OLTL Update Tuesday 12/16/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/16/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

After Todd talks to Téa privately outside the courtroom, she convinces him to change his plea. He enters the courtroom again to announce that he has retained her as his lawyer and he is pleading not guilty. Hearing that, Nora objects and protests. All of the other people are outraged and very disappointed. But Todd announces that he is not guilty. He did not rape Marty Saybrooke this time.

When Cristian has the big dilemma bout whether to help Vanessa and Lola stay in the US by marrying Vanessa and Sara tells him she won’t stand in the way, he decides that he cannot do it. He tells Vanessa and Lola he is sorry.

At St. Anne’s, after the therapy session where Brody has shared his experience in Iraq where he’s responsible for the death of a child, Jessica somehow knows that she is also responsible for the death of a child and taking a baby from another person. But she is not entirely certain exactly what the specific issue is.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Jared are taking care of Bree and newborn baby Chloe and lavishing them with Christmas gifts.

Alone with Brody, Jessica tells him that she really knows what it is like to not even be able to see one’s own child.

After Téa and Todd announce to the court that he is going to change his plead, the judge announces that they may enter a new plea and any previous plea is now null and void. He asks them if this is official and what Todd has to say. Todd replies that he is pleading not guilty. At that point, Marty urges Nora to tell her what is going to happen now. Nora tells her that she will call for another trial and rip Todd limb from limb. Yet there is nothing anybody can do when Todd changes his plea.

Cristian tells Lola that he will do anything he can do in order to help her and Vanessa. But he cannot marry Vanessa. He is sorry. Lola angrily tells him that he does not want to help them. He only wants to help Sara. Langston admits that she is very disappointed and afraid that when her cousin and Vanessa get sent back to South America, Ray can come after them. Sara protests that that does not have to happen if Ray is in prison. Vanessa wants everybody toe believe that she is trying to convince her step daughter that they must accept Cristian’s decision. But she is clearly very angry at him.

In the courtroom, Téa sits beside Todd, looking smugly at him and promises that she will get them all out of there before they know it. At that point, the judge then sounds like he is going to post bail for Todd because he is not a threat to society. Blair tells him that that is outrageous. He asks her to refrain from making comments. Nora then tells the judge that the people request that Todd Manning be held without bail.

Natalie and Jared are exchanging Christmas gifts. They laugh about not knowing what to get for each other. And she tells him that she has a “secret gift” for Jessica.

Jessica tells Brody he must know what it’s like to be taken away from his child. He cannot spend Christmas with Shane. But she tells him at least he knows that his son is ok and with his parents. Whereas she cannot go near her child. She has never before spent one night away from Bree. And she cannot go near Chloe. She has this “aching” inside her and it hurts so bad. She cries. But it looks like it may be an act and she is turning into Tess.

Natalie and Jared talk about the surprise gifts they have for the kids. Natalie has taken a photo of Jessica to give to Bree. Bree is very happy to see her mommy in the picture.

At St. Anne’s Jessica tells Brody that all she has is a picture of the kids and that is all she has now. He tells her that she will see them again. She has a whole life time. But she tells him she needs to be with them now. She turns her back and hides her smug expression that reveals that she is now Tess. He tells her he wishes there was some way he could help her. She then turns to face him and tells him that maybe there is. He replies to her whatever she needs, he will do it. She then replies asking if he’s really going to go through with it. But she then realizes that she must “play Jessica” and tell him that she would not ask him to do something that is too risky. At that point, a nun enters to invite them to join the big group of people for a television show. And at that point, she knows that when everybody is in the common room, she and Brody might be able to escape and not be seen or caught.

Natalie and Jared talk about their Christmas memories as children. She remembers a neighbor kid who had a train set. He tells her that he does not expect her to get him anything for Christmas. When he did not know where she was, it was like losing everything. And if Tess wanted him to know what it was like to lose Nash, it worked.

Jessica (as Tess probably) takes Brody aside into a private room and tells him that he must be trained and experienced in escaping since he was on many secret missions. He protests to her that he is only another patient in the hospital like she is. But she urges him to help her see her kids.

At Cristian’s home, Vanessa acts gracious and asks Lola to say goodbye to Cristian and Sara. Lola appears angry and says nothing to them. Langston announces that maybe she and Markko need to get going. They leave and Lola comes with them. Vanessa appears gracious to Cristian and Sara. She asks Sara if she can have a moment alone with Cristian. Sara tells them she has things to do and she will let them talk alone. Vanessa is clearly using everything she can use to manipulate Cristian.

In the courtroom, Téa tells the judge that she bets that Nora has “dredged up” some documents that are biased and outdated to prove all of these terrible things about Todd. The judge is kind of losing patience with Téa but is willing to let her talk. Nora protests that there is nothing new about Todd being served with a restraining order to prevent seeing his own kids. His infant son was taken form him only months ago when he endangered him in his car. He has been in plenty of trouble recently. But Téa protest that her client is not a threat to society regardless of peoples’ opinions of him. Blair and Marty admit that they are not going to sit by and let this happen.

