OLTL Update Tuesday 12/9/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/9/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the Buenos Dias, the radio speaks of people coming home to their families for Christmas. Carlotta and Jamie are ready to watch an old classic movie. Viki comes to pay Charlie a surprise visit. He is surprised to see her and asks her what brings her there. She replies that she wanted to join him. He tells her there is nothing he’d like more.

Rex, Gigi and Shane return home after Christmas shopping. Rex observes a Christmas card with a picture of the three of them and is not certain whether to show it to Shane.

At St. Anne’s, Jessica notices Brody carrying a tray with his cafeteria meal and notices he is not certain whether to sit by himself or join anybody. She invites him to sit with her unless he wants to be alone. He tells her that he would like some company. He notices that she has a picture of Bree and of Chloe. She admits that she knows what a good baby Bree is. But she hasn’t a clue anything about Chloe.

Natalie and Jared are happily together taking care of Chloe while Viki is out.

Blair is with John. She asks him what he thinks and feels about the present situation and what his “plans” might be. He replies to her that he is not certain about anything anymore.

Sarah listens to the radio and looks on her laptop when Talia enters. Talia is in her police uniform taking a break from work. She knows that Sarah has a secret plan and asks her if she is in the process of digging up dirt on Vanessa Montez.

Cristian and Vanessa return to his apartment. She tells him that she is so happy that Lola was able to spend the night with her cousin Langston tonight. And she asks Cristian just how they are going to tell her step daughter that she is going to have to be taken back to Columbia.

Carlotta and Jamie watch the movie while Antonio and Talia are together alone.. Viki tells Charlie that she is really happy that Mo and Noelle have come to live in Llanview and be a part of this restaurant. She admits to Charlie that that night when he found her distraught over what happened to Jessica and her family, he made her see all that she had to be grateful for. She tells Charlie that he has given her so much hope.

Jessica and Brody sit alone and talk about being taken away from their respective kids. He admits that he had a “separation issue” with his old girlfriend’s kid. She then asks him just what it was that Tess asked of him. He replies that Tess asked for help in getting busted out of there. He then tries to avoid the conversation with Jessica when she asks him exactly what Tess might have told him or indicated to him. He admits to her that Tess asked for help in getting out to see her baby. She told him she might “make it worth his while” And it seems that Jessica wants to find out if her “alter” might be revealing what she really thinks and feels about Brody. He then admits that Tess did indicated that she kind of “liked” Brody and wanted his body.

While Rex is with Gigi and Shane, Roxy enters and asks how her grandson is. She grabs the picture and tells them it’s a really groovy picture. She admits to Rex that she always wanted to get a picture of him when he was a kid with his “family”. But at that point, she realizes she cannot reveal any more information about who Rex’s real father is.

Talia tells Sarah that she knows that Sarah is plotting a plan to get Vanessa deported. Sarah protests that she has no reason to do that. It’s only a matter of time before Vanessa gets deported. It’s practically a “done deal”. Hearing that, Talia hesitates to tell Sarah just how likely that really is.

Yet, right at that point, Vanessa and Cristian speak in Spanish. She looks adoringly at him and tells him how much he means to her. And she kisses him. He does not pull away from her. She then pulls away telling him that she should not have done that. She needs to realize that he has a girlfriend. But she is emotionally overwrought. He has done so much for her. And her situation is hopeless. There is nothing they can do to prevent her from going back to Columbia. She cries and emotionally tells Cristian that she just wanted to kiss him before she has to leave and never see him again.

Sarah tells Talia and Layla that she is ready to go to Cristian’s home and do something about her situation. Layla is wearing a dress that looks like she is ready to have an important “blind date”. Talia asks her why it is that she is making this total stranger so important to her. She tells Layla she realizes that she is looking for the “Anti-Vince”. But Layla needs to realize that this guy whom she has never met may or may not be anything she’d be interested in. Layla tells Talia that she does not believe it could be that bad. And she’s not going to spend Christmas alone.

Viki admits to Charlie that she knows that there are lots of complications in both of their families. And she has this thing going on with her brother Todd.

Blair tells John that she is assuming that he wants to break up with her. And she will accept that. But he surprises her by kissing her. And they proceed to take off all of their clothes and have sex.

Jessica tells Brody that she knows it might not be a good thing when they have barely met and then “Tess has her hands all over him”. He then jokes about how having women “all over him” is just an occupational hazard. She appears embarrassed in attempting to explain to Brody that she has no control over the behaviors of Tess yet she needs to accept responsibility and realize that Tess is a part of her. He then tells her that he does not judge her for anything. He just realizes how scary it must be for her to have no control of when Tess might come out or what she might do. He wishes he could do something to help her.

VIki admits to Charlie that when she was in Africa she felt so empty. And maybe she needed that time and distance to realize how important he was to her and that it was so much more important than the differences they have had. He then clarifies to her that he lied to her about his son. She tells him that when he picked up the ticking time bomb and risked his life in order to save her daughter’s life, she realized that she never stopped loving him. He admits that he never stopped loving her. And they kiss.

