OLTL Update Wednesday 11/19/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/19/08


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

"Plan B"

At her hotel, Roxy bangs on Rex's door to tell him to get out and see his company. Roxy chats with Jared and Natalie, who are waiting to see Rex. She tells them that Rex and Gigi are together now, and Adriana is getting divorced. They are very surprised at what they missed. Roxy hugs Natalie, glad to have her back. Rex and Gigi walk out. Rex and Natalie hug tightly, glad to be reuinted, as the others watch them, smiling. Gigi and Rex are shocked to hear about Tess locking Jared and Natalie in the basement. Natalie wants to know about what happened on the mountain and how he got shot. Rex tells Natalie that Brody is sick, just like Jessica. Natalie tells them that Clint and Viki forgave them. Roxy thinks they should all celebrate being together and out of danger. Jared asks about Shane, so Gigi tells him that he's good. Shane likes school, so that helps him. Rex holds Gigi's hand. When Natalie mentions Brody being Shane's father, Gigi doesn't know what to say. Roxy tells Natalie that Rex is a father, so Rex tells them that Shane is his son. Natalie looks sppechless. Rex is very happy to have all of his family back together. Rex, Natalie, and Roxy hug. Later, after more hugging, Roxy leaves. Rex wonders how Natalie will deal with Jessica now that she's back. Natalie hated Tess and wanted to kill her, but she knows that it's Jessica, whom she loves. Jared assures her that she'll get her sister back. Later, Natalie hugs Rex again as she and Jared are leaving. She wants to see them some more and also spend time with Shane. Rex agrees that is a good idea. Natalie's phone rings.

Brody's friend Wes comes to visit him. Wes is happy to see that Brody is acting more normal. Brody tells him that he's on fewer meds. He tells Wes about Gigi and Shane visiting. Wes is glad to hear it. Wes is shocked to hear that Rex visited, too. Brody tells him that Rex thanked him for taking care of Shane. Wes is glad to hear that Rex is going to be fine. Brody gets a little glum, saying that he will only be charged with attempted murder. Wes knows that Brody's been talking to shrinks, so he figures they must know that he wasn't in his right mind. Brody points out that he shot an unarmed man. He thinks he is going to prison for a long time, and he deserves it. Brody says that people are saying the VA might just let him go to avoid the publicity of what he did. Wes urges him to get civilian help, but Brody is so filled with guilt that he doesn't feel that what he did should be defended. Wes shakes his head in dismay, then he yells at Brody for giving up. Brody thinks that it's best if he just goes away.

After Jared and Natalie leave, Gigi insists that Rex eat breakfast. Wes visits them, introducing himself. He tells them that Brody is not doing well and needs their help.

Clint brings flowers to the hospital when he visits Jessica. She is glad to see him but asks about Bree and the new baby. Clint tells her how great they're doing (they're with Viki). Jessica mentions that she can't see her children, or even hold them. He is about to get the doctor so he can get her restraints removed, but she stops him. She worries that she might be dangerous. He assures her that they'll get her the help she needs, so she can get her life back. She has to know everything that "Tess" did in order for that to happen. Clint doesn't think that's a good idea. Jessica gets very upset and demands to know what happened. Jessica is convinced that she needs to know what happened so that she can understand it. They argue about it over and over. Finally, Clint tells her what Tess did to Jared and Natalie. Jessica is upset to hear about the bomb and how she could have killed them all. Clint hugs her as she cries, "What have I done?" Clint phones Natalie and tells her what he told Jessica. He tells Natalie that Jessica would like to talk with her and Jared. Jared and Natalie visit Jessica. She looks at them anxiously. They don't show anything in their faces as they walk in.

John and Blair are hugging at the police station, even though he's still in handcuffs. He is sorry about Starr's baby and tells her that it breaks his heart for Starr, Cole, and Marcie. Blair says that Cole lost his baby, but at least he go this mother back, thanks to John. John feels guilty for not finding Marty sooner. He tells Blair that he's sorry all this happened at the same time. She doesn't blame him. He thinks that she should be taking care of Starr. She assures him that Starr wil be taken care of, but she can't just put Todd and Marty out of her mind. She asks how badly Todd was hurt, so he tells her that it wasn't good. She asks how Marty was acting while he was beating him. He tells her that Marty was ready to kill him. Blair admits that she's not a big fan of Marty's, but she can't imagine what she went through with Todd. She doesn't blame Marty for wanting to shoot Todd. Blair can't figure out why Todd would want to put himself or Marty through this again, after how tortured he's been all these years by the rape. John speculates that some people just never change, but Blair wonders if Todd has convinced himself that he's in love with Marty. John admits that he doesn't want to think about it too much. She knows that he's worried about Marty, but she asks if Marty remembered him. He tells her that Todd lied about him, too, but that it all changed when he told Marty about her son. Blair wonders if Cole knows, but John is not sure. They wonder if she will remember Cole or not. He worries that it will be rough on them. Blair agrees but assures him that Nora will take care of them. A police officer comes in and tells them that he has to take John over to central booking. John tells Blair to tell Starr that he's sorry. She is so sorry about what happened to him, too. She is not looking forward to telling Starr about what Todd did. John leaves, and Blair sighs.

