OLTL Update Friday 12/5/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/5/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Nora is on her phone when Cristian and Vanessa come to see her. They tell her this is urgent and cannot wait.

Langston invites Cole and Markko to Dorian’s home. She then notices that Lola looks very depressed . She asks her cousin what is wrong. Addie informs Langston that the government is going to take Lola away.

At the station, Nora tells Cristian and Vanessa that she wishes there was something she could do. She will make some phone calls. Then she notices Todd. She tells him that she is ready to put him behind bars. She is ready to nail him for what he did to Marty.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Marty tells Blair she knows that she (Blair) is not concerned about her (Marty's) well being. Blair is only there acting friendly in order to find out if Marty and John are considering getting back together. At that point, Dorian butts into the conversation and tells Marty that her niece has the right to know of John and Marty are getting back together. Neither Marty nor John can answer that question. Realizing Marty may not be the one to answer since she has no memory, yet that is not the case with John, Dorian asks him just what his “plans” are.

Moe comes to Foxy Roxy’s. Noelle panics afraid that her fiancé cannot see her new hair style. He tells her that he is not “afraid” of change. He has some new plans about where they can live and where he can start a new business. He has met a “famous person”. Hearing that, Noelle tells him she hopes it’s the Dixie Chicks. He tells her no. It’s Dorian Lord. Hearing that, she asks just who Dorian Lord is.

Dorian asks Marty if the “past feelings” she may have had for John are coming back. Marty tells Dorian no. And the truth is, only a few days ago, she (Marty) was in love with Todd Manning.

At the station, Nora taunts Todd about what it feels to be helpless the way Marty was when she was raped and how it is that she had no memory when she was staying with him. Todd says nothing. The cops take Todd away to jail.

Not far away, Vanessa tells Cristian that maybe she is going to be in serious trouble after shooting Ray. Nobody will be able to prevent her from getting deported to Columbia And maybe she is not fit to raise Lola. But he tells her she needn’t listen to Sara’s accusations of her.

Addie tells Langston, Cole and Markko that there are some very unjust immigration laws. And when she (Addie) becomes mayor of Llanview in 2010, she is going to reform immigration laws. Langston then concludes that her cousin Lola is pretty awesome. And if anybody wants to take her back to Columbia, they will have to get through her, Cole and Markko. The two young man stand beside Langston and confirm what she said to Lola..

After Marty informs Dorian that she was in love with Todd, Dorian tells her she hoped she would have “better sense” than that. Blair asks her aunt to ease up on Marty. Marty then angrily tells Dorian that she’s right that she (Marty) is a fool. She has no memory of anything involving her previous life. All she remembers is Todd taking care of her. That was all she had. Dorian again asks Marty just what “role” John plays in all of this. Marty replies that she has no memory of John’s “role” in anything. She can sense that Dorian is very protective of her niece and she is very uncomfortable and ashamed to remember nothing. She cries.

Nora accompanies the cops and Todd while he gets thrown in jail But he tells her that when he’s gone, people need to know of the physical therapy and exercise equipment that Marty needs to have in order to get stronger. If he gets locked up and cannot get her her stuff, they need to know what to get for her from his home. He is concerned about Marty having “all the comforts of home”. Nora responds to him like he is absurd and she tells him that Marty has no memory of anything. She is confused. And Todd will never see her again.

Vanessa tells Cristian that she is lucky to have friends. He tells her that he won’t let anybody take her away.

Blair and Dorian return to the house after running into Marty and John at the Buenos Dias. Immediately, Cole asks Dorian what she “did” to his mom.

John tells Marty that he is sorry for what just happened. She tells him she feels so helpless and does not know what to say or do or think. He asks her if she wants him to leave her alone. She tells him yes.

After Cole asks Dorian what she “did” to his mom, she does not respond. He again, demands to know what she did to his mom. She does not answer but Blair asks her to tell Cole what happened when they ran into Marty. She appears to not be “proud” of her aunt. Cole then tells them he will go and find his mother at the café and make certain she is ok. Alone in the house, Dorian asks Blair why she is being “unsupportive” She is doing Blair a “big favor” She is helping her and John and Marty. Although they both realize that Marty may not have a clue what she wants at this time.

At the Buenos Dias, Marty tells John that she is really having difficulty processing all that has happened in the last few days. He asks her to please try not to let what Todd did to her ruin her.

After Noelle asks Moe who Dorian Lord is, Roxy tells her that everybody in this town has heard of the high society Dorian Lord. She was a doctor. And she was Viki’s stepmother. And she murdered her evil husband. Hearing that, Noelle wonders why it is that Moe would want to go and work with a convicted murderer. He protests that she will like Dorian. Noelle asks if he is blinded to what is wrong with this woman just because she has the life style of the rich and famous. She asks him just what his father, Jeremiah would say to that.

After Cole has gone to find his mother, Markko tells Dorian and Blair that he would like to leave. But Dorian demands that he stays. Langston and Lola enter and inform Dorian that Vanessa may get deported and into big trouble for shooting Ray. Dorian asks why it is that somebody would get in trouble for attempting to rid society from a person like Ray Montez.

Nora talks to Cristian and Vanessa about the defenses they might have that could enable her to stay in the US. They ask if INS is involved. She informs them that there is a new organization about immigration that has been in effect since 911. She then notices John enter. She asks him where Marty is. John informs her that Marty told him she wanted him to leave. She is still at the Buenos Dias. And she is not ok. Nora tells John that she must make Todd pay for what he did to Marty.

