OLTL Update Thursday 12/4/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/4/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Marty and John are at the Buenos Dias café. She talks about what she might want to eat. It looks like they might be getting reacquainted. From outside the window, Blair and Dorian observe them. Blair indicates she might have an “issue” with that. Dorian tells her niece she needs to go inside the place and speak her mind if she has feelings about John.

While Jessica is in therapy with her psychiatrist,, he manages to get her to let Bess out. Bess does not give him any information about the “secret” and what exactly it is that she needed to protect Jessica from. She says nothing to reveal that she stole Starr’s baby and replaced her with Jessica’s dead baby. At that point, he knows he might need to find out from Tess what Jessica is not consciously aware of. Tess comes out and admits that she is very worried that somebody “took her baby” and lied to her about what happened. Yet, Tess admits to the doctor that she is not entirely certain of exactly what happened.

Meanwhile, the very same baby whom everybody believes is Jessica’s is being observed by Viki and Starr. Neither of them have a clue what really happened. But Starr seems like she might have an unconscious awareness of the baby.

Right then, it looks like Todd needs his security guard to help him find a way out of his hospital ward. And not far away, Nora goes to talk to Dr. Joplin. But when she walks in, all she sees is blood and Dr. Joplin unconscious. Nora yells for a doctor to come and do something.

Viki asks Starr what she found out about her baby. Starr replies that Dr. Joplin told her there may have been some rare blood incompatibility that could have happened and it may have been due to the fact that it was Starr’s first pregnancy. Starr admits to her aunt that she blames herself. But Viki hugs her niece and assures her that it is absolutely not her fault. Starr informs Viki that Dr. Joplin didn’t know much and her explanation sounded very strange.

The autopsy doctor comes to attempt to save Dr. Joplin. But he announces that she is already dead. This obviously indicates that somebody wanted Dr. Joplin dead.

Right then, Jessica is Tess. She does not trust her shrink nor want to answer his questions. But she senses that her baby is in danger and she must do something. She runs out of his room and runs into Brody Lovett. He asks her what is up. He can see that she does not appear to be the same “person” whom he met not log ago who was Jessica. Tess somehow knows what she has to do.

Noelle is getting her hair done by Roxy. But she admits that she is not satisfied with what Roxy did to her hair. And she remarks that this is not the “Blair Cramer bob”.

Right then, Blair and Dorian go into Buenos Dias and approach Marty and John. Blair goes up to greet and introduce herself to Marty and admits to her that she is Todd’s ex wife. Marty shakes her hand and appears courteous. She admits to Blair that she does not remember anybody yet realizes that many people who know her are staring at her. Blair courteously tells Marty she realizes how difficult it must have been for her. She tells Marty that she just wanted to introduce herself. She tells her that she had absolutely no clue that Todd was keeping Marty in his home.. She admits to Marty that she did go to Todd’s home after he informed her that he had a “lady friend” in his home. But she never found out whom she was not what Todd was doing. Marty informs Blair that Todd informed her that Blair hated her. And she asks Blair if that is true. While they are talking, Dorian goes to share some recipes with Mo and Carlotta in the kitchen.

At Foxy Roxy’s, Noelle asks Roxy what Mo will say after Roxy made her hair look all frizzy. Rex is standing behind his mother not certain what to say. Roxy assures Noelle that Mo will like her new hair style. She knows because if she (herself) did not have her hair the way she had it on one occasion, Rex would never have been born.

Outside Foxy Roxy’s, Shane tells his mom that he does not see it as “right” to have a Christmas card with his “Family” and have Rex in it. He tells her he cannot do that to Brody. He believes the only “real father” who should be in a Christmas card with him and his mother should be Brody.

Inside the salon, Rex admits to Roxy and to Noelle that he wanted for them to all be in the picture together as one big happy family. But Shane is not ok with that idea. Hearing that, Noelle tells Rex that that is Shane. He is a boy who does not like change. It’s human nature for many people not to like change. But sometimes life does not give one any choice.

In the Buenos Dias kitchen. Dorian talks to Mo and to Carlotta. She tells them that when she met them, her trip to Texas was an absolute disaster until she walked into the Bon Jour café. And now he’s back in Llanview. Hearing Dorian talk about her situation, Carlotta asks her how things are with Starr. Dorian admits that she just got some very upsetting news. But she is doing everything she can in order to keep her spirits up.

In the dining area, Blair admits to Marty that she used to love and trust Todd. But now she is done with him. And she tells Marty she can be done with Todd also. But Marty tells Blair it’s not that easy. She fell in love with Todd. And she happens to know that what hurt Todd the most is that Blair had an affair with John while she was still married to Todd.

Todd is right then, ready to escape from his hospital room. The nurse comes in and asks him if he is ready to be discharged. But he does not want her to find out what he is about to do.

Near the maternity ward, Starr and Viki talk about Todd. Starr tells her aunt that she is very worried that her dad is sick and she would like him to die instead of her baby. Viki tells her niece that she is not defending Todd in any way. But Starr cannot wish him dead. Starr tells her aunt she wishes she knew why it is that Hope had to die but her dad is still alive. And she is worried that there is something wrong with her to have wanted her dad to love her throughout her life. Viki informs Starr that she had her own issues with her very sick father who was also Todd’s father. Starr tells Viki that she used to want to be just like Todd. And maybe the reason Hope died is because she (Starr) was a bad person, just like Todd.

