OLTL Update Thursday 11/13/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/13/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Anoma

Cristian encourages Vanessa and Lola to be comfortable in his home. But Sarah indicates that she can see that her boyfriend is very coincidentally welcoming a “drop dead gorgeous” woman into his home. He laughs and asks her if she believes that Vanessa is drop dead gorgeous, implying that he may have never given it a thought. They laugh, and he kisses Sarah.

At the police station, Talia and Antonio are looking up Vanessa Montez, realizing that, for all they know, Ray might be telling the truth that she cannot be trusted and that Cristian might be in danger for trusting her.

Nora goes to see Bo and informs him that Jessica was found with her baby alone in the place where she and Nash used to live. She assures him that his niece is fine. She had a baby who is fine. But, unfortunately, she reminds him, it’s her job to book his niece for attempted murder charges.

Jessica is in the hospital after having the baby. Although she is ok and Viki is happily with her, an orderly comes in and restrains Jessica to the bed. Viki seems to object. But Jessica tells her mother it’s perfectly ok. She needs for her child and all others to be safe just in case Tess comes out again.

Not far away, Blair shares with Dorian that she’s very worried that Starr has lost her baby. This has devastated Marcie also. And she’s worried about Cole being all alone with no family. Dorian reminds her niece that Cole has John. But Blair indicates that John “has his own problems”. She knows that John obviously has something going on that he is not telling anybody.

Right then, John is at Todd and Marty’s house after Todd has confessed to Marty that he lied to her not just about her “relationship” with John. She has a son named Cole. He lied about her son getting his daughter pregnant and his plan to kidnap their baby. He lied to them telling them the baby died and lied to Marty that Starr wilfully let her father and Marty raise her baby. And he raped her. She asks Todd if it’s true. He confirms it is true. He raped her. He was the “ring leader’ when she was gang raped. She falls over devastated that she has no clue what has happened in her life and is dependent upon both of these men to tell her what is going on.

Outside in the hallway, Dorian tells Blair that she finds it to be a little more than a coincidence Starr’s baby died so suddenly and Todd just happened to come by the hospital acting as though he was “ok” with something. Hearing that, Blair does not want to listen.

Viki and Clint are with Jessica. They tell her all they care about is that she is ok. But she tells them that she cannot understand how it was that Tess would have come out. All she remembers was when she was at the funeral. She was so angry and screamed at Natalie and Jared. And she now knows that she must have done something terrible to them. But Viki protests to her daughter that that was not her (Jessica). That was Tess. But Jessica protests to her mother that it was herself transforming into Tess. And she must see Natalie and Jared. And she asks her parents just what other things Tess did. But they hesitate to tell her.

Natalie and Jared run into Tina in Viki’s kitchen. They inform her that “Tess” had her baby. Tina tells them that that’s great. And she’s glad that they are ok. Tina obviously wants to evade the conversation that they want to have with her. Natalie, however, tells Tina that they are very lucky that Tess did not kill them, realizing that Tina had the means to save them for a long time but did not. Jared asks Tina if she is ready to let Viki know that her own sister did nothing to get Viki’s “psychotic daughter” any help. And she helped that psychotic daughter lock Natalie in the basement, knowing that Tess planned to kill her. Tina asks them if Viki knows about her involvement in the situation. Natalie replies to her aunt that Viki knows nothing about Tina’s part of what happened to them.

After the startling revelation that Todd was the ring leader in raping Marty, she hysterically asks him if he was the one who gagged her mouth and tied her up and told the other guys what to do. She cries and cannot breathe. He replies yes. He hurt her the most and led the “show”.

Jessica has no clue exactly what it is that Tess did to Jared and Natalie and asks her parents to tell her. Clint assures her that Natalie and Jared are fine now and she need not worry. Viki tells her daughter all that matters is that she and her baby are ok. Jessica asks what has happened to Bree. Did Tess do anything to her? They assure their daughter that Bree is fine. And not even Tess would ever hurt Bree. She asks just where and with whom Bree is. Viki replies that she is with Tina. Jessica then asks where Tina would have come from, knowing nobody has seen nor heard from her aunt in many years. Viki explains that Tina came out of nowhere recently and is staying at her home and is trying to “be a mother” to Sarah. Jessica tells her that she knows that Tina has her flaws but will take care of Bree in their absence. Hearing that, Jessica tells Viki that she is in no position to pass judgment about Tina. Not even Tina has done anything as despicable as what Tess has done to her own sister.

