OLTL Update Thursday 11/20/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/20/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

After John gets throw in jail, Michael goes to see him. John tells his brother he thought he told him to stay out of this, but Michael is not going to listen to his brother. He wants to help him beat the charges. He has apparently found out all that has happened.  Michael tells him that John was correct, Marty is alive. John saved her. Everything is okay.

Cole returns home after Nora has taken Marty home. Marty is able to see that Nora remembers her son even though she does not.

Right then, Blair is attempting to explain to Dorian the startling revelation about Todd.

When Cole comes home, Nora attempts to console him for losing his baby. Marty asks her son (whom she does not remember) if he is okay. He tells her that he was devastated to find out that his baby died, and then his mother appeared out of nowhere. It was like a miracle.

Michael asks John why it is that he is stuck in jail when he saved Marty. John admits that he assaulted Todd and nearly killed him. Michael reflects that John is a lot like Marcie. He has courage, whereas Michael is afraid to face any challenges. He admits to his brother that he has had his own crises. The baby whom Marcie was going to adopt, died. They were ready to bring her home. Now they cannot. He admits that the biggest fear he had of adopting the boy, was of Todd. He never saw “this” coming on.

Right then, it seems as though Tess is in a hospital “rubber room” wearing a straight jacket. Viki goes to see her assuming she is Jessica, and she lashes out at her, asking Vicki if she looks like “Jessie.” All of a sudden, we see a “transition” where Bess is going to visit Jessica. She has her locked behind a cage. Jessica asks her whom she is and why the door is locked. Bess tells her that she cannot let her out right now. She gave her word. Jessica asks whom she gave her word to. Bess replies, she gave her word to Jessica. Jessica replies that she does not understand. Bess concludes that she knows. That is who Jessica is. She needs “another” to go that one step further for her. Jessica asks Bess who she is. Bess introduces herself as Bess and tells her that she needs to inform of some things.

Meanwhile, Tess defiantly tells Viki that she guesses, "the cat is out of the bag.” Viki asks her how it is that she came back. Tess replies that Jessica needs her.  Viki tells her that Jessica no longer needs her. Natalie and Jared are safe, and the baby is okay. Tess protests that the baby is her daughter. She gave birth to her. Nobody is going to prevent her from knowing what happened to her child. Hearing that, Viki looks spooked.

John tells Michael that he is the chain of command who broke a dozen laws. He knew better but still went after Ramsey and did many things. He tells his brother that he knows he will have to pay the consequences for his actions.

At the station, Bo asks Antonio just what he knows about John getting into trouble. He asks Antonio if he advised John not to go through with his plan. Antonio tells his boss, he did. Bo tells Antonio that there is no way around this. John might have to pay the piper for his actions. Antonio suggests that there might be a way for John to beat the charges with the “help” of a witness. Hearing that, Bo asks if Antonio if he means Marty Saybrooke might be the witness that could help John beat the charges.

At Nora’s home, she goes up the stairs and leaves Cole and Marty to talk alone. Marty tells Cole that Nora seems like a “nice lady.” He tells her that Nora is a good person, but he is very concerned about her being stuck with Todd. She asks him why it is that he had a relationship and had a baby with Todd’s daughter.

After Dorian finds out from Blair all that has happened, she sounds like she wants to give her niece a big “I told you so” for trusting the man who would do these things. Hearing that, Blair reminds her aunt that she has some very sensitive issues on her hands. Todd hid Marty in his house, her son got their  daughter pregnant (Todd and Blair’s), and she is very concerned about her little girl being distraught after losing her baby.

Antonio reminds Bo that if John had not found Marty, she would have left town with Todd and kidnapped his daughter’s baby. Bo tells Antonio, he is all for helping John beat the charges, but John needs to face the consequences or this department is not going to “turn around.” At that point, before Bo can finish his sentence, the mayor enters and tells Bo and Antonio about his new plan.

