OLTL Update Monday 11/17/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/17/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Blair goes to the police station to see John after he “indicated” to her that he had some sort of “secret.” She asks if there is anything he wants to tell her. He replies to her that Marty is alive.

Meanwhile, Marty goes to the hospital to get checked out, with Talia as her police escort. Right then, she comes face to face with Cole. He is stunned to see his mom.

They also haul Todd into the hospital after John has assaulted and badly beaten him up. Not far away, Starr calls her father from her hospital room having no clue what just happened. She only gets his voicemail as she leaves a message for him telling him that she would like to talk to him and share what has just happened to her.

Marcie and Michael return home. She admits that she does not know how she is going to live without having her baby that Starr was going to give to her.

Cole sees his mother and asks if he is dreaming, or if she is really there. Not having any recollection of her son, she tells him she is real. He hugs her.

At the hospital, when Todd gets hauled away, the doctors and nurses ask Antonio who might have done this to him. Antonio does not know how to reply to that.

After John reveals to Blair that he found Marty, she asks how that could possibly happen. She died over a year ago. Where would he have found her? John replies that he found her at Todd’s home. Hearing that, Blair is shocked and speechless.

Michael prepares Marcie’s room for her and encourages her to get some rest. The place is decorated with balloons and there is a new crib. All she can think about was the plan she previously had to bring the baby home.

Langston goes to see Starr in her hospital room. Starr tells her best friend that she cannot believe her baby died. She hugs Langston, and tells her she is so happy she is there.

Cole cries when he sees his mom. He tells her he cannot believe that she is there. He thought that she was dead. Talia is not far away and tells Cole that the doctors are ready for Marty. He does not listen to a word she says. He faces his mother, holds her, takes her hands, and tells her he remembers when the van blew up. John tried but failed to save her. She assures him she made it; although, she has absolutely no memory of what happened. He asks her if she is okay. She assures him she is, but Cole can tell that his mother is not okay.

The doctor takes Todd to his hospital bed and gives him an IV. Todd is unconscious and badly beaten, and the doctor assumes that Antonio is Todd’s “friend.” The doctor tells Antonio that he may want to stand outside the room and let the doctors take care of him. Antonio replies that he is not this man’s “friend.” He is a cop. He is there to make certain that Mr. Manning does not escape and endanger anybody else. The doctor asks Antonio how it is that he would assume this, and how “this” could have happened to his patient. Antonio replies that it happened because Todd held a woman captive and raped her.

Cole is in awe of seeing his mother alive and well. He can tell that she appears not to know him.

After John informs Blair and Nora that Marty is alive and apparently well, and she has apparently lost her memory, Nora asks John how that could be. Did she remember her son, or Todd, or anything? John replies, "Apparently not."

Marty observes Cole and seems to realize that he is her son; although, she has no conscious memory of him. She cries and tells him she is so sorry. He tells her all that matters is that she is okay. He tells her she is the best mom in the world. He asks if she does not remember that or remember him. At that point, she has the “vision” she previously had, while at Todd’s -- of a baby boy. She admits to Cole that she remembers a baby boy.

Blair and Nora ask John questions about what Marty might remember, or what Todd might have told her. Nora asks John if Todd told her about “the rape.” John replies that Todd apparently informed Marty that she was raped many years ago, but he did not tell her that he was one of the rapists.

Right then it appears that Todd is having a “dream” of going home to his beloved Marty, having her so happy to see him, and asking about Starr’s baby. She asks what happened and why there is no baby with him. And he replies to her that he has changed his mind and is not going to be raising his daughter’s baby after all. At that point, he awakens and realizes he is not with Mary. He is in a hospital bed after being assaulted. Things have not “worked out” as he has planned.

