OLTL Update Tuesday 11/18/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/18/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Roxy enters Rex’s apartment and informs him that Natalie and Jared are there to see him. Natalie asks her mother if Rex and Gigi are together and sleeping together. Roxy tells her yes, and she’s completely okay with that. Natalie asks her what about Adriana. Roxy tells her daughter she is so happy to know that she and Jared are okay, and her son is getting better. Rex enters the room. Natalie runs and hugs her brother.

Clint comes to bring Jessica flowers in her hospital room. He tells his daughter that the baby is smiling, and healthy, and so beautiful. She tells her father that she is very worried what might happen if Tess were to come out. Clint tells her that he will make certain she gets all the help she needs and gets her life back. She tells him she cannot “get on with her life” until she understands more about Tess.

Blair assesses to John that Cole lost his baby but he got his mother back because of John. Yet, she realizes that Todd brainwashed Marty into falling in love with him.

Marty concludes that she could very well be pregnant. She slept with the man who raped her and did not use protection. Nora sits by her and asks her what could have happened. Marty admits that she did not want to use protection because she was considering having a child with the “man she loves.”  Everything she believed was all a lie. She is distraught.

Cole goes to Todd’s room and tells him that he should die for what he did to Cole’s mom and what he did to him. Cole grabs a pillow and looks tempted to smother Todd with it. Todd is helpless to do anything and has blood all over his face. Cole asks Todd to give him one good reason why he should not “finish Todd off” right now.

Clint tells Jessica she must know that she has gone through a physical and emotional ordeal, but she tells him that she has forgotten all that has happened for months. She gave birth to Nash’s child, yet does not even remember it. She knows she did something terrible to her own sister. She demands to know what “she” did. Clint assures her that “she” did not do anything, but she protests that she is responsible for the actions of Tess. She urges her father to please tell her what she did to Natalie and Jared.

John tells Blair that she should be taking care of Starr and herself and not reacting to something that Todd did. She asks him if he thinks that she can just put it out of her mind, what Todd did. Knowing that Todd was “hurt,” she asks John just how bad. John admits that it was not good. He also informs her that after Marty found out what Todd did, she was ready to kill him.

Nora tells Marty that she will get thorough this. Marty tells Nora that she believed all that Todd told her. Nora tells her that she can hate Todd but must never hate herself. Marty tells Nora that she is a fool. Nora tells Marty she must know that she is nobody’s fool, and she is nobody’s victim. She tells Marty that she will make this better for her. She swears, and she tells Marty that the doctors have something for pregnancy that can be used “after the fact.” Marty tells Nora she knows about the drug that can terminate a pregnancy.

When Cole confronts Todd in his hospital room, Todd struggles to explain to Cole that he “lost everything.” Cole asks Todd why he should feel sorry for him. Todd tells Cole that his mother wanted to have “everything” with him. Cole asks Todd if he’s trying to tell him that he (Todd) had sex with Cole’s mom. Todd replies yes.

Rex asks if it was Tess who wrote the letter to have Jared believing that Natalie left town. Roxy replies, "Yes." Natalie asks about the situation where Brody Leavitt shot and almost killed Rex. He tells her that he wants to put that all behind them. Roxy tells Natalie that maybe they should talk about a revelation that Natalie might like to know. She informs Natalie that her brother is a daddy. Hearing that, Natalie asks if Rex is Shane’s father. Roxy confirms, "Yes."

Brody’s friend Wes visits him in his hospital room. Brody admits that he really appreciates the visit. Wes asks him if he’s had any other visitors. Brody confirms that his family is not having much to do with him. His sister, Nadine won’t speak to him, but Shane really cares about him. He realizes that he is alone. Wes tells Brody that the Navy shrinks should know that he was not “well” when he did what he did, so he can’t go to jail. Brody tells Wes that he shot an unarmed man, and the reality is that he will go to prison for a long, long time.

Jessica tells her father that she has to know exactly what Tess did. If she does not know exactly what her alter is willing and able to do, then how can she ever become integrated, nor have control of her life. At that point, Clint admits that Tess wanted Natalie and Jared to suffer after what they did to her and Nash. Hearing that, Jessica is horrified to find out what almost happened to Natalie and Jared at the hands of Tess.

Blair tells John that she finds it so “weird” that Todd would do what he did to Marty. She knows that her ex- husband has been haunted for many years about what he did to that woman. John concludes that “some people” never change, but Blair tells John that maybe Todd really did believe that he was in love with Marty.

In the clinic, Marty tells Nora that maybe she should be tested for STDs as well as pregnancy. Nora tells her that she can go and get some things for her. When Marty is alone, she lies on the floor.

Cole tells Todd that he cannot believe that Todd and his mom slept together. Todd can barely talk but tells Cole that he thought he was in love with her. Cole tells Todd it does not matter. What this whole thing was about for Todd was that he saw Marty and realized she lost her memory, and Todd figured that it was his big chance to turn on the charm and make Marty Saybrooke “owe” him. Todd tells Cole that it was not “like this.” Cole then asks Todd if he should take his word for it. Just like he did when he informed Cole that Starr was pregnant. He asks Todd if he remembers that night. He thought that he had to prevent Starr from giving their baby up for adoption because it was the only family he had left, but Todd knew that he’d better hide Cole’s mom from her son because that would ruin Todd’s whole “plan” if Cole knew she was alive. Todd turns and asks Cole if Starr had the baby. Cole replies, "Yes." He tells Todd that his (Todd’s) daughter is destroyed. Their baby is dead. Hearing that, Todd turns and appears very surprised.

