OLTL Update Friday 11/7/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/7/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

John is ready to take drastic measures to get out of jail so that he can rescue Marty from Todd.

Marty and Todd awaken after enjoying sleeping together. She tells him that he seems to look  okay and didn't "run for the hills." He tells her there’s no place he’d rather be than with her right now. And he kisses her.

After Dr. Joplin and Nurse Janet deliver Starr’s baby, they admit to Starr, Blair and Marcie that they cannot see the baby as they wish they would because there’s “a problem.” Blair asks them what  the problem is, and why can’t they see the baby?

Tess right then is lying on the floor and awakens after having a “vision” that Niki delivered her baby for her.

Tina and Cain notice their dog giving birth to a batch of puppies.

Natalie and Jared are together in the locked room admitting their love for each other but losing hope that they will ever get out of there.

Viki returns home and tells Charlie that she has had a “premonition” (told to her by Jean Randolph, one of her alters) that Natalie and Jared have been right in her basement all along. Tess has locked them up. He asks her how she could possibly know that.

Tess then awakens in the abandoned home of Jessica and Nash.

Jared asks Natalie, "What if we are looking at this all wrong." Maybe they need not fear the ticking time bomb that Tess has threatened them with. She tells him that maybe Tess has not let the bomb go off merely because she wants to make them suffer in agony, wondering. He asks her, "What if the bomb is not real?" He tells her that they need to do everything they possibly can and refuse to give up. He tells her that they must realize that somebody will find them. They realize that Tina is the only person besides Tess who knows where they are. They wonder what has happened to her.

Tina and Cain wake up in bed together. She tells him that they are supposed to declare their love for each other. He tells her that that would all be falsehood. He remembers when she double-crossed him. She tells him that that is “so trivial” compared to the “miracle of life”. She points to the newly born puppies. He tells her that she did not need a midwife to deliver them. She tells him that she is not going to abandon them the same way she was. At that point she realizes that when she saved David Vickers she forgot that she needed to save Natalie and Jared. He does not know anything about that as she has never told him. She tells him she does not have time to explain. She needs to rush to Viki’s. She asks him if he can watch the dogs while she goes and takes care of what she has to do.

Viki tells Charlie that she knows that Tess has hidden Natalie and Jessica in her basement, and they discover that it’s locked. She tells Charlie the reason she knows what Tess is up to is because she has finally discovered that none of Tess’s “ideas” have been her own. They have been hers (Viki’s). Tess has been merely copying her.

Right then, Tess has a vision that her baby died after Niki delivered it, and at least that baby will not have to live with the cycle of suffering that descended from Vikki’s alters to her.

In bed with Todd, Marty tells him that she can see that he has real trouble relaxing. She tells him that they have to go and get their baby. If he is looking for something to do, maybe he needs to go and “check in” on Starr. Hearing that, Todd is expressionless.

While Dr. Joplin and Janet tell Starr, Blair, and Marcie that they are going to go and take care of the baby, they all realize that they have not been told what is wrong with the baby. It was fine, Blair and Marcie protest. Blair demands that they stop jerking them around. Marcie tells them that they are not going to merely hand the baby over to anybody until somebody tells them what is going on. The doctor and nurse tell them that they need to do their work and insure that they have a healthy baby. Marcie then follows the doctor and nurse into the hallway to prevent them from having their “private conversation.” She tells them she is going with them.

John rushes to a private room where nobody will catch him. He calls and leaves a message for Michael asking his brother to tell the cops whatever they need to know. He doesn’t want Michael to lie in order to protect him. He tells Michael that he needs not worry, there is something that he needs to do. He knows what he is doing. Right then, John puts together a gun from a case.

After Todd and Marty have slept together, he is having his doubts and misgivings. She asks him what is going on. She asks him if it is not the most wonderful thing in the world for the two of them to be responsible for a child. She tells him that she knows that Starr would not have made the decision to give them her baby if she was not sure. She promises him that he can assure Starr that they will be there for her baby. At that point, Todd knows he cannot say more to that.

After Marcie tries to go with Dr. Joplin, Janet restrings her and attempts to assure her that she needs to let them do everything they can to save the baby. Marcie protests that that is her daughter. She must be there and be informed. Janet attempts to convince Marcie that she must trust them to save that little girl’s life.

Todd puts on his clothes and tells Marty that after that great time they had together, he does not want to ruin anything that they could have. She tells him they don’t have to. He has to “go somewhere” but he won't tell her where. She does not ask where he’s going, nor if she can come with him, but she asks him to come back home soon.

Natalie and Jared lie together on the couch in the locked room and talk about what it is like to have no communication via email or cell phone or anything. She tells him that they have to get out of there. She is afraid that “Jessica" could be in just as much trouble as they are.

Right then, Tess is alone in the abandoned house. She puts on the glasses that Jean Randolph (the alter who gave Viki the insight that Tess is following in her mother’s footsteps) gave her.