Marty is alone at a table remembering her “relationship” with Todd, when he told her that some “punk” named Cole hurt his daughter and she confirmed that she loved him and did not want to be with anybody else even though Todd told her he did not want her to feel she had no choice. The waitress enters and remarks to Marty that whoever she is “dreaming” about must be pretty special. Right then, Cole appears. When she sees him, at first she sees Todd. But then she realizes it’s Cole whom she has no memory of. He asks his mom what is going on. He asks her if she is ok. She asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that he just heard that Starr’s aunt was there and may have upset her. He asks her if she wants to go home to Nora’s. She tells him she just wishes she know about the way things were. He tells her that he can take her to any of the houses where they have lived throughout his life or before he was born. She tells him how about they start at the end. She wants him to take her to where she was buried.

Nora tells John that when the jury sees Todd’s face all beat up, it might not work against their prosecution of Todd. Todd can milk sympathy from a jury about the fact that John assaulted him and manipulate and make people believe that he loved Marty and fought for her. But John tells Nora he is not going to be afraid of Todd nor believe that anybody in their right mind would listen to Todd.

At Dorian’s, she asks Blair if she’s going to eat. Blair tells her aunt that she did a very nice thing for Lola. She knows that Dorian has a very generous heart in many ways. And that is why she would like for Dorian to go and apologize to Marty.

Cole takes Marty to the mausoleum where she was supposedly buried.. And she notices some things that he left there when he last went to “Visit” her. She notices that he gave her a metronome. She then admits that she knows she played and taught piano. Cole asks her how she knows. She admits that it was Todd who told her about her piano playing.

John goes to visit Todd in his jail cell.

Noelle demands to know why Moe would want to turn his restaurant into an “elitist” uppity establishment and work for a woman who buys her way out of trouble. Is it just so he can make more money? He tells her that he wants to be able to take care of her and their kids. He will build an empire in the sky. But she asks just what she should be doing while he is cooking for “Miss Dorian”.

Blair tells Doran she believes that she (Dorian) owes Marty an apology. She knows that Dorian cares about all of them. She hired a hit man to kill Ray just so that he can’t take Langston away. Addie overhears and Dorian does not want her sister to find out but Blair informs her aunt that her mother already knows. She is “protective” of Addie only because she loves her sister. And Blair also remembers that Dorian almost got Adriana killed by a psycho just to “protect” her from Rex. Dorian then admits that she may interfere. But it’s only because she loves all of them. She then asks Blair just whom it was who stood up for her and stood up to Todd when he was going to ruin her life. She asks Blair if she denies that she came to Dorian to discuss her problems with John. Blair admits that she did want to talk to her about the situation with John and Marty. But she did not ask Dorian to “confront” John or Marty. Dorian then tells her niece she does not care about Marty nor about John. All she cares about is her. She loves Blair. And that will never change.

After Cole asks Marty how she remember that she used to play piano, she has a flashback of teaching Todd the piano duo on the little keyboard he bought her and how they enjoyed being together. He then tells her that when he was a child, he remembers her teaching his dad the piano and teaching him. And he shows her the letter that he wrote to her. He lets her read it alone. He tells her that he remembers the first time she influenced him. He was 4 years old and ready to adopt a frog. He looked for his pet frog after he ran away. But she told her son that they must respect the frog’s wishes and realize if we love somebody, we must give them the freedom to go and do what they want. And at that point she says: “Damn you, Todd”.

In Todd’s jail cell, Todd asks John just what has happened to Marty. John replies that she is dead. Todd tells him he is lying. John tells him that she killed herself. She was found dead on her bathroom floor. And he reads a “letter” that Marty wrote to Todd where she says that it is impossible for her to die. She has no soul. He took it from her. At that point, Todd cries and protests to John that he loved Marty. This was all his fault. But he must see her.. John walks away and says it’s too late. But at that point, John drops the “letter” on the ground. Todd grabs it and knows that Marty did not write what John says she did. Instead, John has written on the paper that “now Todd knows how he felt”. Todd cries and demands that John tells him what he meant by that and tells him what is going on with Marty. He loved her and he won’t give up on her.

Noelle asks Moe if he plans to cook for Dorian and be her slave. He tells her no. He wants to be able to have a franchise with Dorian. Hearing that, she sounds impressed and admits that she always wanted to have her own franchise. Roxy then asks them if they think that people might want to get their hair done while they eat. He admits that it may take awhile for them to get the plan up and running. But in the meantime, Carlotta needs a cook with the new recipes of Dorian’s and she is looking for a new waitress. Noelle can make better tips and he can make more money than what they can make back in Paris, France. At that point, Noelle, Roxy and Moe all hug each other and determine that they are going to make this happen.

Nora confirms to Cristian and Vanessa that she has pulled strings so that Vanessa and Lola can stay. Lola enters with Langston, Cole and Markko and informs them that Dorian Lord is also pulling strings in order to help them. But Cristian tells them he knows all too well about immigration laws. And if they want to make it work, they will have to act really fast.

After Dorian protests that she only does what she does in order to “help” the people she loves, Blair reminds her that Todd believes that also. Hearing that, Dorian tells her niece how dare she (Blair) liken her (Dorian) to her (Blair's) evil ex husband. Blair tells her aunt, in that case, Dorian must stop acting like him. Blair tells Dorian she needs to apologize to Marty and to John. Dorian tells her she will not. Blair then leaves the room angrily. Alone with Dorian, Addie tells her sister she knows she means well. Blair knows it too. But maybe Dorian is just afraid to be wrong.

Marty sits alone in the mausoleum, trying to remember anything about playing music with her son. But she has nothing. All she remembers is the piano duet with Todd.

Todd is in his jail cell distraught that he cannot see Marty ever again and hasn’t a clue what happened to her.

Nora and John talk about what they are going to do in regard to Todd and to John’s “issues” involving Marty.

Marty remembers being raped although she has no conscious recollection that it was Todd. And she tells Todd she is going to make him pay.

When Todd is in his jail cell, he gets a “visit” form a woman who appears to be his nightmare.

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