OLTL Update Wednesday 11/12/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/12/08


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At Llanfair, Jared and Natalie are very happy to get out of the basement. They first run into the kitchen, and then outside, joyously. Jared confesses that he was scared, too, while they were trapped. Natalie is annoyed at Tina for helping Tess. Jared puts a real bandage on Natalie's ankle. They hug. Jared can tell that Natalie is still worried about Jessica, and so is he.

At Cain's motel room, Tina and Cain hear about the explosion at Llanfair on the TV news. Tina is relieved to hear that no one was injured. She rejoices, until she realizes that they are all going to be very angry at her now. Cain asks her what's going on. Tina doesn't want to involve him, but he insists on helping her. Tina then spills her guts, in a confusing and rambling way that doesn't make much sense. Tina says she deserves whatever she gets, so he tries to make her feel better about what she did. Tina declares that Natalie, Jessica, and Viki deserve better than that this. Cain points out that next time she will do better, but she knows that she won't get another chance. Tina takes the one real diamond out of her cleavage and hands it to him. Cain looks at it as she tells him to take it run off with it before they come after her. Cain asks her to come with him. He says they'll get rid of the kid (meaning Brie I guess), take the dog and puppies and leave town. Tina is glad to hear it. She looks touched. Tina says she would love that, but her family is there. Cain tries to talk her into running away, but she is determined to stay and face the music so that she can see Sarah. She says that she and David Vickers will have to raise the puppies without him. She asks him to remember her on the anniversary of the puppy's births. He assures her that he'll think of her a whole bunch. They kiss.

Viki and Clint are shocked to find Jessica and her new baby (really Starr's baby Hope) on the floor at her old place at the winery. Viki asks Tess if she is okay, but Jessica assures her that it's her and she's fine. Viki asks to see her baby to see if she is okay, but Jessica says in a confused way that this isn't her baby. Jessica can't remember having the baby. Clint and Viki help her fill in the gaps throughout the episode. Jessica gives them the baby, fearing that Tess might return. Viki holds the baby and coos at how beautiful she is. Viki mentions Bree, so Jessica suddenly wants to know how she is doing. They assure her that Bree is fine. Jessica cries, upset about having been Tess and losing so much. Clint hugs and kisses her, and Viki pets her head as they reassure her. Clint gets the police to call an ambulance. Jessica can't believe that Tess was all alone when she gave birth. Viki is amazed that she and the baby are doing so well. Clint reassures Jessica that the baby is fine. He sits down next to Jessica with the baby in his arms so she can see the baby. Jessica remembers some of the terrible things that Tess did. She is shocked to learn that Tess was in control for the last five months. Clint hands Jessica the baby. She wants to see Nash in her face. Jessica hands her baby to Viki and asks her to take care of her as they bring in the stretcher for Jessica.

Clint phones Natalie to tell her all about what happened with Jessica and her baby. Natalie is happy to hear it and sends her love. She thanks Clint and tells him it's nice to be part of the family again. Clint tells Jessica that she will be fine. Jessica worries what Tess will come back.

Tina arrives at Llanfair, happy that no one is home and that she was able to put Bree back in her crib without being seen. Just then, Jared and Natalie walk back in and see her. They look surprised, and Tina looks worried.

Cole hugs Starr in her hospital bed. He tries to find out why she is crying and upset, so he guesses that it is because she had to give Marcie her baby. Starr holds Cole's hand and tells him that their baby died, so he starts crying, too. He asks her questions, so Starr tells him what little she knows and how she has been feeling. Cole consoles her and says that he's sorry. Starr is also upset about how Marcie must feel. They are both confused about why and how she died. Starr tells Cole about how the baby cried when she was born. Starr puts her hand on Cole's face and then cries some more. She lies back in her bed, and he holds her. He offers to get her mom or Langston, but she just wants him. He kisses her head and then lies next to her, holding her. Starr talks briefly about her dad and how sweet he was being earlier on the phone, and nice to Marcie. Starr blames herself for the baby's death, since she didn't want to raise her, but Cole tells her not to think that way. Starr keeps wondering if there was something she could have done differently to keep this from happening. Cole kisses her head and says that it's not her fault. Starr tells Cole that she prayed to protect their baby (when Todd pushed her down the stairs). She tells Cole that she has to say goodbye, and he agrees that he would like to, as well. They get out of bed.