After John tells Blair and Nora what he has found out, Nora asks how Marty could have wound up at Todd’s. John explains that she was previously “hidden” at Ramsey’s home before Ramsey got shot. Then Todd took her to his home. Hearing that, Blair concludes that that must have been why it is that Todd has not “invited” anybody to his home all this while. That also explains why it is that Todd has not bothered her or the kids for a long time. Marty must be the “mysterious girlfriend” Todd told her about.

After Cole asks his mother if she remembers him, she replies that she had a memory of a little boy about 2 years old. They both remember the lullaby she used to sing to him when he was a child. She is amazed to find out that it was real. She was not just “imagining” this vision about a baby. She then understands how it is that she had memories of the jabberwocky. Cole then asks her if she remembers anything else. She admits that she does not, but she is very happy. At that point, the nurse informs Marty that the doctor is ready to see her. Cole tells her he hopes she knows how much he loves her. She tells him she does know that. She looks into his eyes, and then goes to see the doctor. He stands outside the room in awe of what he has just seen.

Michael tells Marcie that he will get the rest of Hope’s things. She tells him he does not have to do this. She realizes that he is only trying to help but she thinks that maybe he should just go. He asks her if that is what she wants. She replies, "No." She tells him she wishes that they could have done this together, but they did not. He tells her he knows. She tells him that she understands that he was merely trying to protect himself. He knows that “something” was going to happen, and he tells her that nobody could have possibly predicted anything like this happening. She tells him that she really does understand how it is that he would not want to suffer a loss that was not his.

In Starr’s hospital room, she tells Langston she wishes she could have seen Hope. Langston smiles and tells Starr she really wishes she could have seen baby Hope.

Nora rushes to the hospital and sees Cole. She happily tells him that she heard the news that his mother is alive and well. He must be elated. He informs Nora that he has found out that his mother has completely lost her memory.

Meanwhile, Todd is in his hospital room, unconscious having a “dream” that he has explained to Marty that he “made a mistake” by wanting Starr’s baby to fill an empty void for him. He thought that the baby could restore the love that was taken in his life and the child that was taken from him. He explains to Marty, in his dream, that he knows that it’s wrong to take a baby away from a woman who loves it and can give it the life it deserves. Marty asks Todd just what has made him “change his mind.” Todd replies to Marty that she has enabled him to understand what he did was wrong.

John explains to Blair that Todd apparently had Marty completely brainwashed that they were going to go away together and have a family. She believed that Todd was the love of her life. She asks what could have happened for Marty to be brainwashed into “loving” Todd. John reminds Blair that Marty slept with the man who raped her. Blair turns away not knowing what to say.

Langston tells Starr she thought Starr might want something to remember the baby by, so she found Dr. Joplin and got her to give her a lock of the baby’s hair. Starr hugs Langston and thanks her.

Cole asks Nora where his mother has been all this while, and why is it that everybody thought she died. They had a funeral and buried her. While all along, she was alive. Nora admits to Cole that she really does not know the details. He demands to know how it was that his mom was held prisoner in a house with Todd Manning. She does not know what to tell him.

John admits to Blair that he assaulted Todd after finding out what he did.

Nora assures Cole that Todd Manning will pay for what he did. The main thing that Cole should realize is that his mother is alive. He tells Nora he thanks her for everything.

The doctor is ready to run some tests on Marty. Talia stands by her and asks how she is holding up. She admits she does not remember anything or anybody. Right then, Nora enters. Talia assumes that Marty will have to remember her “friend,” Nora. Marty admits that she knows who Nora is, but only based upon what Todd has told her. She knows that Nora defended the man who raped her. She is not “friendly” toward Nora.

Todd has a dream while in his hospital bed about being happily with Marty and telling her that he has become a better man because of her. She tells him that because he has not forced anything upon Starr, nor asked her to give up his grandchild, she loves him even more for that. In reality, Todd is in ICU with a tube in his nose and blood all over his face.

