OLTL Update Monday 11/10/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/10/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

While the time bomb is ticking. Natalie and Jared urge Viki and Charlie to get out of there while they still can. Or else Tess will kill them all. Viki and Charlie cannot unlock the door to let Natalie and Jared out of the room. But they are not going to leave their kids to die if they can prevent it..

Right then, a new alter has transformed in Jessica. Her name is Bess. She wears glasses and appears completely calm emotionless and all about order. Bess drives and looks like she’s headed toward the hospital to prevent Todd from taking Starr’s baby.

Starr, Blair and Marcie are all wondering what is going on and why nobody has told them anything about why they cannot see the baby. Meanwhile, Janet is talking to Starr’s baby, assuring her that she will have a “better life” with her new parents. Todd goes and talks to Dr. Joplin, informing her that he has “changed his mind”. He does not want to take Starr’s baby, kidnap it and tell his daughter that it died. Dr. Joplin is really surprised by Todd’s sudden “change of heart”.

Right then, Marty is in her bed waiting for Todd to return, still trusting him and believing they will raise Starr’s baby together.. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, John crashes through her window into her room. He stares at her stunned that she s alive. She “knows” him from the picture Todd has shown her. Yet she has no “memory” of John as her significant other and not Todd. She assumes only what Todd has told her about John; that John is the “bad guy”. And before John can do what he has intended, Todd’s bodyguard rushes into the room and pulls a gun on John.

Marcie informs Starr and Blair that she ran into Todd in the hallway. And surprisingly, he appeared courteous and assured her that things would be ok. Blair asks Marcie if it’s really true that Todd was nice to her. She replies he was. Hearing that, Blair tells her that it would take a miracle for Todd to change.

Todd meets privately with Dr. Joplin. She informs him that all she has told Starr, Blair and Marcie is that they had to take the baby to ICU. But she has not yet informed them that the baby died. Hearing that, Todd tells her that is perfect. She’s done everything he’s asked. Now he won’t’ have any difficulty with his “new plan”.

While “Bess” drives to the hospital, she “assesses” (as though she’s reciting a mathematical equation), that Tess has made and error in judgment. Todd has “disrupted order and logic”. And Victoria made a mistake by trusting Jessica. Now they all need her to restore “order and sense of purpose”. And she must “solve the equation”.

John assumes that the guard is only helping Todd hold Marty captive against her will and that she would choose to let John rescue her from Todd. But she proves him wrong by pointing a gun on him and preventing him from doing what he has intended to do.

Charlie tells Viki that they must “get rid” of the bomb. She tells them that they cannot diffuse it. It’s a live explosive. He tells her that he knows how to save their kids. And she better get out of there before it goes off. But she refuses to leave him. Natalie calls to her mother and tells her she loves her and apologizes for all the pain she has caused her. Viki tells her daughter she loves her too and it is she who should apologize. Charlie is attempting to remove the bomb and noticing that they are down to 3 minutes before it goes off.

Meanwhile, Bess arrives at the hospital and stands outside the room where she can see, through the window as Janet talks to the baby girl, telling her that she promises she will have a perfect life. Hearing that the baby is a girl, Bess “assesses” that that makes it “perfect”.

In Starr’s room, she asks Marcie if she’s thought about what to name the baby. Marcie replies that she has considered a few names but is not certain. She thought it’s possible that the baby would hate her name as she did. She wishes that her parents had named her something dynamic like Starr. Blair then admits to Marcie hat it was not her idea to name her daughter Starr. It was Todd’s. Marcie admits to Starr that when she lost Sam, she was devastated. But then, Starr showed up at her doorstep and gave her hope. So that is what she’s going to name the baby. Her name will be Hope.

Dr. Joplin asks Todd if he is going to get her son in trouble. He replies that he will not turn her son in. He is his mother’s problem and Todd could care less. Dr. Joplin says thank you to Todd.

John attempts to “save” Marty. But she only “knows” him as the enemy whom Todd is protecting her from. She tells him if he moves one step closer to her, she will shoot.

At the hospital, Bess observes unseen and overhears Todd entering the room where Janet is with the baby. He tells Janet that the “deal’s off”. He is not going to ask her to take Starr’s baby. Hearing that, she asks why he would have such a sudden “change of heart”. She asks if something might have happened to him and Marty. Outside, Bess hears everything and appears intrigued. Yet, nobody can see her nor know she’s overhearing.

Marty screams at John to put his weapon down and sit on the floor. He tells her he will do what she wants. But he asks her what is going on. What has Todd been telling her? She answers that he told her all about the terrible things John has done. He left her to die. He took Todd’s wife from him. And he’s a threat to society. John protests to her that Todd has lied to her. But she does not believe John nor remember anything about him.

Todd explains to Janet that he went looking for his daughter when she ran away with her boyfriend after finding out that she was pregnant. And his wife kicked him out of the house, spent her time getting laid instead of helping their daughter, and turned Starr against her father. Hearing that, Janet tells Todd she is sorry. She knows she’s heard of some terrible things that he’s done. But maybe she’s misjudged him. He tells her he realizes that she has reason not to like him.

Right then, Bess is able to sneak in and see the baby when nobody can see her.