Clint explains to Jessica that Tess wanted Jared to believe that Natalie left him, so she “forced” Natalie to write a goodbye letter. She asks if that convinced Jared to forget Natalie. Clint responds, "No." Jared did not buy it, so he kept looking for Natalie when she was gone, and nobody could find her. He eventually found her in the room where Tess had her locked up in the basement. Tess ended up locking them both up in the room. Hearing that, Jessica feels terrible and guilty.

Natalie is enjoying Jared, Rex, Roxy, and Gigi's company.

Blair tells John that she can see that he is worried about Marty. She asks him if Marty remembers him. He replies that Todd informed Marty that John was responsible for the accident and left her for dead and wanted her out of the way. Todd never told Marty about her son. He admits to Blair that he hasn’t a clue how Marty will react when she sees Cole or how he will when he sees his mother. She asks if Marty will remember her son. John admits he does not know. Blair tells John he must know that Nora will take good care of Cole and of Marty if John cannot. Right then, the uniform cop tells John he must take him back to his cell. Blair tells John she will be there for him. John and the cop leave.

The doctor explains to Marty that this “medication” can be taken either in one dose at a time or in two doses. She tells him she will take two.. Nora sits by Marty.

Cole informs Todd that his and Marty’s grandchild, and Starr’s and his baby is dead. Right then, Blair appears behind Cole standing over Todd’s bed, and he confirms that it’s true. Starr’s baby is dead. She wishes to God that it was Todd who was dead instead.

Brody tells Wes that he knows that the DA won’t cut him any slack. He is now only seen as the man who lost it, but Wes tells Brody he must know that he is more than that. He is a hero. Maybe a civilian shrink can help him beat the charges. Brody tells Wes that he endangered Shane and almost killed Rex. Wes asks Brody why he is giving up. Brody tells Wes he knows the best thing he can do for Gigi and for Shane is to disappear. He has no choice except to give up.

Rex asks Natalie if Tess really set a ticking time bomb in the basement. Natalie admits, "Yes," Tess wanted to kill her and Jared after she failed to keep them apart.

Jessica cries when Clint informs her that Tess installed a bomb in the basement that was going to kill Natalie and Jared. She tells her father that they must have been so scared to be locked in that room, helpless to get out of that room. He explains to her that Viki, Tina, and Charlie got down and saved them before it was too late. Jessica is not okay to know that she could have killed Natalie and Jared.

Marty takes her pregnancy drug and relives Todd confessing to her that it’s true that he raped her.

Cole stands over Todd and tells him he hopes that he is proud of himself. Starr is miserable and has lost her baby. He leaves. Blair is alone in the room with Todd. He asks her how Starr is. She asks why she should tell him anything. Todd protests that Starr is his daughter, and he loves her. Blair asks him if he loves Starr as much as he loves Marty Saybrooke.

While Marty is alone in the room with Nora, she assesses that she has a son. She asks Nora if she has kids realizing that she has no memory about Nora. Nora replies "Yes." She has a young son named Matthew and a grown daughter named Rachel. Marty tells Nora that she just took a pill to prevent pregnancy from her rapist. Just last night, she willingly made love to that very man wanting to have his child. She tells Nora that she notices that boy outside looking at her with his loving eyes. She admits she hasn’t a clue whom that sweet boy is.

Blair confronts Todd asking him just what he was thinking. Did he think he could erase his past if Marty would have no memory about what he did, and that it would absolve him for raping her? He protests that he did not intend to hurt Marty. She tells him that he robbed Marty of her youth and innocence. She knew that about him when she first met him, but she wanted to be able to help him change his life. She fell in love with him, had his children, and put up with him for many years. She cannot believe what a fool she has been. She never thought that she could be shocked by anything he could do with all Todd has done to hurt her and the kids. Believing he could run off into the sunset and live happily ever after with the woman he raped, and kidnap his own daughter’s baby. She concludes to Todd that he has outdone himself.

Marty asks Nora if she thinks that she can get her memory back. Nora tells her that she knows she can, and she knows all of the lies that Todd has told her. Marty admits that she could not believe it. She really thought she loved Todd. Right then, Cole enters. Nora tells him that her mother is getting ready to come home with him. Cole turns to his mom and tells her that he swears to her that nobody will ever hurt her again.

Todd admits to Blair that he did not know that the baby died until just now, when Cole told him. She tells him that throughout the time she’s known him, she believed in the man that she thought he could be. She thought that they had love between them, and it was real. Now she knows that all that is inside of him is a dead black heart. She tells him that she thinks what would have been better for everybody is if John had beaten him to death.

At the station, before the cop takes him to his cell, John asks him if he could make one call. The cop asks him to make it quick. John then calls Nora and asks her how Marty is. She tells him she is in shock but she’ll be okay. He asks Nora if Marty has seen Cole. She replies, "Yes." John asks Nora to take care of Marty and of Cole. She tells him she promises she will.

Natalie gets a call from Clint, informing her that he is with Jessica. She is dealing with a lot of things. She wanted to know what Tess did. Her father told her. He tells Natalie if she is up to it, Jessica would like to talk to her and Jared.

When Gigi and Rex are together in the apartment, they get an unexpected visit from Wes Granger. He introduces himself to them and informs them that although Brody does not know that his friend has gone to see them, he has come to see them. Brody needs their help.

Natalie and Jared enter the hospital room after Jessica asks to see them.

Nora is getting ready to take Marty home, but then they notice Todd being taken out in a wheelchair. Marty stares at him coldly with horror. 

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