Blair asks how it is that Marty could have been hidden in Ramsey’s home, and then how Todd moved her to his new home. He tells her that he has done everything he could possibly do in order to rescue Marty from Todd. The judge would not give him a search warrant to search Todd’s home. When he got into a confrontation with the judge, he got thrown in jail for contempt. He managed to get there right in time before Todd kidnapped Starr’s baby. Hearing that, Blair is shocked..

After, Marty has identified Nora as the lawyer who defended Todd Manning after he raped her. Nora admits that that is true. She really did not do her “job” by helping Todd to get away with the crime, and she got in trouble. Todd endangered her. Nora and Marty became friends. Nora then admits to Marty that she has been raising Cole. He is really a remarkable kid. Talia asks Marty if she is comfortable. Marty replies yes, and she thanks Talia for everything. Nora tells Marty that she may not remember, her, their friendship, or how they cared about each other. She may not believe anything Nora says to her, but Marty must believe that Todd Manning will never hurt her again.

Todd is again, dreaming about his “vision” of being happily with Marty and confirming with her that they are going to have the life together that they have always wanted.

Outside Todd’s hospital room, Talia asks Antonio what will become of Todd. Antonio tells her that they will keep him under close observation. Cole is nearby and walks by Todd’s room. He is able to see Todd through the window and obviously wonders what Todd could have done to his (Cole’s) mother.

John explains to Blair that he discovered that Todd had Marty believing that they were going to raise Starr’s baby together. Todd lied to Marty, telling her that Starr agreed. Blair informs Todd that Starr’s baby did not make it.

In Todd’s fantasy, Marty kisses him and wants to make love to him.

Marty asks Nora if Todd is dead. Nora tells her, "No, but he is in no shape to hurt anybody right now." Marty asks Nora about John. Nora tells Marty that John is very concerned about her. Nora explains to Marty that she is no longer a defense attorney. She is now District Attorney, so she must ask Marty some questions. She asks Marty if Todd “hurt” her. Marty replies, "No, not in the sense that Nora is asking." He did “hurt” her, though. At that point, Marty freaks remembering that she slept with Todd willingly. She screams and pounds on the examination bed. She remembers that she trusted Todd more than anybody in the world and believed he was the man of her dreams. She is obviously distraught.

Marcie tells Michael that she got to buy all these things for the baby and had all this anticipation.  He  did not get any of that. He tells her the reason why he did not “step up” was he did everything in order to protect himself from getting hurt. Although, it did not work. He walked out on Marcie. She is his wife. He should have never done that. He tells her that as long as he is alive on this planet, she will never be alone.

Blair tells John that when the baby was born, she was fine. There was nothing wrong with her. She does not understand how her daughter’s baby could have died.

Starr tells Langston that it really does not mean anything to her to have anything now that the baby is dead.

Michael draws the shades and sits by Marcie on the bed. He asks her if she needs something to help her sleep. Neither one of them can sleep though. The crib is right beside their bed.

In Starr’s room, Langston stands by her. Langston puts the locket on Starr that Marcie gave to her.

After John has told Blair all that Todd has done, he asks her how she is in regard to the situation. She tells him that she cannot deal with the baby being taken from Starr, Cole, and Marcie, especially, now knowing what Todd did to Marty. She cries and John holds her.

A nurse draws the shades in Todd’s hospital room. He dreams about being with Marty, sleeping with her, holding her, and having them confirm that they love each other so much. She tells him that they do not need Starr’s baby. They can have their own together.

When Marty remembers willingly sleeping with Todd and believing that she loved him and he loved her, she asks Nora what she did. Nora assures her she did not do anything. Marty merely wanted the man whom Todd said he was. It was Todd who ‘did this.” Nora assures Marty that it’s all over. Marty tells Nora that it is not “all over.” She remembers that she slept with Todd and did not use protection. She appears like she might be ready to throw up. Nora asks her if she might be pregnant.

In Todd’s dream, Marty tells him that between the two times they made love tonight, they might already have a baby. Right then Cole enters Todd’s hospital room and demands he wakes up. 

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