OLTL Update Thursday 12/11/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/11/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

While Todd is in jail, he observes the guard looking at the tabloid with the story about what he did to Marty and both of their faces on the cover for everybody to see.

Marty goes with Cole to Hope's funeral. John sees her and is surprised. She tells him that she thought about it and has concluded that she is not going to let that son of a bitch, Todd Manning keep her from her son.

At Cristian Vega’s home, Sara stands her ground to Vanessa that Cristian is committed to her and only sleeps with her. But it looks that as soon as Vanessa notices Cristian in the shower, she wants to “join” him before she knows that Sara has come to see her boyfriend.

At the Bon Jour Café, Carlotta is happy to introduce her son the chief of detectives and his girlfriend the cop to Mo the cook and Noelle the waitress. And right then, out of nowhere, Téa Delgado appears. She asks Carlotta what has happened to “her diner” in a happy way. Carlotta rushes to hug her and reveals that they are great friends.

Nora enters Todd’s jail cell and informs him that she is about to make him an offer.

After Téa enters, Antonio introduces her to Talia. She informs Talia that she is an attorney and has some “business” in town. Antonio asks her just what exactly has brought her to Llanview after all this time. He tells her he happens to know that she is there to represent Todd Manning.

Todd asks Nora just what she is there to talk to him about. She tells him if he pleads guilty to everything he did to Marty, she will recommend 25 years in a minimum security facility but there will be no chance of parole. He tells her he does not think that’s any type of “deal”. She tells him in that case, she will go after him and nail him at the trial. He asks her why she wants to do the 25 year plan when she could make him spend a lot more than that in prison. She tells him it’s for Marty.

When Starr sees Marty at Hope’s funeral, she tells her she’s glad she is there. She is Cole’s mother and Hope was her granddaughter. And she is willing to accept what her dad has done. Marty faces Blair and Blair admits that they are both grandmothers to Hope.

After Mo comes to Dorian’s house to prepare a meal, Jack admits he is not happy and throws the food against the fire place. Addie is outraged at her grandson’s behavior

Lola finds Langston outside the door and tells her that she is very worried that both she and Vanessa will get sent back to Columbia. And she is hoping that she can just stay with Langston and Markko.

At Cristian’s, Vanessa is wearing just a towel and runs into Sara and Cristian. She leaves them alone. Alone with Sara, Crsitain asks her what her problem is. Sara tells him that its obvious to see that Vanessa wants him. And she asks Cristian if he “wants” Vanessa.

Lola tells Langston that she does not have a home. Her entire life has been spent running from cops and immigration. And she urges Langston to “hide” her. Langston then agrees to do so although she’s a bit concerned that it might not work.

After Jack throws Mo’s dinner against the fireplace in Dorian’s living room, Addie demands that he apologizes to Mr. Stubbs. But Jack refuses and goes out the door. Alone with Mo, Addie tells him she apologizes for Jack. She explains to him that Jacks big sister is burying her little baby today. And that may be the reason he is upset.

Sara points out to Cristian that they were together in the shower for all of 5 minutes. Vanessa did not know Sara was there. And she made every attempt she could to move in on Cristian. What if Sara had not been there? They cannot have any privacy or any time alone. And Cristian needs to see what Vanessa is doing.

At the Buenos Dias, after Antonio finds out that Téa is going to represent Todd, he asks her if she is not aware of what Todd did. He held Marty prisoner in his private house after she lost her memory. He raped her and brainwashed her. Does she want to help Todd? She replies if Todd is guilty, he will pay. But he has the right to a fair trial.. Carlotta also protests to Téa that she does not need to help Todd. Téa tells Antonio and Carlotta that she has been on the opposite side of them in criminal trials before. But at that point, Talia steps in and tells Téa that she was there after they found Marty at Todd’s. She took her to the rape clinic. She saw the look on Marty’s face. It was rape. She wishes Téa would understand that Todd should not be able to rely on her help.