Cole tells Starr and Blair that they need not know that Todd will not get off. Everybody knows that he is guilty. Starr tells him it’s not just that. He once loved her dad and Téa also. And now they are both the enemy. Marty asks John what they are going to do now. He tells her he won’t give up in preventing Todd from getting away with what he did to her. Nora and Téa both approach the bench. Téa protests that her client has been railroaded by all of the people who are holding the past against him. He is not a flight risk. But Nora reminds the judge that Todd has a private jet and plenty of money. He was ready to flee and never be seen again with Marty after lying to her about everything. He has faked death and disguised himself and his identity before. He has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. He is a flight risk. But Téa is not going to rest nor be intimidated by all the people who want to get Todd thrown in prison.

Langston, Markko and Lola walk in angel square. She takes a picture of the three of them and tells her cousin she will never forget her.

Vanessa tells Cristian she will never forget him. He tells her he will never forget her either. She tells him that she had nowhere to go until she met him and he will be in her heart forever. And right before she is ready to kiss him, Sara enters. Vanessa tells them she should go and get Lola. He tells her that he and Sara can come with her. But she tells them that that is alright. She leaves. Sara tells them that she just did not want Vanessa to be late for her hearing. And she can tell that Cristian is really going to miss them. And she admits that for a minute there she almost thought that he was going to say yes to marrying Vanessa.

Natalie and Jared are watching Bree and Chloe. She takes Bree to the bathroom. Alone with Chloe, Jared shows the baby a secret gift that looks like an engagement ring for Natalie.

Jessica (who is probably Tess) urges Brody to help her see her girls. He protests that he cannot do that. She urges him to help her. And he agrees. Hearing that, she appears to be very encouraged, unafraid and like Tess. He raises objections about how they can get caught. She tells him that she is not afraid of the consequences. She asks him how she can thank him. He tells her he knows of a way. She can have sex with him.

At Cristian’s home, Sara tells him that she has lost her mother and has abandonment issues arising from that. And then when she heard him and Vanessa speaking in Spanish together, it made her feel so left out. But at that point, he kisses her and they go at it.

Vanessa and Lola go to court and have to wait. The judge then enters and announces that the people versus Vanessa Montez is the next case on the docket. He is surprised that she has no legal counsel. He tells her he understands that she is responsible for the shooting of a fellow Columbian. She protests that that man was her husband. He put her and his daughter in danger. And if they get sent back to Columbia, they will be in more danger again. There must be a way for them to stay in Llanview. The judge tells her that in order for that to happen, she needs to meet certain guidelines. She needs a “sponsor” that means a person who will be her legal guardian while she stays there.. She has a memory of having intimate intentions with Cristian. But she tells the judge she knows of no such potential “sponsor”. He’s not there to help her now.

Right then, while Cristian and Sara are ready to have an intimate moment, they notice a note slipped under the door written in Spanish. He reads it and informs her that it says a life for a life.

In the courtroom, the judge tells Téa that he knows all about her history of schemes in his courtroom. Everybody then sits down. The judge announces that he has made his decision about the request for bail. He says that given Mr. Manning’s history of eluding the law and his track record of violence, he is denying bail for Todd.

Langston tells Markko that she was just starting to get to know Lola and now she has to leave. They are very worried that Ray could endanger his daughter. And there is no reason for her to get sent back to Columbia. But he tells her that he might have an idea.

The judge tells Vanessa that he is sorry. But he has no legal grounds to grant her asylum. And that means that he has no choice except to let her get sent back to Columbia. Lola protests that that cannot happen. Vanessa tells him she can accept that. But at that point, unexpectedly, Cristian enters and tells the judge that he cannot let him go thorough with his decision. He shows him the “threat” written in Spanish and tells the judge that if Vanessa and Lola have to go back to Columbia, they will wind up dead.

Jared talks to baby Chloe alone about his “secret”. Natalie returns knowing that he is keeping a secret from her. He tells Natalie that he was merely getting the baby’s “opinion” on the gift he wanted to get for her. And Chloe loves the “socks”. Natalie knows, however, that he is lying.

In the courtroom, Cole tells Starr that Todd is finally off the streets and will no longer be able to ruin anybody’s life. But Blair knows that Téa is not going stop until things go the way she wants. Téa stands up and asks the judge to speed up Todd’s trial. He grants her request and announces that the people vs. Todd Manning will take place the following day.

After Brody tells “Jessica” that she can “repay” him for his favor to her by having sex with him, she attempts to act like it’s not something she wants to do. But she agrees that they “have a deal”. They then take off all of their clothes and go at it on the bed. He pushes a button so that they cannot be disturbed.

After Todd’s trial, Nora tells Marty, Blair, Starr and Cole that unfortunately, they will have to go to trial. She is confident that Todd will be put away. But Marty will have to testify and relive the whole situation. They all seem confident, however, that they will win. Téa stands by Todd and they both indicate that they are no less confident of beating the charges.

While “Jessica” and Brody are going at it on the bed in St. Anne’s, the doctor walks in on them and demands to know what they are doing. At that point, she indicates that she is not Jessica when she boldly demands to know what they hell the doctor is doing there.

Markko admits to Langston that he believes in the power of prayer to keep the people he loves there. He may have written the death threat that can motivate the judge to let Vanessa and Lola stay in the US.

Cristian shows the judge the death threat. But the judge tells them that they have not established cause to keep her there. They have not met the legal criteria of immigration laws. And that is final. But at that point, Cristian tells the judge that Vanessa Montez is going to be his wife.

Nora walks out the door of the courtroom knowing that Marty is very worried. She faces Todd and Téa and tells them she will see them in court.

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