OLTL Update Thursday 12/18/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/18/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Todd sleeps in his jail cell when the guard informs him that he has company. Todd asks who it is. The guard replies that she says her name is Margaret. At that point, Todd jumps up and rushes to see Marty assuming that it is she who has come to visit him.

At Buenos Dias. Antonio informs his mother and brother that he just found out that Téa showed up in town to represent Todd Manning. He knew that that was why she showed up clear out of the blue so unexpected after being gone for so long. At that point, Cristian informs them that he is getting married. Hearing that, Carlotta instantly assumes that her son is marrying Sarah. She tells him that is great news. But he clarifies that he and Sarah have broken up and he is marrying Vanessa. Hearing that, Antonio spits out his coffee.

At another table, Noelle goes to wait on Rex who is sitting alone at a table engrossing in his lap top trying to find a way to give Shane the Christmas he’s always wanted. He informs her that he is ready to stop at nothing in order to be able to give his son a Z box for Christmas. Hearing that, Noelle admits she has never heard of anything so expensive.

At Dorian’s, she is going through all of the expensive things she wants to buy for her family. Cole and Starr appear and inform her that they are going to Todd’s trial. And she better not even try to talk them out of it.

Blair finds John in the park and shows him the newspaper article that lets everybody know that Téa Delgado has agreed to represent Todd at his trial. And he might go fee with Téa’s cunning legal expertise

While Téa is on the phone to her private contact, Marty snatches the phone out of her hands and demands to know why she is representing Todd.

When Todd jumps up from his jail cell bed assuming that Marty has come to visit him after he’s heard that somebody identifies themselves as Margaret, he turns and is startled to notice a different Margaret. It’s Margaret Cochran.

Rex admits to Noelle that he is willing to sell everything so that he can finance the z box for Shane. She tells him that maybe he is going to extremes. But he tells her that he has not been able to be a father to Shane. But she tells him that everybody knows that that is not his fault. He tells her that he knows that Shane has had this idea all his life that his father is a hero. And he must be the hero for him that he believed that Brody was.

After Carlotta finds out that Cristian has “broken up” with Sarah and is engaged to Vanessa, she in admitting why he did it. She leaves. Alone with his brother, Antonio asks Cristian to tell him what is really going on.

Sarah goes to the coffee shop and admits to Talia and Layla that she and Cristian are done. They ask her how that could happen. She replies that he married Vanessa., It’s only a “convenience marriage”. But she has to get out of their lives or else she will be responsible for Vanessa and Lola being deported and killed.

After Marty demands that Téa tell her why it is that she would represent Todd, all Téa can tell her is that all defendants have the right to their day in court. Marty reminds Téa of the terrible things that Todd has done to her throughout the time they were together. And she demands to know why she would want to help him get away with hurting another woman.

Moe appears in Dorian’s kitchen noticing that Starr and Cole are depressed and knows the perfect meal for them. He asks them to sit down. Dorian asks Cole how his mother is. He glumly tells her she is great. The amnesia has not gone away. And now this crazy lawyer is going to let Todd get away with what he did to her. Dorian admits that she knows all about Téa Delgado. She is ruthless and driven and has a very peculiar bond with Todd. And she certainly wants to help them find out what is up. Starr reflects that Téa appeared really nice to them at the courthouse. But she still does not trust Téa. Dorian then tells Starr that she can see that she is a Cramer. She has instincts and she must trust them. She then asks Starr and Cole if they believe that their presence in the courtroom is going to change anything. She tells Cole that his mother is a very sensitive and loving person and is suffering with amnesia. Maybe he should give his mother some space. Starr then tells her aunt that she cannot sit back and let her dad get away with what he has done.

After Blair shows John the article about Téa representing Todd, she tells him that it’s unbelievable how she could come out of nowhere in order to help Todd. She wishes she knew the reason why and what is really up Téa’s sleeve.

When Todd sees Margaret Cochran, he demands to know what she wants. She tells him she wants him. He tells her he does not want her. She raped him. She then reminds him that he raped Marty but Marty forgave him and gave him another chance. And that is all she (Margaret) wants from him. He tells her he wants her out of his life. But she taunts him telling him it’s too late. She is already in his head.

