OLTL Update Wednesday 12/10/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/10/08


Written By Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Marcie thanks Michael for staying the night with her and Michael says that she doesnít have to thank him because he is her husband. Michael says that he wants to be with her every step of the way because she isnít going to bury Hope by herself.

Jared tells Bree a story while she is eating and Natalie says that Jared should probably pick something that Bree is interested in. Natalie and Jared realize that they havenít heard from Viki or Charlie. Jared says that Viki and Charlie owe them big time.

Viki and Charlie get dressed and talk about being back together. Viki says that she is glad she doesnít have to face the day alone.

Blair and John talk about the service. John says that he is glad they could work things out.

Nora helps Cole with his tie and assures him that she isnít going anywhere. Cole stops by Martyís room.

Dorian and Langston talk about the funeral and about Starr.

Starr shows up early for the funeral and tells Andrew that she just wanted to be there by herself to think for a while. Starr and Andrew talk about what it is like to lose a child. Andrew admits that when he and Cassie lost their son, William, he was angry at the whole world and would have willingly given up his own life to save Williamís.

Brody asks Jessica what is wrong. Jessica says that she canít help but to think about what it would have been like if it had been her baby that died. Jessica explains that Starr is burying her baby today and that she feels guilty for getting to keep her baby while Starr lost hers.

Viki, Natalie and Jared talk about the kids and Vikiís reunion with Charlie. Jared says that he has it under control and will be fine for a couple of hours. Jared says that if he has a problem, there is always Lois. Natalie and Viki talk about Bree. Viki says that they have to make sure that Bree and Chloe have the best Christmas possible and then maybe Santa will bring Jessica home.

Markko shows up to take Langston to the church. Langston says that she needs him.

Blair and Dorian talk about Starrís note. Dorian says that she called St. James and Starr is in good hands.

Starr and Andrew talk about his ďjobĒ as a minister. Andrew tells Starr to open up to her family and friends and tell them how she is feeling. Andrew tells Starr not to be afraid to lean on her family and friends for comfort.

Cole and Marty talk about the funeral. Marty says that she canít go with Cole.

Michael says that Gigi couldnít switch the therapy session with Shane and Rex. Marcie says that she doesnít know how she is supposed to get through this again and Michael says that they will get through it together.

Marty says that she didnít want to cause any problems for Cole today and that the day should be about Cole, Starr and their baby. Cole gives Marty a book that she used to read to him.

Brody tries to cheer Jessica up and suggests that Jessica is so affected by Starrís babyís funeral because she is away from her own children.

Starr says that she has already screwed up everyoneís lives so much and Andrew says that they donít feel that way. Andrew says that Starr needs to tell her family and friends how she is feeling.

The service for Hope Manning McBain begins.

Jessica says that she feels like her own baby died and she doesnít understand why she feels that way.

Andrew continues with the service. Everyone gets ready to go to the cemetery. Blair asks Dorian to go home and check on Addie. Starr assures Langston that she doesnít have to go to the cemetery. Cole says that Markko doesnít need to be at the cemetery.

John and Cole talk about Marty.

Brody suggests that maybe it is just Jessicaís hormones, but she thinks it is more than that. Jessica thanks Brody for trying to help.

Andrew prays for Hope.

Dorian compliments Markko. Dorian leaves and Markko and Langston talk. Markko offers to skip school and talk to Mr. Mallon about making up his final, but Langston says that his grades are too important right now. Dorian comes out and says that it is always hardest when you have to bury a child.

Jessica prays to God that Chloe and Hope, her and Starrís babies, are safe!

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