clarifies that Todd told her that she deserved better than him. Téa then asks Marty just what she did in order to make Todd “feel better about himself”. Marty hesitates to answer but remembers affirming to Todd that she was in love with him. She followed him up the stairs, kissed him, told him she wanted a life with him. And it was she who initiated sex with him. Téa asks Marty if that is, in fact, what happened. At that point, Nora calls objection. But Téa protests that she has to find out the facts since her client is being charged with rape. Marty then admits that she told Todd that he is not the “Same man” who he admitted to her that he used to be when they knew each other in the past. She told Todd that she believed he could not possibly hurt her. But Nora argues that Ms. Saybrooke had amnesia. Mr. Manning lied to her. Téa then asks Marty after she told Todd that she trusted him, did the two of them make love? She does not want to answer but tells Téa if only she knew whom he really was, she would have run screaming or calling for help. Téa then asks her if she ever ran screaming or made any attempt to call for help. Did Todd prevent her from leaving or calling the cops or getting away from him? Marty hesitates to answer. Téa then concludes to Marty that she chose not to do that when she had a chance because Todd did not rape her. They made love. She was in love with Todd. Marty then cries and breaks down and screams that she did not know. At that point, Téa moves to dismiss the rape charge against her client. Nora objects. But Téa affirms that Ms. Saybrooke admitted that she initiated sex with Mr. Manning. So that confirms that there was not rape. Nora asks the judge to please not let this man get away with what he did. But the judge tells Nora he is sorry but Ms. Delgado has established her case and the rape charge is dismissed. Marty looks devastated and Cole is ready to stand up and protest.

Sarah sees Vanessa putting on her make up in the lady’s room and tells her if she thinks she is going to take Cristian away form Sarah, she has another thing coming. But she encourages her not to miss her wedding.

In the courtroom, after the judge rules in favor of Todd, Cole stands up and says he cannot do this. Todd raped his mom. Marty then runs out of the room. Todd calls to her and attempts to run after her. Nora tells him he better not think he’s going to touch her or she will slap an assault charge on him. Cole tries to find her with John, Blair and Starr behind him. But she tells her son there is nothing he can do. Starr follows Cole when he goes after his mother.

Rex “bargains” with Dorian that he will sign over Ultra Violet to her. He will pay her money through the ceiling. He will offer several free dye jobs at Foxy Roxy’s for her. But she smugly tells him no can do. She has several of them. One for Jack. One for Sam. And one for Starr. He asks if kids are not supposed to share. She smirks and tells him not on Christmas day in her house.

Blair finds Marty in the bathroom. Marty is pouring water over her face and remembering all of her “romantic encounters” with Todd. Blair tells her she knows all too well how hard it is to get Todd out of your mind and out of your life. He has that affect on her also.

Vanessa and Cristian both appear in the courtroom. The judge tells them that everybody is ready for the ceremony. All they now need are two witnesses of legal age. Markko stands up to inform the judge that he is 18. Yet, Langston cannot be a witness since she is only 16. At that point, Sarah enters and tells Cristian they must hurry up before she changes her mind to agree to be the 2nd witness.

Rex struggles with Dorian to find a way for her to sell him the z box. But she taunts him.

In the lady’s room at the courthouse, Blair tells Marty that she believed for so many years that Todd would change. He pulled the wool over her eyes, fooled and manipulated her so many times. Téa is being manipulated by him in a similar manner. And she is using the excuse of doing her job. Marty tells Blair thank you but nothing she can say will make this al right. Blair then turns to Marty and tells her that she would not wan to see her lose more of her life because of this and she wants to help her if she will let her.

Inside the courtroom, Nora asks Téa just how much farther she wants to go with letting Todd wrap her around her little finger. Téa replies that she was just doing her job. And if Nora had done her job a little better, then she’d have a trial to prepare for. Nora tells her they are still going to trial. Nora reminds Téa that she must be careful. Todd punched her in the face once. She leaves. Téa and Todd are then alone in the courtroom.

Dorian returns home to prepare Christmas dinner and laughs at the fact that she was able to prevent Rex from having the Christmas he wanted.

Rex returns to Buenos Dias to call a contact who works in electronics and tells them they can have an unlimited tab at UV if they can find a way for him to purchase a z box. But right then, not far away, he notices a mother and a child with a z box in a package. She takes her child to the bathroom and leaves it unattended.

In the courthouse, the judge performs the wedding ceremony for Cristian and Vanessa and declares them husband and wife.

Starr goes after Cole and attempts to talk to him after what has happened in the courtroom.

The judge calls for the court to convene. Téa stands up and tells the judge that she has more business to bring to his attention. She wants to address false kidnapping charges that were filed against her client. And the first witness she wants to call to the stand is Detective John McBain.

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