Michael encourages John and wants him to know that Bo is not going to let him hang for that. John tells Michael that he knew what he was doing, and he would have done it again. He only wishes that he could have gotten Marty away from Manning much sooner.

After Marty asks Cole how it is that he had a relationship with the daughter of the man who raped his mother, she realizes that maybe she should not be grilling him about that. He explains that he and Star fell in love. At that point, Nora enters and reveals to them that Bo has called and wants her to get to the station. She tells Marty and Cole if they need anything, they have her number. She goes off and tells Cole he need not worry. She informs Marty that her son was in the process of writing an essay. Nora leaves. Marty asks her son to tell her about the essay. He tells her that he wrote an essay for college entrance. She asks what it is about. And at that point, she realizes that she does not even know, nor remember who Cole’s father is.

Viki tell Tess that the baby needs “her mother.” Tess defiantly tells her that she is the baby’s mother. Viki tells Tess that she is the baby’s grandmother and she will not let Tess anywhere near her. Tess tells Viki that she knows how to protect and take care of her child which is more than Viki did when she let young Jessica fall into the hands of a pervert when Nikki came out. Viki tells Tess if she lets Jessica come out, she might consider letting her see her baby.

At that moment, Jessica ask Bess why it is that she believes she has to lock Jessica up “for her own good.”

Blair tells Dorian that her daughter just lost her baby. She should have been comforting her, but she had to “break the news” to her that her father has been holding Marty Saybrooke hostage for months in his house. Starr did not know how to react. She admits that she, also, did not know how to react. Blair then informs Dorian about what John had told her he observed. It was that Todd knew how to “make” Marty fall in love with him. He made a woman fall in love with the man who raped her. Just how sick is that?

Meanwhile, Cole and Marty are talking about his relationship with Starr and his goals to go to college.

John tells Michael that Todd reached inside of Marty, took away who she was, and broke her down piece by piece. Hearing that, Michael tells his brother that he is glad that they found her, and hopefully, they can get her the help she needs. Hearing that, John asks Michael just what he means by “help.” He informs him that when Marty was only 18 years old, Todd lead a gang of rapists to tie Marty down, force themselves upon her, and rob her of her innocence. The son of a bitch had to take advantage of her in a fragile state and sleep with her. At that point, Antonio enters. Seeing him, Michael asks if it is really necessary for there to be a police escort. Antonio comes to take John to Bo’s office.

The mayor tells Bo and Nora that they must know that John made a mockery of the law and the judicial system. Bo wants to overlook that. Bo reminds the mayor that the last “choice” he appointed for commissioner, did not turn out well. He was Lee Ramsey, a criminal who got killed, and then the mayor caused more corruption to happen. Nora reminds the mayor that she does not answer to him. He then reminds her that she answers to the voters no differently than he does. They will both be out of a job if they do not do what is “right.” He assumes that the reporters outside the office are grilling John and making him look like he has disgraced the department and the town. When they open the door, they notice that reporters are asking Lieutenant McBain what it feels like to be the “super Hero.”

Bess explains to Jessica that when Tess cannot handle a crises, she (Bess) takes over. Hearing that, Jessica admits that she has never heard of Bess or her “function” before.

After Viki tells Tess that she will consider letting her see the baby if she lets Jessica come out, Tess informs Viki that they both have to answer to a “higher power.” Hearing that, Viki admits that she has never heard that both Tess and Jessica have to answer to a “higher power.” Tess tells Viki she must trust her to see the baby before she lets Jessica come out.

Dorian tells Blair that she has just illustrated how sick Todd is. They must consider that could mean that he is capable of harming Starr’s baby. In response to that, Blair informs her aunt that she found out that her ex-husband had “other plans” for Starr’s baby. He planned to take her away from Starr and run away with Marty to raise the baby. Hearing that, Dorian tells Blair she could kill Todd. Blair tells her aunt she may take a number.

At that moment, Cole and Marty are breaking the ice.

