OLTL Update Monday 12/8/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/8/08


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Todd is surprised to see his ex-wife Téa Delgado visiting him in jail. They remind us that he abandoned her on an island, but he says that he sent back help for her. He wonders why she's there. She reads the details from the local paper about what he did to Marty. She wonders if it's true that he loves Marty. They talk a bit about the past, but he doesn't answer her about Marty. She tells him that she came to help him with his case; she knows he's entitled to a defense. Todd is suspicious about what's in it for Téa. They talk a bit more about what has happened to them since they last saw each other. Todd tells her about Blair and John hooking up, but he mostly beats himself up for being such a jerk and screwing up his family. He insists that he is a different person with Marty. Téa is a bit surprised at the way he talks about his love for Marty. She thinks they could use that as a good defense, but Todd refuses. He doesn't want her to defend him. She wonders why and asks if it's the money. He assures her that he can afford her just fine. He knows that what he did was indefensible and he deserves to go to jail. He asks, "What's the big deal about jail if you're already living in hell?" Téa tries to argue him out of giving up, but he's filled with self-loathing and says that he has nothing waiting for him outside of prison. Téa hopes that he wakes up and changes his mind. Before she leaves, she compliments him on his new look (when she last saw him, he still looked like the old Todd).

Natalie and Viki admire Chloe in her crib at Llanfair. Viki hopes that Chloe and Bree will give Jessica a reason to get through her problems. Natalie wonders who will get Viki through it. Viki tries to change the subject, but Natalie insists on sticking to it. Viki says she's fine and that Natalie is the one that went through an ordeal. Natalie asserts that both she and Jessica are responsible for their own lives. It's clear that Viki still feels enormous guilt for what Niki Smith let happen to Jessica, and she feels responsible personally. Natalie knows that Viki still has a broken heart and thinks she should do something about it, like talk to Charlie. Viki doesn't want to talk about Charlie with Natalie. Natalie keeps on going, telling Viki that she should forgive Charlie. Viki assures her that she forgave Charlie a long time ago. So Natalie wonders what the problem is. Viki thinks she wouldn't be good for Charlie because of all the package she has in her life. Natalie thinks Charlie is the one who should make that choice, and she calls Viki a "big chicken" for not giving him that chance. Viki admits that the last time she was happy was with Charlie.

Meanwhile, Jared and Charlie talk about Charlie's romantic gesture to rebuild Carlotta's diner to look like the cafe in Paris, Texas, for Viki. Jared knows that Charlie wants Viki back. Charlie admits that he loves her, but it's in her hands now, not his. Noelle and Moe arrive. They are surprised to see them, since they were headed out of town. They give them the good news that they are staying in town. Noelle asks Carlotta if she needs a waitress. Noelle and Moe tell them that Moe got a job with a classy lady, Dorian. Everyone is shocked but doesn't let them know what Dorian is really like. Moe is a bit suspicious at first by the silence.

Jared brings some food from the cafe to Natalie and says hi to the baby. Upon hearing that he spoke to Charlie there, Viki rushes out to take care of something. Natalie and Jared confirm that they spoke to their parents, so now it's up to them. They look at the baby and are amazed at how she so miraculously came into the world.

Moe tells Charlie that he has someone running the BonJour Cafe back home in Texas for him, since Dorian is paying him so much. Charlie tells Carlotta that Noelle is the second best waitress he has ever known (Viki being the first), but Moe argues that Noelle is the best, since Viki fraternized with the customers. Carlotta hires Noelle as a waitress, so Noelle thanks her whole-heartedly with a hug. Carlotta goes to get Noelle a hairnet, so Noelle, embarrassed, tells her that her hairstyle was because of Roxy.

