OLTL Update Friday 12/12/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/12/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Todd’s trial is underway.

At Dorian’s him, she observes Starr looking very depressed and asks her niece if she is alright. Starr tells her aunt she wishes everybody would stop asking her that. Dorian tells her that losing a child is the toughest thing anybody could imagine. And she knows that Starr is a child herself. She tells Starr if there is anything she could do to spare her the pain, she would. And she knows that there I something else going on with Starr regarding her father.

Outside the courtroom, Nora notices Cole and tells him she is really happy to see him. But he indicates that he is not there on happy terms.

Viki talks to Sara about the fact that Cristian is really getting “friendly” to Vanessa. She left him there with her at the Buenos Dias Café.

At Buenos Dias, Cristian and Vanessa share with Téa that Vanessa has a problem with immigration and is afraid that she will get deported to Columbia. Téa suggests that there is one way to solve that problem and that would be to marry an America citizen. In response to that, Vanessa explains to Téa that she is already legally married to a criminal named Ray Montez and he is the one who got her into this mess in the first place.

Blair goes to visit Todd in his jail cell and brings Jack with her. He is not interested in seeing her nor hearing what she says. But he is stunned when he sees his son.

While Marty is in the chapel privately praying, John enters. She is startled to see him and not certain what to say.

In Todd’s jail cell, Blair tells Todd she will let him talk to Jack alone and explain. He asks her what she expects him to tell his son. She tells him that is for him to figure out. Todd then attempts to explain to Jack that he “hurt” Marty way back when they were in college. Hearing that, Jack asks his father if he hit her. Todd replies that it’s more complicated than that. He then realizes that he cannot really explain to his 7 year old son that he raped a woman and that Blair would not want him to tell Jack that,. He tells him that right now he is in trouble for hurting Marty again. What he specifically did was lie to Marty. Jack asks him about what. Todd replies that he lied to Marty by not telling her that she had a son.

When Marty notices John coming to see her, she asks him if he was out looking for her.

Outside the courtroom, Nora “briefs” Cole on all that will happen in the trial and how he can help by testifying against Cole. She indicates that she is pretty confident that Todd will get what is coming to him. Cole tells her he is worried that Todd will get away with his crime. The guy never accepts any responsibility, he tells her. She tells him that she is pretty certain that Todd will take her plea so that Cole’s mother won’t have to go to trial. Todd does not want to go through all of that. Cole tells Nora that he is not ok. He just buried his kid. Nora tells Cole she is really sorry and asks him if he saw Starr. He replies yes. But she didn’t really want to talk to him.

In Todd’s jail cell, he admits to Jack that he had a crazy idea about “starting over” and moving away with Marty. She had no memory of him. She did not remember the person he was back then nor believed anything bad about him. And she made him feel good about himself. She helped him to believe he could be a better man and leave the past behind. But what he did was not right. Jack then asks his father what would have happened if the cops had not caught him. Would he have run away with Marty and never see his son or Starr or Sam ever again? Todd replies that what he intended to do was worse. He was going to disappear without telling anybody that he had left.

At Buenos Dias, Cristian and Vanessa explain to Téa Delgado that Ray killed his daughter’s mother and has threatened both of Vanessa and Lola. So they have been on the run living in a constant state of fear throughout Lola’s life. And Vanessa just happened to find Cristian in prison in Ray’s place. It’s a long story how he got there. But Vanessa saved Cristian’s life. So he feels obligated to save her life. Téa then asks Vanessa if she really knows whether she is still legally married to Ray. It’s entirely possible that Ray has filed divorce papers. \Vanessa admits that it’s possible that he did asks how she could find out.

Sara talks to Viki about her mother abandoning her yet again. She left only the puppies behind to remember her by. She then asks her aunt just what it is that her mother did that compelled Viki to throw Tina out of her house for good.

Téa gets on her cell to make some calls. But she won’t tell Cristian or Vanessa just what they were about. She asks Vanessa if it is true that Ray protested that he was innocent of murdering his daughter’s mother and that Vanessa set him up.