Viki explains to Charlie that there was another (besides Niki) alter ego she had named Jean. Jean was all about order and premonition. She knew how to predict the future and gave Viki some very valuable insight about Tess as she also gave her about Niki. She knew that Dorian had to be locked in the basement, and Jean had to write a letter that she wanted everybody to believe that Dorian wrote. That is why she knows that Tess has Natalie and Jared locked in the basement and falsified the letter in the same manner. Now convinced that he needs to save his son, Charlie attempts to pick the lock of the door. Right then, Tina appears knowing that they need her help. She is able to find the key to unlock the door to the basement.

While Marty is alone in the house waiting for Todd, she writes in her diary all of her thoughts and feelings about Todd. She talks about the dress he bought her and all of the intimate moments they spent together. She finally feels like a woman again. She said the words, and Todd said them back to her. She writes that no matter what Todd thinks of himself, he is so easy to love. She has fallen so hard for this man. He is so gentle and vulnerable. He has this type of charisma. He’s strong, stronger than he gives himself credit for. She seems to believe that this baby they are going to raise is going to have all of the great things that they have created together.

Marcie tries but fails to find out the “secret” that the doctor and nurse won’t tell her about the baby. Starr and Blair are wondering what is going on. Right when Marcie is ready to go out the door, she sees Todd at the door.

Viki, Charlie, Tina, and Bree go down to the basement. They cannot actually see the room where Natalie and Jared are, since they are hidden behind the “wall.” Viki is having a vision of where they might be. Tina is wondering if she should tell them exactly how to find Natalie and Jared, so she “hints” at Charlie that he might want to move that “panel." He does. At that point they all come face to face with Natalie and Jared.

Tess puts on the “Jean Randolph” glasses. It seems she is a “second” alter to Jessica. She seems to have all the logic and reason and dresses conservatively, unlike Tess.

When Marty is alone in the house, she asks the “new” bodyguard where Todd is. He does not want to tell her. He also indicates to Marty that Mr. Manning does not want her going anywhere. When it comes to her, Todd is not taking any chances.

While John is in the private room, getting his gun ready, he leaves a message for Blair telling her that he hopes that she will someday understand what is up.

When Marcie goes outside Starr’s hospital room and runs into Todd, she is spooked.  Todd appears to not want to confront her. He asks her if Starr had the baby. She informs Todd, "yes." They delivered the baby. He has a granddaughter, but there is something that has happened to the baby. The doctor and nurse told her that they had to take the baby to some neo intensive care unit. She is very worried and does not understand how this could be happening.

Tess appears to be transforming into a “new” alter who is to Jessica what Jean is to Viki. She speaks calmly and methodically while holding a doll or dead baby. (it seems to be the one whom she had the vision was delivered by Niki) She affirms that she is there to restore order and purpose. She has no emotion and appears brilliant.

Right when Viki, Charlie, Tina and Bree discover Natalie and Jared in the locked room, Jared screams at them that they better get out of there or they could all get killed by a bomb. At that point, Viki tells Tina she must take Bree upstairs. Tina is worried that her sister will get killed by the bomb. Viki demands that she takes Bree. She and Charlie will save their kids. Tina takes Bree upstairs. Charlie tells Jared that he is not going to let his son die. Jared tells his father he does not care. He is not going to let them endanger themselves. There is a ticking time bomb. They “assume” that there is something going on. Although Natalie and Jared only know what Tess has told them about the bomb, Viki and Jared are able to actually see it for themselves and find out something startling about it.

Jessica’s “new” alter listens with the baby recorder to what she remembers overhearing when she was Tess. She concludes that Uncle Todd has to be “stopped” from doing something very sick.

While Starr and Blair are in her room waiting to find out what happened to the baby, Blair assures her daughter that many things happen when women give birth. Starr asks her mother why this is happening to her, and to her mother, and to Marcie. Why are they being punished? They don’t’ deserve it. Blair tells Star that she knows that everything will be okay. They saw that baby. It was healthy and beautiful. And very soon, Dr. Joplin will walk in the door and tell them the baby is ready to go home.

After Marcie admits to Todd that she believes there is trouble with Starr’s baby, she tells him he may laugh at her and rub her nose in what has happened and tell her that she deserves what happened. He gives her a box of Kleenex. He tells her that what he suggests she does is go in that room and tell the doctor and nurse that they better do something so that Starr’s baby can be healthy and return to the place where she belongs. He appears happy and friendly to Marcie, and she wonders what is up.

Marty writes in her dairy that she and Todd are about to start their new life together. She knows that Todd has anxiety, depression, low self esteem, and all the baggage. When he is around her, it all seems to disappear. Whatever has caused it has all disappeared. She realizes there may be “obstacles” to get over, but she believes that they will have a future.

Right then, John is alone in the room. He calls and leaves a message for Bo. He tells his boss he is sorry he let him down. He tried to work within the system and it did not work. Now he has to try something different, so Bo may now do what he has to do. At that point, John puts his badge on the shelf and leaves the room.

THEN, there’s the SPECIAL REPORT. President Elect Obama calls a press conference. 

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