OLTL Update Tuesday 12/2/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/2/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Dorian admits to Blair that she did not enjoy Thanks giving dinner the way she should heave. Blair tells her aunt that maybe they should just be grateful that they have each other and they have their family. But they both admit that they are not ok with what happened to Starr’s baby. And Dorian informs Blair that she is determined to get the hospital to give her some answers about how Starr’s baby could have died. It makes absolutely no sense. She will not accept what happened and demands some answers.

Right then, Dr. Joplin is in her office writing the death certificate for Starr’s baby. And at that point an autopsy agent enters and informs her that it makes absolutely no sense that the Manning baby would have died given the circumstances. And there is something “not right” involving the situation

Right then, Starr goes to talk to her father. A guard accompanies her. She asks him to let her talk to Todd alone. He leaves. Alone wither father, Starr asks him if he really intended to steal her baby.

After the Thanksgiving party, Michael and Marcie return home together. She asks if she can get a ride with him to the hospital. He tells her of course. But may he ask why she wants to got o the hospital. She answers that she accepts the fact that Hope died. But she needs to find out from Dr. Joplin how it could have happened.

Right then, after the autopsy agent gives Dr. Joplin the information he’s found, she looks over the papers and tells him that this “cannot be”.

Dorian tells Blair that she is not going to give up until she gets to the bottom of the unsolved mystery involving Starr’s baby. Blair tells her aunt that she cannot find Starr. Starr apparently told them that she intends to go back to school. And that seems odd. She made it clear that she was not ready not long ago. Dorian tells Blair that she happens to know that she spent the night with John. Blair tells her aunt that she does not want to talk about John nor have Dorian reading anything into that.

At the Buenos Dias, after the party, Roxy tells John that she can see that he has some unresolved issues involving the women in his life. He needs to choose between Marty and Blair. He walks away realizing he hasn’t a clue what to do much less talk to her about it.

Right then, Nora enters Marty’s room with breakfast in bed. Marty apologizes for not being able to join them all for Thanksgiving dinner and be with her son. But she tells Nora that she has been having “dreams” about the cold reality involving Todd. But maybe that means it’s a good sign since the only dreams she remembers having have been about falling in love with Todd. Now she needs to figure out what really happened and remember her real life.

Todd tells his daughter that he would never do anything to hurt her. He is devastated that her baby died. He knows that she carried this pregnancy for 9 months. And now she has mysteriously died. And there is no answer for that. He would never wish that on anybody and loves his daughter more than anything. But Starr reminds her father that he still has not answered her question. Did he intend to steal her baby? She informs him that Marcie informed her that Todd went and admitted to her that she would make the perfect mother to Star’s baby. And he apparently apologized to Starr and to Marcie. And he told Dr. Joplin that he wanted to let Marcie adopt the baby. Was that all lies? She demands that he comes clean and tell her the truth. But Todd cannot admit to his daughter what he intended to do.

Dr. Joplin tells the autopsy agent that she cannot believe that she would have “missed” something that he detected that caused the baby to die. She obviously made a serious mistake. But the autopsy agent tells her she is one of the best Ob-Gyns there is.

Marty tells Nora that she loved Todd Manning. She chose to be with him and trust him and sleep with him. Nora tells her that she need not be disgusted with herself. She can save all of her disgust for Todd. And if she cannot deal with the situation, there are many excellent therapists in Llanview. Hearing that, Mary asks what she should tell the therapist. Should she tell him or her that she is missing and lacking from not being with her rapist? She asks Nora if she knows what it’s like to be in love with somebody who violated her. Nora answers and tells Marty yes she does.

Starr demands that Todd tells her the truth. There are no lawyers nor cops nor anybody to overhear what he answers that question with. She asks again if he planned on stealing her baby. At that point, Todd replies yes. He did plan to do that.

Blair clarifies to Dorian that she did not “sleep” with John. They were together and exhausted and they both fell asleep. But Dorian tells her niece that she knows that John might be haunted by the ghost of “Marty past”. Blair tells her aunt that she did not think it would have been appropriate for her to ask John to discuss what he was thinking and feeling about his business with her.

Roxy tells John she realizes she is asking him many personal questions. But she really wants to know what is going on with him. He keeps telling her he does not want to discuss it. He tells her for just a little while he wants to enjoy the good things in life like reading the paper and having a cup of coffee. And he would prefer silence.

Nora tells Marty she knows all too well what it’s like to love somebody with false ideas of who they are. And then how it feels when you finally see the truth. Marty asks Nora exactly what happened. Nora replies that his name was Daniel Colson. She married him and believed she loved him. Yet she had no clue who he really was. Marty asks her just who Daniel really was. Nora replies that Daniel was a politician. Unknown to her, Daniel was gay. He had a boyfriend. And he murdered a young woman who was going to find out the truth about him. And Nora was completely fooled by his lies.

