OLTL Update Tuesday 11/11/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/11/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

Blair is brushing Starr’s hair and getting her daughter ready to go home. Marcie is happily with mother and daughter, assuming that everything will be great for all of them. She tells Starr she is very grateful to her. Starr tells Marcie, it is she who is grateful. She knows that her child will have the perfect home. Outside the hospital room, Langston, Cole, and Dorian cannot find out what is going on since Starr had her baby. They ask Michael what is going on. He tells them that Dr. Joplin will get back to them but will not let them see the baby at this time..

Right then, Janet discovers that the baby who they believe is Starr’s, has died. She asks Dr. Joplin how this could be happening. Dr. Joplin admits that she does not know. All she knows is that she left a healthy baby in Janet’s care and now the baby has wound up dead.

“Bess” returns to Jessica and Nash’s home with Starr’s baby girl. She tells her that Tess really could not handle what has happened to her. But she (herself) will restore order.

Marty holds the gun on John, still believing everything that Todd told her about him. Todd returns home and tells John that he had better get out of his house and leave Marty alone. John tells Todd that he told Marty everything that she needs to know. Todd asks Marty just what John told her. She replies, he told her that Todd raped her.

After Viki and Jared have removed the bomb and rescued Natalie and Jared from the locked room, they all realize that Tess was about to go into labor. They do not have a clue where Tess has gone.

Bess holds the baby and tells her that she is now there to “take care of Jessica.” She knows that “Jessica” has been through so much. She cannot let her know that her baby died. That would be too much for her. That is why she is there. She has this baby to replace the one that Jessica lost.

In the maternity ward, Janet admits to Dr. Joplin that she was talking to Todd while the baby was unattended. Hearing that, Dr. Joplin instantly assumes that Todd is responsible for what happened to the baby, but Janet protests that she knows that Todd went nowhere near the baby. He did not even want to see her. She would never take chances on what Todd might do or let him out of her sight. She also knows he has left the hospital.

Marcie tells Starr and Blair that when she talked to Todd, he was so unlike himself. He was actually calm and appeared to be at peace with himself. Hearing that, they are very surprised.

Marty continues to hold the gun on John and still believes that it is he and not Todd who is lying to her. Todd then turns to her and asks her if she believes only him. She replies, "Yes." At that point, John pulls his gun out on Todd. John tells him that he better not tempt him, or he will blow Todd away.

Jared tells Natalie, Charlie, and Viki that he knows that if Tess cares about anything, it would be the baby. Yet, they do not have a clue what happened to her or the baby. At that point, Bo appears. Natalie rushes and hugs her uncle. He asks them if they have been stuck in this room the whole time. Jared explains that Tess had them locked up where nobody could find them, and she had a ticking time bomb. It could have gone off and killed them all were it not for Charlie. Hearing that, Bo tells Charlie that they all owe him. Clint appears. Natalie hugs her father.

Marcie tells Starr and Blair that she knows it “sounds like a stretch,” but Todd’s attitude was totally positive and courteous. He seemed like he was okay with the whole situation. Right then, Michael enters and asks if Starr had her baby. Marcie replies, "Yes." She is going to take her home. Michael smiles and his "soon-to-be" ex-wife hugs him. He admits to the three of them that he is very happy for all of them.

Dr. Joplin admits to Janet that she does not have a clue what to tell these poor people. They had a perfectly healthy baby, and Todd Manning was not going to stand in the way of their plan. Everything was going to be perfect. Janet tells Dr. Joplin that they both know that the delivery was perfectly okay. The baby’s heart and lungs were strong and healthy, and everything was fine. Dr. Joplin replies, gravely, that the baby is obviously “not fine now.” They both stare at the dead baby, who, unknown to everybody, is Jessica’s.

Bess holds Starr’s baby and tells her she realizes it will hurt Starr, but she must do what she needs to do. They must only care about Jessica.