Dorian rants and raves at home about the maids not dusting everything. Starr walks in, so Dorian covers her bad mood by admiring one of the pictures of Starr and Blair. Starr wonders where Blair is, but Dorian has no idea. Starr can tell that they must have had an argument. Dorian admits that they had a discussion about John. Starr tells her about running into Viki and the baby at the hospital. Starr confides that holding baby Chloe was difficult for her because of what happened to her own baby. Dorian is upset still with the doctor and doesn't want Starr to blame herself. Dorian gets riled up and phones the hospital to talk to someone about suing Dr. Joplin. She is stunned to find out that Dr. Joplin just committed suicide. Starr is shocked, too. They wonder why she did it. Starr keeps blaming herself for what happened to the baby, and Dorian keeps telling her that it was not her fault. Starr also blames herself for what happened with Todd. Dorian thinks that Dr. Joplin just couldn't live with the guilt of the mistake she made. Starr tells her about her visit to Todd's room and how she let him have it. Starr is having a hard time thinking about the good things her father did in comparison to all the bad. She's upset about Dr. Joplin, too, and remembers that she had a son who must be very sad. Dorian reminds her that Christmas is coming, so she has to be in good spirits for her two little brothers.

Blair finds John on the roof of his apartment, drinking a beer, as usual. He comments on the drop in temperature, so she tells him patiently that they shouldn't make small talk about the weather. She apologizes for the scene that Dorian made with Marty in the cafe. John only cares what Blair thinks, not what Dorian thinks. Blair is concerned that John might think she put Dorian up to what she said, but John knows that she wouldn't do that. He knows that Blair is very forthright and would say it herself if she had a strong opinion. Blair confesses that she is worried about Marty coming between them. John tells her that the situation with Marty is complicated, so Blair thinks that means he doesn't want to be with her any more, so she says they will end their relationship right now. She thinks they should just stay friends and not get serious. He wonders if that's what she really wants, and then he tells her that he doesn't. Blair is shocked that he is choosing her over Marty. John admits that he cares about Marty, and he feels bad for her, but she is not the same woman that he knew before the accident. He tells Blair that he wants her but that he knows she deserves the best. He will walk away from her if she wants something different. Blair is not sure what to say, so John kisses her and asks her if she still doesn't know what to say. She kisses him back in answer.

Marty thanks Cole for bringing her the metronome and the beautiful letter he wrote. She remarks that she knows she is still kind of dead to him. That upsets him, so he assures her that she will get her memory back. She is not so sure that will happen. Cole vows that Todd will pay, and she agrees. Cole agrees that things are tough for them both with the baby's death and her memory, but he offers to help in any way he can. Marty looks like she suddenly gets an idea, and then she asks him if he has a laptop. Cole gets his laptop out and gets online. He reads about Dr. Joplin's suicide and is also shocked. Marty suggests that Cole go be with Starr now and that she is fine. Cole tells her confidently that he knows she will find out from research that she is an awesome person. Marty does research on the net about Todd and the rape as the metronome ticks. Later, we see that Marty has printed out a lot of pictures and articles about Todd and the rape, and they are spread out all over her bedroom floor and bed. She looks ready to plot her revenge as she says that she has to get what she needs, so she can do what she has to do. The metronome is still ticking as she picks out a photo of Todd and then crumbles it in her hands. Then she stops the metronome from ticking.

Cole visits Starr. Dorian is very happy to see him, hoping that he will comfort Starr. They discuss Dr. Joplin's suicide for a minute. Dorian fills Cole in on what they learned from Dr. Joplin about why the baby died. Starr is very upset about how she and Cole are incompatible and blames it on her "bad blood". He assures her that she is nothing like Todd and that sometimes, bad things just happen for no reason. She wonders why people do bad things to each other.

Noelle is happy when Carlotta gives her the new uniform for her new job, since Moe made his waitresses pay for theirs. She bids everyone good night as she makes her way over to Roxy's hotel to see if they can still get their room. Carlotta compliments Carlotta for making so many people happy by rebuilding the place, even though Viki is the only person he cared about pleasing. Charlie blushes and tells her to knock it off. After Carlotta goes in the kitchen, Viki arrives and asks Charlie if the seat across from him is taken. He looks up in surprise, and she smiles down at him kindly.

Meanwhile, Dorian is very pleased to see Moe arriving her kitchen.

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