OLTL Update Friday 11/14/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/14/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Jared and Natalie drink some wine. He proposes a toast to them and to being free and alive. She tells him she toasts to having Jessica back and getting rid of Aunt Tina after finding out that she was willing to risk their lives over jewelry and a dog.

Viki talks to Tina in her kitchen informing her that Natalie and Jared are all right. So are Jessica and her baby. It’s a miracle that the baby is doing so well, given what happened. Jessica will be in a psyche ward. She tells her sister she will return to the hospital but must first check on Bree and Natalie. Tina asks her sister to wait, and she informs Viki that there is something she needs to tell her.

Marcie and Michael observe the “Brennan” baby in the maternity ward. Marcie remarks that Jessica’s baby was born the same time Starr’s baby was, and she is healthy and everything is good for that baby. Michael remarks to Marcie that, maybe, she should not torture herself with noticing that.

Starr is still in her hospital room. Cole appears. Blair tells him that she is glad he is there and asks if he needs anything. He asks her if they could have the baby buried next to his mom.

At the police station, Bo, Nora, Antonio and, Talia wonder what might have “happened” to John. They consider the possibility that John might have lost it.

At Todd and Marty’s home, John assaults Todd and concludes that he is going to take Todd in and arrest him for rape and kidnapping. He concludes that it is all over. Marty tells John it is not over until she says it is over. She points the gun at Todd. Todd sits on the floor with blood dripping all over his face, barely conscious. She holds the gun on him and reflects that he put his filthy hands on her and forced himself on her. John tells her that Todd can no longer hurt her. She tells him, yes, but she can “hurt” Todd.

Having no clue what Tina did, Viki tells her sister that she cannot bear the thought of Natalie and Jared locked in the basement room with a ticking time bomb at the mercy of Tess. Tina tells her sister she will make her some Téa. Viki tells Tina she should have never gone to Africa. Tina encourages her sister and tells her that she did a really great thing by helping all the people she helped, by going out there. Viki tells Tina that a part of her was merely “running away” because she knew she was incapable of helping Jessica. She knew she was responsible for what happened to her all those years ago. Viki then notices that Tina has “something” on her mind. Tina tells Viki that she is leaving. Hearing that, Viki asks her sister why she would want to do that.

At the hospital, Starr asks Blair and Cole if they have seen Marcie. They reply that they had seen her around not too long ago. Starr asks Cole if he can go and find Marcie for her. He leaves. Blair asks her daughter if there is anything she can get her. Some blankets or water? Starr replies that she wants to talk to her dad.

Marty holds the gun on Todd while he sits on the floor propped against the dresser with blood all over his face. She asks him how it was that he played her hero and kept her son from her. John tells her that she can get her son back. She concludes, that is who Todd is. He is a rapist. John tells her that Todd will not get away with it. She admits that she does not even know any truths. All she knows is Todd’s stories. She stands up and tells him that now he had better come up with another story. This one better be the best because it will be his last.

After Tina informs Viki that she needs to leave town, Viki asks her sister, what about Sarah. Tina replies that Sarah is grown, and grown children do not “need their mothers.” Viki responds that grown people need their mothers, also. In response to that, Tina tells her that they need mothers like Viki, but not like herself. Viki still finds it odd that Tina would want to leave right after Jessica’s baby was born. She can tell that there is something “up” with Tina.

Marcie tells Michael that she wanted to make certain that she would never feel the “pain” that she previously felt when they lost Sam, ever again. Cole comes out. Marcie hugs him and tells him how sorry she is. He informs Marcie that Starr has asked to see her. Marcie goes to see Starr. At that point, Cole looks through the window of the maternity ward at the baby who everybody believes is Jessica’s. Michael asks him how he is “feeling.” Cole replies that he is having a hard time “feeling” anything.

In response to Starr telling her mom that she wants to see her dad, Blair tells her daughter that she does not believe that would be a good idea. Starr tells her mother that regardless of how people feel about Todd and everything he has done, she wants and needs to hear her father’s voice right now. She dials his cell phone.

At that point, Todd’s cell phone rings from the floor, but he cannot pick it up. Marty and John hear it ring. She asks, who would be calling him. Does he think it is somebody who would “help” him? John tells her that killing Todd won’t make her feel any better. She tells John he hasn’t a clue how she would “feel” about anything.

At the station, Bo and Nora find it very noteworthy that the last time John was seen, he told a cop that he had to go find and rescue Marty Saybrooke from Todd’s home. They conclude that they need to go and see what might be happening at Todd’s home.

At the house, Todd notices that it is Starr that has called him. He mumbles that he would like to talk to his daughter. Marty tells him that he cannot talk to anybody unless she lets him.

In Starr’s room, Blair turns on the radio and hears a news report that Lieutenant John McBain has escaped from lock up after a confrontation with a judge. Hearing that, Starr tells her mother that if she wants to go and find John, she may. Blair leaves. Marcie enters. Starr tells Marcie, she does not know what to say. Marcie admits that neither does she.

John concludes to Marty that Todd was “playing” her. She tells him that she wants to end this disgusting person’s life. John tells her that Todd can spend the rest of his life regretting what he did, and shooting might be too easy for him. She points the gun at Todd and asks if he wants her to put him out of his misery. John tells her she does not need to kill him. She tells John, he has no clue who she is. He tells her, he thinks he does.