Cole tells Nora that he can tell that something has changed in his mother. He is worried that Todd ripped out a part of her soul. Nora attempts to encourage him to believe that his mother will get back to the way she was. Cole tells Nora he sure hopes so. Because if Todd destroyed her and took the woman he always knew as his mother, then prison is too good for Todd.

After Jack asks Todd if he had planned on abandoning him, Todd attempts to assure his son that he would have never forgotten about his son. He will always love him. Jack asks if Todd does not love his kids as much as he loves Cole’s mom.

IN the chapel, Marty tells John that she can tell that he had a relationship with Blair. And she feels guilty to have taken him away from his life. There he goes again being the “good guy”, she tells him. And it’s unfair to him. And she is ready for Todd’s arraignment. She wants to be there and hear all the charges against him. John then indicates to her that maybe that isn’t a great idea. She then asks him if he believes she should not go. She tells John she must face it in order to get past the situation and to heal. At that point John admits that she is right. And they go out the door together.

After Todd hesitates to answer Jack’s question about whether he was going to abandon his son because he was in love with Cole’s mom, Blair tells him that that is a fair question for Jack to ask and for Todd to answer. Todd then explains to his son that after Blair and Starr threw him out of the house, he was not thinking clearly. He was afraid that he had lost everybody. So he wanted to start a new life with Marty. And he made a serious mistake. Jack then asks his father just how long he is going to be in jail. He remarks that he knows his dad has been in jail before. Blair then answers her son’s question and admits that his father has made some serious mistakes and might be sent away for a long time.

In response to Téa’s question, Vanessa asks her if she is accusing her of setting her own husband up for murder. Téa replies that she is simply a lawyer. They ask questions. Cristian assures her that Vanessa would never do anything like that. Téa then tells Vanessa that in order for her to look like a role model citizen and give the judge reason to let her stay in the US, then she has to look like the perfect wife for somebody. And she indicates that maybe she could marry Cristian for that purpose.

Dorian notices that Starr did not eat the dish she made for her. She asks her niece to sit down and taste it. Starr admits that it’s pretty good for rice. Dorian tells her that she has discovered that Mo is a genius. She notices that Starr is silent and asks her what is going on in that brain of hers. Starr replies that it’s her dad. She wants him to pay for what he did. But at that same time, she wishes that something would prevent that. Knowing that Dorian wants Todd to pay, she asks her aunt if she can tell her something in confidence. She tells Dorian that she believes many off the things Dorian says about Todd. And she believes that maybe she should hate him even though he is her father. But he is still her father. Dorian then assures her niece that she would never encourage her to hate her own father. Starr then tells Dorian that she is afraid she is going to make the same mistakes that her mother made. Blair has been giving Todd too many chances and taken him back too many times. Dorian admits to Starr that she knows that Blair has been in love with Todd for a long time and it’s true that she’s taken him back too many times after she vowed to be rid of him. But she believes that Blair is getting wise to Todd. And she wants to let Starr in on a secret. She believes that Starr is a very strong young girl. And she believes that nobody will ever fool Starr or take advantage of her.

When Jack gets ready to go off with Blair, Todd tells his son he wants him to take care of his sister and his mom while his dad is away. Jack leaves his parents alone. Todd tells Blair she should have never borough their son there. In response to that, she tells him that she is sick and tired of having to explain everything to the kids and have to clean up Todd’s messes. And now Todd needs to explain some things. She tell shim he really sounded “convincing” telling Jack that he wanted to “be a better man” for Marty. And she believes that a “better man” would have been motivated for his own family. Todd then asks Blair how Starr is. She replies that their daughter buried her baby today. The one that Todd was going to steal from her with his girlfriend.

John and Marty go to court together. And he forewarns her that it’s entirely possible that Todd will weasel his way out of this. There’s no guarantee that he’ll get what he deserves. So he wants her to be prepared. And right the moment when they get off the elevator, reporters hound Marty and flash cameras in her face asking her what it was like to be held captive by the man who raped her many years ago.