At the station, reports were interviewing John and revealing how he got railroaded by being prevented from getting a search warrant to search Todd’s home before it was too late to save Marty. Michael attests that his brother got framed by political corruption. The mayor tells the reporters, "That is not true. John McBain is a criminal."

Jessica protests to Bess that she needs to get out of the cage. She needs to find out what is going on. She needs answers, but Bess tells her, "No." She is not ready for that. She needs her rest. She (Bess) knows what she is doing. That is why she let Tess out. She reminds Jessica that she can manage everything, and she is in control.

After Viki tells Tess that Jessica needs to come out, Tess asks her why it is that a sappy, whiny, little goodie two shoes is any more fit to raise a child than she is. Viki reminds Tess that Jessica did not lock up Jared and Natalie and almost blow them up with a bomb. They argue. At that point, the doctor and nurse bring the baby to see her mother and grandmother. Tess asks them to let her hold the baby. Viki is a bit concerned.

Bess keeps Jessica locked behind a cage and explains to her that she let Tess out because Tess had to be assured that the baby is okay. Jessica asks her why anybody would want Tess to come out or trust her. Bess tells Jessica that once Tess is assured that the baby is okay, she will let Jessica come out.

Tess is combative with Viki and afraid that somebody will take her baby from her.

Dorian tells Blair that the reason why these hideous men get away with these crimes against women, is because women put up with them and have their heads in the sand believing that they will change. Hearing that, Blair reminds her aunt that she got a restraining order against Todd. He went and practically raped this woman all over again. Hearing that, Dorian asks her niece if she feels sorry for Marty. Blair admits that she does. Why wouldn’t anybody feel sorry for anybody who would have that happen to them?

Cole shows Marty the books that they used to look through of the many places they’ve lived. He informs her that she and his father both got jobs in California because they had to get away from some people in Ireland. Those people were the ones who caused their accident a few years back. Hearing that, she assess that he got the idea that she was dead. She asks, just who took care of him all this while. Cole answers that it was John McBain.

The mayor tells the reporters that John took the law into his own hands. He cannot condone vigilantism, but he realizes that John’s actions saved a woman’s life, and there will be no charges filed against John McBain. He announces to John that he is free to go.

Jessica asks how it is that Tess could possibly help her. She tried to kill her own sister. Bess tells Jessica that Tess had to find some things out.

Tess tells Viki that she does not believe that is really her baby. Viki tells her she realizes how difficult it would be to give birth alone, but this baby is fine. Tess tells Viki she is a liar. Somebody took her baby from her.

Bess right then, lets Jessica out. She tells her she may go home to her family. She (Bess) will take care of Tess.

Right then, Tess struggles with Viki and tells her she will hurt her, Natalie, Joey, and Kevin until they let her see her baby. At that point, Viki slaps her. And Jessica comes back.

Right then, Tess becomes stuck behind a cage. She tells Bess that they had a deal. Bess tells Tess that she has taken care of things. Jessica is now free. Tess protests that there was a “mix up” with the baby. Nobody knows what happened to the baby except for Tess. She (Tess) gave birth to her. But Bess walks off and refuses to let Tess out, nor tell her what happened to the baby.

Dorian reminds Blair that her (Blair’s) relationship with her used to be as toxic as her relationship with Todd. Blair tells her aunt that it may not be unlike Dorian’s similarly “toxic” relationship with Viki. Dorian tells Blair, she is now proud of her because she is now “over” it. Blair sarcastically tells her aunt, "Thank you." Dorian tells her niece that she hopes that Marty is also over it, and she realizes that John was the man that Marty loved.

Cole explains to Marty that John saved his life and attempted to save her before the van blew up. Hearing that, she is very surprised. He asks her if this is too much to hear. She tell him, "No."  Marty tells her son, maybe he should tell his mother all that John was to both of them.

The mayor announces to the reporters that John will have to answer for his actions, but he is reinstated and exonerated of all charges. Michael encourages his brother to appreciate that, but John shocks everybody by telling the mayor to take his badge and shove it. 

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