Marty admits to Blair, to Starr, to Cole and to John that she is not comfortable being at the funeral of the baby whom Todd almost persuaded her to help him kidnap. She leaves. Blair and Starr tells Cole and John that they are very happy that they have attended and they are both welcome to stay. Alone with Cole, John asks him if he minds if he sticks around. John hugs Cole.

Nora tells Todd she would like nothing more than to put him on the stand and expose him for everything he did. But she would rather see Marty move on with her life. So here is the deal. He can take it. And if he cares about Marty, as he says he does, then she won’t have to testify and relive the whole hideous experience. Todd says nothing. At that point, Nora asks him if he wants for the tabloids and the news to print more and more publicity about him and about Marty. His face will be plastered everywhere. Marty will have cameras in her face when she testifies. And if he really cares about Marty, then he will take the deal.

Marty goes to the church alone and asks God to help her.

After Talia tells Téa what she observed in Marty after they found her at Todd’s, Téa tells Talia that she is really sorry about what happened to Marty. But all people, including Todd Manning have the right to a fair trial when they are about to be charged of something so serious. Antonio tells her that he believes that maybe she is “biased” about Todd because she had a relationship with him. Téa protests that she was married to Todd for a short time many years ago. She got an annulment. She knows that Antonio is only concerned about the fact that she is good at what she does. She demands that he gets off her back and realize that she knows what she is doing.

Todd tells Nora that he wants to get back to his kids. She tells him that he has pushed his kids away. If he cared at all about his children or about Marty, he’d stop this right now and accept the plea. She asks him what his kids should be going through to have everybody knowing that he is their father.

After Blair finds out about Jack’s tantrum, she tells her son that he needs to apologizes to Mo. But Addie indicates to her daughter that maybe she has not been tending to her son. Starr then indicates that maybe it is her responsibility to supervise Jack because nobody else is available to do so. At that point, Blair concludes to Addie that she could kill Todd for all that he has cost the entire family.

Todd tells Nora that he still loves Marty. And everything he did was to help her recover. Nora turns away not buying that.

Marty is alone in the church and notices the program that has the name Hope Manning McBain. And she has a memory of Todd telling her that Marcie McBain is that whacked out woman who wants to take his grandchild from his daughter. And she bought into that. She can now see that Starr wanted to give her baby to Marcie. At that point, reverend Carpenter enters. Marty asks if she knows him. He replies that he is Andrew carpenter and they knew each other very well.

At Hope’s funeral, Cole tells John he realizes that showing emotion is not John’s thing. John tells Cole that may be. But Cole must know that his mother made a real effort showing up so that she could be there for him. Cole must know that she is trying. Cole tells John he realizes that his mom is trying. And he does not mean to sound ungrateful. But does John know what it feels like for him to look at his mother and know that she does not have a clue whom he is?

At the church, Marty tells Reverend Carpenter that she remembers reading about him in the paper and heard that she tarnished his reputation with false accusations. He tells her that was a long time ago and they have gotten over it. She then asks him if he could tell her all the things that they did when they knew one another.

At Dorian’s home, Blair asks Jack what seems to be the problem. He angrily tells his mom he is tired of being lied to. She asks her son just who has lied to him. He replies that she has.

After Todd has told Nora that he did everything he did because he loved Marty, she asks him if he thinks it was an act of love to lie to her and tell her that John was her enemy and he let her die. Was it an act of love to tell her that she had no kids and keep her from seeing her son and letting him know that his mother is alive? Was it an act of love for him to tell Marty that he was the only person on the planet who loved her? When he slept with Marty and hid the fact that he raped her many years ago, was that an act of love?

Lola goes looking for Vanessa at Cristian’s but does not find her. Langston is with her and tells her that until the authorities have told her that her situation has changed, she will have to stay at Cristain’s home. But Lola is very disappointed that Langston does not want to help her. Lola tells Langston that she will go somewhere else. But Langston asks her just where she plans to go. How long she plans to hide? Where will she find any money? Lola replies that she will figure it out and turns to go out the door. But Langston explains to her that she(herself) hid in a similar manner when her parents died. And it didn’t work. She is not going to let her cousin make the same mistake that she made.

