OLTL Update Monday 12/15/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/15/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At Todd’s trial, Nora is ready to slap him with multiple charges. The judge has asked Todd if he has an attorney present and he has waived his right to legal counsel and is not about to fight any of the charges. Everybody in the courtroom is happy with that. Everything looks very simple, cut and dried until, out of nowhere, Téa Delgado appears to announce that she is representing Todd and he better not speak without her to protect his legal rights. At that point, the judge and Nora both tell her she has no reason to be there and demand she gets out of the courtroom.

At Buenos Dias, after Vanessa has found out from Téa that she can stay in the US if she marries an America citizen, she asks Cristain to marry her. But he tells her he knows what she is doing and why. And he declines her proposal.

At St. Anne’s, they have a therapy session with Jessica, Brody and other residents. The group leader asks if she has something on her mind. And she clearly does not want to talk.

Right then, Rex meets with Shane and asks him how he likes the Christmas card of himself and Brody.

At the therapy session, Brody shows the group his Christmas card of himself and Shane. A woman in the group stands up and raises an objection. She knows who he is and that he endangered this boy and almost killed his real father. And she demands to know why this man is not locked up in prison.

After Téa enters the courtroom unexpectedly and unannounced, Blair stands up and tells the court that this woman is Todd’s lap dog who appears whenever Todd needs her to help him get away with his unforgivable actions. Todd asks Téa to go away. Cole asks Starr if she has ever met or heard of this woman. She replies that she knows Téa was once her step mother. But she is very surprised to see her there. The judge informs Téa that Mr. Manning has chosen to represent himself. Todd confirms that that is true. He is representing himself and does not want a lawyer,. He is pleading guilty to all of the charges brought against him for what he did to Marty. And he does not want her help.

At the therapy session, after the woman admits that she recognize whom Brody is, he admits that that is true. He could have endangered Shane and is very fortunate that he did not kill his father. He is guilty of all charges.

Meanwhile, Rex tells Shane that he has recently talked to Brody. Shane asks if Brody is alright.

At the therapy session, Brody admits that he did all that he is charged of. He pulled the trigger that day. He believed that he was protecting Shane. And he intended to change what happened to another little boy. Hearing that, the doctor asks him if he is really ready to talk all about it. He replies that he has to talk about it so that he will not be up all night every night.. He admits that when he was in combat in Iraq, he shot a foreign kid. Everybody told him he was right to do it. But that boy’s parents lost their son and are suffering now because of him.

Rex admits to Shane that he was not allowed to see Brody because he was not allowed visitors. But he heard that Brody is making progress. Shane replies to Rex that he has a Christmas wish list

Markko comes to visit Langston at Cristin’a apartment where Lola is staying. He asks her why she is staying there. They reply that Lola is afraid of being sent back to South America. But none of them know what to do.

At Buenos Dias, Cristain tells Vanessa that as much as he’d like to help her be able to stay in this country, he loves Sara and cannot marry another woman. He does admit however that he feels terrible Were it not for her, he’d still be in prison. She tells him that she does not want to burden him sith her problems. If she just knew of somebody else to marry. But his friend Téa told her that that is the only legal way she can do that.

In the courtroom, Téa protests to the judge that Todd cannot get sent away and has the right to legal counsel. But Todd tells her yes, they can. He pleads guilty to all of the charges. And they may now send him away. But Téa does not listen and asks Nora if she is about to charge Todd with rape. Nora admits she is. And she tells her that it’s a done deal. She needs to let Mr. Manning pay his debt to society so that Dr. Saybrook can have some peace and get on with her life Téa continues to argue that Mr. Manning has legal rights and cannot be accused of these charges. But Todd tells her that he wants to be done with this and let the prosecution do what they intend to do.

At Buenos Dias, Vanessa really makes it clear that she wants to take Cristian away from Sara.

Sara goes to Crsitian’s and does not see him. She only sees Lola, Langston and Markko. She asks if any of them know when Cristian will be back and she will wait for him. Langston gives Lola a necklace that she got from her deceased mom who was Lola’s dad’s sister.

At Buenos Dias, Vanessa tells Cristian that she understands why he ahs to do what he has to do. But she knows how to guilt trip him about how she must now tell Lola that they have to leave, all because of him. But she turns to see the tuilt in his expression and she knows that he cannot leave things this way. He leaves with her.