Marty sits on the floor of the hospital room, where she's been talking to Nora. She has been very upset about how she slept with Todd willingly. She whispers that she could be pregnant as tears fall down her face. Nora is sitting nearby to comfort her. Nora consoles Marty as she talks about what happened. Marty didn't use protection because she wanted to have Todd's baby. It's clear that this idea disgusts her now. Nora tries to make her realize that it wasn't her fault. Marty rants on and on about how Todd lied to her. Marty keeps yelling. Nora yells back at her to hate Todd, not herself. She tells her that she had no reason not to trust Todd or to think that he would lie. Marty is reluctant to be acting like a victim, so Nora assures her that she is neither a fool nor a victim. Nora swears that they will make this better for her. Nora tells Marty gently that the doctors have a morning after pill that they can give her for any possibly pregnancy. Marty tells her wryly that even thought she can't remember her own son's face, she can remember that. Marty suggests that she also be tested for STD's. Nora agrees and goes to get a doctor, after making sure that Marty will be ok. Marty lies down on the floor and curls up into the fetal position. Later, the doctor gives Marty the medicine and tells her all about it. Marty takes the medication stoicly. She stares at it and thinks back to talking to Todd. Nora reminds her that she doesn't have to take it now. She has up to three days to take it. Marty takes the medicine quickly. A little later, Nora asks Marty how she's doing. Marty tells her that she saw Cole earlier, but she barely recognized him. She asks Nora if she has children, so Nora tells her about her two children. Nora tells her that she knows them both. Marty says matter-of-factly that she only knows Todd, the man who rescued her. Nora assures her that it doesn't matter because they knows her. She's the same strong, smart resilient woman. Marty is still beating herself up. Nora reminds her that Todd only took advantage of her because she was vulnerable. Marty points out sarcastically that she just took a pill to avoid a pregnancy with her rapist. She muses that just last night, she had sex with that same man, and she thought she loved him and wanted to have his baby. Marty finds it ironic that her son looks at her with such love and relief, but she doesn't have a clue about who he is. Nora tells Marty that the doctor says she can come home. Marty says that she doesn't have a home, but Nora assures her that she will come home with her and get to know her son. Marty appreciates it, but she says it all seems a little strange. Nora assures her that it will get better and also tells her that the doctors want to run some more tests on her for her neurological problems (with the amnesia). Marty smiles and looks hopeful that her memory will come back when she hears the truth from people. Nora thinks that it will and scoffs that Todd couldn't bring back her memory will his lies. Marty still can't believe what happened with Todd, that she thought she loved him. Cole knocks and asks if it's okay if he comes in. Marty turns away, not wanting Cole to see her so upset (I think). Nora tells Cole that he can come in and then tells him that Marty is going to go home with them. Cole is glad to hear it but watches his mom cautiously. Nora asks him to go home and tell Nigel to get things ready. Cole agrees. Nora goes to walk Cole out (knowing that it is tough for Marty to be around him). Cole turns and tells Marty that no one will ever hurt her again. Marty just smiles at him.

Todd is in the hospital because John beat him badly. Cole stands over Todd with a pillow, threatening to suffocate him. Todd asks "do you know" so Cole tells him that he does know everything. Todd, not in his right mind, says that he saved Marty. Cole doesn't want to hear it and says he should die for what he did to his mom. Cole looks around and says that Todd looks half dead already. He leans in close and asks Todd to give him one good reason why he shouldn't finish him off right now. Todd tells him that he has nothing left to live for anyway. Todd tells Cole some of what happened with Marty, including that she didn't want to leave him and that she wanted everything that happened between them, so Cole realizes what he means. Cole gets very upset when he asks Todd if he's trying to tell him that he had sex with his mom. Todd confirms that. Cole is completely disgusted. Todd tries to tell him that it wasn't the way he thought, but he stops himself and says that it doesn't matter. Cole tells Todd that he knows that when he saw Marty with amnesia, he figured he would make Marty owe him, and then he could collect. Todd denies that's what happened. Cole reminds him of the time he came over to tell him Starr was pregnant. He berates Todd for not telling him that he still had his mom around (and the baby was not the only family he had left). He knows that Todd didn't tell him because it would screw up his plans. Todd asks how Starr and the baby are doing. Cole tells him that Starr is completely destroyed and that their baby is dead. Todd thinks he's lying, but Cole tells him that he's not. Todd says, "No, no". Blair walks in and tells Todd that it's true that Starr's baby is dead. She wishes that it were him, instead. Todd is still shocked and disbelieving. Cole tells him that he hopes he's proud of himself for everything he did to Starr. Cole leaves because he can't look at Todd any more. Todd asks Blair how Starr is doing. Blair wonders why she should tell him anything. Todd answers that Starr is his daughter, and he loves her. Blair asks if he loves her as much as he loves Marty. Todd turns his head, but Blair moves his bed so that she is facing him. She yells at him for what he did to Marty, wondering how he thought that he could get away with it. Todd says that he never meant to hurt her. Blair knows all too well about Todd's motives and how he's treated Marty. She knows he keeps trying to prove that he's not a monster, that he's a kind, decent family man. She laughs that she fell in love with that Todd and wonders if Marty hates him as much as she does. Todd says that he just thought they could be happy. Blair doesn't believe him. Marty can't believe that she is shocked or surprised, given their history, but he's completely outdone himself now. All Todd can manage to say is that he just heard about Starr's baby. Blair goes on and on about what she thought she had seen in him. She concludes that the only thing inside Todd is a dead, black heart. As she is walking out the door, Blair says it would have been better for everyone, especially Marty, if John had just beaten him to death.

The police officer is walking John to his cell, but John asks if he can make a call. He phones Nora to ask how Marty's doing. Nora tells him that Marty is confused and really upset, but she is leaving the hospital. She tells him that she is taking Marty home with her. He asks about Cole, so Nora tells him sadly that Marty didn't remember him. John urges her to take care of them both, and Nora promises that she will. Just as Nora is wheeling Marty out, some other people are wheeling Todd out of the elevator. They see each other.

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