Jessica admits to Brody that she has to accept that this alter who has a completely different personality than herself does these things that she cannot control. He then tells her that he realizes that her husband died when she was pregnant with her new baby. It was a traumatizing event for her. It messes people up and causes them to lose control. She tells him it still gave her no excuse to attempt to kill Natalie and Jared. He tells her that he was traumatized in a very similar manner from the war. It kind of makes people “disappear” and have no control over what they are doing. He drank and had blackouts. And he could have gotten his girlfriend’s son killed when he believed that he only wanted to protect Shane. She explains to him that she must have given birth while Tess came out. And now she is holding her baby in her arms. She knows she cannot be around her. But not only that. She believes she may not even know her child. She can sense that that baby might not even be her own.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Jared are trying and failing to calm Chloe who is crying and also watch Bree.

Jessica tells Brody that Tess could have killed her sister and her sister’s boyfriend. And now she has discovered a “new” alter named Bess. He tells her that he really does understand. He tells her that sometimes he sees a little boy who is not really there. It looks like the two of them really understand and like each other.

After Rex has asked Roxy if Walter was really his father, she, again evades the issue. But Rex tells his mother that he is not going to worry about whom his real father is. Shane then speaks up that he does not want Brody to be shut out from spending Christmas with him. And he indicates that he is not entirely comfortable with Rex or Rex’s mother playing dad and grandma to him. Roxy leaves to go into the other room. Alone with Shane, Rex asks his son if he would like to send a card to Brody. And he even got a hold of a picture of Shane and Brody together. Shane may send it to Brody and write whatever he wants, he tells Shane. At that point, Shane indicates to Rex that he appreciates his help. And he asks if maybe Rex could help him pick out a card to send to Brody. Rex replies that he would be honored.

After Blair and John sleep together, she tells him that this place needs a tree. But he tells her no tree and no decorating. She tells him she will not let him off this easy. She asks him if he has seen the classic movie called Christina comes home for Christmas. She tells him when she was a little girl moving from foster home to foster home, the one constant thing in her life is that there was always a Christmas tree. And all of the beautiful bells and ornaments made the season happy for her.

Sarah goes to Crisitan’s home and indicates to Cristian and to Vanessa that she is not going anywhere. She wants to see the movie about Christina and the Christmas tree.

Antonio and Talia are together in bed ready to watch the Christmas movie.

From the Buenos Dias, Viki calls Natalie to make certain everything is ok with her and Jared and the children. Natalie replies of course and does not admit to her mother that they are having difficulty. She and Jared just want for Viki and Charlie to enjoy being together.

Jared tells Natalie he thinks that Bree is finally down for the count. And they are ready to watch Christina on the television. She tells him that she used to watch that show when she was a child. She’d cry and then Roxy would always come home drunk and did not understand her daughter’s unmet needs. She always wanted to “come home” as Christina has. And she indicates for the first time, that she is considering having her own children. Jared kisses her.

Natalie and Jared are together after Bree and Chloe are asleep. Alone, Natalie talks to Chloe telling her she knows it will be hard without her momma. But she promises her she will never, ever let her feel alone.

After Brody reveals to Jessica how he feels empty and alone, she asks him if he wants to talk about the situation. She tells him that she hoped that Tess would be gone and she was completely integrated. Yet, when she could not deal with her husband’s death, Tess came out as alters do when the host personality cannot deal with what has happened. He asks her what will happen if she can never keep Tess under control. She admits that she will never get to see her baby. Tess might find a way to sign herself out of there but she will be an unfit mother. Either that or she will be stuck in that place for the rest of her life. She then asks Brody if that is what is in store for her. He admits that he does not know.

Roxy leaves Rex, Gigi and Shane alone. She admits to her son that she recognizes Shane as her grandbaby and he may call her Grandma if he likes even though Rex remembered her telling him that she does not want to be called that. At that point, she calls Natalie and reminds her daughter that she remembers that “Christina Comes Home for Christmas” is going to be on soon. She knows the special meaning that movie has for Natalie. And she indicates to her daughter that she, herself, has to wear her waterproof mascara. At that point, Jared asks Natalie “what happened”. She appears stunned and tells him that it was a minor miracle.

At St. Anne’s, a nun announces that “Christina Comes Home for Christmas” is ready to come on. Jessica and Brody are ready to gather around and watch the classic black and white movie and forget all about their troubles and the uncertainty in their lives.

Viki tells Charlie that she would like to spend the night with him. He asks her if she’s ever seen the sun rise from the Angel Square Hotel. They leave together.

Blair and John watch the movie which he has apparently never seen.

Gigi and Rex watch it together.

Vanessa comes into the room with her sexy nightie and notices Cristian and Sarah together on the couch in each other’s arms. She seems “disappointed” as though her “plans” might be ruined. We hear a romantic dialogue about how two people are the loves of each other’s lives and will never let each other go again.

Rex and Gigi are kissing. He knows that she has something on her mind. And she realizes that he might not be “the same” since he got shot. He tells her of course. But he asks her to “go easy on him”. She laughs.

Jessica and Brody cry watching the movie of the two people who declare they have never stopped loving each other.

All of the couples are together; Natalie and Jared, Talia and Antonio, Sarah and Cristian, Viki and Charlie, Blair and John.

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