Vanessa tells Cristian that she is really sorry to get him mixed up in her problems. He tells her he is willing to do whatever he needs to do if he can help her and Lola remain in the country. Right then, Téa returns and informs them that she has found out that Vanessa is legally divorced from Ray. So she has the legal right to find a “good man” to marry her.

Viki tells Sara that what she has concluded about her sister, Sara’s mother, is that she cannot possibly take care of a child because she is a child herself. She never grew up. She knows hat Tina did do what was the best she could do for her daughter. But they both agree that what Tina did was unacceptable. She cannot control her impulses. And Viki asks Sara just what happened between her and Cristian. In response to that, Sara asks her aunt just how much time she has.

“When Blair returns home with Jack. He has a bad attitude and tells her they better have “real food”. Dorian and Starr gather around and ask Blair if Jack asked to see Todd. If not, why would she go to the drastic measures of taking him to visit his father in the jail cell? Blair replies that Jack demanded answers and needed to know the truth. And she thought that maybe for the first time, Todd should answer to their son and not her. Dorian leaves Blair and Starr alone. Starr thanks Dorian for listening. Blair asks her daughter if Dorian would ever “just listen” to anybody. They laugh.

Right before Todd’s trial, reporters hound Marty and John and ask them many questions about Todd Manning’s plan to run away with Marty after she lost her memory. At that point, Cole demands that they leave his mother alone. Marty then goes into the empty courtroom with Cole, John and Nora. They all tell her that she does not have to go through with this and face Todd. But she tells them that she is planning on doing it. Nora then tells Marty that she wants to show her some papers. She wants to offer Todd a plea. And that will spare her of having to relive the whole thing. Before Marty can respond to Nora about that, Todd is brought in with guards and reporters and photographers. She faces him coldly.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Téa tells Cristian and Vanessa that they may call her if they need anything. Cristian then asks Vanessa if she plans to marry “somebody” in order to establish US citizenship.

Sara confides to Viki that she just cannot understand how it is that Cristain trusts this woman and is so committed to helping her. She is very concerned that he is completely blinded by her. Vanessa almost murdered her ex husband in the airport. Hearing that, Viki tells her niece that Vanessa seems like “quite a catch”. Sara admits that Vanessa is really attractive and it’s kind of threatening to her. Viki then asks Sara if she loves Cristian. Sara replies yes. Viki then encourages her niece to fight for him.

The judge and bailiff announce that the hearing is about to start. The judge addresses Todd and asks if he has a lawyer to represent him. Todd replies that he chooses not to have a lawyer. He will represent himself. The judge warns him that he may be putting himself at risk with that. But Todd tells the judge he has made his choice. The judge then asks Nora to read off all of the charges. She reads unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, rape, first degree sexual assault, and tons and tons of different counts of many types of felonies. Blair, Starr, Cole and all the people who know Todd listen to all of the charges she reads off. Everybody is silent. Todd says nothing. The judge then asks Todd how he pleads.

After Viki encourages Sara to fight for Cristian, Sara tells her aunt that she wishes she could. But she believes that he is blinded by Vanessa. Viki tells her niece that when you love somebody, it takes a lot more energy to distrust them than it takes to trust them. And she concludes that hopefully Cristian will wise up and Sara won’t have to fight so hard for him.

After Téa has explained Vanessa’s options and Vanessa is alone with Cristian, she asks him if he will marry her.

Dorian gets Jack into the living room and tell shim that she demands he tries Mo’s food. He must stop being a chicken and discover something new.

In the courtroom after the judge asks Todd how he pleads, he remembers Nora telling him of the despicable things he did to Marty. At that point, he gets up to concede and admit that what he did was inexcusable and that he won’t fight the charges. But right at that point, Téa Delgado appears at the door, calls to Todd and demands that he does not speak a word without his lawyer.

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