While Todd is in his room and the nurse enters she informs him that she cannot believe that anybody would want to murder Dr. Joplin. Everybody loved her. She was such a good doctor. Hearing that, Todd is shocked to find out that Dr. Joplin was murdered. But he is determined to find a way to escape

Tess knows that she needs to “use” Brody to help her. She tells him that “They took the kid”. And he must know exactly what that feels like.

Gigi reminds Shane that he knows that Rex prevented Brody form going to jail after Brody could have killed Rex. SO why is Shane making a fuss about taking a family Christmas picture with Rex.

After Dr. Joplin has been murdered, Antonio comes to investigate and asks Nora what she’s doing there.

Gigi urges Shane to know that they all wish that Brody gets better. And he does not want them to send Brody a card of Shane with Rex as his father. He does not want Brody to think that he does not mean anything to Shane.

Nora and Antonio examine all of the things in Dr. Joplin’s office.

While Tess is talking to Brody, she somehow knows that Bess must come out. She instantly pulls her hair into a pony tail and puts on the doctor’s glasses. She is completely unemotional and knows that Brody may not be. The doctor asks her what she knows about Jessica’s baby. She replies that she happens to know that Tess gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Nora and Antonio conclude that the reason Starr’s baby died was due to a tragic error that Dr. Joplin could have easily prevented from happening. She definitely blamed herself and probably wanted to die.

Viki reminds that that she remembers finding out right before Starr ran away that she believed she would be a burden to her parents. And she confirms with her niece that Todd did reconsider going to Hawaii and now made an effort to clean up his act because of Starr. She tells her niece that she knows that she has so much love and so much potential and she will be able to go on.

The nurse who is talking to Todd tells him she bets it was a suicide. Dr. Joplin ended her life. Todd asks if she is sure.

The security guard who was supposed to be watching Todd enters the room and Antonio learns that he left Todd alone. Antonio demands to know why.

At the Buenos Dias, Marty still remembers and appears to have feelings about how Todd convinced her that Blair and John hurt him. Blair tells Marty that she, very similarly to Marty, was fooled by Todd’s lies. And he hurt her more than anybody else has hurt her in her whole life. Marty tells Blair that may be. But he did not rape Blair. Blair tells Marty she must know that John was willing to never give up before he found her. Even when nobody had a clue that she was there, John was not going to stop until he found her. John listens to the two of them talking and appears uncomfortable.

Dorian tells Mo she wants to invite him to her house for a dinner party. IN response to that, he tells her he is flattered. But he has to return home to Texas. It’s his home. She tells him that his home should be in a five star diner, not a low life establishment. And he must listen to her.

Roxy tells Noelle that she can make her hair look like a hot Texas woman and Mo will love it.

Gigi tells Shane he must know that Brody will always know that Shane cares about him. She suggest to her son that they surprise Brody with a Christmas card all his own. Shane tells her that he would consider that.

While Jessica is Bess, the doctor then tells her he wants to speak to Jessica now. She instantly becomes Jessica and asks what happened. And she has no memory of Brody observing her as her two alters. She returns to the doctor’s office. She has no memory of what Tess or Bess said or did. He informs her that Tess does not believe that the baby is hers. Jessica tells him that Tess probably wishes that she made a baby with Nash instead of Jessica. And they both admit that they are completely baffled about this “fear” that Jessica senses about her baby.

Right then, Viki asks Starr if she wants to hold “Cloe” (whom they believe is Jessica’s baby). Starr holds the baby and looks at her adoringly. And it appears both she and the baby know who they really are to each other even though she has no conscious awareness of it.

Shane asks Roxy how she can prove what is in the bottle of shampoo and how it is that she know what to do with his hair. She tells him she knows. And she wants to fix up his hair before the Christmas pictures are taken.

Jessica asks Brody what he saw when she became Tess and Bess and tells him she is sorry he had to see it. He tells her she needn’t feel bad. He just wishes he could somehow help.

Nora and Antonio question Todd about how it is that he is dressed in his street clothes. They know that he planned to steal his daughter’s baby with a woman whom he kidnapped and raped. And he might very well have killed Dr. Joplin. He tells her that Dr. Joplin is probably responsible for what happened to Starr’s baby. They tell him he is going to prison.

Mo goes to Foxy Roxy’s and is very surprised to see Noelle’s new hair style. She assumes that he wants to go back to Texas. But he surprises her by informing her that he does not plan to go anywhere,.

Brody and Jessica talk about how she is very fortunate about having a new baby at home. He goes off saying nothing although he remembers hearing something completely different from Tess.

Starr holds the baby whom everybody believes is Jessica’s Chloe. Not far away, the cops are hauling Todd away.

Marty appears defensive by telling John she does not believe that Blair cares about Marty’s welfare. She is only there to find out what is going on between John and Marty. At that point, Dorian enters and butts into the conversation by telling her that Blair has the right to know what is going on between John and Marty.

Viki and Starr observe Todd get hauled away. And At that point, Starr grows cold and gives the baby back to Viki.

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