Starr and Blair tell Marcie that Hope would be a great name for the baby. She tells them that when she’s volunteered in the maternity ward, she has noticed babies being taken to the ICU when they had problems with their lungs. Yet it was no big deal. Blair tells Marcie she recalls having to birth Starr all by herself when Todd was not around. She was worried. But Starr turned out pretty healthy. Starr then asks her mother if she could at least let Todd see her baby. Blair reminds her daughter that he father has a restraining order. Starr reminds her mother that Todd has not bothered them in a long time. And she doesn’t see any harm in letting him see the baby. Blair then tells her daughter she will “think about it”. She goes out the door. She notices Dr. Joplin and asks her how the baby is. Dr. Joplin replies to Blair that there is “good news”. Janet is busy talking to Todd. Bess walks into the room with a baby hat. It looks like she might want to take the baby.

Marty holds the gun on John and does not listen to a word he says when he protests to her that he is not her enemy. He is there to “save” her from Todd. She screams that she will not ever let him make her his victim again. She knows what Todd told her. He protests that everything Todd has told her is a lie. She asks him why she should believe John. He replies that he cares about her. And if she really looks into his eyes, she will know that he is not lying.

Charlie and Jared are attempting to remove the bomb and it looks like they’ve successfully done so. Charlie runs up the stairs with the bomb in his hands. Jared, Viki and Natalie are all horrified and afraid that the bomb will explode in his hands and kill him. He runs upstairs. And a loud noise goes off. They fear the worst. Assuming that Charlie has been blown up by the bomb, Jared cries and tells Natalie that he never had a chance to admit to his father that he loved him. Viki runs upstairs and searches frantically for Charlie but cannot find him.

Dr. Joplin announces to Starr, Blair and Marcie that the baby is going to be fine and can go to her new home. They are all rejoicing.

In the other room, Janet tells Todd if he really wants to see the baby before she goes to her new “home”, he may go and “take a peek”. But before he does that, he tells her that he realizes he “screwed up” with his three kids. He did whatever he wanted without regard for the fact that it only got them hurt. Hearing that, she tells him that that could mean that h does not want to see his grandchild. He tells her he believes it might be best if he does not get to see her.. Janet asks Todd if he can really live with never being able to see his grandchild. Todd replies absolutely. He has a “new life” and a new chance.

Back at Todd’s home, John tells Marty that first Ramsey held her captive and then Todd. She tells him she doesn’t want to hear him blaming Ramsey and then Todd. He tells her that he can prove that Todd kept her captive and he can prove it.

While Viki fears that Charlie is dead, he rushes in through the door with soot all over his face. He tells her that the bomb went off and ruined her lawn and the garage. But he’s ok. She tells him she doesn’t care if there’s any “property damage”. All she cares is that he is ok. She hugs him and cries.

Marty tells John that he must know that she is not helpless. She is not too stupid to know who Todd is and who John is. She tells John that she knows Todd. He has been there to take care of her. He is gentle and loving and would protect her from people like him. John protests that Todd is only “taking advantage of her”. But she does not believe a word he says.

After Todd concludes to Janet that he is not going to fight Starr and Marcie from their plans involving the baby, she smiles and tells him that “everything is the way it should be”. Yet, unknown to either of them, Bess has managed to sneak into the maternity ward, take the baby and carry her out of the hospital unseen.

Dr. Joplin tells Starr, Blair and Marcie that she will bring them “Hope” in a few minutes. They are all elated. Marcie tells Starr and Blair that she is going to go and call her family. Blair tells her daughter she bets she wants to see her friends soon. Starr admits to her mother that she is not ready to see them yet. She admits that when this all started she was throwing up and nauseous and fighting with Cole and afraid to be seen by her school with her belly. And now there is this perfect baby. They are both crying with joy.

Todd then tells Janet he apologizes for not being able to offer her a “job” anymore. But he will offer her a big severance check. She smiles and tells Todd that she has no more ill feelings toward him. She asks him to give Marty her regards. Todd then smiles and tells her that this might be how it feels to “be normal”.

Right then, Viki and Charlie come down to the locked room. Jared is elated that his father is ok. They call the locksmith to unlock the door to the room. Viki admits that she figured out that they were there because Jean Randolph built a room just like this for Dorian. And it would be “just like her” to give Tess the credit. At that point, the door is unlocked. Mother and daughter and father and son all hug each other.

Viki tells Natalie that she has “waited so long to do this”. Natalie asks her mother to tell her all about it. Jared tells his father that he was afraid that he’d never get a chance to tell him that he loves him. The security guards and locksmiths tell the four of them that they want to make certain that everything is safe. Right then, Natalie just remembers that Tess might need their “help” When they last saw her, she was ready to give birth any minute.

Marcie returns to Starr’s room and informs Starr and Blair that her father and brothers want to name their new restaurant Hope’s. Blair tells her that that is what grandfathers and uncles do with their first baby. But Marcie turns to Starr and tells her she’s sorry. She realizes that it is not going to be “easy” to give up her baby. But Starr assures Marcie that she is completely ok. She knows that she is going to the perfect place.

Dr. Joplin and nurse Janet go to the maternity ward. And it looks as though Bess has “swapped” her dead baby for Starr’s healthy living baby. They notice that the “baby” whom they assumed was going to be just fine is dead.

After Marty tells John that Todd saved her, he tells her that is completely false. She demands to know why he says that. He then tells her that Todd raped her.

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