OLTL Update Monday 12/1/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/1/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Charlie surprises Viki by building a place that looks just like the Bon Jour Café where they first met. She is in awe of the fact that they appear to be in Llanview. He tells her that this place is called the Buenos Dias and he built it just for her.

Dorian and her family are preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Lola is joining them. She attempts to educate Langston and Lola on the art of French cuisine. She makes an inference about a “male pig”, implying that Lola needs to know about a con artist like her father. And they sense her indirect hostility.

Back at Cristian’s apartment, Vanessa tells him she is sorry. She tells him she overheard him arguing with Sarah and it may be her fault. So maybe she should leave. And, of course she is playing upon his guilt.

Right then, Sarah rushes home angrily remembering that Cristian had a half naked woman in his home and it pushed her too far. But when she enters, she notices that Layla, Talia, Antonio and Carlotta have prepared Thanksgiving dinner for her.

Rex, Gigi, Brody and Shane are all at Brody’s hospital facility. They assume that Shane is ok. But he needs to know just whom his grandfather (Rex’s father) is.

Viki cries happily about how it was that Charlie rebuilt the diner. She asks him how it is that he went to such great trouble. He explains to her that when Carlotta’s diner got burned down, he got to together with her about his new idea for the place. And now it is called the Buenos Dias. Right then, Viki sits Charlie down at what looks like the very table where he sat when she first met him. He recalls that he was a recently recovering alcoholic with a son who hated him and he was all alone. And this beautiful waitress, who was Viki came by and poured him some coffee. Hearing that, she assesses that she has so much to be grateful for.

At Nora’s home, Cole asks her if his mom has changed her mind about coming down. Nora replies no. Cole immediately assumes that it’s because of him that she cannot face them. But Nora urges him to know that it’s not his fault. He tells her that maybe he needs to go and live somewhere else. But right at that point, Clint enters and asks Cole not to go. Hearing that, Cole asks Clint if he is giving him orders. Clint tells Cole what he meant to say was that he does not want Cole to leave before he’s had a chance to apologize to Cole.

After Dorian implies her hostility toward Ray Montez’s daughter, Langston and Addie tells her she is out of line. She should not be taking that out on Lola. She apologizes but tells them Thanksgiving did not go the way she wanted. They tell her that they realize that she is upset about the situation involving Starr. But they should be happy on this day. Hearing that, Dorian tells them of course. And she invites Lola to join in the festivities.

After Sarah rushes home and informs Antonio and Talia that she caught Cristian acting “nice” around this half dressed woman, Talia asks her if they looked like they were going to “do something”. Antonio also inquires what is up with Sarah. She tells them that she just has a question. And she asks Antonio just what it is that makes his brother “so damn nice”.

At the Buenos Dias café, Charlie tells Viki he thought that maybe this place would open up possibilities for her and new hopes and dreams. Just like the Bon Jour. She tells him of course it does. She tells him she remembers how simple it was for her to simply be the unknown waitress Viki D. He tells her he knows all too well the very same thing about himself. He was only Charlie B. At that point, neither of them knew anything about each other. And they wish they could get back to that place again.

Clint clarifies to Cole that this house used to belong to Asa Buchanan. And he believes that Asa would think very highly of Cole and be very proud of the fact that Cole and his mother are living there.

Cristian calls and apologizes to Sarah. She tells him she wishes he would just come over. His whole family is there. She realizes he has to “bring” Vanessa. But she just wishes he would get there. As soon as she hangs up, she indicates to Talia that she is not ok with the fact that Cristian has to “keep his promise” and bring Vanessa. But Talia reminds her that the court order requires him to not leave her alone. At that point, Talia admits to Sarah that right before Ray got sent to prison, he informed them that he did not kill Lola’s mother. Vanessa set him up. Sarah asks Talia if she believes Ray. She admits she does not know what to believe. But they both realize that if it is true, then Vanessa is working a major con upon many people.

Viki and Charlie are talking when they get a sudden surprise of Gigi, Noelle and Mo coming through the door of the Buenos Dias. She is amazed to see them and rushes up to hug them. She observes Mo and Noelle knowing they have traveled a long way to be there.. And she asks Gigi if she had anything to do with it. Gigi admits that she was pretty “busy” with other things. And it was all Charlie’s doing. Viki then rushes up to hug Charlie and tells him how grateful she is.

At the Thanksgiving celebration, Jamie asks her father if she could have a puppy like the ones that Sarah has. He tells his daughter they will consider that later. But the main thing they need to know is that they have much to be grateful for. So they all raise their glasses and propose a toast to a happy Thanksgiving. That includes Antonio, Talia, Cristian, Sarah, Vanessa, Carlotta and Jamie. But Sarah is not in good spirits.

Dorian hires a caterer to help her prepare the feast. She notices Jack on the floor “looking” for something. She asks her nephew just what he’s looking for. He replies a turkey. She appears disappointed that he cannot accept a change in the Thanksgiving tradition.