Gigi meets Rex and Shane at Rodi’s. Shane does not want to show them his Christmas secret. He tells them that all he wants is a z box. Gigi tells him that it is out of hers and Rex’s price range. She asks him to continue his homework. He leaves. Rex then gets on his laptop and tells Gigi he is determined to find their son a z box for Christmas.

Brody tells the therapy group at St. Anne’s that he wanted to hang onto Shane and be the right father to him. When he was good to Shane he did not have to even think about what he did. But when he knew that he would lose Shane, he was back in Iraq and remembered it all. And right then, he relives the whole event where he saw the boy and had a loaded gun in his hand.

Todd tells the judge that he does not want Téa or anybody else to represent him. Nora is correct with what she is charging him of. He does not want to waste the court’s time. But Téa tells the court that she needs to talk to her “client” alone. The judge then calls a 15 minute recess. Téa finds Starr, tells her how big she’s gotten since the last time she’s seen her and how beautiful she is and how sorry she is for what is happening. But Blair tells Téa she better not touch her daughter. She tells Téa that she knows she is nothing but trouble. Téa faces Blair and tells her that she will be trouble again. Marty then tells John that she has heard of Téa and how Todd was married to her briefly. She asks if Téa can prevent Todd from going to prison.

Lola tells Langston, Markko and Sara that she and Vanessa have no choice except to go back to Columbia. But at that point, Cristian and Vanessa enter. Vanessa announces that Cristian’s lawyer friend, Téar had an “idea”. She said if Vanessa married an American citizen, that could work. Hearing that, Langston immediately reminds them that Cristian is the American citizen whom Vanessa could marry, as she is eager to let her cousin stay in town. But Vanessa tells them that they cannot do that. Cristian refused her.

Gigi tells Rex she does not want him blowing money on a z box for Shane. But he tells her with all of the years he has missed out on Shane’s life and in being his dad, he wants to make it up to him.

In the therapy session, Brody admits to what is going on with him. And at that point, he becomes stunned when he sees the vision of the boy whom he shot. At that point, Jessica tells the group that maybe somebody else should speak.

Gigi is in awe of Rex’s generosity at Rodi’s, when a customer brings to her attention that he has been waiting too long for his check. She then realizes she has to finish work.

Brody tells the group all about his experience where he was “forced” to shoot the young boy. He did not realize that it was a child until it was too late. And the boy was lying there, dead. Jessica listens to him talking about a dead child and remembers for the first time that “Tess” could not hear her baby crying and there was something wrong when she was birthed.

Rex is on the computer looking for a way to buy a z box.

Todd talks to Téa telling her that he does not want or need her help.

In the courtroom, Blair tells the others that they must know that Téa is trouble.

Téa tells Todd he needs to know that Nora and the judge want to nail him for rape. And she is not about to let that happen to him.

Cole asks Starr and Blair about this woman who was briefly married to Todd and wants him to get away with what he did to Cole’s mom. Blair tells him that it’s true that Téa is trouble and they better all watch their backs.

Todd admits to Téa that he is guilty of rape. She asks if he is aware that rape is a capitol offense. He tells her he knows that and will let it go just so that Marty does not have to relive the whole situation.

In the courtroom, Blair, Nora, Marty and John all talk about how they do not believe that Todd will do the “noble thing” especially after he has somebody “in his corner” to let him get away with his behavior once again.

Todd tells Téa that he really messed up. He just had this mistaken idea that he could be a better man. She tells him that maybe he really genuinely intended for that to happen. She knows that nobody believes a word that he might want to say. And that’s why he needs a lawyer to speak for him. He must know if pleads guilty to rape, he has had it. He must know of the consequences of doing that. She asks him if he is really ready to go through with that.

Blair asks why, if it’s a “done deal” is the judge letting Todd and Téa talk alone. Nora and John assure her that they seriously doubt that anything will come of it. Todd will not get away with his crime. But she is worried about how skillful Téa has always been at helping Todd to not have to face what he has done in his life.

In the other room, Téa tells Todd she believes that he did have genuine love for Marty. But maybe if he had kept his pants on, he wouldn’t be in so much trouble and the courts might not have such a good a case against him. He replies that he “made love” to Marty. Hearing that, she confirms that he is admitting that it was an act of love and not rape. Does he really believe that he intended to rape Marty Saybrook again? Todd turns away and does not want to answer that question.

After Vanessa tells Lola, Langston and Markko that she could stay in the US if she married Cristian, they ask her what is stopping that from happening. Vanessa tells them that Cristain is in love with Sara. She tells Lola that the two of them must accept what happened. But Lola tells her she is terribly afraid that her father will find them. She wants to stay in this country with her family and friends. And all Vanessa would have to do is marry Cristian. At that point, they all look at Cristain and Sara who are speechless.