In the doctor's office, Marcie cries as she talks to the dead baby in its crib while Michael stands nearby, listening and being supportive. Marcie tells her what she meant to her and then goes on and on about how terrible it is that she died. Marcie picks up the baby and then sits down, still talking to her. Marcie cries, not wanting to say goodbye to the baby. Michael comes over and hugs her. Marcie solemnly puts the baby back in its crib, but she has trouble leaving the room. Michael tells her that he is so sorry. She doesn't understand how this could all happen, they were all happy, and she remembers that even Todd was being human. Marcie remembers that Michael warned her that something bad would happen. Michael tells her that he never thought it would be something like this. He just thought Todd would take the baby. Marcie does the same thing as Starr - she blames herself and wonders if she could have done something differently. Michael assures her that there was nothing she could have done. He sits down next to her and says that stuff just happens sometimes. Both Starr and Marcie wonder why this had to happen.

Marcie walks out, so Michael asks her where she's going. They both seem dazed. She doesn't know. He says that he'll go with her, wherever she's going. They run into Viki in the hall and tell her the bad news about Starr's baby dying. Viki is shocked. A nurse tells Viki that a doctor will come to examine the baby. Viki asks Marcie how Starr is doing. Marcie tells her that the delivery went fine and that Starr did everything right. Viki was there earlier and no one said anything, so they tell her that happened suddenly. Viki expresses how sorry she is. Marcie asks about the baby that Viki is with, so she tells them gently that it is Jessie's baby. They congratulate her with a lot of pain in their voices (especially Marcie). Viki has to leave. Marcie cries more as Michael holds her.

Starr and Cole go in to visit the dead baby. They hold hands tightly. They both cry and hug as they look down at it.

In her room at Todd's house, Marty is still with John and Todd and still holding the gun. Marty can't believe that Todd lied to her about having a son. Todd tells her in a straight-forward manner that John is right and that she does have a son. She sits down, tears in her eyes, confused. She still has the gun in her hand. She asks John if she is really a mother, so he nods. She is very happy to hear it but very angry at Todd for not telling her. Todd tries to explain why, but she keeps yelling at him. Marty laughs, realizing she can't trust either Todd or John. Todd starts to tell her the truth. When he first met her, he just wanted to use her, he admits. John wants to leave, but she tells him to shut up. Marty points out that Todd took care of her for months and wonders if he really wanted her to get better. He says that he wanted her to get better. He explains that he was a mess when he found her and how things changed once he fell in love for her. Marty is shocked to learn that Cole is her son and realizes that Todd's grandson is hers as well. She tells Todd how annoyed she is that she remembered her little boy, but he made her think that she was just having a fantasy. Todd keeps calling her honey, sweetheart, and trying to touch her, but she won't let him. She pushes him away while waving the gun, so Todd backs up. She is very angry at Todd but glad that she knows that she had a real memory. Todd claims that he showed her Cole's picture in order to try to let her know that she was a mother. He was ready to tell her and face her angry, but then Starr went into labor. Marty thinks that he kept lying to her because he had gotten away with it. He assures her that she changed him. He wanted to tell her but was afraid that he would lose her. She doesn't buy it. When Todd brings up the baby, she mentions that they were going to get Starr's baby. John is shocked to hear that and fills Marty in that his sister-in-law was going to adopt Starr's baby. Marty is more annoyed to find that was a lie, too. John wonders how he thought Todd was going to keep that lie going. Todd says he was just trying to make everything right, so John wonders how. Todd says that he knew what he had planned was all wrong, but tonight he was trying to fix it and couldn't go through with it. John realizes that Todd was going to steal the baby. Marty can't believe that he would steal a baby. He tries to get her to understand, but she only sees that he told her a lot of lies. He admits that there is no excuse for what he did. He yells it and points to John, saying he's right. All he could think of was revenge. Marty screams with frustration, holding the gun in her hand as she puts her hands to her head. John warns her to be careful with the gun. He gets behind Marty and asks her to give him the gun. He says he won't hurt her and never would. Marty realizes that everything that Todd said about John was lies, too, and that didn't really want him dead. Todd admits that John was the one who tried to save her. Marty puts her hand on John's face and giggles in a maniacal way, still shocked and upset about hearing all of this. Marty tells John that Todd told her that he was protecting her from him and that he wanted to kill her. John tells her what really happened with the van's explosion. Todd tells her again that he started out lying to her for bad reasons, but that he's changed because he's fallen in love with her. He knows that she fell for him, too. They both got better, and he realized what a creep he's been. He knows all the things he's done. He wanted to get better, which he did, for her. He tried to make things right for her. She wonders what that means. Todd says he thought he could make up for some of the pain he caused her. She points out that telling her that she had a son would have done it and that all of her pain would have gone away. He shakes his head, saying that not all of it would go away. Marty suddenly remembers what John said earlier about Todd being the ringleader in her rape. She tells him to say that it was true. Todd admits that he did. She still can't believe it. She leans on John for support.

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