OLTL Update Wednesday 12/17/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/17/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At Todd’s trial, during recess, Téa attempts to act cordial to Starr and introduce herself to Cole. But he tells her that he thinks it’s despicable that she is grandstanding in order to let Todd Manning get away with what he did to his (Cole’s) mother. She responds by telling Cole that she is a lawyer and all people have the right to due process under the law. He tells her that he has heard that she has been one of Todd Manning’s little “play things” not unlike his mother was. If she wants to make that choice in regard to Todd, that’s her business. But he won’t let her or Todd hurt his mother.

After the judge informs Cristian and Vanessa that she has no choice except to be deported, Cristian steps in and announces that he will marry Vanessa.

Rex, Gigi and Marcie take Shane to see Santa Claus and it looks like they know the man dressed in the beard and red suit.

Natalie and Jared are wondering what to do for Christmas and are happy that they are together.

Right when Tess agrees to sleep with Brody in exchange for his “help” in getting out of there in order to see her children, the doctor catches them together.

At the coffee shop, Langston and Markko are awaiting the verdict about whether Lola and Vanessa will be deported. She tells him that she does not trust the decisions of a judge. That man almost put her life in the hands of a criminal whom she did not even know. But he tells her that she must know that the right decision can be made. She tells him that she almost got shipped off to another country and taken away form all of her friends just because some judge said so. And the same thing could be happening to Lola.

The judge asks Cristian if he and Vanessa re really engaged to be married. Cristian then looks to face Sarah and replies that he knows that it appears to be a surprise but they have been planning on it for a long time. The judge tells Cristian that from where he is sitting, it looks an awful lot like fraud.

After Cole and Starr confront Téa Delgado, she tells Cole she wishes that they could have met through different circumstances. He tells her that she cannot let Todd get away with raping his mother all over again. She tells him that she knows that Todd has made mistakes. But he has the right to a fair trial. She tells them both that she is sorry for their loss and she has to go.

Rex asks “Santa” if he could find him all of the electronics and gifts he needs for Christmas. And they find that the Santa is Bo. He reveals himself and tells them that he wishes that the police league would find somebody else to do this. Marcie is with Gigi, Rex and Shane. Gigi tells Bo that she heard that he is “on tap” to light the Christmas tree. He tells them that he is due for a break and asks who would like some hot chocolate. Rex and Shane go with him. Marcie and Gigi sit alone. Marcie shares with GIgi that she is stuck in the apartment all by herself. Gigi tells her she can always call on her if she needs to be with her friend. But Marcie tells Gigi that a year ago, Gigi was there for her when she almost lost Sam. And she cannot “lean” on Gigi again.

Natalie lets Jared know that she has gone through his bags to find out what types of surprises he may have had in store for her. But he doesn’t want to tell her. Bree and baby Chloe are dressed in Christmas costumes. Natalie wants to take her nieces to see Santa and take pictures to give to Jessica.

After the doctor walks in on Jessica and Brody, she seems to know that this was a “trick” on Brody’s part. He apparently knew that she was really Tess so he pushed the “call button”. He protests that he “did what he did for a reason”. He knows when he has been scammed. But she tells the doctor that Brody did not push the call button. She did. Brody tried to force himself on her. She presents a really good story about how a Navy SEAL can manipulate and hurt somebody. She reminds them that Brody killed a child and almost killed Rex. She trusted him by sharing her secrets with him and becoming his friend. But that was not an “invitation to sex”. She then tells the doctor that Brody is “way worse off than they thought”.

Rex and Bo talk privately. Rex admits that he is “short of cash” this year and asks Bo if he could find him some work.

Shane joins Gigi and Marcie and reveals to his mom that he is going to be a teenager soon. He leaves. Marcie admits to Gigi that all she wants for Christmas is to be able to hold her baby in her arms.

In the courthouse, Starr tells Cole that she realizes he has a good reason to be angry at Téa. But she once knew Téa to be a good and kind person. He asks her how she could defend anybody who is defending Todd Manning.

The judge informs Cristian and Vanessa that in a post 911 world, immigration fraud is a very serious crime in the United States. And if they “persist” in this marriage, they will be investigated by Homeland Security. And if they find out anything fishy, not only will Mrs. Montez be deported, she will be in serious legal trouble. So will anybody who helps her. SO he asks them again if this marriage is a “real one”. At that point, Téa comes out of nowhere to reply to his question by saying that of course it is. She tells the judge that she can assure him that the two of them are going to get married because they are deeply in love with each other. They plan to build a life together. And they will do it right in Llanview.

Langston and Markko join Starr and Cole and can see by their expressions that they are not happy with the outcome of Todd’s trial. Starr informs them that even though it was a done deal which Todd was not even fighting, this lawyer friend of his came out of nowhere and is going to stop at nothing in order to let him get away with his crime. And this woman used to be Starr’s stepmother. Langston tells Cole she is really sorry for what this means to his mother and asks Starr how it is that she used to have a “relationship” with this woman.

