OLTL Update Tuesday 11/25/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/25/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Cristian gets out of the shower in his apartment while Sara is no longer staying with him. Vanessa appears wearing a short robe and says Happy Thanksgiving.

Sara is at hers’ and Layla’s mutual apartment. She is not in good sprits with no family memories” of Thanksgiving although Layla is happily preparing a meal. And there is an obvious reason why Sara is not happy.

Vanessa appears very friendly to Cristian and looking as though she might have “ulterior motives” getting him to be her court appointed guardian. And the fact that Sara is not there seems to be “encouraging” for her.

Layla admits to Sara that she knows she is not ok with another woman moving in with her man. She would feel and react the same if it were her. But she knows that the reason Cristian agreed to help Vanessa is because he has a spirit of helping people.

Nora goes to see Brody Lovett and tells the nun she is there to get him to sign some papers so that he can stay in the psychiatric hospital and not have to go to prison.

Viki and Clint go to visit Jessica while she’s in the hospital. They assure her that she won’t be alone. They will be with her every step of the way. Natalie appears and tells her sister that she will be there for her too.

Tina is out on her own after Viki has kicked her out of Llanfiare. It looks she might be considering going back to Mendorra.

Natalie tells Jessica that she looks better than she did. Jessica admits that she slept. Jessica is wearing a hospital gown and has her hands strapped to the chair where she is sitting. She seems gracious. But she knows she has to sign papers. Viki removes the straps from her daughter’s hands so that she can sign them. She takes the pen and signs.

Brody tells Nora he’s sorry to make her work on Thanks giving. She tells him that she just came to have him sign off on an agreement. He tells her he owes her a debt of gratitude because she is keeping him out of prison. She informs him that some people care about him. Rex and Gigi appear and tell Brody that they want to make certain that he has a good Thanksgiving. Brody’s friend, Wes is also there for him to make certain that his friend is ok.

Sara cuts vegetables with Layla and admits that she is not ok with the fact that Cristian is alone in his home with Vanessa or with his feeling as though he must come to her rescue.

At Cristian’s home, Lola appears and says good morning. They ask Cristian what his Thanksgiving plans are. He informs them he is going to have Thanksgiving dinner with Sara and Layla. And they are invited also. Lola asks if she can invite Langston. He tells her sure. She leaves Cristian alone with Vanessa. She looks like she is “moving in” on him.

Sara tells Layla that she really wishes that Crtistain did not invite Vanessa to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. They get the door assuming that it’s them. But it’s Tina. She greets her daughter and asks if she can come in.

After Vanessa asks Cristian if Sara is ok with his inviting her to Thanksgiving dinner and with her staying in his home, he tells her that Sara knows that this is only a temporary living arrangement. In the other room, Lola calls Langston and invites her to join them. Langston agrees but is not really certain what that will mean since she obviously has another “family obligation”.

Sara and Vanessa ask Tina if she can stay with them for dinner. She tells them she wishes she could but she came to say goodbye.

Jessica gets dressed and tells her mother that she wants to get things over with. She does not need to wait.

Tina is not certain what to tell Sara about why it is that she has to leave. Sara concludes that all that her mother has promised about being a mother was just talk. Tina tells her daughter no. She came there to make certain that her daughter is ok. And she just needs to go somewhere and “Try something new”. In response to that, Sara asks her why she cannot stay with Aunt Viki. Doesn’t her sister want her in her house? Tina replies no and remembers Viki telling her that she is no longer welcome in her house ever again after she endangered both of Viki’s daughters. Sara demands that her mother tells her the reason Viki kicked her out. But Tina does not know how to answer that. Sara demands that her mother tells her what she did.

Viki., Clint and Natalie bring Bree to see Jessica. She cries when she holds her daughter knowing she will have to sign away her rights to have legal custody of her.

At Brody’s hospital facility, GIgi goes with Nora, Wes and the deputy to take care of some things. Alone with Brody, Rex tells him that this place seems not too bad. And Wes seems like a good guy who is looking out for Brody. Brody then explains to Rex that when people serve their country together, they all have each other’s backs. In response to that, Rex admits that he probably wouldn’t be well suited for military heroism and may possess a cowardly nature. But Brody tells Rex that is not true. HE would be proud to serve with him. Right then, Shane appears and stares speechlessly at the two of them.

It looks as though Langston has invited Lola to join her and her family for Thanksgiving dinner. So Lola will not be joining Vanessa, Cristian, Sara and Layla. Vanessa tells her step daughter she must make certain to help them clear the table after dinner. Lola tells her step mother sure. And she leaves.

Tina attempts to tell Sara about the mistake she made. She intended to help Natalie and Jared when Tess was about to kill them. But she finally found her dog and found out that “David Vickers” is actually a female and had puppies. She can’t take them with her. SO Sara needs to take them in. But Sara knows that her mother has some things to do that she is not ready to share with anybody. And she is concerned about her mother being alone for Thanksgiving. She tells her that it’s crazy. All those years when she did not see her. And now she’s leaving again. She urges her to stay because this is Thanksgiving. But Tina tells her daughter no. But Sara must take care of the puppies while she is gone. Sara cries and tells her mother she loves her. Tina tells her daughter she loves her. And she tells her that if there is anything she did right, it was having such a wonderful daughter.