Cristian, Sara and Vanessa go to the Buenos Dias and run into Téa. Téa instantly assumes that it is Vanessa who is Cristian’s girlfriend and not Sara. Cristian informs Sara that Téa is an old family friend and very much a pain in the neck. Hearing that, Téa tells Cristian she is sorry. He tells her he will let her make it up to him.

After Jack tells Blair that she lied to him about what his dad did, he tells her that she told him that his dad had a “relationship” with a lady and planned to move with her. But he sees in all the papers and websites that his dad hurt this lady and was going to kidnap Starr’s baby with her. And he demands to know what really happened. Blair tells her son that this woman had a problem where she did not remember anything. But Jack tells his mom that she has kept the truth from him about his dad and runs out the door. Addie tells Blair that she should not be lying to her kids. She protests to her mother that she did not have the heart to tell her 7 year old son that his daddy brainwashed a woman and forced himself on her. But the lies end right now. At that point, she knows she better take some action.

Nora tells Todd she gives up on him. This delusion he had about Marty is just another one of his big fat lies. She tells him she is done and walks off.

Marty asks Reverend Carpenter if she came on to him and ruined his reputation, she’d like to hear what happened directly from him. He then admits to her that she started some rumors that he seduced a young boy. Hearing that, she admits that she is disgraced. He tells her that she is not that person anymore. She apologized and sought counseling. She became a doctor, got married, had a son and was a great friend to many people. She then asks her if what she is implying is that having Todd Manning raping her made her a better person.

John tells Cole that in time, Marty will regain her memory. Right now, she has to sort out all that Todd Manning did to her. Cole tells John that he just wants his mom to remember that she loves him. But he’s afraid that that will never happen.

Reverend Carpenter tells Marty if she wants to believe that Todd Manning’s despicable act is what motivated her to become a better person, he will not accept that. She has every right to be angry about what happened. But she concludes to him that she would somehow like to be “that person” who she once was again. Reverend Carpenter asks her why. She replies that she would like to be able to hurt Todd the way he hurt her.

Cristian tells Sara that Vanessa and Lola re just worried that they will be deported. And she just needs to be patient. She tells him it’s not about that. If they were living somewhere else, she would not have a problem with Cristian’s helping them. But they never have any time alone. At that point, Talia tells Sara she will take her home. Alone with Cristian, Antonio tells him that Sara has a point. Cristian has to stand his ground with Vanessa.

Langston tells Lola that she will stand by her because they are family.

Cristian asks Téa if she might have some legal advice for Vanessa. Téa then admits that she is not an immigration lawyer. But she knows of one way for a foreigner to stay in the US. They ask what that is. She replies it would be to marry an American citizen.

Cole asks John if he is seeing Starr’s mom. John admits to Cole that he and Blair have been seeing each other somewhat. But he promises Cole that he will be there for him and for his mom.

After Blair goes to talk to Jack alone, Addie notices Starr is distraught and puts her arms around her granddaughter.

Reverend Carpenter tells Marty that she must not let Todd “take” any more from her than he already has. If she wastes her energy on revenge, then she has let herself be a victim even more than she has to. She tells him she appreciates his help and she might seek him out in the future. But for now she would like to be alone. He leaves. Alone, she faces the alter. And she affirms that she needs to hurt Todd the way he hurt her. And she needs her life back.

Todd is alone in his jail cell, remembering Nora telling him if he really loves Marty and wants her to be able to get on with her life, then he will take the deal. At that point, Blair enters. He tells her he does not want to see her. She tells him she does not want to see him either. But she does want him to “see this”. And at that point Jack appears and views his father in the jail cell. Todd looks at his young son speechlessly.

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