OLTL Update Monday 11/24/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/24/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

A reporter on the television speaks about Lieutenant John McBain’s heroism in saving Marty Saybrooke. Brody listens from the visiting room where he is staying. He turns off the television when Gigi appears. She asks him if he has any Thanksgiving plans. She tells him she wants to give him a “heads up” about Rex.

Rex goes to visit Bo. Bo tells him he is glad that Rex is feeling better. Rex admits that he is doing better but is having a little trouble recovering. Bo laughs and tells him that things will never “be the same.” For one thing, Rex has a son, and another, his son saw him get shot by the man whom he believed was his father. Bo asks Rex if he is ready to make a statement against Brody. Rex replies by telling Bo he is not, really, going to do that.

Blair goes to the station looking for John. She runs into Nora who informs her that he is not there. He walked out.

John goes to see Marty to find out how she is. She admits that she still does not remember him.

Dorian gets a knock on her door when she is in her kitchen preparing Thanksgiving dinner. She gets the door and notices it is Cole. She admits she did not expect to see him. He asks her if Starr is around.

Upstairs, Starr sits alone and looks at literature about babies and is distraught.

Dorian tells Cole that Starr is resting in her room and not up to having any visitors. Cole then gets ready to leave, but Dorian invites him to stay. She tells him, maybe, he could give her some “advice” with her piecrust. He looks at the article about what happened between his mother, Todd, and John. It appears she wants him there in order to talk about that.

Marty lets John into her house. She admits to him that she was having “dreams” about him when she was staying with Todd. Her dreams did indicate to her that she might have had feelings about John even though she dismissed them at that time. She admits to him that she now realizes that the person she does not need to hide from is him.

At Antonio’s home, Jamie tells Talia she is ready to go to bed. Talia asks her if she has washed her hands and brushed her teeth. Jamie replies, "Yes." Talia then asks her to close her eyes, and she shows her a marshmallow on a stick. Antonio enters and questions why his girlfriend wants to make s’mores with his daughter when she should be in bed. He smirks knowing that the two of them enjoy being together and he is okay with that.

Gigi goes to talk to Brody about his situation involving Rex.

Rex tells Bo that he is not out for revenge. The guy was completely out of it. He volunteered to serve his country. He was following orders. He was forced to fight in unspeakable conditions every day. He can clearly see that the guy needs help and not punishment.

Blair asks Nora if John really quit the police force. Nora replies, yes, and she does not blame John a bit. The system completely failed him and prevented him from saving Marty. The reason John did not get the warrant to search Todd’s home is because the mayor did not dare want to "piss" Todd off since he needed Todd’s vote. Not only that, the mayor and Ramsey had a “cronyism” which is why Marty was hidden in that house all that while and nobody knew it. She admits to Blair that she completely supports what John did.

Dorian and Cole talk about what she is baking. She tells him in French that she is making a pumpkin pie. She tells him that her family is going to have a very, very special Thanksgiving. She tells him, this has not been a great year for them, but she will make it a special day for all of them. She admits to him that she does not know how to get the dough from sticking. He tells her he knows just how to refrigerate it so that it has the right texture. Hearing that, Dorian tells him she thought he knew nothing about baking a pie. Cole admits that he does not, but his mom did, and she showed him. Or rather she still does and he remembers what to do.

Marty admits to John that she no longer wants to be afraid of him. She knows that her dreams about him were intended to tell her that he is somebody she can trust.

Cole goes up to talk to Starr. She tells him she can see that he has good reason to be furious at her dad for what he did to his mom. He tells her that Marty is living with him at Nora’s house. His mother told him he was pushing her too hard to remember things. He just wishes that things were back to normal.

At the station, Blair and Nora talk about Marty staying at Nora’s home with Cole. Blair asks Nora if Marty remembers John and what Nora might know about John’s “goals” regarding Marty. Nora admits that she really cannot say, nor know anything about that.

Marty admits to John that Todd told her that John betrayed her. She wanted to dream about him again, because if she could have, she would have had a chance to “challenge” what Todd told her. She regrets letting Todd convince her that she had nobody except him. He tells her that he should have gotten her out of there sooner. She tells him, no. He would have only gotten thrown in prison if he’d gone any farther. She’d never have been able to remember him,her son, or her dead husband.

Cole and Starr talk about what he is going through involving his mother losing her memory and discovering what has happened.

John tells Marty that, at least, she has Cole back. She tells him that having no memory of her son, she cannot even hug him or be a real mother to him. He is a stranger to her and it’s killing her. She is a stranger to everybody and to herself. The only memories she has are with Todd. She hates that all she knows about herself is who she was with him. What is she supposed to do with that? What is she supposed to do?

Rex tells Bo and Nora that he wants to sign a statement or do something that indicates he does not intend to press charges against Brody. She tells him that it’s a little more complicated than that. Brody could have killed not only Rex but Gigi and Shane as well. Brody could be a danger to himself and many others. Bo suggests that, maybe, she could plead a lesser charge. Maybe Brody could go to a psychiatric facility and get some sort of probation. Nora tells them both that she can’t do that so easily. Brody has to spend some time behind bars.