At Buenos Dias, Rex shares with Noelle that he cannot imagine how Gigi has had to struggle to raise and provide for Shane all by herself, without any help throughout his life. She shares with him that she has been there during many of those Christmas’s when Gigi struggled to come up with enough money. She had to pull in extra shifts waitressing just so that she could have the Christmas gifts for her son. She still could not afford any of those expensive electronic doo dad’s that so many kids have. She shares with him that once Gigi saved up $500 from working just so that she could have the Christmas that she and Shane always wanted. But then Shane had an asthma attack. Her insurance would not cover it. She had to pay the hospital bill and it wiped her out so she could not afford any Christmas gifts for anybody. She caught Gigi in the bathroom at the restaurant crying her eyes out with a dish towel. Hearing that, Rex is even more unsettled about his failure to give his son the Christmas gift that Shane has missed out on throughout his life.

Antonio tells Cristian that his “plan” to marry Vanessa in order to prevent her from being deported is insane. He cannot throw away his future with Sarah and have a fake marriage with a woman he barely knows and hasn’t a clue if he can even trust. Cristian protests that Vanessa has gotten death threats and she and Lola could be killed if they have to return to South America.

Layla asks Sarah if Cristian went in front of an immigration judge and “saved the day” for Vanessa by offering to marry her right when Sarah was with him. Why? Sarah replies that it was to protect Vanessa from the threats of going back to South America. Talia then tells Sarah that there is one problem with this whole plan besides the fact that it’s illegal. The “threat” to Vanessa is not in South America. It’s right there. And all three of them inquire just whom this “Téa Delgado” person is who came out of nowhere who is shaking up the town as the dastardly lawyer who will stop at nothing to show how great she is at her job.

Blair tells John that she is very worried about how “dangerous” Téa is not just with the fact that she’s defending Todd. She is ruining Blair’s kids’ lives and preventing them from getting on with their lives. And she has a flashback of a “cat fight” among two women where one of them went through a window.

Todd sees Margaret Cochran taunting him about how he’s going to have his “comeuppance” But at that moment, he finds out that he has been asleep and dreaming when the guard awakens him to tell him that he has to get up and get ready for his trial.

While awaiting the trial, Marty demands to know how it is that Téa willfully chose to defend Todd having the history with him and knowing all about him. She knew nothing about Todd but Téa knows all about his dastardly history. Téa replies that she found, when with Todd in the past, that he can be very charming. She admits that she may have underestimated her ability to walk away from Todd when she was with him years ago. Hearing that, Marty tells Téa that she did not have the choice of walking away from Todd. He lied to her and made her believe that she had no friends or anything else in her life besides him. So that is why she believes that Todd raped her all over again. And she demands to know, again, how it is that Téa could defend him. Téa then goes up and looks Marty in the face and asks her if she (Marty) is merely jealous of the fact that Todd was once all hers’ (Téa’s). At that point, Marty smacks Téa really hard and Téa almost falls to the floor. Right then, Nora walks in to see what has happened.

Moe and Dorian are really certain that they have the perfect cuisine waiting for Starr and Cole when they come home form their trial if they are hungry. They say thank you but leave. Alone with Moe, Dorian asks him if he wants to come shopping with her. He replies to her that already “has everything he needs”.

Right then, Noelle and Rex talk at Buenos Dias about how he has gotten really caught up in financial woes and been pressured to make money. She doesn’t seem as worried about money, never having had any. He asks her if she knows anybody who might want to buy his CDs and all the things of monetary value that he could hock in order to afford to purchase the Christmas present for Shane.

Sarah tells Talia and Layla that this Téa person is not the “threat”. She’s just a lawyer. It’s Vanessa who is dangerous. She walks around half naked and hugs Cristian and acts like she really “wants” him. She asks them if they think she is being jealous and selfish and paranoid and if they disagree that if he does this, then she must break up with him. They both reply no.

Antonio tells Cristian that he knows that Téa must be behind this whole bogus marriage between Cristian and Vanessa.

After Nora sees Marty haul off and smack Téa before the hearing starts, she asks her to calm down. Blair and John and everybody enter and tell Téa that they believe that Marty had good reason to smack her. Marty was brainwashed and lost her memory, Blair reminds Téa. That is why she trusted Todd. But, she demands to Téa, what is her (Téa's) excuse. Téa then knows she is not exactly “among friends”. Todd finds his lawyer and asks her what happened. She tells him that his “girlfriend” went off on her. And she tells him he better shut up and let her do her job. Right then, the judge enters and asks everybody to sit while the trial starts.