Starr tells Marcie that she was afraid that Marcie might not want to see her again. Marcie asks Starr why she would ever think that. Starr replies, because she herself “lost” Marcie’s baby.

Natalie tells Jared that she hopes that Jessica will “forgive” her. Hearing that, he tells her that she is amazing. Her sister left them for dead, and Natalie is concerned whether Jessica forgives them. Natalie clarifies that was Tess who left them for dead. Not Jessica. They kiss and get intimate.

Having no clue what Tina did, Viki tells her sister that she is very grateful to her for helping them find Natalie and Jared before it was too late. Tina tells Viki she did not do anything special. Viki assumes that it was Tina’s skill in picking a lock. Without her help they would not have been able to unlock the basement. Tina clarifies to Viki that she found out how to unlock the door from Tess, and she does not deserve any “credit.”

Bo tells Nora that he is very concerned that John may be going off the deep end by going to Todd Manning’s home without a search warrant. John did see the explosion that supposedly killed Marty. It is entirely possible, for all they know, that Marty escaped death. For all they know, it is entirely possible that Todd is holding her hostage right now. Nora asks if it is possible that Marty is “choosing” to be with Todd, and how could possibly be.

Marty continues to hold the gun on Todd. John tells her that he wishes she would not go through with shooting Todd. He assures her that he knows her. He tells her that he can save her. She tells John, there is no point in saving her. She is nothing. He asks her, what about her son. She replies, she does not remember anything about her son. Todd told her that her little boy was not even real. Todd took everything from her. That is all she knows. John tells her that Todd wants her to kill him. He wants the “easy way out.” She must not give it to him. He kept her “in prison” all this time, John tells her. Now it is his turn to go to prison. She cannot let Todd get away this time. At that point, Marty backs away and turns around. She holds her head and runs to her bed struggling to remember things.

After Tina reveals to Viki that she knew all along that Natalie was locked up in that room, Viki demands to know how it is that Tina never told anybody. Tina explains that there was a reason. Tess was blackmailing her. She threatened Sarah. Tess threatened to tell Carlo Hesser where to find Sarah if Tina did not help Tess. In response to that, Viki tells Tina if she was afraid of Carlo Hesser, she should have gone to Bo. He would not have let Carlo Hesser near her, nor Sarah. Tina admits to Viki that Natalie told her if she left town, she would not tell Viki what Tina did. Hearing that, Viki tells her sister that she cannot believe it. For the first time in her life, she thought that Tina did something heroic to help other people, but it was all false. Tina protests that she wanted to do the right thing.

Starr tells Marcie that she wanted to give her the perfect baby. Marcie tells Starr that she did. She invited Marcie to go to her doctor appointments, see her ultrasound, and go to her Lamaze classes. She tells Starr that she would not have traded these last few months for anything. Starr gave them to her. Marcie reaches into her purse and shows Starr a locket that she was going to put a lock of her baby’s hair in. She was going to give it to Starr because she always wanted Starr to be close to her. Starr tells Marcie she always will be. She hugs Marcie.

Michael and Cole talk about the situation. Michael asks Cole if he has talked to anyone. Cole admits that he does not, really, want to talk to anybody. All people will tell him is, how “sorry” they are. He has talked to everybody except Starr’s dad. He knows that Todd would blame everybody except himself for what happened.

At that point, the cops enter Todd’s home, point their guns, and demand that Todd “freezes.” They don’t see Todd. They only see John and Marty at the top of the stairway. John assures them that it is okay. Everything is “under control.” Antonio stares at Marty, stunned. John tells him, it’s a “long story” what happened. “Somebody” might need an ambulance. John tells Talia that after all that has happened, he wants to be there for Marty. She reminds him that he cannot. He is under arrest.

Michael and Cole are concerned about Marcie staring at “Jessica’s” baby after she has supposedly died. They all find it noteworthy that both babies were born on the same day.

After Tina confesses to Viki, Viki tells Tina that she has never done anything right in her life. She has spent her entire life ruining people’s lives. She tells Tina that she has lost her sister. Viki will never forgive her for what she did. She could have lost both of her daughters for good, and it is because once again, Tina puts her own needs before that of anybody else’s. She tells Tina, she wants her out of her house. This time Tina may never, again, come back. Tina attempts to apologize, but it won’t work.

Blair comes to the station to inform Bo and Nora that she got a message from John this morning. He told her that he had to find something out about Todd. She finds it very odd, and she wants to help them find out what is going on.

Antonio notices Todd lying on the floor covered in blood and asks who “did this” to him. Todd can barely talk.

Downstairs, Talia asks John if Marty is “okay." He replies, they do not know. She is still recovering from injuries of the accident. John tells her they do not know what Manning did to her. Talia introduces herself to Marty as officer Talia Sahid. Marty asks if she “knows” Talia. Talia replies, they have met briefly. She assures Marty that whatever happened in this house does not matter. It is all over. John faces Marty. She still indicates she does not remember anything about him, and she goes with Talia.

Starr looks at the locket Marcie gave her to put the baby’s hair in. She puts it back in the case and cries.

Marcie and Michael stare through the glass of the maternity ward at the healthy baby with the name Brennan above her. They get on an elevator.

Viki coldly lets Tina out of her home and out of her life.

Natalie and Jared make love.

Viki stands outside and then comes back inside her kitchen.

John is bewildered about what to do after what has happened.

Talia takes Marty to the hospital to get checked out. At that point, she comes face to face with her son, Cole. He stares at his mother speechless. 

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