After the judge admits that he does not buy for a minute that Vanessa and Cristian have any reason for getting married other than to commit immigration fraud, Téa disputes his charges. She tells him that she realizes that this may look odd. But her clients have been keeping their plans to marry a secret. They have been in love for a long time. She is willing to represent them and back them. She will disclose a full BIA report. At that point, the judge asks Cristian and Vanessa if they love each other. Cristian looks back at Sarah who is silent and replies yes. The judge then agrees to grant them the opportunity to do what they want. He leaves. Alone with Téa, Vanessa tells her she is eternally grateful. Téa warns her that she needs to not express her gratitude yet. She cannot promise that she will be to successfully pull this off. This judge does not buy a word they say. She’s going to need them to make serious efforts to appear as though they have a real engagement and marriage.

At the angel square Christmas festivity, Rex admits to Bo that he is having financial hardship. He wants to be able to afford to buy Shane a z box.

At St. Anne’s, Tess tells the doctor that Brody is way out of control. But he tells them that he knows that Jessica would not want to sleep with him. But Tess would, Why would he force himself on anybody in a place like this knowing the consequences? Tess agreed to sleep with him in exchange for his helping her escape from her court ordered hospital restrictions. At that point, the doctors have the orderly remove Brody from the room. And they seem to know that Tess has come back.

After Rex tells Bo he needs more money, Bo shows him some cash in his wallet. Rex tells Bo he does not want a handout. He admits that a few years ago, he might have made up a story in order to get a handout. But he won’t take another man’s money in order to buy his kid a Christmas present.

Langston and Markko suggest that Starr and Cole go to angel square. Even though nobody is in a great mood, it might be fun to watch the polar bear club if Santa bores them. Starr reveals to them that her grandma, Addie is a member of the polar bear charter club.

Alone in the courtroom, Téa tells Cristian and Vanessa that they might want to wait before getting married. And she will coach them in order for them to know everything they can possibly know about each other so they can sound and appear to be the “real deal”. Cristian shows her the death threat written in Spanish that was put under his door. She seems to find that interesting. She tells them they need to go home and practice practice practice and quiz one another so that they will look like they have really chosen to get married.

After the doctors and orderlies have removed Brody, Tess reveals who she really is and she rants about how Brody is dangerous. She knows all about what he did in Baghdad. And she sound convincing about getting revenge upon him for alerting the doctors that Tess came out.

At Angel square, Natalie and Jared run into Marcie. They know about the tragic loss she has suffered. And Natalie lets Marcie hold her newborn niece and introduces her to “Chloe Brennan”.

Bo tells Rex that he knows that Rex is trying to bridge the gap between himself and Shane, but maybe it involves something other than a Christmas gift. Rex tells Bo that he realizes he cannot buy his way into Shane’s heart. But he wishes he could buy him the z box.

Marcie holds baby Chloe with Gigi beside her when they run into Natalie and Jared.

Tess angrily protests that all she wanted to do was see her children. What is wrong with a mother loving her child? She asked Brody for his help? Does that make her a danger to society? But Brody murdered a child in Iraq. He is a threat to society. And she will not let him get away with his little scam. She will not let any of them get away with putting her in this place until they let her see her baby.

Cristian and Vanessa return homes knowing that Sarah is not ok with what they have done.

Tess tells Brody that she knows that he pulled this stunt with her in order to get her in trouble. And the doctors need to know that he could snap at any moment. He protests that he was only trying to help her when Tess came out. But she tells him that she thought he understood that she only wanted to see her child. She blasts him. They escort him out the door. He cries. Alone in the room, Tess cries and pleads wit the doctors to please let her see her baby. But they won’t do that. They only inject her with a drug to sedate her. She protests that she knows that her baby is in danger until she is out on the sedatives.

At Angel Square, Starr and Cole appear to see Marcie holding Chloe. And they stare almost as if they know exactly whom this baby really is.

Sarah appears at the door when Cristian and Vanessa return. And she makes it clear that she is not ok with what has happened. She tells him she is leaving. They heard the judge. Immigration will be “gearing up” to investigate his marriage. IF they go poking around and find her or any of her belongings or pictures there, then Vanessa and Lola will be deported.

After Tess has gone off on Brody in St. Anne’s, it looks like has had a breakdown. He remembers the boy whom he shot. The orderlies and doctors take him away.

Tess sleeps in her bed. And Bess comes out. She puts everything in place in the room after Tess has tantrummed. She comforts a sleeping Tess. Pictures of Jessica’s children fall to the floor.

At Angel square Jared and Natalie let Bo hold baby Chloe and play Santa. Jared hides his engagement ring for Natalie. Starr watches as people hold the baby. Marcie also watches. Bo then lights the Christmas tree. Everybody gathers around. Right then, Sarah appears and looks at the festivities through the gate and appears very depressed.

Cristian is alone in his apartment, not ok with what has happened. Vanessa is standing behind him.

IN the courtroom, Téa gets a call on her cell. She assures the person that she told them she would “take care of everything”. And she appears very smug in telling somebody that she “has him eating out of the palm of her hand”.

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