OLTL Update Friday 11/21/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/21/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

After Jessica has “come back” and Viki is with her at the hospital, Jessica informs her mother that Tess informed her that they both answer to a “higher power.” She just met a “new alter” named Bess who is apparently that person. Hearing that, Viki admits to her daughter that she has never met nor heard of Bess and asks what she is like. Jessica replies that she knows that Tess is about all of her angry feelings, and Bess is about not having any feelings. Bess is the “gate keeper.” Hearing that, Viki seems to be familiar with the function that Bess has, and she assesses that Bess must be the controller. Bess said she would protect her, but she admits that Bess scared the hell out of her. Viki tells her daughter, of course, she would have. The reason why we create alters is to cope with situations which we cannot cope with. Jessica admits that she still has to figure out why Bess is there. Tess is obviously there to deal with Jessica losing Nash, but she does not have a clue, exactly, what Bess is doing there.

Dr. Joplin goes to see Todd in his hospital room. He asks her what happened. She replied that he wanted her to give Starr’s baby to Marcie, and not to lie that she died, so that Todd could kidnap her. He came clean and did the right thing. So how is it that his grandchild died?

Right then, Marty asks Cole about her “relationship” with John McBain. She asks her son if John was her “friend.” Cole replies that John was more than a “friend” to his mother.

Meanwhile, Dorian inquires to Blair how things will work now that Marty is alive. She knows that Marty was seeing John, and that might cause some “issues” for Blair since she started seeing John after everybody believed that Marty was killed. Blair tells her aunt that she does not wish to discuss her “relationship” with John.

After the mayor declares that he intends to drop the charges against John and reinstate his badge, John tells him to take his badge and shove it. He tells him that because of the “rules” that the mayor lays down in this town, it almost cost Marty Saybrooke her life.

Viki assesses to Jessica that Tess expresses her rage and the “gatekeeper” is there to control her fears. Jessica asks, just what she is afraid of. Viki tells her that she lost her husband, and so much has happened. Jessica knows that there is something else that she is not consciously aware of that prompted Bess to “protect” her from. Viki explains to her daughter that she had a very similar “gate keeper” named Jean Randolph. Jessica asks if a gate keeper is a “good person.” Viki tells her that a gatekeeper has a function that protects the person. She is completely pragmatic and has no sense of right and wrong. She might be very capable of doing dastardly things, but nobody knows exactly what those things would be.

Cole explains to Marty that she always told him that she would never have any man in her life after Cole’s father died. Then John came along. She asks if John was the “exception” to her rule. Cole tells her yes. John was very special both to her and to him.

John tells the cops and the mayor that he had no choice except to break the law in order to prevent Marty from being kidnapped and taken out of town by Todd Manning. Nora protests that John must know that Mayor Lowe will be more trusting of John’s instincts in the future and John must know that everything is okay. John asks her not to even try with that. This man is never going to change. All he cares about is getting votes from people like Todd Manning, so he is afraid to do his job and investigate Todd’s home. At that point, Mayor Lowe declares that John has given him no choice except to accept John’s resignation. He announces that he will now “reinstate” the charges against Mr. McBain, and John will go back to jail.

Blair discusses with Dorian that she has noticed that Todd has completely gone insane. Not only does she have to raise three kids on her own, she has to live with having everybody knowing that her ex-husband was ready to run away with the woman he raped, but kidnap his daughter’s baby. Dorian tells her niece that she heard that Marty believed she was involved with Todd. Blair tells her that she has now discovered that Marty has found out what Todd did and hates his guts. Dorian asks if Marty plans to get back with John. Blair informs her that Marty did not remember anything about John. Dorian, then, asks her niece if that would give her a “chance” with John, if he won’t get back with Marty. Blair does not want to discuss that, however.

Jessica tells Viki that she knows that Tess had to “handle” something for her, but there must be something that neither she nor Tess are able to handle. She hasn’t a clue what that is. She has a “premonition” that it might have something to do with the baby, and she asks her mother what might have happened to the baby that nobody would have told her. Viki replies that the baby is fine, but Jessica knows that Tess was afraid of something. Viki tells Jessica that Tess demanded to see the baby and did not believe that she was okay. She didn’t do anything else. It’s a mystery as to just how and why Bess had to come out before Jessica could come back.

After Todd asks Dr. Joplin to tell him why Starr’s baby was healthy and how she suddenly died, she replies that nobody really knows. They are assuming it could be sudden infant death syndrome. He assesses that he is afraid that everything he touches gets ruined. She asks him, why he did it. Why is it that he changed his mind and decided not to kidnap Starr’s baby? Was it that “woman”? She informs Todd that it is all over the news that he hid this woman in his home. He asks what they are saying. She replies, they are saying that he held a woman hostage.

Marty asks Cole just what she was like. He tells her she was a great shrink. His father loved her. Everybody loved her. And then he clarifies that they still love her in its present tense. He tells her that if she can remember the jabberwocky, then maybe this memory loss is merely temporary and she will remember everything.

Blair asks Dorian why she has this “interest” in John and Marty. Dorian tells her  that the only interest she has is how it affects her family. She knows that Todd held Marty hostage. He probably won’t accept what happened sitting down. He will probably cause trouble until somebody shoots him. She wants to know just what type of “relationship” Blair had with John. Blair replies that she and John don’t have anything really serious going on. She is not certain she wants to get into anything serious with anybody at this point. She just recently got a divorce. Dorian tells her niece that there would be nothing wrong with somebody having a relationship. She tells Blair that she knows she likes John. At that point, Blair admits that her aunt may be right. She likes John. She asks Dorian if she is now “happy”. Dorian replies, the question is whether Blair is happy.