At Viki’s house, Natalie reminds Tina that they were afraid they were going to starve to death because they were locked in the room and Tess stopped feeding them. And Tina left them to get blown up by a bomb, when she could have done something about it for days. Hearing that, Tina tries to justify her actions by explaining that she did help Viki and Charlie find them. She protests that she is still Viki’s sister. Natalie tells her that may be. But she’s also Todd’s sister and a lot more like him than she is like Viki.

Cristian and Sarah are ready to sleep together. But she tells him that as long as Vanessa and Lola are there, they won’t have much of a sex life.

After Nora informs Bo that Jessica needs to be charged, he protests that his niece has a mental illness that she cannot help and has no control over the actions of Tess. Nora replies that she realizes that. And when she said Jessica would be charged, she did not mean that she thought it would ever go to trial. She knows that Jessica can get some professional help and will not be arrested or prosecuted. Right then, Bo plays his message where John has told him he apologizes and realizes Bo might have to have John’s badge. But John had to take drastic measures and take the law into his own hands. Hearing that, Bo is baffled that John would leave such a message and what it would all be about.

After Todd has revealed to Marty that he kept her hidden in the house and kept her from finding out the information on the computer from the newspaper article that revealed that he was the ring leader in the group that raped her, he explains to her that a part of him wanted her to find out the truth. But she concluded that she wanted to put the rape behind her and she trusted him. So he left it alone. But she asks him just why it was that the picture of all the rapists was very clear. Yet she did not see Todd’s face in the picture. He reveals to her that he “changed” his face with plastic surgery a few years ago. He was hoping it would make him a different man. Yet, unfortunately, it did not. Only she was able to do that for him.

Tina protests to Natalie and Jared that she was Tess’s victim too. Tess was threatening her, her daughter and her dog. Natalie tells Tina that the biggest “threat” to her was losing the jewels. Natalie tells Tina she did not do a damn thing to help them and there’s no excuse for what she did.

After Dorian tells Blair that it’s very coincidental that Starr’s baby would suddenly die when there’s no cause of death or indication that the baby would not make it. And Todd suddenly shows up out of nowhere right before it happened. It’s very obvious that Todd had wanted to prevent Starr from having her baby and stopping Marcie from adopting it, and he’d stop at nothing. Hearing that, Blair angrily tells her aunt she is way out of line. Regardless of their issues with Todd, he would never hurt his daughter’s baby nor hurt Starr in regard to that. That is a despicable thing for Dorian to accuse Todd of. Dorian may hate Todd all she wants. But how dare she accuse him of doing anything like that, Blair tells her.

Todd confirms to Marty that he raped her and everything John tells her is true. But he tells her that she must know, being a shrink, what was going on with him in the time they were together. She must know that she motivated him to be a better man. And wasn’t it a “twist of fate” that brought them together? John responds to that telling him it was not “fate”. It was kidnapping. But Todd tells Marty that although he did not plan it, he found a “new beginning” with her. And the man who raped her is the man he used to be. He’s not that person anymore.

Nora tells Bo that she has heard that John is in big trouble with the mayor. John has been in lock up since this morning. Hearing that, Bo asks then why was John able to leave him a message from his cell phone. At that point, they realize that John might have found a way to escape from lock-up.

Todd confirms to Marty that she made him a better man. She gave him a chance to be good to her. And that was all he wanted to do. And by letting him do that, she took away all of his pain. And he felt as if he could enable this person to feel something positive and valuable about him. And if he could get her to care for him and to love him, then maybe he could be a different man. She listens to him but asks why then is she finding out all of this now. Todd answers if John had not busted in through her door, she would never have heard that and not have felt this pain that she is feeling now.