While Marty continues to hold the gun on John, he asks her if Todd told her that she was raped. She admits, "Yes." He told her all about it. John then asks her if Todd told her that he was the “ring leader.” She turns to face Todd. He smirks to indicate that he is confident that she will not believe a word John tells her.

Clint admits to Natalie that he was afraid he would never see her again. She tells him that she and Jared thought they would die there. He tells his daughter he loves her. She tells him that she is so sorry. He tells her that everything is okay; she need not worry. He got the company back, but nothing is as important to him as his little girl. He had no excuse, nor justification, for the way he treated her. She did not deserve it. He also owes Jared an apology. He regrets that he had no idea what Tess was capable of.

Bess tells the baby that she knows that Jessica is not ready to come back. Tess has to remain “dormant.” She knows that Jessica needs something to “keep her busy.”  Bree and the new baby can do that for her. She concludes that in time, Jessica will be okay with her two children.

Outside Starr’s room, Langston, Cole, and Dorian are still not “getting any answers” about the baby. Inside Starr’s room, Michael also has no clue what just happened but assumes that everything has worked out great with the baby since he has never heard differently. Blair happily tells him that he needs to go and find Dr. Joplin and ask her what is up. He then gets ready to go out the door, and Dr. Joplin appears. They can tell by the expression on the doctor’s face that she is distraught about something. They ask her what has happened. Dr. Joplin tells them she is “so sorry” and does not know what to tell them. The baby is “gone.” Hearing that, they are all devastated.

John unsuccessfully attempts to convince Marty that Todd raped her and is now taking advantage of the fact that she has lost her memory and is lying to her. She must believe him. She tells him that she is no longer helpless. She can take care of herself and make her own decisions. She is getting stronger now. She will not let John turn her away from the man she loves. John asks Todd what this is all about; some sort of sick revenge? Marty tells John that he (John) is patronizing her by assuming that Todd can have that type of power over her and he assumes she cannot make her own decisions, nor take care of herself. She tells him she loves Todd and knows he could never hurt her. Todd tells Marty that, maybe, she needs to “listen” to John. She tells him she has no interest in doing so. At that point, John says something about her son Cole. Hearing that, she demands that he repeat to her what he just said.

Viki and Charlie admit that it was Tina who helped them find Natalie and Jared, and they have no clue where Tess is now. Bo asks Natalie if Tess said anything about where she might have gone. She replies that she and Jared noticed that Tess was going into labor, and that they would help her if they were let out of the locked room. Tess almost did. But she reconsidered. All she told them before she left was, she had to “make Nash proud” of her. Hearing that, Viki concludes that she is certain that “Tess” has gone to the vineyard. That is where she has her memory of Nash.

Meanwhile, Bess assesses that “Victoria is a smart lady” and will figure out where she and the baby are.

After Dr. Joplin gives the horrifying news to Starr, Blair, and Marcie, they cry. Blair confronts her and tells her that she will not accept this. Her daughter, Cole, and the baby were all healthy. She knows that there is no reason for this to happen. What kind of doctors, nurses, and hospital would let something like this happen? She turns to hold Starr in her arms and assures her daughter that she will do whatever she can do so that these people won’t get away with what they did. Yet, she realizes she has no way to bring the baby back.

Langston tells Dorian that she is afraid that “something is wrong.” Dorian tells her foster daughter that she must not even think of that. Langston gets a call from Markko. Dorian remarks that she thinks it is great that the four of them are such great friends. Langston reflects that Starr was there for her when her uncle almost took her away. Now Starr will have to give her baby to Marcie, and will need her best friend. Dorian admits to Langston that Starr will grieve and will need all of them. Yet, they have no clue of what has happened.