Jessica holds Bree, tells her how much she loves her, how grateful she is to have her and how sorry she is to not be able to be with her. But she tells her she is sick and needs to get better. And when she gets back they will have so much fun together. She cries. Viki, Clint and Natalie stand by her and cry.

At the hospital, after Shane appears in the room, Brody admits to Rex that he does not know what to say. Rex assures Brody that he will do fine. Shane appears and greets Brody. He tells him that his mom explained that Brody had to go to the hospital because he was not ok But he hopes he will be getting out now. Brody tells him that unfortunately he cannot at this time. They play checkers together. And they talk about how Shane helped his mom prepare the Thanksgiving turkey. Shane informs him of the pictures his mom took of him for Christmas. He’s going to be in the Christmas pageant as a wise man. Brody engages in the conversation. But at that moment, Brody has a “vision” and appears a million miles away. Shane notices him staring into space and asks if he is ok. Right then, Wes enters and asks Brody what is up. Brody introduces Wes to Shane. Shane tells Wes he heard all about him. Wes tells Shane that he served with Brody. Brody was a great soldier. And Wes asks Shane to go and see if his mom wants him to help with dinner. Wes talks to Brody alone, asking him if he is “all there”. They talk privately and Brody tells Wes he just remembered seeing something when Shane spoke of being the Wiseman. Brody asks Wes what if it “doesn’t work”. Wes replies to him that it will. He tells him he must know that he will get better. And very soon, Brody will be able to return to his position that they served together.

Nora comes to talk to Cristian to informs him and Vanessa that the charges against Vanessa have been dropped. She tells her that she wont’ be prosecuting because the government will. In response to that, Vanessa looks worried.

Sara eats pieces of a pie alone and admits to Layla that she is depressed. Not only about Cristian living with Vanessa but about losing her mother. Sara admits that she has done “this dance a million times”. Her mother splits on her. Then she comes back out of nowhere when Sara least expects it and promises each time that things will be different, gets Sara’s hopes up. Then she splits again.

Viki brings Jessica’s “new born” to see her mom and older sister. She gives the baby to Jessica. Jessica holds her. Clint and Natalie stand beside them.. Jessica cries and promises the baby she will come back to her as soon as she can.. She tells her how beautiful she is and how she wishes her daddy could have seen her. He would have loved her so much. Her mother, father and sister gather around.

Tina is not far away, outside the hospital room. She looks at them through the windows. And she turns around realizing they probably don’t want to see her.

Nora informs Vanessa and Cristian that she has just found out that Vanessa is being deported. There is nothing she can do about it. But Vanessa must go back to Columbia and face the charges. She tells the two of them that they have some time to make plans. She wishes them a happy Thanksgiving and leaves. Vanessa cries and tells Cristian she cannot go back. He does not know what to tell her.

Sara and Layla are preparing Thanksgiving dinner. But Sara is obviously not ok. Layla suggests that she goes she sees Cristian alone. She(Layla) will take care of the puppies. Layla holds one of them. And Sara gets ready to go and see Cristian.

Jessica tells her family that she thought of a name for her baby last night. She thought of Chloe. THe nurse holds Bree. Jessica calls to her toddler daughter and tells her she loves her so much. She cries when she has to give the baby and Bree up. Natalie comforts her sister.

Tina leaves the hospital from out the back door trying to make herself scarce. IT looks like she has gone and found a place for the dog to stay and it appears be the “Crypt” of hers, Viki’s and Todd’s father’s (Victor Lord) grave. Tina looks at Victor’s tombstone and asks her deceased father if he is cold enough in there. If so, good. She may have hurt her family. But not the way he did. He ruined all of his kids’ lives. And she will not end up sad and lonely and sick like her father. She looks out the door and announces with God as her witness, she will change and lead a much better life. She looks at her dog and tells him she promises him.

Brody thanks all of his friends for coming. Shane calls out to him and salutes him.

After hearing that shocking news that Vanessa will be deported. Cristian tells her they are going to fight this. He tells her she cannot give up. She tells him that she is very worried about having her daughter taken away from her. She cries and he holds her in his arms. And wouldn’t this be right when Sara has to walk in and see them.

Jessica tells her family that she is ready to do what needs to be done. Viki asks her if she is certain. Jessica declares that she won’t wait any longer. She goes and shows the nun her commitment papers.

Tina has memories of returning to Viki and to Sara and being swayed by Cain Rogan Then she remembers trying to do the right thing in regard to Tess. And all of the adventures she has had in the short time she’ has been back in Llanview flash before her. Alone in the crypt with just a photo of her daughter and her dog in her arms, she picks the dog up and says goodbye Llanview and she will miss this town. But she declares that they have not seen the last of Tina Lord Roberts. That she promises. She goes out the door with her dog.

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