OLTL Update Wednesday 11/26/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/26/08


Written By Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Blair and John play cards.

Gigi and Rex talk about Thanksgiving decorations. Rex asks Shane if he wants to throw the ball around and Shane says no.

Brody tries to get his ball back. Jessica comes up and says that the ball is dangerous because of the germs on it. The woman gives the ball back and Jessica tells Brody that if he learns the “mental institution language” he will get by.

Charlie shows up to see Rex and Gigi looking for Viki.

Viki visits her father’s grave and tells him that she is going to tear him down along with his monument.

Gigi offers to look for Viki, but Charlie says that he will do it. Charlie tells Gigi that he doesn’t know if the timing is right for their plans. Charlie leaves and Rex asks what Gigi is doing with Charlie later.

Viki tells her father that she has to finish this and that she is obliterating him.

Sarah suggests that Vanessa should put some clothes on. Cristian tells Sarah that the government wants to deport Lola and Vanessa, but Sarah doesn’t see how it is bad news.

Blair beats John. They discuss him quitting his job and she mocks his resignation. John says that it was important to leave the job on his terms. Blair says that she is sure that Bo would take him back, but John says that he only needed the job when he could believe in it. Blair realizes that John believes the system failed Marty.

Brody and Jessica meet. Jessica tells Brody that she has been there before because she is as loony as they come.

Viki rants about her father destroying everyone and touching the whole family including Starr. Viki says that Meredith was lucky because she died before learning what a monster he was and asks why she couldn’t die and why he chose her.

Sarah says that Vanessa going back home to Columbia is better than staying there in a prison cell. Cristian says that there is no guarantee that Vanessa will be convicted, but Sarah reminds him that Vanessa shot an unarmed man in front of dozens of witnesses.

Gigi and Rex talk about cooking a turkey. Rex says that he could build a bonfire in the middle of the room and Shane wouldn’t come down the stairs. Rex says that Brody is Shane’s hero and he can’t compete with that.

Brody says that Jessica doesn’t seem crazy. They discuss the appearances of some of the other patients. Brody tells Jessica that he is in there for what the doctors are calling PTSD, but the truth is that he knocked a girl out, kidnapped a kid and shot a guy.

Viki tells Charlie to leave, but he says that he can’t do that. Viki tells Charlie about her father and the things he has done. Viki says that all she, Todd, Tina and Jessica can hope to do is die before they poison anyone else. Charlie holds Viki while she sobs.

Jessica tells Brody about her D.I.D. disorder and about what her alter (other personality) tried to do to Natalie and Jared.

Viki says that she wanted to tear the place down. Viki says that when people remember her, they will only think that when she was a little girl, her father ended her life.

Jessica tells Brody not to assume anything about anybody and that he needs to get over not liking to talk about himself because the sooner he does, the sooner he can get home to his family.

Rex and Gigi talk about Shane’s adoration of Brody.

Cristian accuses Sarah of being jealous of Vanessa.

John tells Blair about going to see Marty. John says that he drove around for a while afterwards and realized that he needed to be with a friend and that he needed Blair.

Sarah and Cristian argue about him helping Vanessa when he knows nothing about her.

Sister Mary talks to Brody and Jessica. Sister Mary says that Brody can say grace because it is tradition for the newcomers to say grace at their first meal together. Brody suggests that Jessica could do the honors, but Jessica says that she has been part of that family for years and the honor is all his.

Gigi asks Rex about Bo inviting them for dinner and says that she has a plan to get the father-son thing jumpstarted.

Viki and Charlie talk about tearing down the monument. Charlie asks Viki to go with him because he has something to show her.

Blair and John wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sarah tells Cristian that Tina left town again. Cristian tries to comfort her, but Sarah tells him to save it for his half-naked houseguest who needs his help.

Gigi tells Shane to get over there because the parade is about to start and they always watch it together. Rex says that he will see them later and Gigi says that Rex is going to the Buchanan’s for Thanksgiving and that she has plans for them for later. Rex tells Shane his plans for at the Buchanan’s and Shane asks Gigi if he can go too. Shane asks Rex if he can go too and Rex agrees. Rex says that Gigi is a genius.

Brody says that the only blessing that he knows is the one he learned in the Navy because he isn’t very religious. Sister Mary says that grace doesn’t have to be religious and Brody says grace.

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