Dr. Joplin tells Starr, Blair, Marcie, and Michael that she will give them all time to grieve. She tells them she brought “the baby” into her office for them to see. Hearing that, Marcie “snaps” that her name is Hope. Dr. Joplin tells them they may all see Hope. Starr cries and tells Marcie she is so sorry. Marcie hugs her, and they cry. She tells Starr that she will never abandon her. She will always be there for her no matter what happens. She loves her. She tells Starr she must rest, and she will be back soon. Blair hugs Marcie. Marcie leaves and goes with Dr. Joplin. Starr cries hysterically and tells her mother that she “had her baby” for nine months. She knows that she was alive and healthy. She demands to know how this could have happened. Blair admits she does not know, but her daughter mustn’t blame herself. She did everything right. Starr then demands to know how then did she die. Blair tells her daughter that there may not be an answer to how things like this could happen. Maybe “nature” took her back. Starr tells Blair that she knows that her baby was kicking and alive all the while, and she knows that Hope was not ready to die. Nobody can tell her that she was ready to die.

Bess holds baby Hope and tells her that nobody will know except for the two of them. There will be no more chaos. Everything will be as it should be.

Natalie, Jared, Viki, Clint, and Bo all admit that they are not certain where Tess went. Viki is ready to go to Jessica and Nash’s vineyard. Bo asks the cops to follow Viki and make sure that she has security. Viki hugs Charlie and tells him she is eternally grateful to her for saving her daughter’s life.

After John tells Marty about her son, Cole, she tells him she knows she does not have children. Hearing that, he remarks that Todd is a son of a bitch for not telling her that she has a son. Hearing that, Marty appears confused.

After Viki has gone to the vineyard, Bo asks Natalie if she is sure she does not need to see a doctor or get any medical care. She tells her uncle, "No." All she needs is a hot bath and a glass of wine. He hugs her and tells her he will make sure that Viki is okay when she goes to the vineyard. Charlie tells his son and Natalie that he cannot believe that Tess had them locked up and nobody knew. She asks Charlie if he is getting back with her mother, indicating that she hopes he has. Charlie replies that he and Viki are “better.” He assures her that he happens to know that “this guy” (his son) never gave up on her when she was stuck in that room by herself. Tess gave him the letter and wanted him to believe that Natalie abandoned him, but Jared did not believe it for a minute. He then encourages the two of them to go with him and get out of this place.

Starr cries hysterically and asks her mother just how they tell Dorian, Langston, and Cole what has happened. Blair offers to tell them. Starr tells her mother that she may tell Dorian, and Starr will tell Cole. Blair asks her daughter if she is really “up to that.” Starr replies, "Yes." Blair asks her daughter if she needs the doctor or nurse to get her anything while Blair is gone. Starr replies, "No," and that she is fine. Téars stream down both of their faces. Blair goes out to find Dorian, Langston, and Cole. She asks Cole if he can find a nurse to take him to Starr’s room. Cole leaves Blair alone with Dorian and Langston. Dorian asks her niece how Starr and the baby are. Blair reveals that she is distraught. She replies that hopefully Starr will be okay. It “was” a girl. Hearing that, Dorian and Langston cannot believe, nor understand just how Starr’s baby could have died. Cole then enters Starr’s room and sees her crying. He holds her.

Dr. Joplin takes Marcie and Michael to her office to see the dead baby. Michael asks Marcie if she is ready for this. She tells him, "Yes." When Dr. Joplin is alone, she collapses to the floor in a corner and cries hysterically. Marcie and Michael enter. Marcie tells the dead baby that her momma is there.

Right then, it looks like the “real Jessica” is back after she falls asleep with the baby in her arms. She awakens and asks the baby if she is “hers” and seems to not know how they got there. Right then, Viki and Clint enter to see “their daughter” on the bed holding the baby.

After John tells Marty that Todd raped her, and lied to her about having a child, she becomes hysterical and urges Todd to assure her that John is lying. Todd admits that he never thought he would fall in love with her. He is sorry. She demands to know if it is true. Todd replies, "Yes." At that point, Marty is horrified. John does not know what to say or do. 

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