In her hospital room, Jessica asks her parents what will happen now. Clint replies to his daughter that she will get the helps he needs. She asks what if Tess comes back. Viki tells Jessica that she knows she has learned to integrate and it’s understandable that she would have suffered a breakdown after losing her husband. Jessica cries and tells them that she regrets what Tess did. And she cannot accept losing Nash. She wants Bree. She wants to see her. But Clint informs her that that is not possible right now. She then asks if they could just tell her daughter that her mommy loves her. They tell her that Bree is sleeping right now. Jessica needs her rest. And they will bring Bree first thing in the morning. Viki admits that Jessica is going to be traumatized when she finds out what she did to Natalie

Tina protests to Natalie and Jared that she came back to Llanview to make peace with her family. Natalie tells Tina that that is not true. The only reason she’s in town is to go after the stolen jewels. Tina tells her niece that she will do anything if they find it in their hearts to never tell Viki what she did. Natalie then tells Tina that her mother will never find out from her that Tina enabled Tess to keep them locked in that room and almost get blown up by a bomb under one condition. Tina asks what that is. Natalie replies that Tina better leave Llanview and never come back. Hearing that, Tina tells Natalie she cannot do that. What about Sarah?

Cristian and Sarah are wondering what to do now that they have “guests” in their home. And they reflect about her mother.

Bo informs Nora that he talked to John. John did not give him any “details” about exactly what is going on. But he said something about having to “investigate” some woman whom Todd Manning is keeping hidden in his home. Nora appears baffled.

Todd tells Marty that everything he did, he did because of her. He wanted them to leave Llanview together so that she would be able to leave the past behind and never have to relive the pain that she experienced. But she tells him that he was living in a fantasy world to think that that would work. And she concludes to him that he has now raped her all over again. When he made love to her, he raped her all over again.

Dorian tells Blair that what has happened to Starr’s baby is “not right”. Blair tells her aunt she cannot argue with that. But they are going to get through it. Dorian tells her niece she is going to go and get some answers. She used to be chief of staff at this hospital. And she’s not going to give up until she finds out just how it is that the baby died. Right then, Viki appears and informs Dorian that Jessica had her baby. Everything was ok. There was a “minor explosion” in her home. Natalie and Jared could have been hurt but are ok. Dorian appears flipped when she hears Viki’s good news.

Natalie tells Tina that she happens to know what happened. Tina helped Tess drag her down into the basement and lock her up.

When Cristian is sleeping alone in his bed without Sarah, Vanessa appears wearing a sexy nighty. She asks where Sarah went. He replies she went home.

The uniformed cop whom John manipulated to help him escape lockup informs Bo and Nora that John escaped and told him he “had to do something”. But John said nothing about where exactly he intended to go or what he had to do.

Meanwhile, John punches Todd in the face and assaults him.

Vanessa tells Cristian she hopes that Sarah did not leave because of her. He assures her she did not. She tells him she is eternally grateful for all he has done for her. She smiles and tells him she is going to see her lawyer tomorrow and hopefully get everything all straightened out. She smiles at him and looks like she might have “feelings” for him. When she’s gone, Cristian leaves a message for Sarah telling her that he hopes this whole thing can be over soon and he loves her. Vanessa stares back at him, making certain to watch what he is doing.

Viki returns home to see Tina in her kitchen.

Clint stays at the hospital with Jessica. She awakens from a nightmare where she has a recollection of Nikki Smith delivering the baby and letting her know that her baby did not make it. But Clint assures her that it was only a nightmare. Her baby is fine.

Blair checks her messages and hears John’s recording that he has to “do something” and hopes she will understand. Not having a clue what he’s talking about, she calls and leaves a message for him. She informs him that she got his message and it sounded ‘kind of weird”. She tells him that he might want to be there for Cole.

John beats Todd up and demands he gets up. Todd’s face is all bloody, and he lies on the ground.

The uniform cop informs Bo and Nora that John informed him that Marty Saybrooke was alive. And he said he had to save her.

John tells an unconscious Todd that he’s going to take him in and arrest him for rape and unlawful kidnapping and it’s all over for him. But Marty tells John, “No”. It’s not “over”. And she points her gun at Todd.

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