Gigi tells Brody that Rex does not intend to press charges against him. He tells her he can take care of his own mess. She knows what he did, and she and Rex do not want to see him suffer any more than he already has. He reminds her that he shot an unarmed civilian, Shane’s father -- the man she loves. She tells him that she knows he did not mean to hurt anybody. She, Shane, and Rex know that he served his country and suffered emotional damage. It won’t be of any benefit to anybody if he goes to prison.

Bo and Rex are able to convince Nora to pull some strings for Brody.

Cole tells Starr that when he was in grief counseling, he learned a lot of things. He realized that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. She tells him that she made a mistake getting pregnant. He tells her that he went totally nuts believing that the two of them could raise a baby by themselves only because he lost his mother and couldn’t accept losing their baby. Now his mother is back. Starr tells him it’s a miracle that his mother is back. He tells her that he saw that van blow up over an over again. Now he has his mom back, yet he is not grateful. What kind of a selfish jerk is he? Starr tells him that she realizes how it’s just not okay for him to see that his mother has completely lost her memory about everything. Cole admits to her that it’s like he really doesn’t even have his mom back.

Marty tells John that it was her own fault that she listened to Todd. He gave her many opportunities to leave his house, make phone calls, and told her that she did not have to stay with him if she did not want to. John asks her just whom she would have called if she did think to do that. She replies that she could have, at the very least, dialed 911, but she chose not to.

Blair returns home and informs Dorian that she went looking for John. She found out that John quit the police force and went to see Marty.

Marty admits to John that Todd gave her the opportunity to leave and not believe a word he said if she didn’t want to. She told Todd she loved him and she slept with him. How sick is that?

Nora goes to see if she can do what Bo and Rex want. She informs them that she has managed to pull some strings so that Brody won’t get in serious legal trouble. She has drawn up some papers and will go get him to sign them. Alone with Rex, Bo tells him he’s very proud of him for doing the right thing. In response to that, Rex tells Bo that many people are looking out for him so Brody has the right to have somebody looking out for him, also.

Gigi tells Brody that he needs to accept Rex’s offer of dropping charges against him. She tells him if nothing else, he needs to do it for Shane. He tells her all he can give to Shane is money and protection from him. She tells him that Shane needs this more than he needs anything else.

In Starr’s bedroom, she tells Cole that she cannot believe what her dad did to his mom.

In the kitchen, Blair admits to Dorian that she really is not comfortable with going to see John and come between him and the woman whom her ex- husband held hostage and raped. She tells her aunt that even if Marty does not remember John, John certainly remembers her. He just rescued the woman. Doran tells her niece that the person he “saved” is only the “shell” of the woman. Marty has no memories of anything or anybody except Todd.

John tells Marty that she is not the only one feeling guilty right now. He had no idea that the woman whom Todd was holding in his house was her. He should have gotten to her sooner. She tells him that she believed everything Todd told her about John. Todd told her that John stole his (Todd's) wife from him. John informs Marty that he did not steal Blair. She left Todd and chose to see John.

Talia informs Jamie that they have cause to celebrate because her “Papi" got a promotion at work. He is the new chief of detectives. She tells Jamie that they can now salute Antonio and say “hail to the chief.” Jamie salutes and hails to the chief. Antonio tells his daughter that no position of authority is as important to him as being a father to her and having Talia in his life.

Nora goes to visit Brody and tells him that he can sign some papers to get psychiatric help, and she will drop the charges against him. Gigi and Rex are standing nearby and grateful that she is cooperating. Brody thanks her.

Blair tells Dorian that she has to back off and accept John’s decision in regard to Marty.

John tells Marty that he will make certain that Todd will pay for what he did if it’s the last thing he does. He will make certain that all of the “bad memories” in her life are gone.

Cole and Starr wonder how it is that Todd wanted to kidnap their baby, lie to them, tell them she died, and then go off and raise the baby with Marty. He, apparently, reconsidered, but then, the baby suddenly died. Cole asks Starr how coincidental that is. She shows him the locket of Hope’s hair, and they reflect that his mom is back and they at least have her.

Marty admits to John that Todd showed her a picture of her and John. He then shows her the picture he still has of the two of them. She is in awe of his keeping it all this while. She then tells him that she’s been too busy feeling sorry for herself to express her gratitude to him for all he has done for her. Her eyes well up. She touches John’s face and thanks him for all he has done for her.

Cole notices the DVD that Starr and Langston made for the baby when she turns 16. He asks what they told her. She replies that they told her that even if Marcie raises her, she and Cole will never forget her. Cole stands to face Starr, takes her hand, and affirms that they never will.

Marty sits alone in the house reflecting on what she is going to do.

Brody and Rex both sign the papers that Nora has drawn up.

Antonio and Talia are happily together for Thanksgiving.

Gigi brings Brody an envelope that Shane gave to him. He looks at a comic that Shane drew of the super hero, Brody.

Blair looks out the window of her home appearing to be tempted to go looking for John.

Marty looks at an album and sees a picture of herself and Shane. She then notices the picture of herself and John.

John goes to see Blair. She hugs him.

The lyrics of a song say: “I am nothing without you, but I don’t know who you are.” 

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