Antonio tells Cristian that he is really making a bad choice marrying Vanessa for this reason. Cristian protests that Vanessa is a nice person. She saved his life. Antonio asks his brother if he really believes that he is going to be able to pull off this scam with Vanessa. Does he not believe that Vanessa might want to “show her gratitude” and want to get him in bed?. He tells his brother he must know that he is playing with fire. He is going to have immigration all over him ready to nail him for fraud. He has Vanessa whom he doesn’t even have reason to trust with his life in her hands. And what is he going to do about losing Sarah over this?

After Sarah leaves the coffee shop, Layla asks Talia if she believes that “this whole death threat thing” is real. Talia replies that she does not know. But she is going to go down to the station and see what she can find out. Layla ask Talia if she believes that maybe Cristian might have “something going on” with this woman. Talia tells her she hasn’t a clue. But if she were Sarah, she would not let Vanessa near her man. She would not trust her. Right then, Rex enters and appears frustrated. Layla asks him to cheer up and know that it’s Christmas. But he tells her it is not Christmas in his home. He found out that all the local stores have sold out of the Z box.

After Moe tells Dorian that he does not need to shop nor make money because he has everything he needs, she asks him if he really meant that. He tells her of course. She tells him that he is an artist in the kitchen. He obviously strives for fame and fortune. He tells her that may be. But he does not have to own it. He is not caught up in possessions and material wealth. He has a job and a place to live and a beautiful woman who makes him laugh. He has everything that money cannot buy. She tells him he is very lucky. He asks her if she has ‘anybody on her list”. Any “special fellow”? She replies yes. She had Mel. He was her husband. He died in a plane crash and nobody ever found him. She still misses him and will always love him. He tells her he must get back to work. She then asks him if he could special order some of those organic Clementine’s. They were heavenly. Moe obediently agrees to do what his “Boss” asks. Yet he reveals that he is a lot happier than Dorian is.

In the courtroom, Téa tells the judge that she moves to have all charges against her client dropped under the grounds that the commonwealth has not built a credible case against him... Right then, Marty, Nora, Blair, Starr and Cole all look at her with the evil eye. She says that the commonwealth ha no evidence to support its case. Nora argues that there is extensive evidence. There’s an eye witness. Téa tells the judge that they must be able to declare a mistrial. She says the entire “campaign” against Mr. Manning is motivated by a personal vendetta that people have against him. And the prosecution’s “eye witness” has no credibility. At that point, the judge seems to want to listen to Téa and tells Nora that if she is really prepared, she does not need any more time in order to prepare her case nor her eye witness.

After Rex informs Layla that he has tried and failed to find a Z box for Shane, she tells him that he needs to know that not everybody can afford things like that. He tells her that after all that this kid has been through. Having no dad throughout his life. Having a man whom he believed was his dad in a mental hospital. Then finding out his real dad is him (Rex). At that point, Layla tells Rex that she knows of a dealer who can sell him a z box. Rex then runs out the door and concludes that she has saved his life.

Antonio tells Cristian that by getting married he is not only breaking the law. He is becoming a target. He informs his brother that before Ray Montez got sent away, he informed the cops that Vanessa set him up and warned Antonio that she could do the same to Cristian. Their mother approaches their sons to ask what they are privately discussing. Antonio reminds his brother that their mother could also be in danger because of what Cristian has pulled.

In the courtroom, Nora knows Téa will now put Marty on the stand even if she’s ill prepared. Marty assures Nora she can do this. Téa talks to Todd alone and finds out that he may have no confidence in her ability or diligence to help him. At that point, Téa announces that the defense calls Marty Saybrooke to the stand. Marty then stands up and gets sworn in. Todd observes her and looks very uncomfortable and intimidated.

Right then, Rex enters the park and finds the “z box” guy whom Layla has referred him to. But the guy tells him he just managed to sell his last z box to “somebody”. And she’s right over there. Rex then turns and notices that Dorian has just purchased the last z box.

Antonio tells Cristian that he has a good thing with Sarah and he cannot blow it. Cristian does not know what to say or do. Antonio walks away. Sarah then enters to face her boyfriend.

After Marty gets sworn in, Téa approaches her. She reminds Marty that she (Marty) swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Marty confirms that she did. Téa then tells her that here is the truth: She then asks Téa if she (Marty) is in love with the defendant, Todd Manning. Marty stares at Todd and avoids Téa’s eyes and reveals that she cannot answer that question. Everybody watches her anticipating what she will say.

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