Rex is on his phone finding away way to finance the Christmas wish that Shane has for a Z box. He is even willing to give up his car for that.

Brody admits to the therapy group that he noticed that this little kid was dead. He could no longer speak or cry or do anything. Jessica then remembers asking and wondering why her new born baby was not crying. Brody tells the dead boy that he is so sorry and cannot accept what he did. The doctor tells Brody it’s alright. But Brody tells him no. It’s not al right. He took a child away from his mother. He took away somebody’s child. And right at that point, Jessica appears startled. She seems to know that she did that very same thing.

Starr and Cole talk about Téa. Starr admits that she’s heard all about how Téa has had this need to bail her dad out of all of his messes. And it would not be ok if he gets away with what he did to Cole’s mom.

Téa asks Todd if he really believes he raped Marty Saybrook for the second time. He does not answer the question but tells her he does not want a lawyer, does not intend to fight the charges and wants her to leave him alone.

When Blair tells Nora she is worried about what Téa is capable of doing, Nora asks her if she heard Todd refuse an attorney and raise no objection when they were going to haul him off to prison. Blair protests that that does not make any difference. Marty asks Nora what if Téa gets Todd to change his mind. John replies in that case, he and Nora will move to plan B.

Téa asks Todd if he is ready to let Nora get him thrown in jail and face all of the consequences for rape. She insists to Todd that he needs her help. Todd asks Téa what it is that motivated her to come in to town, clear out of the blue in the first place, after all this time. He asks her what is in it for her. He knows she has reason to be angry at him for what happened between them when they last parted company. There must be a reason. She admits that maybe it is partly for the publicity. But it is also because she wants to give him the legal defense that he has the right to have. The Todd she knows would not take this sitting down. Does he not know if he goes to prison and admits to rape, he will be taken from his kids? He’ll never be able to get them back. He is admitting that he is the same man all those years ago who raped Marty. She knows that he had a genuine desire to be a better man and truly love Marty. If he really loves his kids and believes that he wants to be a good man, then he needs to fight for his rights. He cannot let himself be seen as the rapist again. She knows that that cannot happen and that he does not want it to happen no matter what he says.

At Cristian’s apartment. Lola, Langston and Markko protest that all Crsitain would have to do in order to let Lola stay safe and in this country is marry Vanessa.

Rex is trying and failing to finance the Christmas gift for Shane but finds out that all of his credit cards are maxed out and nobody can give him a break.

At the end of the therapy session, the doctor tells Brody it took a lot of courage to share all that he has. But he knows that Jessica is silently hiding and refusing to share something. He asks her what is going on.

Téa and Todd enter the courtroom. The judge asks her what has happened. She tells them that Mr. Manning has agreed to retain her services. Hearing that, Nora tells everybody in that case, she is ready to proceed with the charges that Todd has not even fought. But Téa tells them not so fast. Her client has decided to change his plea.

At Rodi’s, GIgi returns to see Shane depressed and knows it’s because he may not get his z box.

At the end of the therapy session, the doctor asks Jessica if she has anything on her mind that she might want to share. She then remembers Tess somehow knowing that somebody had lied and taken her baby from her. She replies that just hearing Brody’s story was so sad. Brody sits and listens to them. The doctor asks her if she wants to talk about what is really going on with her. She replies no. He tells her he will be available if she changes her mind. He leaves. Brody tells her that he knows that “something” got to her. And it’s not just feeling sorry for him. She tells him she misses her baby.

Cristain and Sara talk about his dilemma of whether to marry Vanessa. Sara tells Crsitian that she is ok with his “returning a favor” for Vanessa. She knows that Vanessa saved his life. And this is his chance to help her. She needs to know how he feels. She loves him for saying that he “cannot do this to her’. But she asks him if he wants to marry Vanessa. He looks at her not knowing what to say.

In the courtroom, after Téa announces that Todd is about to change his pleas, Nora protests. But Téa tells the judge that D.A. Hannen was about to coerce her client into pleading guilty. She happens to know that Nora went to his jail cell and “persuaded” him to plead guilty and not fight it. Hearing that, for the first time, the judge asks Nora if she really did “circumvent the law” in this manner. Nora protests. But then the judge asks Todd how he pleads. And he announces that he pleads not guilty.

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