Todd tells Starr that she must know how devastated he was when Marcie took Sam from him. And then Blair took him from Todd. Now Blair has taken out a restraining order to keep him 100 feet away form his own children. And of all the people whom Starr could have given her baby to was the woman who kidnapped Todd’s baby. Starr protests that Marcie kidnapped Sam because she went crazy and did not know what she was doing. She was afraid of the very thing that Starr now knows she had every right to be afraid of which is Todd raising a baby. Marcie lost custody of Sam. And now she cannot have a baby of her own. Starr cannot raise a baby. So she determined that Marcie should adopt her baby. Todd tells his daughter that he thought she planned to give Marcie her baby just to spite him.

The autopsy doctor tells Dr. Joplin that there are other parties who could be to blame for the death of the baby besides her. He is really sorry. Right then, she gets on her laptop but realizes she cannot print the death certificate.

Starr asks Todd if he actually told Marty Saybrooke that she was going to give them her baby to raise. And the two of them were going to run off somewhere? He tells Starr that he was going to bring the baby back to her. She tells him that she knows he is lying. She tells him that he just wanted to steal the baby not for the baby’s best interest. Not for Marty. But for himself. It’s all about him. He protests to his daughter that he does not want her to think that. But she tells him she knows he was going to walk out of the hospital with the baby. He then informs her that he changed his mind. He realized that he could not go through with it. He tried to do the right thing. But it was too late. He found out the baby died right after he told Dr. Joplin that he is ok with Starr giving the baby to Marcie. And he admits that there is no excuse for what he did. She cries and asks if he planned to run away with Marty of all people, the woman he raped many years ago, Cole’s mother. He wasn’t going to ever let Marty know that she had a son nor let Cole know his mother was alive, much less that he has stole Starr’s and Cole’s baby.

Marty admits to Nora that she loved Todd with such a passion she could not describe it. And she does not know what to do. Nora tells her that maybe she can clarify that to her. She is not in love with the man. He is in love with a lie. That is what she (Nora) had to convince herself of in her darkest hour. And she assures Marty that she will get past it.

Dorian tells Blair that he believes that John is a good man for her niece. Hearing that, Blair tells her aunt it’s amazing that she actually approves of a man whom she’s interested in. Dorian tells her niece that she believes she is too “fabulous” to be any man’s “fall back plan”. She deserves to be more than just a shoulder for a man to cry upon. IN response to that, Blair clarifies to her aunt that John does not cry.

Nora admits to Marty that in attempting to “deal” with her misguided belief about Daniel Colson, she took it out on many people. She took it out on Bo. Bo was the one who prosecuted Daniel and Bo was her ex. So she could not face Bo. And she got very sick. But she found her way back when she knew that her son needed her. Marty asks Nora what she’s going to do now. Nora then tells Marty that they are going to go shopping. Marty needs to get herself some new clothes and get her hair done. They can have lunch and hang out together.

At the Buenos Dias, after John tells Roxy he wants to be alone, she tells him she will go away. But she knows there has got to be a way to get through to him.

Right then, Marcie gets a call from Dr. Joplin. She tells Marcie she just got the autopsy report and wants to discuss it with Marcie. Marcie informs Michael and asks if he wants to attend the meeting with Dr. Joplin and hear what happened. Michael tells Marcie he does want to be there with her and find out what happened.

Starr tells Todd there is no excuse for what he did. He tells her he realizes he made some inexcusable mistakes. But he wants to make things right. And the reason he wants to change and to do good is “because of Marty”. Hearing that, Starr asks why he’d say that Marty, the woman he raped and lied to would “motivate” him. He then explains to his daughter that Marty was the most incredible woman he has ever known. He felt loved and valued and cared for by her, the way he never had by anybody he’d ever met before in his life. And it motivated him to change his ways. And he knew that he could not take Starr’s baby. Marty showed him how to love. Hearing that, Starr tells her father that is absurd. He hasn’t a clue what love is and there’s no way anybody could help him with that . She cries and runs out of the room.

Dorian and Blair go to talk to Dr. Joplin about Starr’s baby. And they discover that Marcie and Michael are also there for the same reason. They wonder where Starr has gone. Right then, Starr enters to see the four of them and admits that she did not go to school as she told them. She went to talk to her father.

Right then, Todd looks at himself in the mirror and remembers the conversation where Starr tells him that he did something despicable.

Right then, Dr. Joplin asks Dorian, Blair, Starr, Marcie and Michael to come into her office. Dorian immediately asks why is it that the people at the neo natal facility failed to do their job and save Starr’s baby. Blair asks her aunt to calm down. But Dorian does not listen. Dr. Joplin then replies to Dorian that the reason Starr’s baby died was because she (herself) did not see what happened. And it is solely her fault. Not the fault of anybody or any department at the hospital.

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