Shane goes with Rex and Bo to Nora’s house. He notices the picture of Asa Buchanan. Matthew informs him that is his grandpa. Shane replies to Matthew that he does not have a grandpa. But at that point, Bo tells them that all he wants to focus his thoughts on is all the things he is grateful of. He’s grateful to his son. He is grateful to have met Shane. Rex has been a great friend to him. Roxy has really inspired him with her courage. And he blesses Cole for having to handle what nobody would ever have to handle.

After Jack replies he is looking for a turkey, Dorian replies that they are not going to have a turkey. But he reminds her that it’s Thanksgiving. She tells him about all of the French cuisine she is preparing. Starr then reminds her aunt that they always have sweet potatoes with marshmallows. But Dorian tells her niece that there are some changes. Langston defends her foster mother but realizes she would prefer some mashed potatoes.

At the Buenos Dias, Viki tells Noelle she is really happy that she and Mo are engaged. She could tell that they were meant for each other when they were in the pie baking contest. Noelle then tells Viki that she she (Viki) would be a fool to let a good man get away. They both observe Charlie and Mo talking in the kitchen and Viki confirms that Noelle is right.

After finding out what Talia has told her that Ray Montez alleged about Vanessa, Sarah realizes she cannot contain herself any longer. So she confronts Vanessa about the “suspicion” that she killed Lola’s mother, framed Ray for it and lied so that she could keep Lola all to herself. Vanessa looks at Sarah indignantly. And she tells the others that maybe she should not have come if it’s too upsetting for Sarah. At that point, Cristian tells Vanessa she need not worry. Maybe Sarah has had too much to drink. Sarah tells them that she will not be told whether she can drink in her own home. And Vanessa is not supposed to be there. Vanessa protests that she was invited by Cristian. Sarah tells Vanessa that she is using and manipulating Cristian and she does not trust Vanessa as far as she can throw her. Layla tells Sarah she is a bit concerned about her drinking. At that point, they all start yelling at each other until Carlotta stands up and demands that they all come to order and stop fighting on Thanksgiving day.

While Dorian is trying yet failing to have her Thanksgiving festivities, she gets a knock on the door. And it’s her “secret conscience” Mel at the door. Dorian tells her she is only trying to bring her family together. Mel tells Dorian she realizes that. But all people are seeing is a psycho Julia Child. And she just wants Dorian to bee able to enjoy her Thanksgiving and not let all the stress get to her..

Natalie and Jared go to Nora’s home and Jared tells all the people that he came by just to let everybody know that he owes them an apology. And he will go of they don’t want him there. But they acknowledge that they welcome Natalie in their home. Natalie tells them that if Jared goes, so does she. Hearing that, Renee rushes to hug Natalie and tells her she is very grateful that she is back and she is safe. And Jared is one lucky man to have her. She acknowledges Jared by telling him he may not be a blood Buchanan. But she believes that he has all the class of one.

At the Buenos Dias, Charlie tells Viki that throughout the last year, life has kind of caught up with both of them. But he is not going to give up. He asks her if she thinks he could find a way to start over.

Nora introduces to everybody the caterer who baked their dinner. But she has to admit that he had a “mishap” when driving. So they realize they might have to go “elsewhere” in order to eat.

At Sarah’s apartment, Carlotta tells her she realizes she (Sarahh) is upset because her mother left again. Sarah tells her that’s probably the reason why she is upset and she is sorry to have ruined everybody’s thanksgiving dinner. Carlotta tells her no. She did not do that. And she has an idea. She thinks they should all go to the rebuilt diner. Charlie Balsam built it and she thinks it would be a great way for all of them to relive all of their memories.

After her “pep talk” from her “secret friend”, Mel, Dorian returns to her kitchen and admits to her family that when she thought about Todd she got furious and took it out on many people. But she forgot how grateful she should be to have her family there together. She’s grateful to have Starr and Jack and Blair. She is so grateful to have Langston and her really awesome boyfriend, Markko. And her sister, Addie, who knows how to set Dorian straight on so many things. Markko then suggests that they go to Carlotta’s new diner. Everybody then leaves except for Blair and Addie. Addie tells her daughter she is so happy that this is the first time she has seen her happy in a long time. Blair hugs her mother and tells her she is very grateful for many things.

Carlotta takes her family to the new diner. Viki hugs Carlotta and tells her how grateful she is that she helped inspire Charlie to build this place. Carlotta tells Viki that she noticed how Charlie put his heart and soul into building it. Right then, Marcie and Michael enter. MO greets her as Sally Ann. Rex, Bo and the group from Nora’s home enter and Rex joins Gigi. And at that point, Sarah and Cristian come out of the kitchen to serve all of the food. Dorian brings her family there. We see Starr and Jack and Blair. Vanessa hugs Lola. Shane greets Matthew. Everybody talks and everybody appears happy. Renee, Nora Clint, Cole , Natalie, Jared and everybody are happy. Mo invites Dorian into is kitchen to taste some of his fine cooking. Starr talks to Nora. Cole is behind her appearing somewhat uneasy. But he turns to talk to her. Dorian and Blair observe. We see all of the cast members together and all the food and festivities. And we hear a song that says I would do anything to come through for you.

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