Bo tells Mayor Lowe that after John has been hailed as a hero, he (Lowe) will look like kind of a “flip flopper” if he throws John back in jail. It might negatively affect his ratings and future elections. In response to that, Lowe admits that Bo may be right, so he will drop the charges against John and not throw him in jail. Though, he warns John, if he steps out of line just once, he will regret it.

Jessica informs Viki that Bess informed her that it was Tess who “held the memories” of her baby’s birth. Viki tells her that she cannot imagine how traumatizing having to give birth to a baby all alone could be. Jessica tells her, she remembers talking to Tess about the baby. It does not really matter what happened. She cannot nurse her own baby or even hold her.

Todd tells Dr. Joplin that he was trying to do the right thing. At first he wanted the baby merely because he didn’t want Marcie to have it. Then he saw it as something to give Marty so that they could be a family. Then this “thing” came over him that told him that he could not go through with it, and he realized that in order to be the man worthy of Marty’s love, he’d have to do the right thing. He asks Dr. Joplin if she understands. Dr. Joplin replies that he kept from Marty that she had a son and that he raped her. She concludes that he is sick, and he needs help. Todd replies to her that it is “too late.”

Marty tells Cole that she has been trying to remember many things but cannot. He tells her that when she was living in a house with a sick man who lied to her, it would only seem it would be enough to confuse anybody. He knows that it will pass. Hearing that, she smiles and tells him, she hopes that is true and calls him honey. He remembers and tells her that she used to always call him honey. She smiles and tells him that she really wants to get her relationship back with her son. At that point, Cole wants to show his mother some pictures and things to jog her memory.

John tells Bo that even if he gets reinstated, the mayor was going to let Todd get away with hurting and raping Marty all over again. Bo asks him what good he (John) would be to anybody if he went back to jail. John replies that he has no control over these things and he cannot “fix” it anymore.

Noticing how depressed Jessica is to not be able to hold her baby, Viki asks her if she would like the nurse to bring the baby to her. Jessica realizes that she would like more than anything to be able to . Since Tess has a way of coming out, she cannot. She wonders what kind of a mother or person she is. She cannot even be around her two kids.

After Todd tells Dr. Joplin that it is too late to get him any help, she tells him if he wants to feel sorry for himself, he may. She has more important things to do with her time than listen to him. He informs her that he gave Janet notice and told her that he and Marty would run off together. He asks her if she has informed Janet that Marty found out “the truth” about him. Dr. Joplin replies, no. She tells him she was disgraced by what she almost did for Todd. She tells him she really hopes he gets the help he needs.

The newscast reports that John McBain got exonerated of all charges and was hailed as a hero by the mayor, but John resigned.

Bo tells John that he is concerned about what will happen when he no longer has his job with the police department. John tells Bo he does not know, but it has been an honor to work with Bo. He goes out the door. At that point, Antonio and Nora enter and ask what happened. Bo holds John’s badge in his hands and affirms that this town has lost one of the best cops it has ever had.

Viki shows Jessica a photo of the new born baby and tells her that she gave it to Bree so she would know her new baby sister. Jessica cries and tells her that she has not even named her child yet, and she nearly killed four people. She cannot be trusted with a baby or with Bree. She tells her mother she has no choice except to go away. Physically, she may be okay to leave, but she cannot go out in the real world at this point.

Antonio protests to Bo that John may have broken the law, but he saved a woman’s life. Bo replies that it was the system that failed. Nora leaves to take care of some business. Antonio and Bo talk alone. He tells Bo he can take over some of John’s work. Bo tells Antonio that he will have to look for new candidates for chief of detectives. Antonio tells Bo that he might want to “shop around” for some qualified people, but Bo tells Antonio he would like for him (Antonio) to fill the position.

John goes into the station and tells Michael that he cannot be part of this police force if he has to answer to the mayor. He knows that Michael has his own issues to deal with involving Marcie and losing Starr’s and Cole’s baby. He is concerned about Marty and Cole, and he has to go and see them.

At this point, Cole is pushing his mother too hard to “remember” the past that she cannot remember. She tells him she needs him to stop pushing her.

Todd, at that point, is having memories of all of the great times he had with Marty when they were “in love,” before she found out that he raped her and did all of the terrible things to her. He goes to look at himself in the mirror with all of the cuts and blood on his face.

Jessica tells her mother that she needs to get the help she needs before she can be trusted by her children. Viki tells her daughter, she knows she will make it. Jessica is still bound in a straight jacket. Viki leaves her room. She admits that she is worried about the long road to recovery for her daughter. Charlie appears, and Viki hugs him.

Jessica sleeps and looks at the picture of her new born baby.

Dorian calls and leaves a message for Dr. Joplin, reminding her that she (Dorian) is also a doctor. She says she needs to find out about her niece’s baby, and if Dr. Joplin is playing games with Dorian, she will regret it.

Todd looks in the mirror and relives Marty finding out the horrifying truth about him. He also remembers that she remarked that his face was completely different, and even though she saw his picture after he raped her, his “face” was not there. At that point, he removes a bandage from his face and notices a scar just like before he had the plastic surgery that changed his face.

After Marty tells her son that she does not want or need him to “push” her to remember things, she tells him that she has been under Todd’s “spell” for so long, she really needs time.

Antonio tells Bo that he appreciates the faith he has in him (Antonio). If it were up to him, John would still be there. Bo replies that John made the choice to resign. And the two of them still have a job to do. Antonio tells Bo he understands. He leaves Bo’s office. Alone, Bo puts John’s badge in his desk drawer.

In the other room, Blair enters looking for John. She asks Nora where he is. Nora replies that he is gone. He walked out.

When Marty is alone in the house, John comes by to see her. 

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