OLTL Update Wednesday 12/3/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/3/08


Written By Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Nora and Marty run into John. John says that he was just leaving and Nora says that he can stay because if she is going to put Todd away for what he did to Marty, she will need his help.

The officer comes in and tells Todd that he has another visitor. Viki confronts Todd about what he did to her daughters.

Jared and Natalie talk about how close they came to losing everything that matters to them. Natalie says that when she looks at Chloe, Jessicaís baby, she sees hope for the family.

Dr. Joplin tells Marcie, Blair, Dorian, Michael and Starr that a different doctor and a better person could have saved baby Hope.

Dr. Levin talks to Jessica about her recovery process. Jessica says that she has missed the past 4 months of Breeís life and that she has barely got to hold her new baby. Jessica asks Dr. Levin to help her put her recovery in fast forward.

Dorian goes off on Dr. Joplin for Starrís baby dying. Dr. Joplin says that baby Hope died of Rh disease and that she made a wrong assumption. Dr. Joplin explains Rh disease to Starr and Marcie with Michaelís help.

Jessica tells Dr. Levin that she feels a huge anxiety inside of her about what Tess is able to do. Dr. Levin says that they have to get her successfully integrated so that she can get back home to her children. Dr. Levin says that Tess came back because Jessica witnessed her husbandís death. Jessica admits that she blames Natalie and Jared for Nashís death.

Viki confronts Todd about knowing that Jessica was Tess and lying to her. Todd says that he did what he thought he had to do. Viki says that no one was safe because Todd was around. Todd says that every wrong choice he made drove the one person he cared about the most further and further away from him.

Nora tells John that she needs all of his case files on Todd. John says that he can give her his personal notes, but that he has no access to any of the official ones at the station. Nora says that she will also need him to testify and John says that he will do whatever she needs. Nora says that she wishes she could get her hands on Janet Ketring. Marty says that Lee Ramsey hired her and that Todd kept her on. Marty says that Jessica/Tess and Bree were also at Toddís house.

Viki and Todd fight over him lying to her. Viki says that Todd sounds as stupid as Tina. Todd says that he told Tess not to do anything stupid. Viki says that her loyalty to Todd almost cost her children their lives. Todd says that he did it all because he was in love with Marty and would have done anything not to lose her.

Dr. Levin and Jessica talk about Bess.

Dorian threatens Dr. Joplin. Starr says that it is her fault that Hope died, but everyone tells her that she did absolutely nothing wrong. Dr. Joplin says that she is completely at fault. Dr. Joplin explains that the first rh positive baby of an rh negative mother being affected by rhesus disease almost never happens and that it often doesnít happen until the third child.

Natalie and Jared talk about Tess giving birth to Chloe alone. Natalie and Jared agree that they canít look at Jess and not see Tess. Natalie says that they can start to get Jessica to forgive them by helping to take care of Chloe.

Dr. Levin and Jessica talk about the similarities of Bess and Vikiís alter, Jean Randolph. Jessica asks how they find out what Bess wants and Dr. Levin says that they ask her.

Marty talks about the things that Todd told her. Marty asks if John and Nora think that Todd would have went through with stealing his own granddaughter.

Viki reminds Todd that he raped Marty. Todd and Viki disagree about Martyís feelings for Todd.

Nora answers the phone. Nora comes back and tells them that she has to go to the hospital and negotiate with the doctors for Toddís release so that she can throw him in jail. Nora offers to drop Marty off, but John suggests that Marty stay and eat and that he can drive her home. Marty agrees and Nora thanks John. Nora leaves.

Jessica says that she canít just call up Tess or Bess for Dr. Levin. Dr. Levin says that he can through hypnotherapy.

Dr. Joplin and Dorian argue about the death of Starrís baby. Dr. Joplin remembers Todd convincing her to rush the baby out to him and tell Blair, Starr and Marcie that the baby died.

Dr. Levin hypnotizes Jessica and calls Bess out.

John and Marty talk about him not working. Marty says that if John hadnít found her when he did, she might be living in New Mexico with Todd. John says that it wouldnít have stopped him.

Todd says that he blames himself for what happened. Viki says that Todd caused it. Todd says that he almost found love and almost got to raise his children, but he always misses out in the end. Viki says that Todd used Marty, but he says that he loved her. Viki says that she will never forgive Todd for standing by and watching while Jessica self-destructed.

Bess tells Dr. Levin that she follows Tess and cleans up when she can. Bess remembers saying that it is her job to take care of Jessica and that Jessica canít know that her baby died. Bess says that their conversation is pointless and that Jessica belongs at home with her family.

Dorian says that she will make sure that Dr. Joplin loses her license to practice medicine. Blair begs Dorian to stop because it isnít helping. Dr. Joplin says that she has instructed the morgue to release Hopeís body, so that they can give her a proper funeral. Dr. Joplin tells Starr that she didnít do anything wrong and that she was a model patient.

Marty and John talk about the past. The waitress comes over and Marty places her order, even though she doesnít understand it. John orders the same thing. Marty says that Todd took her for a drive in the country once.

Todd swears to Viki that he wasnít trying to hurt anyone.

Marcie and Michael talk about Hopeís death.

Jared says that Chloe is going home to a house filled with people who love her and Natalie reminds him that Chloeís parents wonít be there. Viki shows up and says that she gets to take Chloe home. Viki says that she canít stop thinking about Starr because she had a normal pregnancy and her baby died, but Chloe was born in the worst possible circumstances and survived.

Starr asks why someone didnít take care of Hope. Dorian asks if Starr has eaten and Starr says that she isnít hungry. Starr says that she wants to be alone to think. Blair tells Dorian to take her to lunch before something regretful is said.

The officer comes in to check on Todd.

Bess says that everything is fine and that Tess is gone so Jessica can go home and take care of her children. Dr. Levin says that he canít let Jessica take care of herself or her children until she is stronger. Bess says that integration is highly overrated. Bess tells Dr. Levin not to get in the way of progress. Dr. Levin asks if Bess has something to hide and suggests that he should talk to Tess to find out what is going on. Bess says that she protects Jessica from Tess and from knowledge that will destroy her. Dr. Levin asks what Bess is protecting Jessica from.

Marty says that she canít seem to have a conversation without talking about Todd.

Starr talks to Viki and brings flowers for Jessica. Viki explains that Jessica is in St. Annís getting the help that she needs. Starr gives the flowers to Viki and asks which baby is her granddaughter.

Bess tells Dr. Levin to tell Jessica that he is sending her home because the situation has been handled and he is interfering. Dr. Levin says that he wants to talk to Tess.

Michael tells Marcie that the best thing they can do is plan a funeral for her daughter.

Viki shows Starr Jessicaís baby, Chloe. Starr says that Chloe is perfect.

Tess asks Dr. Levin what he is going to do about the fact that they gave Jessica the wrong baby.

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